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My wife PaulaMy wife and I were having some sexual issues in the bedroom, I wanted more and she wanted to give less, she was kind of shy and prudish But I did talk her into going with me to a swingers club.Once there for me it was very exciting, For my wife it was what seemed to her like an utter embarrassment to say the least, So it was a No Go if you Know what I mean. Many men looked interested in my lovely wife. She is 42 yrs old; 5′ 6″ weighs 136 pounds great body with big adorable chest and small waist and great soft little behind with well proportioned legs. Medium length blond semi curly hair and beautiful green eyes, those kind that looks right through you. But the wife wasn’t interested in doing anything.So after a couple of years of living with disappointment after disappointment. I decided one day to do something different. She was going to Florida on a business trip,I went onto Craig’s list and put an ad that I need a man to seduce my wife, and take her somewhere and have sex with her and photograph the entire event.I also posted a small photo of my wife onto the ad I received many responses but almost none to my liking. Then one stuck out, a fine 26 yr old tall well built college guy. Mark yes he would be the one to try this. He and I spoke on the phone and set the entire thing up.He would meet her somewhere and go from there, Ok so it’s all a go now. My wife Paula is an RN and works as a consultant for a large medical firm and doesn’t travel allot but does a few times a year. So I was determined to take full advantage of the situation to make this work and open her up to more of what I expected in a wife, rather then what I had as a wife.So the day came she left for Tampa and I called Mark, He informed me that he had an apartment and had a hidden camera set up in his living area. I said great.My wife called after her meeting and said that she was going back to her hotel for some rest and then latter she and a co worker was going to go out the the Blue Pelican bar for a couple of drinks and then back to the hotel.I said Ok and to enjoy her self but to get some rest, and I smiled.I later called Mark and told him where she would be and also emailed him a couple of very revealing pictures to get him riled up some. He told me that he would be there.Hours went by and I was entirely anxious, Then a call from Mark, he told me that he had found her and that she was sitting with her friend and what she was wearing, he was going to allow her to consume a couple of drinks before maneuvering her way. I told him great.I was tired so I went to bed thinking about this event and what would happen.When I awakened in the morning and had a little coffee, I decided to check my e mail, and I was shocked and indeed surprised, There was a video of Paula my wife on the couch at Marks place, I could hear everything that was being said. It was awesome to say the least, My wife with a strange man indeed wonderful.I simply couldn’t believe it, How did he get her to go with him?Soon I watched as he caressed her leg and then kissed her.I had a ranging erection to say the least. He slowly caressed the sides of her breast with his big young hands, So her hand moved to his crotch where she had to have been shocked and presently surprised sivas escort by the size of his package, Knowing he would be larger than me her husband. I watched as they undressed each other, it was truly amazing to watch, My prude innocent little wife doing this, cheating as I watch. Soon I watched Mark nibble and suck my wife’s chest I hear her moan loudly. She strokes his large unit with her small famine hands, My lord it looks giant in her hands I thought.Soon he maneuvered between her thighs with his face and licked her sensitive pussy, Her legs spread ever so wide, His hands mauled her big boobs as he continued.Her moans were loud and a****listic, Oh my god I couldn’t stand it, it was turning me on so ravenous, Soon I watched as she took his extra large meat into her mouth my lord it looked as if she was gagging upon it, I watched as he shoved her face into it, He groaned loudly as she sucked away upon him, It was utterly fantastic to watch, Her small female hand cupped his large shaven balls as she throated him.Soon he laid her back upon the sofa and spread her legs wide and entered her tiny cunt with his rock hard massive tool, She cried out with mercy as he entered her pink canal, I too was rock hard by now, She wrapped her legs over his back so she could have all of him, it was truly incredible, “Oh my God” I said to myself.It was truly something to watch my sexy wife have sex with a young well built man.When he was ready to burst he then began to fuck her ever well developed breasts she moaned loudly and screamed “Yes fuck my Big Tits” Then I watched and could witness his cream flying upon her face and breast flesh.I watched her lick it from her chest, soon I was masturbating, I watched as they affectionately caressed and kissed, and soon the video ended.I came in a Fury of spasm’s and was exhausted.After a little while I called and spoke with Mark, He told me all about it and how awesome my wife was and how lucky I was to have a woman like her.Well I picked her up from the airport and life went on nothing was said about her adventure with Mark.Three months later she had to fly to Arlington Texas, and I figured that maybe this could work again, and it did.This time it was a young man named Tony.A few months after that it was Pittsburg Pennsylvania same thing had met this young guy “Gary” I told this young man that I wanted to ratchet the situation up some what, He asked how so? I told him once you get her home and get her naked and begin having sex to have another young man there come out of another room and surprise her, and if she wasn’t into it, to hold her down and do it anyways, He asked “really” I told him YES Really!!This turned out to be the best video ever, turned out she wasn’t into it, and was forced to perform, she had tears and acted scared but preformed well under pressure, It was indeed so incredibly hot to watch as my pretty little wife was held down and fucked , fucked hard, and even anal fucked, The more she screamed the harder my cock became. it was indeed an awesome picture my poor little abused wife, My cheating wife, a wife deserving such a fate. The end was phenomenal with them both abusing her large breasts and covering her flesh with their man cream.They made her escort sivas eat it all up, My god did I cherish that video.Now this kind of thing went on