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My sister’s little secretI had come home early from school that day, my sports coach had cancelled our training session, so I crept into the house intent on scaring my sister…..I dropped my school things in my room, undressed, and went down the passage wearing only my boxer shorts planning to give her a “Boo!” and watch her reaction. She was 2 years older than me and had blossomed into a young woman, not that I took much notice of her in that way!I heard sounds like grunts and moans coming from her bedroom, and I gently opened the door and was amazed by the sight.She was lying face down on her bed with her pillow wedged up between her thighs, riding back and forth humping her pillow, and she had her hairbrush in her hand, and was slipping the round handle in and out of her pussy, all the while moaning and grunting.I watched in amazement, and without even realising what I was doing, I pulled my cock out of my boxer shorts, and was rubbing my hand up and down my throbbing shaft, slipping antalya escort my foreskin over the bulbous cockhead as I watched the show unfold.She reached her climax, and as she orgasmed, her whole body trembled and bucked, her legs gripping the pillow, as wave after wave of her sensations coursed through her body, still moving the wet gooey handle of the hairbrush in and out of her pussy lips, her dark curly hair wet with her juices, some of which were soaking into the pillow.I must have made a sound, as I wanked my cock, my eyes still glued to her gaping pussy sporting it’s hairbrush, because she rolled over and spotted me standing there.I had definitely frightened her, but not in the way I’d intended!She screamed “What the fuck are you doing, you little shit, how dare you spy on me?”“Calm down”, I said, “I only wondered what was happening, because I heard sounds from your room”“ That doesn’t explain why you’re standing there wanking your cock” she said, staring at my antalya escort bayan throbbing erection, which was pointing accusingly at her perky nipples, dripping a slimy thread of precum from it’s swollen head.“I’m not going to tell, if you’re not going to tell” I said, “Why don’t you put on a show for me, and let me see you masturbate, ‘cause that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!”She moved a bit closer, and I could tell she was taking stock of the situation, and was fascinated by my man size cock, still pulsing with it’s need to empty it’s load, still dripping drops of precum, glistening down the veiny shaft.“We could do it together, you watch me, and I’ll watch you, OK?”She considered this for a while, then nodded, and slid down the bed towards me, and hung her legs over the end of the bed, wide open, to give me the best view of her wet slippery vaginal lips, as she slid her finger up and down the slit, exposing the pink erect clitoris nestling at the top, rubbing escort antalya it in a gentle circular motion, all the while staring at my cock, as I slowly slid my foreskin up and down over the purple head, still oozing its slippery lubricant.I was standing, wanking between her open legs, only inches away from her as she built up to her climax, I could tell she was enjoying putting on the show for me, and was definitely enjoying the show that I was giving her….“I’m not going to last long” I gasped, as I felt my swollen balls tighten up, and she began to quiver and moan, as her orgasm took hold, gasping and mewing, as her pussy convulsed, little squirts of wetness coating her fingers.I began to squirt, huge globs of thick hot cum, erupted from my cock, coating her tits, and her abdomen with white glossy, lumpy cum as wave after wave of sensation drained from my cock as it gave up it’s load and began to soften, still dribbling the last of it’s gooey offering.She lay there, still trembling, and dipped a finger into one of the cum pools between her tits, she tasted it and chuckled. “You’re very much a man, little brother … I think we’ll have to do more of this, don’t you?”I knew this was going to be a very rewarding new relationship!

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