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My Wife fucks another manIt has been a while since our first adventure and that was one that wasn’t planned so see our previous adventure from 4 years ago.ttps:// is an account of our next true adventure that occurred last month.Debbie is now 52 and I am 53 and we have both been married for 30 years. Debbie is 5’3” and with a nice 38 chest, and average size for a woman of her age.For the past 4 years I have lived off watching my wife being seduced by a younger man and then slowly and sensually fucked. We had on occasions talked about the whole episode whilst in bed and this generally led to us fucking like rabbits but she always made it clear that it wouldn’t happen again and although she had enjoyed it, it will remain a one off. So as the years passed by I continued to tease and test my wife until one night whilst in the height of passion and a few vino’s she got into the seductive story i was telling her and admitted that she would love to have another man in bed with us.The next morning I tested out her admissions over breakfast and she said if she was in the right mood and the right person then she may be persuaded into repeating a night of debauchery. My mind after this wouldn’t rest and I wanted to find her the right guy straight away. After a while I looked on line at a swinger site and found there was an array of guys all advertising their sexual interests. So next I had to get her to look at the website, one evening whilst in bed I took the lap top up with me while she lay reading. When she put her book down she curled up into me and notice my huge erection, she playfully asked what I was looking at and at the time I was just reading an article so I told her was just thinking of how to find another man for our threesome. She joked that I will have trouble finding one which then gave me an opening. I announced why dont we see if we can find a site or something. I said lets look and she joined me at the screen, I pretended to think then said I know, what about swingers, they have sites. I then typed the word into google and list of these sites came up. I then chose the one I had looked güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at previously. It was a bit basic and you needed to register to see more so I suggested we make a profile so we can see what was on offer. Debbie was intrigued and let me make a very basic profile with a few alterations to the truth so we couldn’t be identified. Once in the site we started to explore and there was every shape size age to look at. Eventually the lap top was sat on her lap as she took control browsing. Over the next week or two we would look at the profiles of people and even though our profile had very little about us we started to get messages. Eventually one message popped up that looked very interesting so I coaxed her into replying. His name was Graham and he was 38 and single. She replied to him and before long the messages where pinging back and forth between them. I was loving the idea of her chatting with this complete stranger. He lived about 30 miles from us and had so far never met anyone but had been looking for over a year. His conversation clean polite but obvious to fact he was looking for a sexual adventure of his own. Over the next few weeks we would take the lap top to bed and when we logged on Graham would be there waiting and the conversations continued but they became more sexual. He wanted a photo of Debbie but she wouldn’t allow one to be put on the site. He did have some of himself and looked ok and fairly fit with a bare chested picture. It wasn’t until he asked to speak to us on the phone that things started to progress. He wanted confirmation we were real, Debbie was unsure so I said lets give him the number of an old mobile I had. Debbie was ok with this so she typed the number into the message and waited. A few minutes later he rang and I answered the call before handing it to Debbie. They talked for what was almost an hour before they hung up. As we snuggled up together she told me she thought he was nice and when my hand slipped into her knickers I could tell how nice she thought he really was. I suggested why dont we at least meet him and see if he is as nice in real life but she was unsure and said perabet giriş she liked it as it were. I eventually messaged Graham when Debbie was around and told Graham what she thought of him and if he wanted to press for a meet up I would back it. So the next time they were on the lap top he started to suggest a social meet for a drink. Debbie who had now been drinking told him ok and then told me what harm would it be. Now the meet place was a bit hard as Debbie didn’t want to be seen in public with us all together so I persuaded her that he should meet at our house for dinner. So a date was set and Debbie made some light snacks and I got the wine in. As the time got closer her nerves got worse but as he now had our address we couldn’t back out now.The door bell rang dead on 7pm and as I open the door, there stood Graham who looked even better than his pictures. I brought him into the lounge and introduced him to Debbie. Now the plan was to be a meet and greet occasion only with nothing more planned. I poured our guest a wine and the conversation started to flow. The tension was high and I was just loving the attention she was receiving. When Debbie went to the kitchen to bring in the food she had prepared I followed her in and started to kiss her and tease her that there is guy in our room who obviously wants to fuck her. Debbie told me he was nice and that she wasn’t sure he really liked her that much and he looked like he could do a lot better then her. When we entered the room with the food I told Graham in a joking manner that Debbie cant quite believe he would fancy her. Graham was quick to reassure her that he found her very attractive and that he had been waiting for a long time to meet her. The food and wine flowed and the conversation became my sexual. I wanted to push the boundary a bit and said to Debbie in front of Graham that I think he has been a great guest and I,m sure with all this flirting he definitely likes you. I then said I was going to clear up the kitchen and leave them to it, as I left I winked at our guest in a manner that let him know he can also push the boundary. After 20 mins or so I returned to find them both kissing on perabet güvenilir mi the settee, I slowly sat down in the arm chair so not to disturb them. I then switched of the lamp with just the glow of the TV lighting up the room. What took place next was just amazing, I watched as he explored her body over her clothes and how she did not resist, her purring was just exquisite. He eventually found the confidence to move his hand into her inner thigh before slowly making his way to her pussy. As his fingers found her spot she just melted back onto the sofa while he gently began stroking her clit. I then suggested we take this to the bedroom. Debbie now trying to be more drunk than she really was did not resist as he helped her up off the sofa. We made our way upstairs with my cock as hard as steel knowing they were about to use our marital bed to fuck in. I helped him undress her and laid her out on the bed. Graham stripped off then went down on her married pussy. Debbie gasped and groaned before pulling him up as she became so sensitive to his touch. Grahams cock now hovered over her pussy and he then just eased into her and they began fucking. Moments later as I wanked to the spectacle I shoot my cum everywhere. Graham began pounded her as she let out stifled gasps and the noise that she was cumming. I watched intensely as her juices flowed out and over his balls before he tightened and unloaded his seed deep into her. They lay kissing with her her breathing starting to slow. Graham rolled off her and thanked her and told her she was amazing. The whole thing only lasted about 15 mins but the intensity was just too much for them both. In that awkward moment Debbie suggested she needed to get showered and I was left to lead graham out. We shook
hands and I told him now the ice is broken we may want a repeat visit. He grinned at me and told me he would be honoured to come by again. I found Debbie upstairs toweling off and gave her a deep kiss. I asked if she enjoyed the night and she gave me a knowing smile. We climbed into bed where she confessed that he had fucked her hard and she just couldn’t hold back from him. I told her that we could see him again if she wants to now the ice is broken but at the moment its just a maybe. They have since chatted on the site and he left really nice feedback on our profile and Debbie has continued to chat to him but she wants to saviour what has happened for now and I,m still keen for the next visit.

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