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My sis-in-Law Next Door – ATrue StoryThis is a 100% True Story no bullshit.My older brother was twenty-four and married to this fine hot blond who was only twenty-one at the time. She was so damn tasty to look at. She always wore the tightest shorts/pant she had and her ass was juicy as well as it was perfect. This girl was at least a 9 or 10 on the hotty ranking. I was young at the time, being nine years younger than my older brother and still a virgin.On late night, my folks were out and i had just finished beating off. I went to the bathroom to clean up and while washing the cum off my hands i noticed movement in the house next door. Our bathroom window just happened to view my brother’s bathroom windows at no more than twenty feet away. The blinds in the neighboring windows were open generously and where usually shut. Hoping I had not been noticed, I finished washing and proceeded to leave the bathroom while turning the lights off in the process. After a second, I slipped back into the bathroom and looked out the window in hopes of seeing some action. When i finally got to looking i noticed that someone was in the side room attached to bathroom. After what felt like forever, i finally caught a glimpse of who it was. It was my brother’s wife and she appeared to be naked. She moved back an forth around where their washer and dryer was located and then finally into full view of the window with the best open blinds. I had a perfect view of her chest from only twenty feet away. Her beautiful tits gazed back at me and my dick became instantly hard. Her tits looked like heaven they were so perfect. They were a C maybe even a D in measurement, and i knew they were 100 percent real. They were shaped into perfect spheres with a soft pink quarter sized center. I couldn’t help but stroke my cock as i starred at the art that was before me. She continued to do what seemed like to be her pre-bedtime ritual of brushing her teeth and so one… I came everywhere watching her and again later that night while recalling what i’d seen.The thoughts of my brother’s wife was getting to me. After a few days, my folks were gone as well as my brother and his wife next door. I went next door and found a side door unlocked. Both of their cars were gone so I knew nobody was home. I entered the house and looked around. After securing I was the only one there, I went into their bedroom and found her panty drawer. I removed the first pair on top of the pile. They were silky white thongs. I took out my dick and rubbed them all over my dick. I masturbated and camm into the thongs right in the crotch area of them. Then grabbed a purple pair and wiped up the excess cum. I felt accomplished and took my leave.A couple of days later I was over at my brother’s house and we was playing the playstation. I tried to ignore the thought of his wife and what i’d seen even though i couldn’t help but think about aksaray escort bayan those tits every time she walked by. After playing for awhile, my brother decided to go get some fast food and said it’s cool that i stay there an continue to play the video game. While he was gone his wife walked through the living room wearing nothing but a white towel. Her hair was still dripping wet as she walk by me saying she had forgotten her clothes. I knew she was gonna come walking back by to get back to the bathroom and i wanted to do something to make a move. My mind went to surfing with thoughts on what to do. I had to play it careful because I couldn’t have her pissed and telling my b*o what I had done. She came back into the room and i just stared at her with a little smirk smile. She noticed instantly and stopped dead in her tracks and stared back at me. I started to feel nervous and her gaze made me have a sudden rush of fear but I didn’t show it. Instead, I just looked back at her gazing as if the towel wasn’t even there. Her entire expression changed from one of shock to one of excitement. Then she asked me what i was doing. I responded to her saying “let me see.” She began to smile at me as i could see she was thinking about it. She then opened up her towel and i could see everything. I think she meant for me to focus on her tits but having seen them before i immediately focused on her pussy. It was completely shaved and looked tight. She then turned around and reared her ass up at me. Her pussy looked so inviting. I could see the water from the shower she had just finished taking shimmering all over her body. After giving me a nice little peep she wrapped up and went to the bathroom to dress. My dick was so hard and i wanted to follow her into the bathroom and play with her, but right at that moment i heard her husband, my brother, pulling back up.After a week of masturbating and thinking of my encounter, I found myself going over to my brothers house again because I was needing a game back. I knocked on the door and his wife answered the door. She was wearing a snug shirt that gripped tight around her breast and shorts that were so tight that they barely covered her perfect sexy round ass. She invited me in and I asked her where her husband was and what he was up too. She replied saying that he wasn’t home and was gone with some buddies. I retrieved the game and told her to let him know i came by and got it. As I was leaving she stopped my and insisted that i try some candy that she was making. I sat on the couch as she went into the kitchen and returned with a chocolate oreo coconut ball. We made small talk for a minute and then she sat down on the couch next to me. She set down hugging one knee to her chest. Her shorts were so small I could almost see her sweet pussy. I started to feel real hot and nervous. Finally, she asked me if i liked her aksaray escort sweets she made and while looking at her seductively i respond, “mmm hmmm, i’d eat your sweets