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Naughty boy…This is what I can remember from a meeting I had a few years ago. Some details are a little fuzzy considering how long ago this was but the other things are like it was yesterday.So a few years ago I downloaded the Whisper app after something pissed me off, think it was my ex girlfriend and I wanted to vent, to tell the world but without really telling anyone. Anyway after a few days I came across posts from people doing the usual.“I’m horny.” “Nude for nude.” and all that crap.I hadn’t masturbated in a few days and was quite horny myself… so I started posting about it I think I had just recently realised just how porn had infected my mind and how hot I found blowjobs and deepthroats in porn, and how big thick dick turned me on just as much if not more than a beautiful girl.Some hours passed and then I posted a simple message, something like. “I would love to suck a big dick right now.”I got the usual replies. “Me too.” “So hot.”Funnily enough I also got a. “Oh shit, never mind I thought you were a chick… but enjoy wanting over my cock.”But then I got a reply that was a little different. “So what are you into?” So I told him… blowjobs, deepthroat, big dicks, some throatfucking. We messaged each other quite a bit, eventually leading to the message where he told me he kinda wanted to try sucking dick himself, he was straight and had a girl, but he wanted to try it so he knew what it was like. We started to plan a meeting.I left early that day, bahis siteleri canlı every step was half exited anticipation and half ‘Oh my god what the fuck am I doing, I’m going to get k**napped and murdered.’I sat at our arraigned meeting place in my planned cloths and waited. After a few minutes of watching strangers go by. Then a black man, around the same 20’s age, a bit taller than me and athletic, walked up to me and said what I thought sounded like “Chris?”“No” I shook my head, and returned to my phone looking for a reply from the person I was waiting for. He sent a few messages about the meeting place to see if we were in the same place and then he asked again if I was wearing the planned cloths and sitting in the right place. So I gave the details again. The same guy came back, confusing me a little, but this time I heard him right.“Whisper?”I realised what had happened and quickly explained before he lead me to his car and we drove to my house. It was a short ride, but every second of it I was just staring at his crotch thinking. ‘I wonder if its true, I wonder how big he is. What will it be like, what will it taste like. I want to start paying with it right now.’ But directing him to my house was easier when I could see where we were going. So I held myself back. When we got to my house everyone else was still in work, just like I planned. I locked the door and lead him upstairs to my room, where he sat in my chair… in this very chair casino oyna I’m sitting in now as I tell this story. I set up my laptop after he asked me what kind of porn I was into. We started off by him fulfilling his curiosity and sucking my dick… I was ‘Meh’ about it. I knew I liked cock, but I think getting a BJ from another guy isn’t my thing. I guess I’m just more of a giver than a receiver with a guy. ‘That and performance anxiety.’ But that was something he did NOT suffer from.He dropped his shorts and pants, and out flopped his thick nine inch black cock and sat down, as he grew in front of me, I just knew from that moment on I would always look at a cock and remember this moment. I fell to my knees and took his shaft in my hand, my fingers barley wrapping around it as I started stroking him harder and harder. I began to lick the tip of his cock the taste hit my tongue, the taste of a real man. I wrapped my other hand around it, working him in my hands as I tried my best to shield my teeth with my lips as he entered my wet greedy mouth, I felt my jaw ache almost instantly as I started bobbing up and down on the head, my tongue flicking all over. I wanted him to grab my head and just start forcing me down on his member, making me gag and slobber all over him, but looking back it was probably a good thing he was more interested in my worshiping his glorious cock. I started to push further down, one… two… three… I paused, stroking from his balls to canlı casino siteleri my lips with both hands, the power of his cock, the heat and pulsing, the taste and smell… and then four inches down. I stared down the remaining five and a bit inches as I came back up for air, my virgin throat had never sucked cock before and this was a magnificent cock for a first time. I started to lick his balls, soft and hard at the same time, licking up along his member back to the tip. He started to watch porn on the laptop as I pleasured him, the sound of moaning sucking and fucking filled my head as I went back to my task of fitting as much of him inside me as I could, I gagged, I choked a little and I almost failed, but managed to get about an Inch more down when I could tell he wanted me to finish him off.I started to furiously lick and suck the head and the first few inches, stroking with both hands, imitating all the porn stars I had watched. Looking into his eyes as my reward got closer and closer. I could feel the change in the shaft as cum made its way through his member to my mouth. I started to pull away, but thankfully he held my head in place, his cum splattered into my mouth over my tongue, it was salty sweet and felt like a mix of water and jam as I swallowed down spurt after spurt, coating my throat with warm sticky cum, six amazing spurts in total, I licked the head a little more before I slumped back, my jaw aching and my throat painted with his cum. He stood from the chair, pulling up his shorts and made his way out of my room. As I followed, the last thing he said as I unlocked the door was. “Naughty boy.” And then he was gone. No name, no further contact, no more amazing big black cock.

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