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My Troubled Years in High School…Once Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had taken my virginity, against my will and I didn’t report them, they took advantage of me when ever they wanted to. The fact that I was scared of them did not faze them at all, matter of fact looking back they used it to their advantage.Just to keep them from savagely taken me, I had to allow them to have their way with me when ever they wanted. This usually happened two or three times a month, how I graduated I never will know, yet some how do to their numerous assaults I was able to find a way to get into college and have an allowance…that’s a story for another time.Here I want to tell some of the things that they did to me, as a group or one on one.It was usually on a Tuesday morning as I made my way to school that Bruce or Charlie would intercept my travels, Daniel would send one of them it was not usual for Daniel to get up so early. This one Tuesday Charlie approached me from behind and whispered ‘…Daniel sent me, come on let’s go…’If I was walking with some one I would slow my stride and drop back till they had gotten far enough ahead then I would go down an alley and meet Charlie or Bruce. This day Charlie lead me to the projects to the apartment of guy old enough to be my grandfather.Once we were inside there was Bruce and Daniel and they old gent named Sinclair. He was sitting in a raggedly recliner with a tattered bath robe on, in his hand was a can of beer and a bottle of scotch on the table beside him.His voice was scratchy and hoarse as he spoke ‘…so this is the piece of ass you want me to pay for. He don’t look like he wants to be here, I told you I ain’t gonna have no trouble here…’ Daniel spoke up quickly ‘…don’t worry Mister Sinclare, we’ll be right here with you till you finish and if the bitch give you any trouble we’ll nick in in the bud right than and there…’Charlie snatched my belt saying ‘… show the man your pussy bitch and be quick…’ trembling as I surveyed the room I slowly undid my belt. Bruce reached up and took hold of my note books and said ‘…you don’t need to take kaçak bahis notes, Mr. Sinclare likes his dick sucked…’Mister Sinclare stirred as he smiled and slid forward in his chair, he poured himself a shot of scotch and downed it followed by a swig of his beer. He then slid back opening his robe showing his flaccid wrinkled penis.Mister Sinclare licked his lips saying to me ‘…come here boy show me what you can do to this here dick…’ Bruce pulled me by the hand as Charlie pushed me forward, I stumbled slightly as I looked over at Daniel as he lit a cigarette.Bruce tugged down my pants and Charlie removed my shirt and t-shirt, I had to kick my tennis off and step out of my pants. I only had on my boxers as Daniel tossed a pair of women panties to me and said ‘…drop them drawers and put these on…’ Humiliated I picked up the pi9nk panties and saw that they weren’t clean, Daniel noticed and said ‘…the bitch we had yesterday left them when she had to go home. NOW PUT THEM OWN..’ Daniel harshly said. Mister Sinclare covered his eyes saying ‘…I don’t want to watch while he change…’Once I had put on the pink panties Charlie said ‘ can look now, turn your ass around bitch…’ Charlie tugged my arm as I turned and I felt Mister Sinclare stroke my buttocks. As he did so he said ‘…mighty nice piece of ass he got but he still ain’t got my dick hard yet…’ Daniel said softly ‘…don’t worry boss man, the bitch is gonna get on her knees and suck your dick like a real pro. Ain’t that right bitch…’Tears were leaking from my eyes as Charlie turned me around and placed his hands on my shoulders pushing me to the floor between Mister Sinclare’s knees. Mister Sinclare opened his thighs wider the musty order of an old man waft through my nostrils as Charlie pushed my head.I looked up at Mister Sinclare and could see the lust in his eyes as he opened his robe wider and said ‘…come on babe, the old boy don’t get as hard as it used to so you’ve got suck me real hard now…’ I looked at Daniel as he slid his fist across his hand and I knew what that meant.I closed my eyes tipobet and took a breath trying to hold it as I lowered my face to Mister