anytime.” And then I purposely looked down at her her shorts so she could see without a doubt that I was looking. She giggled and began to touch me and pushing and pulling on me. We eventually started wrestling and i had her body right against mine. It was making me super hard. She began to struggle in attempt to pull away and grab me but in the process her tits popped in my face. I wanted her but i still wasn’t sure how she was feeling. I then took her boobs and started playing with them with my mouth. She stopped squirming and froze in astonishment at what i was doing. I could feel her tension and struggling against me stop cold. Her nipples got hard quick and i soon had her shirt soaking wet from my saliva. My dick was hard and i was pre-cuming all in my pants. We started kissing and i made advancements toward her pussy with my fingers. My fingers easily found their way in and her pussy was tighter than the shorts she was wearing. She was wet and that pussy was aching to be fucked. I put two fingers in her tight hole and continued to kiss her. She told me to wait a sec and left to turn off the candy she was cooking. When she got up and was about to leave the room I told her to look. She turned around and I took the fingers i’d been using on her and sucked them clean right in front of her. She smiled. Her juices tasted so good and I knew i’d eat her pussy alive.She came back to the couch and took off her shorts and panties. She laid on the couch and after kissing her a time or two, I slowly slid down to her love box kissing her along the way. I slowly teased around her pussy building up the anxiety. I slid my tongue over her pussy back and forth. Then I fucked her with my tongue going as deep as possible. Finally, I spread her lips and focused on her clit. After about 30-40 seconds on her clit she exploded gushing liquid all over my face, neck, and chest. She started screaming ” Omg i’ve never done that before”. She apologized for soaking me and said she didn’t know what happened. It excited me and my dick was harder than ever with pre-cum all over it. She noticed the bulg in my pants and proceeded to help herself. I assisted to quicken the process and my dick pop out bigger than i’ve ever seen it. She approved and took it
in her hand. After a moment of admiring my cock she began to slowly tease the tip of it with her tongue. Another wave of blood surge into my cock as i felt the head tighten. She then started sucking as much as she could take. I knew she could taste my pre-cum. I didn’t let her suck me long because I wanted inside her pussy. I got on her missionary position and she grabbed my cock and slid it inside her pussy. I slowly began feeding her every bit of my cock. I could escort aksaray believe i was fucking my brother’s wife. The thought alone almost made me loose my load. Here I was loosing my virginity and fucking my brother’s wife. But I fought the urge and resisted for as long as I could. I fucked her for a good few minutes. Then right before I was about to cum, I pulled out and came on her inner thigh. She grabbed a towel and wiped up her present as I stood there and watched. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. She looked over at me and then down at my dick. I looked down and realized I was still just as hard as before. I looked back and asked her if she was ready for round two. I was soon back on her fucking that pussy again. We was in the same position as before and I had always seen doggy style in pornos and I really wanted to try it. I asked if we could switch the position and she said “yes, how do you want it?” Once I began fucking her doggy style, i could hear the smack of my cock hitting her pussy. She was so wet that my cock made a slurping sound as I worked it in and out of her tight pussy. I reached around her and grabbed her tits like they were handlebars and began to message them. I thrust my cock in her deep as she let out a sighing moan. I could feel the cum getting ready to shoot. My dick began to tighten as I held back on the urge to cum. I didn’t want to stop fucking this girl. Knowing I was about to cum, I started to fuck her harder. I told her I was about to cum. Just as I was about to pull out to cum she said to cum inside her. Against my better judgement, I grabbed her ass and pushed my cock in as deep as I could and let out a blast of cum deep inside her tight pussy. I continued to fuck her as I gradually began to lose wood.We headed to the bathroom to cleaned up. I made sure the blinds were closed too. After everything was clean and I was getting ready to leave she tells me we might have to make this a regular thing. I agreed and before I hit the door to leave we started kissing again. Before I knew it we was in her bedroom and our close were coming off. She told me she wanted to ride me. I didn’t know what or how she meant. I laid on the bed with my cock again throbbing hard. She got right over my dick and hovered her pussy over the tip. She then slid the head inside her and then slowly continued taking my entire cock into her pussy. I laid back and began to let her do all the work. The view of my cock going in and out of her tight soaking wet pussy was amazing. She worked that pussy on every inch of my cock. The excitement was overwhelming as I couldn’t hold it long. I was about to cum again. I grabbed her by the hips in attempt to slow her down. I let her know I was about to cum but she continued to ride me. She wanted it in her again she said. As I started cumming I thrust my cock deep inside her and blasted another load of cum inside her pussy. My brother never found out about me and his wife. In fact, Me and Her still fuck from time to to time. They currently have two c***dren that in all likely hood are mine and she is currently pregnant with a third c***d that may be mine as well.

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