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My wife got used by a Black coupleAfter living together for almost two years Judy and I decided to get married. Judy had been married once before and I had been married and divorced three times by my twenty-ninth birthday. In my profession I was around ladies all day and my wives were really jealous. I was forty-three and Judy was forty-four.To describe Judy she was like a dream come true. Five foot two, one-hundred and ten pounds, blonde hair, green piercing eyes that you never wanted to get angry at you. My favorite points were her double Ds. Her measurements were 34-24-35. When she walked passed all men stared.We started planning our wedding. We both wanted a very simple wedding with a great honeymoon. We talked and decided to go to Niagara Falls it was about a six and half hour plane flight from where we lived. I had lived in our city for over twenty years. I knew a lot of people. The way we figured it out we had to get married as early as possible in the morning that we decided on. I had a friend that had connections with a justice of the peace. He talked to some people and was able to get us married at seven am on any Thursday. Judy and I had to figure out how everything was going to work out, if we left on a Thursday we wanted to stay through the weekend at Niagara and come back the following Monday. We decided to get married in three weeks which would be a Thursday.On the phone I go. I got reservations at a hotel that over looked the falls and booked a flight that left at ten-thirty on the morning we were getting married. Judy called a couple of close friends and told them where we were going to get married at and the time. She told them we had to be out of there by eight-thirty that morning to make our flight. The Thursday finally rolled around. We didn’t wear anything special just our traveling clothes. Everybody showed up. We both said I do and off we went to the air port.We arrived at Niagara airport at four-thirty that afternoon. We went down to get our suit cases Judy’s showed and mine didn’t. We talked to the people in charge and they told us that when they found mine they would give us a call at our hotel and bring it over. I was stuck in my levies a pull over shirt, a light jacket and tennis shoes. “What are you going to do,” Judy asked. “I Said, “We are going to go to the Hotel. We have dinner reservations at seven-forty and I also have a surprise for you.” When I made the reservations, I had found out that they had live music starting at seven-thirty. I had ordered a wedding cake that would feed fifty people. We got to the hotel about five-forty. We had a Jacuzzi in our room so I figured I could set in that and watch Judy get ready. It usually takes Judy ninety minutes. She came out of the shower with nothing on. I wanted to jump out of the Jacuzzi and **** her right there. I knew I would have to save that for later. We didn’t even have time for sex. Judy put on her black thong and did not put a bra on. Then she went back into the dressing room to put on her makeup and do her hair. When she came out she had on a long green dress that buttoned up the front and a slit up to the middle of her thigh. She had left three or four buttons undone so you could see a little cleavage. With her tan those green eyes and blonde hair she looked ready to eat. I jumped out of the Jacuzzi and I don’t have to tell you what I put on. It was about seven-thirty and we were on the fifteenth floor. We got down to the dining area right on time. We walked in and the band started playing our song. (“What I did for love,” from A Chorus Line) She looked over and saw the cake and started crying. “Oh John you should not have done this.” “I think you are worth it,” was my reply. There were about sixty people there and they all stood up and clapped. We did not know anybody. We were the only ones on the dance floor for our first dance. After the song finished we cut the cake. As good as she looked I was not going to smash it in her face. The cake was gone in fifteen minutes everybody got a piece. By this time it was eight-forty and neither Judy or I were hungry, we were thirsty. As the cake was given out we had two drinks. We finally got to set down and watch the people dancing. The band was really good and most of their songs were fast. We both noticed this one guy who was a real good dancer. Judy and I danced a couple of songs. She is a good dancer. I am ok. I decided to see her and the guy dance together. He was standing at the bar and I walked up to him and introduced myself. His name was George and he was thirty and was there alone. He was about my size six foot and weight about two hundred pounds and he was black. “Would you do me a favor and ask my wife to dance? She really likes the way you move.” “Are you k**ding you want me to dance with that fox? It will be my pleasure.” I went back and sat down next to Judy. She asks me, “What were you talking to him about?” At that moment he leaned down, “hi my name is George. Would you like to dance? I think you your husband wants to see us dance together.” Judy looked over at me and I nodded my head ok, “George I know John set this up, so yes I will dance with you. They danced to two songs both fast and he was a perfect gentleman. He brought her back to the table and thanked