Sinclare’s crotch. Mister Sinclare grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face to his crotch and twisted my face across his brittle pubic hair and down across his man hood. To my surprise his old penis twitched and he let out a moan saying ‘…put those lips to work now babe boy, put them to work…’I think it was Charlie that stepped on my ankle and Bruce said ‘…lift the bitches head up so we can see him sucking your dick…’ Daniel corrected Bruce ‘…that ain’t a him that’s our bitch sucking Mister Sinclare…’Mister Sinclare pulled my head up and took hold of his semi hardening shaft and rubbed it across my lips. I almost gagged as I thought of what I was going to have to do. Mister Sinclare pushed his rubbery penis to my lips. I slowly parted my lips and let the tip of his penis enter, Mister Sinclare groaned saying ‘…shit, this bitch noes how to stimulate an old man, take your time babe boi take your sweet time…’Charlie kicked me and I opened my mouth and took Mister Sinclare’s penis deep into my mouth. Mister Sinclare cried out ‘…yeah babe suck my dick, suck my dick suck my dick…’ Charlie and Bruce laughed and clapped their hands encouraging us on.Mister Sinclare’s penis got as hard as a uncooked hot dog when he pushed me back and said to no one particular ‘…get on the bed bitch I wanna get in that there ass hole now…’ I wiped my mouth and looked at the bed as Charlie and Bruce lifted me up by my arms and tossed me to the bed.Mister Sinclare climbed up on the bed next to me as I tried to twist away and pulled me back to him rolling me to my stomach. Mister Sinclare was on my back fumbling foe his penis between our bodies. Bruce asked ‘…where’s your grease at Sinclare…’ Mister Sinclare replied ‘…yeah that’s right I’m gonna need a little something to open up this here ass hole. Look there by the chair…’I could see but I knew he got the grease and smeared it into my buttcrack and into my anal opening. Mister tipobet güvenilir mi Sinclare said to them ‘…this boy’s ass seem to tight for y’all to have been fucking it like you said. I’m gonna have me some fun today…’I winched in agony as Mister Sinclare pushed his semi hard penis into my anus. Once his penile ridge had entered, Mister Sinclare started to ram into my bung like a mad man.I couldn’t help but moan, groan and whimper as the old man rode me like there was no tomorrow. Mister Sinclare called out ‘…somebody open this hoes legs. Get her legs open…’ Charlie and Bruce both grabbed an ankle and pulled me like I was a wish bone. This caused my buttocks to rise up and Mister Sinclare went wild.My bung hole and his old penis was making the most obscene sounds as his penis leaked pre-cum mixed with the grease. It was abut ten minutes before Mister Sinclare cried out ‘…shit here it comes…here it comes…’ He slammed into my bung as hard as he could and I could feel his penis twitch and throb and my bung hole filled with his substance.Mister Sinclare collapsed on to my back and was gasping saying ‘…best fuck I’ve had all damn year…best fuck…’ Mister Sinclare laid there quiet for a couple of minutes before we heard him start to snore, loudly.Daniel and Charlie pushed Mister Sinclare off of me and pulled me to the edge of the bed. Daniel dropped his pants and knelt behind me saying ‘…you put my old friend to sleep bitch…now we’re gonna keep you occupied till he wakes up…’Daniel was far bigger than Mister Sinclare and hard as a steel rod. I cried out in agonizing pain as Daniel entered my sloppy bung hole. Daniel said to Bruce and Charlie ‘…this pussy is just right for us know…’The three of them alternated using my bung hole as a cum depository till Mister Sinclare woke up. For four hours the three of them
used me, Mister Sinclare rode my bung again and then sat back in the chair and watch the three of them use me again and again.It was after four in the evening when they let me dress and leave, I could barely walk, my hips ached and my ruptured bung hole leaked there mixture of cum down my thighs and legs. I got home fifteen minutes before my folks did and was in the tube bathing when they came home.The next month they shared me with five other teenage thugs, I’ll tell you abiut that latter.

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