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My Son wants his mother -2-I jumped in bed with Debbie and began playing around with her. She came around and began enjoying what was happening. She was still a bit fuck up so I just kept screwing around with her. She love to be eaten and that is just what I did. She filled my mouth up twice before I stopped. I slid up her body and slipped my cock inside her. I began talking to her as she came out of her stupper. I was telling her how good she looked and how Jimmy thought she looked good too. What are you saying, she asked? I told her what I did and how I hoped that our son would try and take advantage of the situation. You left me alone with Jimmy while I was passed out? I didn’t think anything would really happen, I told her. Well, she said, did anything happen?He kind of got the chance to look at you better. Look, she said? Yes, her pulled your top away from your body so he could look at your tits. You let him, she said? I was watching him from the doorway, I told her. I began sliding in and out of my wifes pussy nice and slow. He kept talking to you, I told her. He would ask you if it was okay for him to look at you and he made out as if you told him yes. I was moving faster now and getting Debbie a little heated up. It was great to see him put his hands on you. Really, she answered. I loved watching him. What else did he do? He took his cock out and began to stroke it. Uuummmmm, and. He moved up to your head and placed it against your lips. Jimmy, she said in a sexy way. What happened, she asked? He slipped it inside your mouth and had you sucking his cock.By now Debbie was hot as a firecracker and pulling me hard into her. Did you like watching him honey? I sure did and when he was ready to cum I thought I would shoot off also. You let him cum, she asked? He pulled it out and came all over your face and hair. Oh God Jimmy, she yelled as she came all over my cock. I can’t believe what just happened, she said, How could I get so turned on listening to what you were illegal bahis siteleri saying? It turned me on too honey. We kept talking about it as I slowly pushed my cock in and out of her.She looked me rite in the eyes and said, I have something to tell you. Okay, I said. Promise you won’t be upset at me. I promise, I told her. Well, I have known that he has been watching me for about six months now. What, I said in a high voice? You said you wouldn’t be mad. I’m not, I’m just shocked. I didn’t want to tell you, thinking you would be super mad at our son and do something to him. Well now you know differently. Tell me how you found out, I asked her. Like I said, about six months ago I saw Jimmy in the mirror in our bedroom. He was watching me change cloths. At first I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to embarrass him and thought it was just part of his growing up. So I just kept changing my cloths. I never said anything to him about it. But then I caught him again. Only this time I could see he had his hand in his pants. I don’t know what I was thinking but for some reason I didn’t mind him watching me. I undressed real slowly, letting him get a good look at me. Then I saw him get stiff and I knew he was cuming in his pants. After that I let him catch me all the time. So it did turn you on knowing your son was watching you? I think so, she answered.We talked about what we thought might get our son to be able to watch his mother. She told me that when I was not home she sometimes would put on some of her super sexy cloths. She said he seems to like it when she puts on short skirts and button down tops. Why don’t you put on something like that tonight at dinner time. We can tell him we are going to go out for awhile after dinner and that is why she is dressed up. Then during dinner I can fake a phone call again from work and say I need to go back and fix things again. Since we can’t go out you can say you are going to change back into more comfortable youwin cloths. I know he will try to view you somehow. Debbie goes and changes into a super short skirt and a loose button down top. She looks good and is showing off a lot.Poor Jimmy couldn’t take his eyes off his mother again.. At the counter she would bend just enough to show her panties. We talked about going out this evening and having a good time. It was great watching Jimmy as she brought over the plates. She would bend over to serve us and her tits were showing, since she didn’t put on a bra. He was like a cat at the dinner table. I faked the phone call and told them I was needed at work and would be gone for a long while. Well, I guess I will change back into me comfortable cloths then. I’m sorry honey, I told her. That’s okay, I was looking forward to having some fun tonight though, she said. Slyly I looked at her and said, mabey when I get home we could have some fun. Jimmy, she yelled. Again I left and parked the car down the block. I wasn’t sure where or how my son was going to view his mother so I had to be careful when I got back home. Debbie and Jimmy were still in the kitchen doing dishes and I watched them from the kitchen window. The window was open so I could hear what they were saying. The dishes were finished and she told Jimmy she was going to go to her room and change cloths. She told him she was going to try on some new cloths she had bought last week and she would be in her room for awhile. She turned away from him and walked down the hall. She entered her room and closed the door. How is he going to watch her, I thought, with the door cloths. He answered that question real quick for me. He headed out the kitchen door. I snuck around the corned so he wouldn’t see me and watched as he made his way to our bedroom windows. I had a great view of both him and my wife. I was behind him in some bushes where he would have no idea I was there. Debbie was standing perabet in front of the mirror. It was hot out so the windows were also open in our bedroom. Damn it Jimmy, I wanted to have some fun tonight, she said to herself. I put on this outfit just for you. I know how you love to look at my body when we go out. She leans over and unbuttons one button and pulls the blouse apart. Her tits are showing all the way to her nipples. You would haved loved this, she said. Jimmy slowly slid his hand down to the front of his pants and began rubbing himself.Debbie was pretending she was talking to me as she teased the hell out of our son. To bad you had to go to work honey. If you would have stayed home I would have done this for you. She undid the rest of her top and let it fly open then she put her hands on her legs and pulled her skirt up. She had on see through panties on and her perfect pussy lips could be seen without any problem. Jimmy had pulled his cock out and was jacking off while watching is mother tease him. Wouldn’t you like to play with his honey, she said as she slid her finger along her panty covered slit.God honey, I need it rite now. Why arn’t you here, she said. Debbie reached between the mattress and pulled out one of her toys. It was a nine inch dildo. I am sure glad you got me this baby, she pretended to say to me. She raised her leg up and began to rub the head along her slit. Oh God I need this, she said. I have wanted a big cock all night. To bad your not home honey. She pulled the panties to one side and pushed the dildo into her super wet cunt. Oh fuck me, I love it. God I would fuck anyone rite now, she damn near yelled. I looked at Jimmy just in time to see him shoot a huge amount of cum all over the place. Looking back at my wife I knew she must have been really charged up because she was also cuming. Jimmy watched his mother finish what she was doing then leave and head back to the house.I walked over to the window and knocked. Debbie jumped a mile before she saw it was me. She came over and I told her just what happened and how hot I thought the whole thing was. She was glad I like it and said that really got her going also. I told her I was going to ride around awhile before I came home.

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