us bayraklı escort both. “Any time you want to dance with her you have my permission. You both looked great out there.” It was a little after nine o’clock and George came back over. “Do you think I could have this slow dance with your wife?” I said, “this time I am leaving it up to Judy.” “I really would like to dance with you,” was her reply. I watched while they were on the dance floor. Judy had both arms around his neck. He had both hands on her rear. They were barely moving he was pulling her real tight up against himself. I could see he was moving his hands up and down on her ass stopping and squeezing. Judy did not back off. At the end of the song George through a lip lock on her. They stood there for a good 30 seconds and kissed. George walked Judy back over to the table and thanked me for the dance. “What was that all about? It looked like something was really going on out there.” Judy answered, “when we started dancing he put his hands right on my ass. I knew you were watching and I thought maybe we could get a story time out of this. He whispered in my ear at the end of the dance I want to kiss the bride. It just wasn’t a kiss he stuck his tongue almost down my throat and I could feel his cock in my stomach. It was really large.” I said, “I got some good or bad news depending how you look at it. As soon as you left one of the waitresses came over to me and had a phone in her hand. The phone call was for me. It was the airport they had my suitcase but the problem was that they had six grey suitcases like mine and if I wanted it tonight I would have to come over and identify it. I knew it was going to be almost a two to three hour round trip. The hotel would provide a shuttle for me. I had to go, there were too many valuables in that suitcase. I do not want to leave it there over night.” “I want to go with you.” “Absolutely not. You are too tired and need to get some sleep.” “Alright I will go up to the room! You are right I do need some sleep.” Off I went to the airport. I got there and picked out my suit case. It almost took three hours by the time I got back. It was twelve-thirty when I walked into the hotel I could still hear the music from the band. I walked into the dining room where we had been setting. I recognized a couple that were setting close to us. I walked over, pulling my suitcase. I said to the lady, “did you see my wife leave?” I was really curious if she left with George.The lady said, “she left about twenty-five minutes after you did. l think she had one more drink. She was feeling no pain. As soon as you left there were about 8 guys asking her to dance. I think she danced two more times said good night to us, told us that she was going to her room all by her self. Of course my husband wanted to help h
er but I wouldn’t let him!” We all laughed. I stayed and had a drink. I did ask if she danced with a black guy after I left. I was told there was no black guy around. When I got up to the room Judy was sound asleep. I did not want to wake her up. I got undressed and crawled into bed. Judy had nothing on so I cuddled up to her back. She slightly opened her eyes, gave me a kiss and went right back to sleep. The next morning we both got up around eight. We had set the tours of the falls for Saturday and Sunday. We figured that we were really going to be tired on Friday so we would just lie around. We ordered breakfast in. Brandi had a flimsy house coat on, it kept falling open. I could see her tits and it looked like she had a couple of bruises on them. “Open up your house coat I want to see something.” She knew what I had seen and started smiling, “I was a bad girl last night but you have a great story time. I don’t want to talk about it right now. After we finish breakfast we can go in the bedroom and you will get an ear full.” It took me about two seconds to finish my breakfast, off to the bedroom I went. She came in ten minutes later. She had taken her house coat off and she had hickeys all over her tits. “Get on your back I want to control this! Do not try to stick that thing of yours in me because you will cum right away,” Judy said. Judy pulled out some heavy cloth ties that she had made and tied my hands to the bed post and my feet to the bottom of the bed. She lay down on top of me and started running her boobs up and down on my body. She squeezed my cock in between them and slowly worked it up and down. Then she laid facing me and started kissing me. She put her tongue in my ear and started story time. “After you left I stayed and had two more drinks a lot of guys ask me to dance and I danced two or three times. I was pretty tipsy so I decided to go up to the room. I was standing waiting by the elevator when George walked up.” “Where are off to pretty lady. You look like you need some help and I can see your husband hasn’t come back yet? I would be more than willing to escort you to your room if you want.” “Yes, I think I could use some help. John won’t be back for another hour and thirty minutes or maybe even two. The elevator door opened and we got in. He put his arm around me. I thought just to hold me up. Ha! Ha! Of course I felt his hand on the side of my boob he was gently feeling me up, just stroking the side escort bayraklı of it. We got to our floor and the door open and we walked to the room. He still had his arm