for about a year and a half, I had burnt all the video’s and still pictures the men had taken and sent me on DVD’s and CD’s. One evening after taking my wife out to dinner and driving home in our car, I asked “Hey baby would you ever cheat on me”? almost instantaneously she said “No Honey you know me”I said “Good” she said “Why do you ask” Then I asked this “So who is Mark”? “I don’t know honey” she answered.I was furious to say the least but I kept it to myself. Once we arrived home I went and got the DVD “MARK” and put it into the player and switched on the television, “What’s that”? my wife questioned.”Oh just a little show I want you to see” I answered.”Alright” she replied, Then it started, Her and Mark on the sofa at his place.”You know Mark now bitch”? I asked harshly”Oh my God” she blurted out.”Yea I fuck’en bet your remember Mark now”! I yelled”Sucking and Fucking his big cock”! “You Whore”! I yelled”Oh how did you get this”? she cried”Well Whore that Mark tried to get a hold of you and got me instead, oh yes he liked you” I screamedKnowing it was all a big fib I was eating it up, But I held back.I turned up the volume so she could hear herself moan.”Oh you liked that didn’t you , you little bitch, Oh Yea”!! I yelled at her.Paula was crying now completely ashamed of her self and her lies to me her husband.I would use this to my full potential.”Well you little whore, guess what! , I am filling for a divorce tomorrow”! I screamed at her. She got up and ran out
of the room in complete and utter shame the tears just rolled down her cheeks.”Good now I have got her” I thought to myself.I didn’t say another word to her the rest of the night, I slept on the couch that night, allowing her time to sulk,The next morning I awakened to the smell of coffee brewing and I found her at the kitchen table sitting, “I am sorry honey” she sheepishly said.”Too late for any of that” I harshly stated.”Oh God” she uttered”You are one BITCH”! I commanded like a prick.She began to once again cry and put her head down, I took my coffee out side and sat at the patio table and lit up a cigarette. “Fuck that whore” I said to myself.In a short while later she came out side and sat a crossed from me at the table.”Can we talk”? she asked”Why”? I said”Lee I do not want a divorce” she shyly stated”Tough Shit” I told her.”Lee Please” she stated”Go get me some fuck’en coffee” I told herShe got up and took my cup and brought it back to me full and sat it onto the table by me.”Please Baby” she said to me”No Paula we are done, I mean it, You betrayed me” I said to her”Oh honey please don’t say that” She Pleaded”I couldn’t ever trust you again and I am filling for a god dam divorce Paula like it or not, that is were we are at” I explained to her firmly.She had to know just how serious I was and I intended to hold my ground.”Dam mit Lee I am so very sorry”! she yelled and went insideThat’s when I knew I was making progress. It was indeed working.Again I let her sulk in our bedroom and I left for the day, going to the sporting goods store and having a couple of drinks at a local bar, she called sivas escort bayan a couple of times on my cell phone but like a man I ignored her calls.On the way home I checked my voice mail, it was my wife telling me she was sorry and that she loved me ever so much, “Fuck that little whore” I said.After arriving home she came to me in the kitchen dressed in a sexy out fit, she looked awesome makeup done prefect and she was looking fine, “Talk to me baby” she said.”I have made up my mind darling and I am sorry But I am going to toss you out on your ass” I firmly instructed.”No Honey don’t say that don’t you love me”? she inquired”Of coarse I do But your a lying cheating slut” I stated”Please baby I’ll do anything to make us better” she pleaded”What’s that mean”? I asked”You know” she said”I took you to a swingers club and you refused to do anything and then you go out on business and fuck strangers wow yea I don’t get it” I firmly stated”Its different baby I couldn’t do it around you, But when I was alone it was exciting” she said to me”Really”!! I shouted”I guess that doesn’t make any sense and I am so very sorry” she told me.”No it surely doesn’t non at all” I told her”Baby please don’t make me leave, what will it take for you to keep me”? she pleaded.”BBC”! I told her”What is that”? she surprisingly asked”BIG BLACK COCK”! I uttered intensely”SAY WHAT”? she asked”If you want to stay married, YOU will fuck some blacks and I watch period”!! I instructed”Oh hell no” she told me.”Ok fine I will see my Attorney in two days then” I replied”Lee Please”! “Isn’t there anything else”? she inquired”NO”! I firmly and seriously told her.”Fine Then you ass hole”!! she repliedI went to my office and got my digital camera, “Model for me” I told my sexy blond wife. I started taking pictures of her, It was turning me on something awful.and I think it was her also, I took pictures of her in all forms of dress and undress, “You know what I am going to do with these pic’s” I asked her”No what”? she inquired”I am going to email these “YOUR Naughty” pictures to young black men” I replied smartly.”Oh God” she shyly replied”That’s gross” she added”Well they will like it, they will masturbate to your pictures” I told her”Oh Lee that’s weird” she stated”Well that’s just too god dam bad isn’t it dear” I blasted her.That night we made love for hours and talked more than we had talked in years. It was like old times again and it was great , I finally had my wife back the woman I married the slut instead of the prude.I told the first two black men that she was with that I wanted her used and abused and roughed up and fucked hard and covered in cum, and they did well, That is exactly how I got her back.Since that time there has been several other times where I have attended and watched and other times I have just set her up to be used and photographed.Our marriage is better than ever and we now also swing with other couples and have traded partners on other occasions. My lovely Paula and I are seriously happy and in love with one another it couldn’t be better, When I call my wife a black cock whore when making love she moans louder than ever before and her cunt gets wetter than I ever knew before, She looks forward to the adventures and tells me that she even masturbates now.Our life is great, Now we share our life and our pictures and videos with other singles and couples to make their lives more adventurous, Its been great these last few years with our honesty and love

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