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Neighbour.I live alone.I’m an average guy, with a good job, working from home.My neighbour, Becky, is a very sexy MILF. Very socially active and flirty, but nothing ever came my way like that, Guess she sees me as Mr NiceGuy next door!It has been very hot this year, too hot to close the curtains, too hot for bed. So I continue to work into the night on Friday. Becky is off out, dressed to impress in a cornflower blue gypsy dress and high heels strappy sandals. She see me through the window and blows a kiss and a a cheeky wave as she is away with her friends.”have fun!” I shout through the window. “I hope too!” she shouts back.I carry on working, not noticing how late it is.I get a cold beer from the fridge, notice it is 1am, Saturday morning, I think, here we go, drop this beer, have a quick look through the “net”, see oif I can scare up a chat with a woman online, illegal bahis siteleri “Pay to wank” my friend calls it. What else am i supposed to do to ease the build up in my balls?Eventually, connect with a girl in Russia, says she is 24, and loves men like me! they always do. I connect the Mic on my cam and start to instruct her in what she is do do to pleasure herself, and help me pleasure myself.The lights are off, only the glow from the screen illuminates the room. (and obviously me….)I am stroking myself into an erection…all the while watching the russian cam girl drive a massive plastic cock into her tight pussy, wet and inviting…I begin to ease into a rhythm. Edging closer to the moment…TAP TAP TAP.I stop look around, Becky is at my window, she has seen everything. (How lonmg has she been there I panic,, pull my short up and close the youwin giriş laptop.”sorry, I forget the curtains were…” I begin to say.”S’alright, I saw, don’t be ashamed, why do you think I went out tonight, I wanted to bring something home to play with, but nothing doing in town…..guess I should have stayed in” she says.”let me in, I want to watch the show” she says, “What? seriously? I mean…”” Let me in…..I want to watch the show…”I must be mad, this will be awkward. However, I have fantasised about her for years and now she wants to come in and watch the cam with me. I never take a risk so why the hell not.I let her in, I can smell perfume and wine as she floats into the house. She closes the curtains and opens the laptop.”What type of girl do you like to watch.?””It depends on the mood, i was…”She stands up, the glow of the perabet monitor screen shows on her.She slides her hands over her clothes, cupping her breasts….in a very bad European accent, she says, “hello Mr, very wet for you….get beer and I show you all in private.”I go and get 2 more bottles, close the fridge and return. Becky is now standing up, in the glow of the screen I see she is moving her hands up her skirt, pulling her tiny panties off. she puts her hands up inside her dress, caressing over her legs, and moving to the inside thigh, her pussy, she rubs herself, walks to me, takes my hand and guides to her warm wet pussy.. I can feel myself almost coming without contact, I try to pull away, but she comes closer, touches my stiffness and whispers, “its ok, we can, Iwant to, I Want you…”A cold explosion wakes me up, I have spilt my beer on the table. Fuck it was a dream. My lap top is off, Im in my house, sweaty, and wet.I stand to get a cloth to wipe the beer to find a tiny pair of black panties on the floor…a small note reads..”saw you asleep, Did not want to wake you, I am in your bed, waiting …..B”

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