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new cuckold, Several years ago my wife told me about a crazy dream she had, to this day I’m not sure if it was a dream or an actual fantasy. She nervously told me she had dreamed that she had sex with a younger guy much younger than herself, I am 9 years older than my wife. To my surprise and hers I wasn’t angry, mad, or upset but intigued by her story. To begin with she insisted she didn’t know who the young man was, but after much questioning by me she admitted to knowing who he was. When she told me I was shocked but she said he looked really good, his name was David. David was the nineteen yearold son of some good friends which made things complicated. The more I thought about my wife with another guy the more I wanted her to fuck another man. I told her I wanted her to have sex with another guy and we talked about who it would be. It was decided that it would not be any of our friends, but needed to be someone she was comfortable with not a total stranger. That was an impossible scenario kocaeli escort I had to come up with someone though, I showed a naked picture around a little and found some guys interested in fucking her. I let them know what was up and arranged for us to meet as if by chance one guy at a time. The first couple of times nothing happened but we had some hot sex so I knew she was turned on. The third guy, Jim, was a different story. We spent the night drinking and playing darts and he was hitting on her hard, at first my wife wanted to leave because she was uncomfortable, but I said he’s just a k** don’t worry about it. I could tell as the night wore on that she was liking his flirting. When a slow song started playing Jim came up and asked if she would dance with him, I knew she would decline because no one was dancing, so I said go ahead before she could answer. She gave me a dirty look as she got up to dance with him. Jim pushed himself against her big soft breasts as my escort kocaeli wife tried to keep him off her. As the song played on the music seemed to relax her, but they both were checking to see my reaction I guess. So I got up and went to the mens room, but actually walked around the corner and spied on them. After a few moments my wife rested her head on Jim’s shoulder and he kissed her neck as they danced in each others arms. Just as the song ended I saw Jim’s right hand slide down to feel my wife’s ass while his left hand slipped up to her breast. My wife much to my surprise gave him a french kiss right there on the dance floor, it only lasted about 10 seconds but seemed like a minute or more as I watched. My cock was getting hard and I no longer needed to pee so I went back to the bar where my wife sat with Jim right behind her rubbing her shoulders. She smiled at me then whispered in Jim’s ear he nodded yes I later found out she had aske him if he had a condom. My wife kocaeli escort bayan took my hand and said come on let’s go. The three of us left together once in the parking lot Jim and my wife began kissing and feeling each up. Before we got to the car when we finally made it to the car my wife told me to get out as her and Jim got in the backseat. I watched from outside the car as they made out, Jim sucked on my wife’s big breasts like a man possesed when he finally got her shirt and bra off. I couldn’t see below their waists but could tell that my wife had Jim’s pants off and was stroking his cock. I don’t think Jim could take too much of it because they went to work on getting my wife’s pants off. Jim’s head disappeared between her legs for a few seconds , but my wife was for sure ready to feel his cock inside of her. Jim now sat backwards facing my wife but she pushed him off insisting that he put on a condom apparently judging from his fiddling with himself. Then Jim got back in front of her and my wife leaned back as he fucked her. It didn’t take long for him apparently my wife had him sit in the seat and she faced him and rode his cock hard for several minutes, Jim trying to suck her tits as she fuckeed herself on his cock.

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