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My wife had sex with a total strangerMy wife is a very beautiful sweet lively woman. Easy going and full of humor. She can be extremely feminine and chaming when she wants to. She loves being the centre of mens attention. I saw that when I met her. But of all the men she chosed me, and I have never regretted taking her for my wife.I always enjoyed to see how she can light up a room, and catch mens attention with her beautiful smile and sweet voice, and see how other men desired her. It made me so proud to know she was my wife, and that I could take her home afterwards, undress her and have sex with her. I enjoyed it as she was never unfaithful.But secretly I dreamed about seeing her having sex with another man. Seeing her suck on the strangers hard cock, and look into her eyes as his hard penis penetrated her tight little pussy.After a couple of years marriage I came home one day, and as usual my wife was chatting with someone on the internet. It was usual as she didn’t work, and needed something to pass time with. She was chatting with some with some Italian guy. In a sudden impulse I suggested that she could take off her clothes, and let him see her naked. She was a little hesitant and shy, telling that it would be so humiliating, letting him see her breast and pussy. And what if he laughed at her? But I promised that he would never laugh at her, and that he would like it very much. She was still a little hesitant, but took of all her clothes and sat in front of the webcam, and continued chatting with him. From her big smile and the color on her cheeks, I could see that she was getting all kind of compliments. Suddenly she climbed onto the table and spread her legs for the webcam. He was looking straight at her shaved pussy. She told me that she could see his penis and he was taking him self. She watched until he got orgasm. All the time with a big happy smile on her face.After that we talked from time to time letting a stranger fuck her for real. Always in connection with sex. She told me that it turned her on, to fantasize about having sex with a man she didn’t know. She would always be laughing pretending it was for fun, and telling how she didn’t dare. Looking me into the eyes while she smiled, telling how it would be so humiliating, and how it would make her feel like a complete slut. As if she liked the thought. Telling that it was not the way a good woman should behave. Not the way she was brought up back home in asia. But she was always a little bit to eager to talk about the subject. Wondering if it would feel different to have a complete strangers penis between her legs, if I like to see her getting fucked, if I would get jealous if she got orgasm on his penis, if I would still love her after, if she should suck on the strangers penis, if she should swallow if he came in her mouth. Too many questions for just a fantasy.Some years went past. We “joked” about it from time to time. Finally after some years joking about it, one day after we had sex, I told her that I would really love to see her getting fucked by a complete stranger. Se her sucking his penis and getting fucked by him. And I told her, that I would still love pendik escort her. And as it was my idea she was not unfaithful. However I had some requirement for her, if she accepted.Remembering how she always looked into my eyes, giggled and smiled when talking about being humiliated and being a slut, I told her that she would have to be completely naked when they meet. She should introduce her self with her breast and pussy fully visible. As the stranger would probably be a little nervous, the view of my naked wife offering her self to him, should be a great boost to get him in the mood, and his penis hard.The second thing was that it had to be without condom. It should be really intimate, both for my wife and the stranger. No barrier between them, nothing to lessen the felling or taste of each other. When sucking his penis I wanted her to feel his naked penis in her mouth, not just some rubber toy bought in a shop. I wanted her to know what his penis tasted like. And I wanted her to know that he would to be able to feel the wet warm sensation of her asian lips wrapped around his penis. No tight condom diminishing the feeling of her gently sucking on his penis, or keeping her from tasting his sperm if he got orgasm in her mouth. And when fucking her pussy, no tight condom to dowse the feeling of her wet asian pussy around his penis, or preventing his sperm from entering her abdomen.And I wanted to take photos or film of her while she was having sex with the stranger.We talked about if for some time. She liked the idea but also had conditions, which was understandable. As it was without condom, I would have to make sure he wasn’t sick in any way. Also he had to be polite, and at least a little handsome. Not some ugly rude idiot with no manners. And he had to be clean and well groomed. All what I would also have suggested. My wife told that she would like to try it one time, just to see how it felt, and if she liked it.I started to search for a guy to fullfil our fantacy. I uploaded a post on a sex page with one photo, asking if someone would like to fuck my wife intimate and without condom. They had to send a photo of their face.After a couple of weeks sorting the applicants, trying to find someone who would fulfill both of our requirement, I found a guy I thought would be to her taste. He was Caucasian, and had recently been divorced after some years marriage. He was blood-donor, hence tested for sicknesses, and looking for a little adventure. I showed his photo to my wife, and she thought he looked kind and handsome. We decided to try going forward with him and a day was set.The day arrived. As the hour approached my wife prepared. Shaving her pussy and cleaning her self. Getting naked and place her self on our couch. Ready to receive our guest. When it knocked on the door I opened. and invited him inside. After hanging his coat, I lead the way into our living room where my wife was waiting for him.His face became one big happy smile, as he saw my wife. Completely naked on the couch, spreading her legs. My wife did not try to cover her nakedness, and he could see her breast and shaved pussy. Hi greeted her, and told that escort pendik she looked beautiful, and that he was looking forward to feel her naked body. I could