around me and had slipped his other hand inside me dress was playing with my nipple. I got goose bumps over my whole body. I got the card out and slipped in the slot.” “Is this where I get my goodnight kiss or are you going to invite me in?” “George you can come in for a cup of coffee but I have use the little girl’s room, so why don’t you turn the TV on,” I said to him. After I came back from the restroom he had found some slow soft music on the TV. I went over to the sink and started to make some coffee. He came over and put his arms around me and started kissing the back of my neck. It really felt good, so I did not stop him. He cupped my boobs in his hands and started squeezing them. He unbuttoned my dress. I tuned to him and said, “George you know I just got married today! What do think John would say?” He looked at me and he could see my tits straining to get out my nipples were so hard. “I really don’t care what he would say! He’s going to have you for the rest of his life I just want 2 hours. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever been with, but if you tell me to leave I will. I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want me.” I put my lips on his and his tongue darted into my mouth and we started moving to the music. He took the shoulders to my dress down and my dress fell to the floor. There I stood in my thong. He pulled me up to him and I stuck my tongue deep into his mouth it tasted so good. He had his hands on my boobs. There was enough light to see the contrast of black hands on my white tits. He put his mouth down to the top of breast and started sucking trying to give me a hickey. I pushed him away and said, “I do not want a hickey! I want to take your clothes of before we run out of time.” George stripped down and I helped him take his pants and shorts off. I was on my knees in front of him when this monster fell out. It was so big I could not get it in my mouth. I just licked up and down on it. I put my tongue on the end of it, licking the pre cum. It had to be eleven inches long and bigger than your wrist. I had never seen anything that big. I was wondering, how is that thing going to able to get inside me? He picked me up and took me into the bedroom and laid me on my back with my legs over the side of the bed. He pulled my thong down and started licking and kissing my legs and all around my pussy teasing me. He finally put his arms under my legs and lifted my pussy up to meet his mouth. He stuck his tongue deep inside of me. My body started shaking and I let loose. I started screaming, “George put your cock in me! I want you George I want you, I want you.” George got on top of me and I could feel him trying to stick that monster inside of me. I was so wet cause I had cum, I could feel it going in an inch at time. It finally slid all the way in. I was trembling, it was so deep inside of me. He started working it up and down real slow and I felt his mouth go back to my boob and he started sucking. I said, “No George! No George! Please no hickey.””I am leaving tomorrow morning real early you will never see me and I want to leave something for your husband letting him know another man had his wife on his wedding night. So I will put a lot of hickeys here for him.” I started crying at that moment it felt so good, I was in heaven, if that’s what he wants I had no choice. George increased the speed. He started talking to me telling me how lucky you are and how beautiful I am. We had been fucking for thirty minutes and I could feel his heart beating inside of me and he was still sucking on my tits. Finally he let loose and it felt like a fire hose turned on inside of me. I arched my back and I was breathing really deep I was gasping for air screaming as loud as I could it felt so great. Never had I felt anything like this before. At that exact moment Judy stuck my dick inside of her and we both started Cumming. She collapsed on top of me. She put her lips up to my ear. “I am sure glad I married you. Now let’s lay around the rest of the day. Guess what I can’t wear my swim suit.” “Let me loose, untie me!” Judy untied me. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I was into my own thoughts about what my wife did. Did she do it for a story time for me or was she drunk and wanted to see what a black dude felt like? Will I have to watch out or am I feeling a little jealous? I got out of the shower and Judy was already dressed but needed to put her make up on and do her hair. “Hurry up slow poke get dressed and let’s get out of here,” Judy said. While I was dressing her cell phone rang and I heard her say hi Vicki. Judy walked into the other room. Her conversation was real quiet. I walked closer to her so I could hear. Her conversation went like this, in almost a whisper. I will see what I can do. I will call you back. I said, “Judy, you probably won’t be ready for thirty minutes. I am going to run down stairs and get the paper to see what’s going on today.” “Alright go ahead that works for me and I will try and get everything done in a hurry.” I opened the door and shut real hard and didn’t go out. I jumped bayraklı escort bayan behind the couch. As soon as I let the door shut I heard Judy call on her cell. She had the speaker on and sure enough just as I thought I heard George’s voice. “George, how are we getting together? I am already missing that black cock of yours.” “Where is your husband?” “He went down stairs to get a paper and he said he might stop
