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My slave does what I askYou: are you hornyStranger: yesYou: call me masterStranger: yes masterYou: finger your dirty cunt for your masterStranger: what ever you like masterYou: how many fingers have your shoved in thereStranger: twoYou: masterYou: slide one more in your wet cuntStranger: yes masterYou: how does that feelStranger: so tightYou: start fucking your cunt. pretend your fingers are your masters hard cockStranger: mmm yes masterYou: go harder and deeperYou: do you like your masters cock in youStranger: yes sirYou: lick your fingers. tell your master what your dirty cunt tastes likeStranger: a bit tangy slightlyYou: do you like tasting your pussy juiceStranger: yes sirYou: take your wet fingers and slide one in your assholeStranger: yes masterYou: slide as many as you can fit inYou: how many do you have inStranger: twoYou: slide one more in your assholeStranger: i will try masterYou: dont make me punish you. do itStranger: yes sirYou: are they all inStranger: yes sirYou: start to finger fuck your asshole. slow and deepStranger: yes sirYou: how does it feelStranger: odd but good, very, very tightYou: do you want your masters cock in your ass?Stranger: yes please sirYou: in a bit. take your fingers out and lick them. tell your master what they taste likeStranger: a bit weird but i can still taste my cunt on them a bitYou: do you like tasting your assholeStranger: not exactly sirYou: youll like it if i tell you tooStranger: yes sirYou: find something big that you can pretend is your masters cock and shove up your dirty cuntYou: what do you have lying aroundStranger: i have a dildoYou: shove that deep into your wet cunt. feel your masters cock fill you upStranger: yes masterYou: is it inStranger: yes masterYou: get up and walk around with my cock still deep in your cunt. Find something to slide into your dirty assholeStranger: alright i have another dildoYou: force that cock in your assholeYou: no lubeStranger: yes masterYou: sit on that cock and begin to pound your slutty cunt with your masters cockYou: hard and deep and fastYou: how does it feel to have your master fill both of your holes up and pound your dirty cuntStranger: i feel so full, amazingYou: begin to pound the other into your asshole. Fuck both of your fucking holes at onceYou: hard and fast. use both handsStranger: yes masterYou: feel my cock pound into your cunt and into your slutty asshole at the same timeYou: ill cum deep in both of your holesYou: cum on my fucking cocks.You: cum for your masterStranger: canlı bahis şirketleri yes masterYou: tell your master when you have cumStranger: I have came sirYou: take the cock out of your ass and lick it cleanStranger: yes sirYou: slide it back in your assholeYou: take the cock out of your wet cunt and lick that clean tooStranger: yes masterStranger: would you like for me to suck it clean?You: yes. suck all your cum off of your masters cockYou: slide your fingers into your cunt and gather as much cum as you can. lick up all of your cumStranger: yes sirYou: do this until youve eaten all of the cum in your cuntYou: do you like to eat your dirty cum for your masterStranger: yes masterYou: slide my cock back in your cuntYou: take the cock out of your ass and also slide it in your cuntStranger: i can’t masterYou: do itStranger: it is too tightYou: lube them upYou: its only too tight when your master says its too tightStranger: i will try but it’s so tightStranger: i’m so tightYou: your cunt feels amazing on your masters cockYou: slide both inStranger: i will tryYou: dont try. do itStranger: yes sirYou: are they both inStranger: barelyYou: slowly start to work them in and out. fuck your cunt with both of my cocksYou: get deeper on each thrustStranger: yes masterYou: how does your stretched cunt feelYou: well?Stranger: it hurts a bitYou: keep going until you cum on both of my cocks. It will feel better as you continue thrustingStranger: yes sirYou: cum on my fucking cockStranger: yes sirYou: make your dirty stretched cunt cumStranger: yes sirYou: tell your master when you have cumYou: how does your stretched cunt feel nowStranger: i have cum, it still hurts, very soreYou: did you enjoy cumming with your stretched cuntStranger: …. yes masterYou: be honest with your masterStranger: i did masterYou: good. now lick the cocks cleanYou: eat your cum just like last timeStranger: yes masterYou: did you swallow all of your cumStranger: yes sirYou: how did you enjoy itStranger: it was amazingYou: you will cum one more time for your master and then i will let you rest your cuntYou: start you finger your cunt againStranger: yes masterYou: start with two fingers. slow and deepStranger: yes masterYou: add a third once you are wet enoughStranger: am i allowed to use lube master?You: yes. but only a small amountYou: add a forth fingerStranger: yes master, it is very tightYou: you just had two cocks in your cunt. you can fit your fingers in. stop complaining or i will punish canlı poker oyna youYou: add your last fingerStranger: i’m sorry masterYou: do not let it happen againYou: