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My turn to please, and be pleasedMy cousin and I would do anything for each other, becasue we knew that whatever we wanted would be returned. At that pont we started surprising eachother. One such time, my aunt and unlce were leaving for the evening and my cousin and I would have the house to ourselves for at least 3-4 hours. My aunt and uncle did the usual and ordered us a pizza and rented us a movie to wathc while they were out. Leaving, they said be good. Just how good I was going to be they didn’t know. My dabbling in crossdressing started back with my adventures with my cousin. This particular time,I went to take a shower when my aunt and uncle left and my cousin started on the pizza. I said give me a minute. I shaved my legs and my ass along with my asshole and trimmed up my pubes to make them look very feminine. I dried off and applied eye shadow and eye liner, making my eyes look hot. especially after I added the long eyelashes. I then finished my face with some very sexy red lipstick. I put on some Lee press on red nails and then some hoop clip on earings. I then dawned one of my aunts shoulder length black wigs on, I was lookng pretty hot. I went into my aunts room and put on a mathing set of black satin panties and bra. I stuffed the bra with skin colored water balloons, not to big to fall over over the place, but enouth to feel and dangle like real tits. I then slipped into a black garter belt and clipped on stockings to the garter. Passing buy the mirror, I shocked myself, hot hot hot. I then went over to the closet and put on one of my aunts skirts and then a tight tank (camisolle) then put on a red silk blouse. The red blouse with the black skirt was hot. I then put on a pair of my aunts 4 inch black pumps and looked again at myself in the mirror. At that time my cousin yelled, hurry up I want to watch the movie. At 15, I was a hot sexy bisth wanting some cock. I walked into the family room, It was still light out and you could hear the sound of my heels knocking on the floor as I walked down çanakkale escort the hall and into the room, my cousin was listiening and looking my way when I turned the corner. His jaw dropped and eyes bugged out. In front of him was a hot lady that he wasn’t expecting, he wasn’t also expecting that this lady was gong to rock his world in a minute. He said shit, what are you doing, why are you dressed like that. I said sweetly, its time we heat things up for each other. Tonight is the night yoiur world changes, and mine changes also. Bar has been rasied. I tell him to just be quiet. I walk over to him rocking my hips back and forth and stand between his legs. I use my legs to spread his and kneel between his legs. I then reach up and undo his shorts and pull them off to the floor. I can already see him cumming to attention. I then reach in through his boxers and grab his cock. Not a big one, I wish it was bigger, but 6 inches long. Long enough to hit the spots I wanted it to and thick enough to stretch the holes i wanted stretched. I pulled his boxers off and released his rising member. I grabbed it with my right hand and started licking his balls and then working my way to the head off his cock, making it wet for my assault. Holding the bottom of his shaft and encirlcling it with my index finger and thumb only, I pushed and squeezed it down to make it grow and sweel to the sie I needed. As I licked it up and down, I was leaving red lipstick runs up and down it. Once I knew it was set enought, I went for the head with my mouth and encirled the throbbing swollen head with my red lips, my cousin gasped and arched back. I slowly worked my mouth up and down until I became comfortable with its size in my mouth. I then was able to actively accept it into my throat and start the assault. I started bobing up and down with a momentum that wasn’t going to let him last long. From when I started bobing up and down to this moment must have been only 1 to two minutes. I felt my cousin arching and heard him escort çanakkale moaning, I knew at that moment he was gong to cum any second. I increased my grip on the base and started to keep my mouth deep on him and bob slowly with his head toushing my throat. as i sucked and licked the underneath of him with my tougue. I was to much and he gently held my head onto his shaft as he started shooting his seed into my mouth and throat. I gave a shallow muffled choking sould, but as soon as his first 3 blasts were in my throat and swallowed, I was able to compose myslef and breath once again from my nose and continue to slup on his pulsing shaft in my mouth. He let go of my head and I bgand to suck back on his cock all the way till only the head was encircled sucking him dry and then swallowing once again, before I empaled my mouth onto his shaft all the way to the balls. I did this slowly for a few seconds until he couldn’t handle the sensation anymore and finally slurped it to the head once again and swallowed one last time. I curled up next to him and cuddled him. He was in a daze. I then turned his head to me and kissed him passionaley for a few minutes, gently stroking and holding onto his deflating cock. I then rested my head on his shoulder and continued to hold onto his cock. We started to wathc the movie, but I had more in mind before I was going to be interested in it. ABout 20 minutes into the move, I was still stroking his cock and It was coming back to life. I had him stand up in front of my and grabbed onto his cock and sucked in more aggressively this time, not to make him cum, but to get him hard. It only took my about 10 minutes to get him to attetnion and as long, hard and thick as I wanted him. I grabbed the KY jelly and placed a large dot into the palm of my hand and lubed up his whole shaft. I then placed a larger dot into my hand again and stood up and walked over into the middle of the living room. I lifted up the ksirt to reveal what was underneath and you could see my cousins çanakkale escort bayan cock grow even more as he saw the panties and stockings. I knelt on the floor in front of him, wsith my ass to him. I pulled my panties aside and revealed my opening. I then squeezed out a dot of KY and applied it my opening and pushed some in my hole with my finger. I replaced my panties, was on my knees face on the floor and back arched. I had to look back at my cousin and say aren’t you going to fuck me, I need to be fucked. After hearing that, my cousin positioned himself behind me with one foot on either side of my legs, he then squatted behind me and pulled my panties to the side placing the head of his cock at my entrance. He hesitated and I looked back again and said fuck me, fuck me now, I need it hard. He pushed his weight forward into me and entered me to his balls in one thrust. He let me adjust to his size and then grabbed my hips and garters and started pumpng me with his full length. I encouraged him to fuck me as hard and fast as he could. with every in stroke, his cock was just long enough and he was positioned just right to be hitting my prostate every pump. As my excitement rose and I felt my own climax cumming, I needed him to hit that spot hard and fast. Lucking for me, my blowjob took alot from him and he was able to stay with me. He was puming me pretty good and I screamed back, I am cumming. I actually looked between my legs and sam my cock pullsing inside the panties and they becasme so wet with my cum they aere dripping my seed onto the carpet. A few seconds after I orgasmed, my cousins was pumping his second load deep isde me. as his last pusle and shot of cum was emptied into me, he slummped over me and then rocked back and his enlarged head plopped out of my now extened and open hole with a plop. His seed dripping from it and runing down my crack into my panties and down my legs. I slummeped forward with exhaustion. That was an extrordinary orgasm. I told my cousin and shoed him how I had orgasmed by his fucking so well and he was amazed. It was a scene we would recreate many times after that. I still to this day remember that first anal orgasm. I can still recreate that orgasm with dildos and vibrato
rs by myslef, its amazing. Love and kisses.

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