at the bar and have a drink.” “Why don’t you come up for fifteen minutes or so?” “I will be right up what is your room number? He probably won’t be back for twenty minutes.” Judy was out of the room in five minutes. Now here goes John planning. As soon as she left the room I picked up my cell and called her. “Hey I met these two guys and we are talking sports. Before I come up to the room I will give you a call to see if you are ready yet, it will probably be an hour or so.” “Oh that sounds great to me. I am having so much trouble with my hair and I really don’t want to leave yet. Make sure you call me.” I turned the boob tube on. I waited an hour and a half and then called. Judy answered she was breathing really hard and I could hear kissing and music in the background. I said, “I am on my way up to the room will be there in ten minutes.” “Are you bringing someone up with you? I had fallen asleep?” “No I am alone!” “Then I will see you when you get here,” Judy said. I didn’t have to wait long. She came through the door like a flash. She gasped when she saw me setting there. She said in a surprised voice, “how long have you been here John?” “About an hour and a half. Where have you been my new bride? Went back for a second dip yes?” “How in heaven’s sake did you find out?” “I heard you talking on the phone and you were whispering. So I made up that story about going and getting the paper. I then pretended like I left. I listened when you called him back and don’t tell me you did this for a story time. Oh yes I am going to get one. Now set down next to me.” Judy sat down next to me and started kissing my neck. I put my hands under her halter top and started playing with her nipples. She started blowing warm air into my ear. I took my pants down. She started rubbing my cock. Judy started talking, “I left here and went up to his floor. All I had on was my halter top, no bra and short skirt, no panties with my sandals. My nipples were real hard. I just wanted him to bite on them. I knocked on his door. George opened it. He reached out and pulled me in.” “So you are already missing this black dick? How much time do we have?” “I miss you and the way you touch me. I want you to bite on my nipples and to stick that monster of yours back in me. John said he wouldn’t be back for an hour. He is drinking and talking sports in the bar. He said he would call before he came back up.” He put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me to him putting his lips on mine and stuck his tongue deep into my mouth. He ran one hand up under my halter then started squeezing my nipple real hard. It was really hurting but it felt good. I could feel my pussy starting to drip. George backed away from me and went and sat in a chair. He had put some real hot music on. “Stand here in the middle of the floor and start dancing for me while you take your clothes off. Keep your eyes closed and do not open them for any reason. Do you understand?” “Yes! YES! Yes! I understand.” By this time I was so horny but I did what he said. I started moving to the music taking off my clothes. I could feel his eyes on me. I was totally nude and I felt two hands on my back touching me real lightly. It didn’t feel like George. The hands went around to the front of me and cupped my tits and started to tweak my nipples I leaned back and I could feel two big breasts on my shoulders. I had never been with a woman before. She turned me around and I opened my eyes. She was the most beautiful black chick I had ever seen. She had a gorgeous body and was about five foot six”. She put her hand under my chin and pushed my lips into hers. Wow her mouth tasted so good as she stuck her tongue in to meet mine. My thoughts were, what do I do now? I ran my hand down between her legs and started playing with her clit. She had bent down and had her lips on my breast and was flicking my nipples real fast. I was so close to getting off. I stuck three fingers inside of her and found her G spot. I rolled my fingers real lightly at first and started rubbing it fast and hard she was getting off. It was so intense. She tightened up and she started breathing real deep, sounds were coming out of her mouth. She started spraying all over my arm. She took me back into the bedroom and laid on her back. I bent over her and was licking her cunt. I felt George stick his cock up to my ass and I thought oh no this will not work. I heard him spit on his cock and he pushed it into my cunt. I came instantly it felt wonderful. I put my hands on her tits and was squeezing them. George was pushing in and out real fast and I could feel that big cock getting ready to explode inside of me. When he came I could feel his warm cum spurting deep into me. I squeezed the muscles of my cunt together, I wanted every drop of it inside of me. Afterward, we were all three drained and that’s when my cell went off. It was you. “Everyone I have to go or get a divorce. This has been great.” I got off two times while she was telling me the story. We both slept the rest of the day and yes we did go on our tours. You might say we had a very interesting honeymoon.END

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