That night, Denise sat on her bed, thoughts of what she had watched Courtney do flying through her head. God it was so fucking sexy! Courtney had had a real, no-nonsense mind-blowing cum right in front of her, and she had enjoyed the product of that cum. That’s right!!! Denise dove for her purse, and dug out the kleenex she had used to clean up Courtney’s pillow. It was still a little damp. Damn that girl came wet! Denise lifted the tissue up to her face, and sniffed it like mad. Courtney’s musky scent filled her head and made her woozy. She wanted to do what she saw Courtney do! She pulled out her satin pillowcase, and slipped it on her pillow. She brushed the sexy material over her face… oh yeah… this was gonna feel GOOD!

Denise stripped down to her bare ass, and got under her covers. She didn’t want her roommate Karin to walk in on her humping a pillow in plain view! Her roommate had caught her masturbating a few times, and it hadn’t been pretty. Karin was a VERY sexy casino siteleri and VERY popular sorority girl, and she didn’t appreciate walking in on some horny roommate spreading herself for all to see! So Denise slipped under her covers with her satiny pillow, and got to thinking about Courtney. It didn’t take long at all for Denise to get wetter than she thought possible. Her pussy was on fire, and she rubbed it softly with her fingers, sparks of pleasure shooting through her. She decided to get to it. She’d heard of girls doing it the way Courtney did, but she’d never tried it… she was pretty excited. She sat up under her covers, and squeezed the pillow between her legs. Holding Courtney’s tissue to her nose with one hand, she sniffed and ground her hips hard. BOOM! The sensual satin rubbed Denise in all the right ways, all at once. She gasped, and bent forward, shaking from the shock of pleasure. Her eyes went wide, and she started to work her pussy in little circles on the canlı casino pillow. It was like a million perfect tongues working their magic on her. The wetter the satin got, the better it felt. Within a few minutes, Denise’s pillow was squishing against her hungry pussy, wiggling and sliding on her rock-hard clit, and taking her to a level of ecstasy she’d never felt before. She slid her ass back and forth on the pillow, the sensations building to unbelievable heights. Then she started to cum. She squeezed her legs tightly on the pillow, and quickly fucked back and forth on it, her ass working like mad, her juices flowing onto the beautiful material. She bent forward, and hunched down as her orgasm ripped through her, almost making her lose consciousness. She sat there, quivering and twitching, for what seemed like ages. She pulled the covers away, and sat up from the pillow a little, looking down at it. She’d done quite a job on it. The wet spot went all the way through to the mattress, kaçak casino and it filled the room with her odor. She smiled and sighed, sitting back down on the warm cum she’d just had. That’s when Karin spoke up.

“You nasty fucking bitch!” Karin barked. “Fuck you. Can’t I ever walk into this room without watching you fuck yourself like some nympho slut?”

“Oh shit… Karin… I…” Denise dove back under her covers. She’d been in so much pleasure, she didn’t even hear Karin come in. And what’s worse, Karin had a friend with her. Denise didn’t know her, but right now, she didn’t want to. The friend was staring at her with her hand over her mouth, and giggling.

“Fucking whore!” Karin continued, “This whole room stinks like your nasty pussy now! I can’t wait ’till you move out!” Karin and her friend stormed out and slammed the door.

Denise shut off the light and snuggled up in bed. She really didn’t mind that Karin had caught her. It kinda turned her on, actually. All she did care about was the fact that she couldn’t take her mind off of Courtney’s ass, and what she’d like to do to it. But she knew she’d do it soon. Her hand drifted between her legs once more, and she dozed off…

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