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Neighbourly loveA friend of my husband that lives 2 houses down from us was always looking at me and trying to peep down my blouse, I go braless most of the time. I found this to be quite a turn on and made sure that her got an eyeful most times I saw him. I live in Queensland, Australia, and the climate is hot, I love to sun bake and often did so in our back garden. I would wear my bikini with the straps down so that I did not get strap marks. Rob, the neighbour, worked for the government and usually got home about 3.30 pm, he always came up to see me when he got home and I was usually sun baking. He would sit and talk to me, on one occasion I made sure to pull my bikini top down a little so that my nipple was exposed just above the bikini top, he spent the whole time staring at my nipple, I found this to be very exciting.A few days later I decided I would sun bake topless and see what effect that had on him, as usual he came to see me at 3.30, he stopped and said ‘sorry, I did not know that you were topless’. I sat up looked at him and said, ‘you’ve seen them now, güvenilir bahis there doesn’t seem to be any point in covering up, you don’t mind, do you’ I lay back down again and he sat next to me looking all the time at my tits and nipples. This became a bit of a habit and I was always topless when he visited. After a few weeks I said ‘I’m hot, I’m going in for a drink, would you like one?’ ‘Yes please’ he replied. I stood up threw my towel over my shoulder, no point in putting my bikini top back on, and walked to my house. Once inside I put the towel down and face him , ‘I can’t believe this’ as he cupped by tits and gently squeezed my nipples, I looked at he and he kissed me on the lips, I stuck my tongue deep into his mouth and held he close, I could feel his hardness, he ran his hands down my back to my bum and over my bikini bottoms feeling the tie that was at each side, “I wonder what would happen if I undid these?’ he said, I pulled away a little, looked at him and shrugged.He pulled on the tie on each side of my bottoms and they fell to the floor, bets10 güvenilir mi he had his hand on my naked bum, we were tongue kissing when we heard a voice ‘Rob, are you there’ It was his father in law, we were in the kitchen, I grabbed the towel and threw it over my shoulders and pushed his head down. “I’ll tell him you are not here’ I said. I leaned over to the window and called out “he’s not here’ Rob was kneeling in front of me and I could feel his breath on my c*nt, I was getting wetter and wetter. I leaned further forward forcing my c*nt onto his face and felt his tongue lick my clit. In doing so it dislodged the towel a little and showed one of my tits to his father in law. Vince, the father-in-law, blushed, said ‘Sorry, he must have gone out” and went back home, with a big hard on I’m sure. I looked down at Rob and said ‘whatever you are doing down there is very nice’ He picked me up and took me to my bedroom where he placed me on the bed and spread my legs wide whilst he finished off what he was doing. I came on his mouth mobilbahis at least twice, I love being eaten, I love a man spreading my c*nt wide open and looking deep inside of me. I was spent but knew that I would have to let him fuck me, he pulled himself on top of me and entered my slippery, wet c*nt. He liked to see what he was doing and all the time was watching himself thrusting in and out of me, I helped a little with the visual please but holding my c*nt open whilst he fucked me. It did not take long for him to climax and he was about to pull out of me when I said ‘don’t, I have had my tubes tied so it is OK’ He shuddered and I felt his cum gushing into me, I love that feeling. We lay for a while, then he got dressed and said ‘I better find Vince’, but I would love to do this again sometime” ‘We’ll see’ I said.I told my husband the whole story that night and came over and over again on his tongue and his dick, he slipped his finger into my bum whilst we fucked, I love that too.This was one of many experiences that I had with Rob and I will tell more if this one is liked, click on ‘Thanks’ if you want to read more.By the way you might find it unusual for a women to refer to her c*nt and tits, I always do this if it is an illicit couplingbecause it sounds right. When I am with my hubby I refer to fanny and boobs.

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