are all five fingers in your wet cuntStranger: no sirYou: why notStranger: you didn’t say i had to put them all in masterYou: i said add your last finger. put all of them in nowStranger: i will try masterYou: do not try. do it. obey your masterStranger: yes sirYou: are they all inStranger: barely sirYou: do as you did before. begin to fuck your wet cunt with all of your fingers. go slowly and deeper with each thrustStranger: yes sirYou: how does your stretched wet cunt feel nowStranger: so tightYou: because you did not immediately obey your master you will now also finger your asshole. use your other hand and slide two fingers into your assholeStranger: yes sirStranger: will i be in trouble if i can’t type right away while i finger myselfYou: noYou: continue to fist your dirty cunt and finger your asshole until you have cum for your masterYou: tell your master when you have cumStranger: i’ve cum masterYou: lick both of your hands off and eat your cum as beforeYou: well?Stranger: yes master of courseYou: have you eaten all of your cumStranger: yes sirYou: you have pleased your master. you now have my permission to restStranger: i can go again i think, could you give me a quick minute to go to the bathroom?You: sureStranger: okay i’m backStranger: masterYou: are you horny again for your masterYou: is your cunt readyStranger: yes sirYou: lick your fingers and begin to slide on into your dirty cuntYou: one*Stranger: yes sir, just one?You: just oneYou: get your dirty cunt nice and wet for your masters cockYou: slide two fingers in nowStranger: yes master, anythingYou: take your fingers out and slide them into your tight assholeStranger: both of them sir?You: do not question your master. slide your fingers covered in cunt juice into your assholeYou: question me again and you will be punishedStranger: yes sir, i will put them n my assYou: start finger fucking your dirty asshole fast and hardYou: slide a third finger into your assholeStranger: es sirYou: and now a fourthYou: finger fuck your asshole as deep and hard as you canStranger: yes sirYou: take your fingers out and lick them offStranger: yes sirYou: slide your dildo deep into your assStranger: yes masterYou: now get up with the dildo still in and walk to your kitchen and get a bowl of iceYou: my cock had better not come out of my slaves ass or she will bets10 güvenilir mi be punishedStranger: yes sir give me just one secondStranger: i’m here, what would you like me to do with the ice masterYou: did my cock fall outYou: ?Stranger: no sir, i squeezed my ass tight around youYou: goodYou: now sit with my cock still deep in your ass. rub your nipples with an ice cube. rub your dirty cunt with your other handStranger: yes master, would you like me to rub ice on my cunt as wellYou: do not second guess your master. get your paddleYou: give yourself five hard spankingsYou: with my cock still in your assStranger: yes sirYou: your ass had better be redStranger: it is sirYou: good. now do what i saidYou: ice on your nipples and rub your cunt with your free handStranger: yes masterYou: tell your master w
hen your nipples are hard and your cunt is soakedStranger: I’m so wet sir, my nipples are so hardYou: take another ice cube and slip it inside your wet aching cuntYou: use the one from your nipples to rub your clitStranger: yes sirYou: how does my slave feel nowStranger: very aroused, so coldYou: keep doing this until the ice has melted within your cuntYou: do not cum yet or you will be punishedStranger: yes sirYou: has it meltedStranger: almost all the wayYou: tell your master when it hasStranger: it hasYou: take my cock out of your ass hole and slide an ice cube inYou: slide the cock all the way back in after your doneStranger: yes sirYou: make it 2 ice cubesStranger: yes sirYou: now take my other cock and shove it deep into your cuntStranger: yes masterYou: pound my cock hard in and out of your dirty cunt. rub your clit at the same time with another ice cubeStranger: yes masterYou: do this for five minutes. then you have my permission to cumStranger: yes master, thank you for your permission to comeYou: tell your master when you have cumStranger: yes master, of courseStranger: mmmmm so close masterYou: 2 more minutes bitchStranger: yes master, i will try but i am so closeYou: you had better not cum before your time is up. i will punish you hardYou: im adding on two more minutes.You: you have three more minutes before you can cumStranger: yes masterYou: use a new ice cube if the old one has meltedStranger: yes master, i willYou: you may cum nowStranger: thank you masterYou: cum hard for your masterStranger: yes sir, i’m cuming so hard, isquirted a litttleYou: once you are done cumming. collect all that your squirted with your hand and eat itStranger: yes masterYou: tell your master how your pussy juice tastesStranger: good sir, a bit tangyYou: does my slave like the taste of her cuntStranger: yes masterYou: take my cock out of your ass and suck on itStranger: yes masterYou: clean my cock of your ass juiceStranger: yes master

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