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Next, Cum On InVery early in our relationship, I noticed that my boyfriend (now husband) liked watching me with other men. In fact, that’s how we met. I moved in pretty much as soon as we began dating. He was a sports fanatic and usually had guys watching some game. Sometimes I watched and sometimes I stayed in the bedroom.In my first week there during a game day, I went to the room to lay down and fell asleep. He came in to check on me and added he really needed a blowjob. I agreed and he went to make sure everyone was busy so he could slip out and get a blowjob. Without saying a word, he came back in the dark room, felt my bare TiTs and put his cock in my hand. I began stroking his cock and noticed pubic hair. My boyfriend was shaved! Without skipping a beat, I said, “wow, baby. You really did need a blowjob. Your so fucking hard and leaking precum”. I put his cock in my mouth and gave a wet, sloppy blowjob while fondling his balls. Almost immediately he was shooting the biggest load of cum down my throat while he fucked my face. I had cum dripping out the side of my mouth. He zipped up and left without speaking. I finger fucked kayseri escort myself to orgasm not knowing who’s cock I just sucked.I came out into the hallway and said, “baby, I need one more thing” and went back to the room. When he came to the dark room, I was on my knees with TiTs out, and yanked his shorts to his ankles and put his slowly growing cock into my mouth. “Is this the game you want to play? I’ll suck every one of those cocks”. Giving my second wet, sloppy blowjob of the evening, I felt him tensing up and I shoved a finger up his ass as he exploded down my throat. After squeezing my TiTs, he said, “god I Fucking love you so much right now”. “Good, send in the next one”! I sucked off four more new cocks (and a few repeats) before the game was done.This became a thing during games with the light on low so I could see, but not see everything clearly. Newcomers were all for it. A game and blowjob, excellent!!But one time, he had a black friend attend and was the second for the evening. I was on my knees and pulled his pants down to his ankles. As I did, I was hit in the face by the biggest flacid cock I’ve ever escort kayseri seen!! Wow. I slowly started stroking his cock with one hand, but ended up needing two hands. Sucking on the head of his cock and stroking with both hands, my pussy was getting so wet you could smell the sex. It had to be at least 12 inches of thick, hard cock. I gave the best wet, sloppy blowjob I could as I fingered my wet pussy. Without knowing it, I said, “I need this huge Fucking cock inside of me. Please fuck me. Bend me over and pound my pussy like no one ever has. Let me cum ALL over your cock until you pump your load where no man has ever been”. He positioned me face down, ass up and began thrusting in and out of my pussy so hard you could probably hear it from the other room. He absolutely pounded my pussy for almost ten minutes as I could feel my ass ripple on every thrust. “Oh my god yes! Fuck me! I’m coming all over that big black cock!!’ One one final thrust, he put the biggest load DEEP into my pussy. Truly where no man has ever been. I cleaned off his cock, licking every drop of cum off. As he pulled up his pants and kissed kayseri escort bayan my TiTs, I said, “tell my boyfriend he next.”When my boyfriend came in the room, you could smell the sex we just had. “The game has changed”, I said. “You get sloppy seconds.” I dropped his shorts, stroked him hard and bent over the bed. He put his cock against my slit and I pushed back down on his cock. You could literally feel cum oozing out the sides. “How’s that sloppy pussy feel around your cock? I think it’s so sexy and hot. I want more cum, baby.” He bagan thrusting in and out of me and probably fucked me harder than he ever had before. After a solid five minute pussy pounding, he gave me my second load of the evening. Then he did the unthinkable and spread my ass cheeks apart and gave my pussy a little lick. He didn’t clean me out, just a little taste of cum. Three peoples cum!From that point is was blowjob, pussy or ass. If you wanted pussy or ass, the rule was you had to cleanup from the last guy before you made a deposit! Because one of the best feelings for me is having my creampie ate. So sexy, so dirty, so erotic. Makes me cum before we start. After the party was over we had hours of oral sex to clean up after another fun night. Those days are gone for the most part now, but every once and awhile we have a bang ole time.(This was written and never reread. So please forgive the mistakes).

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