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If you read my first story, then this is a little story that happened when I was 16.

When I grew up everyone on our street had a “victory garden” because WWII made everything scarce so everyone grew vegetables on a plot of land that was not used or owned to our knowledge. It was just called “the canal” and there were deep woods where we played as k**s. Since I was by now firmly into sex at home and with the neighborhood boys we fucked and sucked each other in our fort that we played in. One day in particular, Roy was fucking the shit out of me in the fort. When he finally unloaded his cum in my ass, Danny was next. Danny had a really big cock about 8 inches long, but not too fat, and the head was smaller, so it always just went in my ass really easily. As he was fucking me we were discovered by the man illegal bahis siteleri that lived 2 doors away from me.

Danny pulled out and started to pull his pants up in panic. Mr Eubanks said “don’t stop on my account” and Danny resumed fucking me until he shot another load in me. Mr Eubanks then said, “Why don’t you stop by my house in a little while and we can talk”. I had no idea what we were going to talk about but I was hoping it would not be bad.

About an hour later, I walked to his garage behind the house because he had a workshop there and was always doing something in that garage. When I walked in, he stopped working and we sat to talk. He wanted to know how long I had been doing what he had witnessed. I told him a couple of years and most of the boys in the neighborhood did it to each tipobet giriş other. He asked if I would let him fuck me too. Of course I agreed because I really liked it and loved the feeling of cum in my ass. It always made me empty my bowls soon after and by this time, I was empty but still lubricated from the cum.

He then loosened his pants and let them fall to his ankles and his cock was already hard. His cock was like no other cock I had seen before. It was 9 inches long and had a huge purple head like a plumb. I tried to suck it, but the head was just too big go fit into my mouth, so I just pulled the foreskin back and licked it and sucked the tip while I tongued the piss hole. He was anxious to fuck me so he bent me over the work bench and tried to put it in. That head was so big I was perabet actually having a hard time letting it in. He said “strain against me as if you are trying to shit”. I did and it popped right in. Wow my ass had never been so full and I loved it. He fucked me slowly at first, until he finally had it all the way in. Then he stroked full length a few times and I was moaning in pleasure.

After a couple minutes of full strokes he pulled it out and it actually popped when it came out. Then he shoved it back in, and he did that again and again. That huge head passing in and out past my sphincter felt so good I was coming like a faucet without even touching my cock. He fucked me the better part of an hour and I loved every minute of it. I don’t remember how, but we discovered his wife standing in the door watching. Have no idea how long she had been there, but she finally just said “I see you have found a new playmate” . He said yes and he is soo tight. She said “when you finish, bring him in the house”… I had no Idea what that meant but was soon to find out.

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