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Night with my auntIt was saturday evening, it was getting late when somebody knocked to our door. Mom went to open the door and she found my aunt quite drunk. She was in some anniversary of her co-workers.She asked if she could stay for a night ’cause she’s ¨tired¨ and it’s far away to her home.I was in my room when she come in. She was in the good and horny mood so she began to flirt with me.¨How are you today? Do you feel to taste my pussy again? It’s long time since we did it last time¨¨Are you mad? With my parents at home? No way!¨ I replied. Even that idea was interesting, still it was too risky to fuck my own aunt with my parents a few meters from us.We were at this discussion for a few minutes but when she realised that I’m decided she went to dad to have a few more glasses of vine before sleep.Mom prepared for her couch in living room with a few pillows and blanket. I have to say that our living canlı bahis siteleri room is next to parent’s bedroom. I was already in bed, almost sleeping when somebody softly knocked the door and come in.It was my aunt again. This time she was only in her black panties and white t-shirt without bra.¨Are you sleeping yet?¨ She asked¨No, is something wrong?¨¨Well, may I sleep with you tonight?¨¨Why?¨Aunt was silent for a while and sat to the edge of my bed.¨Mmm how to say it? Let’s say that your parents are too loud. If you know what I mean¨ She smiled to me¨I bet your father does her really good, as I heard her moaning and creaking bed. They are trying to be quiet, but, the walls are thin and they are more loud than they should be.¨During this little speech she get under the blanked and slowly slipped her hand into my pants and wank my cock.¨Please, make your beloved auntie happy. bahis firmaları Make me feel good.¨¨I can’t, I’m sorry, what if they catch us? They would kill me!¨God, I wanted her so bad but something was telling me that it’s not good idea. But her handjob was so amazing.¨Please, make me cum like your father does your mother. I wanna cum as hard as her. Please, fuck me¨ She whisperedThat was enough, I spreaded her legs, put my pants down and her panties put on the side and slowly slipped into her wet cunt.She grunt a little and dig her nails into my back.We were under the blanket, kissing when I sometimes sucked her hard nipples but most of the time I was holding her head and watching deep into her eyes.In fact we were more like a couple in love than pervert family members.I was fucking her really slowly, enjoying every inch of her pussy and she loved it.¨Oh honey you are amazing. That’s so bahis firmaları great. Yeah, fuck me like that¨ I fucked her like that for 20 minutes I think, when I felt her fat body was shaking underneath me in comming orgasm.She cummed quietly but really strong and intense. bloody wounds in my back proves that.After her turn I sat on her big belly and let her suck my hard cock.She made me really fast. Her tongue and lips felt so great on my cock. I was thinking how my parents are surely having same great time as we.When I was cumming into her mouth I had to moan a little and hold her head to swallow all my cock.After that we were lying at each other for a few minutes. I sometimes grabbed her boobs and she bited my nipples a little.¨I think I should go back to the couch, before your parents finish their fuck. Anyway, thank you honey. This was something unbelievable. So lovely and intense and strong. Wow, I never had so nice sex before. So full of love and romance. But I think next time we should come back to our dirty rude roots.¨She get up and left. I was watching her lovely ass in thongs and thinking if I could make my mother feel good as well as my aunt.

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