see that my wifes face blushing so sweetly. My wife told her name and where she came from originally. I told him that he could put his clothes on a chair nearby, while I sat down on a chair I had placed in a proper place to see it all. Didn’t want to move around and disturb his focus on my wife. It didn’t take long for him to get naked. He had been taking off his clothes with his back to my wife, and when her turned around my wife saw his penis for the first time.Even though it was not fully erect, I could see the surprise in her face. It was thicker and longer than mine.He sat down beside my wife in the couch. I told her to spread her legs wide and let him see her sweet pussy.She looked at me while she spread her legs wide, and asked if that was how I wanted to see her. I told her that this was exactly the way I wanted to see her, and that she looked so beautiful. The stranger was fully focused looking down between my wifes legs.My wife also looked down at her pussy. Now we all looked at her pussy, and I could see how she enjoyed it.Our guest asked my wife if she would like to feel his penis, and leaned back. She reached for his penis that had become big and hard. It was clear from the smile on her face, that she enjoyed the size and feeling of his hard cock in her hands. She looked at me, telling that it was going to feel SO BIG inside her pussy.The stranger placed his hands on her leg and started to move it up towards her pussy. She spread her legs a little to give his hand space between her thighs. He touched her pussy and slipped a finger inside her. Then he leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.During this my wifes hand never stopped massaging his penis. Gently moving her hand up and down his hard cock, as if to reassur
e her self about the size of it. And he continued to have his finger inside her pussy.I asked the stranger if he would like to lick her pussy. He told that he would very much like to lick her pussy, so I suggested that he could lie on the back on the couch, with my wife on top, spreading her legs right in front of his face. This way she could also suck his penis. They both wanted to do this.My wife smiled as she climbed on top of him, knowing that his eyes would be looking straight at her shaved pussy. And that she was now going to taste his penis.My wife felt his tongue opening her pussy, and gave a little screem as he started to lick her.She took his penis, looking at it with desire. I could see that she was so horny. As she took his penis in her mouth, she looked at me, as if to get approval. I told her that she should enjoy his penis, and if he had orgasm she could swallow his sperm if she liked. She started to suck on his penis, and using her hand to massage it.All the time giving small sounds telling how much she liked it. After about 10 minutes I could see how the muscles on her legs started to tighten. She also started to move her hips, as if trying to get away from the tickling sensation between her legs. Our guest put his arms around pendik escort bayan her hips, and hold her really tight, not letting her pussy get away from his mouth. She took his penis deep into her mouth. I had never seen her take my penis this deep, but she seemed determined to try have his whole penis in her mouth. It made me so happy to see my wife becoming a horny little slut. I loved to see my little lady abandoning all dignity and honour, letting this stranger explore her shaved pussy with his tongue, while she was having his erect naked penis inside her mouth, sucking on it.After 10 minutes I saw how the mucles on her legs started to tighten, and began to shake. Seconds later the rytmick movement of a huge orgasm was runnig through her body. My wife lifted her head from his penis, and gave a high pitched scream. The stranger held her hips in a tight grip she couldn’t escape, keeping licking her pussy while she had orgasm.It was now time for my wife to let him fuck her. He asked my wife lie on the back on the couch and open her legs. Then he crawled up between her legs and guided his naked penis into her wet pussy. The ancious expresstion on her face when he penetrated her pussy, changed to a big happy smile as she felt his thick naked cock deeper in her pussy. She was smiling at him while he lifted up her legs and pushing deep into her pussy.I asked if he could let me get a photo of how big his penis would be in my wife. They both smiled for the camera. I felt so good knowing she would try the biggest penis she had ever faced until now.He started to fuck her in long deep strokes. Penetrating her as deep as he could. Giving her every inch of his hard cock.After some minutes my wife asked him how he liked having his penis inside her pussy. He let down her leg, and told how much he liked to feel her tight pussy around his cock. That he had never tried having sex with an asian, but that he was so happy to have sex with such a beautiful sweet lady as her. I could see how my wife was paying full attention him, looking into his eyes. It was so intimate, knowing that his hard penis was inside her.She pulled him down and kissed him pasionately. His orgasme was near.He pulle up and started to fuck her in hard deep thrusts. She lifted up her legs giving him freedom to fuck her. I could hear the sharp slap from his hips and balls hitting her ass. It was so exciting to see my wife, who normally was a lady who wanted to be treated with respect, was now opening her legs and getting fucked so hard, that she was moving on the couch, with every thrust from the stranger.He got orgasm. He pushed forward, hard and deep one more time. My wife had lifted her legs and let him come deep in her pussy. I could see the orgasm on his body as he shoot his entire load of sperm inside her.He stayed between her leg a little, but eventually pulled out of my wife. She never closed her legs in front of him. She was sending him a big smile.She stayed on the couch with her legs wide open, showing me how his sperm was running out of her pussy. All the time with a big happy smile on her face.We tried it only once. My wife liked it really much. She said it had been so exciting and make her feel so sexy and horny. But because she like it so much, she suggested that we should not do it again, as she didn’t trust her heart, and one day she would maybe fall in love with the stranger. She didn’t want that.

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