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My wife and friend fuck at his new hot tub…It was very late by the time we got to even get in the hot tub. Maybe 1am but it was nice and cool and breezy from the passing thunderstorms. Perfect night for a hot tub. Our friend has done stuff before with us (foursome FFMM, MMF at hotel) be we weren’t sure if he was going to continue to do things. so at first everyone was nervous staying apart from each other until we had a few drinks in us. The other times they fucked he had performance anxiety so it was still hot but he just didn’t cum. Although the time in the hotel he came in her mouth.After awhile my wife was sitting on the jets from the tub and getting very wet. She came over to me and i stuck a finger in her wet pussy and I said i know what u are thinking but does he want to. She didn’t know yet but she has wanted to fuck him bad since the hotel. So she went over and sat beside him and pretended to fall on him a few times. The play got more intense as she started to sit on her lap but they weren’t doing anything bad. So i called her over to me and fingered her for a minute and she was extremely juicy. So i told her to fuck him and for her to take her top off. A few minutes later i undid her top with her nice double D tits busting out everyone was fully turned on.Next thing i knew she was sitting on him grinding him hardcore. Then she turned around and started to make out with her. She was loving this so i stuck my foot canlı bahis şirketleri at her pussy and realized that he was fingering her already and as i did that she started to moan “oh yeah I wanna be fucked” So the made out and discussed for a minute or two and she realized she wanted to get fucked laying out in the grass on towels. It was about 3am at this point so it was totally alright. They ran off down to the garden but still just in my sight and hearing distance. She started to suck his dick with her head bobbing up and down in the distance. I decided to stay back so that he didn’t have performance anxiety, but i could see the whole thing in the half moonlite sky. She was making him moan loudly and also moaning pretty good herself. Her pussy must have been soo wet at this point as he moved down to eat her pussy. I was so hot with her body spread out in the grass with her moaning louder and louder while she screamed his name. Then at this point he was getting really excited and flipped her so she was in doggy style very roughly and powerful. She pushed hard back onto his cock as he pounded right back at her at this point the moaning was radiating so loud from both of them as there wet bodys slapped hard against each other in a loud clapping sound. I was loving watching this. She then said hold me up and fuck me so he lifted her up and then started to pound her with her legs rapped around her while canlı poker oyna he stood up holding her body up in the air. At this point the clapping was more like a whip being slapped fast. she was screaming oh god cum in me now i need ur cum in me. I really liked her getting cummed in so i was jerking hard as a rock at this point on the hill. her tits were all over the place bouncing mid air riding hard as hell. Then i heard him shout oh god im gonna cum and my wife scream fill my pussy. he then screamed like a b**st as he shot his load into her soaked pussy and she continued to ride him to a full orgasm. At this point i was ready to go and they were almost finished up.Five minutes later they walked up the hill to meet me there and i said to them she isn’t done yet. So i grabbed her hand and took her down to the same spot in the yard laid down some blankets then had her smash her cum filled pussy into my face. His cum in her pussy juices was not as sweet as i was use to but extra salty but i didn’t care as my wife quivered and moaned organisming. She was screaming again saying that she really enjoyed it this time while my dick was fucking her cum filled pussy. This was the first time that he came in her pussy so it was really hot. I said i saw the hole thing and loved watching and listening in. I told her i wanted to join in so bad but didn’t want to stop him from cumming. at this point i was rock hard fucking bets10 güvenilir mi her with with my cock hitting her g-spot rapidly she was starting to squirt. I couldn’t take her pussy clenching my cock and spazaming so i cummed and filled her up for the second time in 10 minutes. She was screaming dont stop so i didn’t and i continued to fuck her as i continued to cum deep in her. I screamed oh god and pulled my dick out as she squirted all three of our cums out her pussy. I then put my face up to her pussy to catch all of the load coming out and swallowed the rest of the load. This made her scream as loud as she did all night she had to hold her mouth to calm herself down. Then she said finger me and make me squirt it out. I then put too fingers in her and rubbed her g-spot which was fully inflated at this point. I squished her little g**** shaped g-spot and she started to quiver again and yell oh god and her pussy contracted onto my fingers and shot a lot of her sweet juices along with cum particles into my mouth. I was fully satisfied at this point and layed for a second with her and she said we need to do this again. So I said yes I do wanna do it again but I want to have a threesome with a girl or a foursome with a couple. She agreed barbecue she is part bi and the first foursome with a couple she loved when a girl ate her pussy. My wife says she wants to go down on a girl which if she does it will be super hot.. Sorry i didn’t get any pictures/video from the last two times it was really humid tonight and the hotel he was too nervous, but hopefully next time i will have cameras set up all over while her cums in her at my house. She wants dp again and i want her to have it badly.

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