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My New Neighbors – Chapter 3: Hot FunChapter 3It was one of those hot muggy days that not matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t keep the sweat from trickling off every part of you. A dip in the pool only forestalled the inevitable heaviness that hung in the air. Yet none of that bothered me on that Fourth of July. In fact, every trickle of sweat down my back, along the inside of my muscular thighs, and down my neck into my chest-full of graying hair brought along with it remembrances of Jesse: his perfect skin, his heavy breathing, and the image of him lying on his back bathed in moonlight with sweat glistening off his perfect smooth torso. I was entranced. I was in love. And so that is how this Independence Day came to me, a blisteringly hot humid day, the water stretched out before me, and my head in the clouds. I was invited to Jesse’s family’s BBQ later on that day, or the Samson’s as I had come to find out. The Samson’s were a strikingly beautiful bunch, Scott the father being similar in looks to myself, and both Faye and Tanya, daughter and mother, unbelievingly beautiful in their own rights. Jesse had my mind that day on the beach, as I looked out on to the water, as he had since the first time my cock was in his welcoming mouth. Never before had I been so hooked by a guy – and since I had been married before and been mainly with women, this came as quite a surprise. Then again, there had been no one like Jesse. In fact, I am not sure there is anyone like him. Eighteen years old, lean and cut, bronzed body, aureolas perfectly shaped and sized, centered on his muscular pecs, and his gorgeous energetic and kind smile. His goddamn smile. Not only was he physically an Adonis, but he was the sweetest, most humble yet confident, and alluring person I have ever met. And only 18! I didn’t even notice my hand slide underneath my swim trunks, combing their way through my mound of pubic hair until they found their destination on my rigid 7 inch dick. In fact, the only reason I became aware of my surroundings was because I heard a shuffling to my right. I looked over, caught cock-handed, and saw a gorgeous looking Black couple about 15 feet away – perhaps late twenties or early thirties. They were both staring at me. The guy was closer to me, laying on his back with his torso propped up on his elbows. His six pack was flexed, sweat dripping down from his chest to his course hair right above his trunk line. The woman was on his other side and was leaning on one elbow, facing me. Before I had a chance to become self-conscious she reached her hand over and pressed down on her guy’s abs. She then slid her hand down his stomach and underneath his surfer shorts. I froze with my cock still in my hand, a bit unsure what to do. Yet that lasted only for a second as I watched her begin to stroke her man’s cock underneath his shorts. They were both still staring at me, urging me to continue with my own tool. And so I did. A quick glance around, noticing no one else close to us, I became brave and began paying much more attention to my engorged member, sliding my suit down so my dick could breathe a bit of air. And I thought the weather was fucking hot! Holy shit, I was jerking off on the beach, with this beautiful Black couple next to me giving me this exhibition I haven’t even seen in a porn movie. The couple became much more aggressive now. She uncupped one of her perky tits from her swimsuit top as he greedily took it almost whole into his mouth. She made quick work on his shorts, untying them with a skilled precision with one hand, sliding them down far enough to welcome out a cock that must have been at least 9 inches, hard as granite, ebony and lustrous, as if damn-near shining with a dark luster in the sun. My god, what a perfect dick. As his rigid pole was being caressed, he looked over at me and smiled. He worked his tongue slowly around his perfect dick-sucking-lips, enticing me and making me beat faster and faster. I heard them both start to moan, his in a deep sexy baritone and hers in a low soprano, both in sync with each other as the concert picked up in volume, leading me to a peak of clarity that my dick knew well how casino oyna to sing along. I saw the guys head lash back, his smooth black torso gleaming in the sun, as the woman’s other breast fell out of its holder, her near-singing now in ecstasy. Her hand began rubbing intensely on the head of his huge cock, making him moan towards the heavens. I couldn’t contain my load as I felt cum begin to rush up. I quickly brought my swim trunk all the way down so my dick was free in the surf and the salty air, exposed to mingle with the heat coming from my right. And then he exploded. The moment of climax was so intense that it drowned out the crash of the waves. His cock poured forth a stream of cum that showered his upper body in white, contrasting emphatically against his smooth black skin. Her hand kept up a steady stroke as he continued to cum. As I watched his, my own dick erupted, filling me with such intense pleasure to where if I had been standing I would have fallen over awkwardly. I watched the man’s cum slide off of his sweaty glistening chest and stomach, like butter off hot cast-iron. The woman seemed to be in all of her glory as well, pleasuring her man like only she knew how, controlling her man’s now-tame monster as it got to feed. I hadn’t moved since this began but I was out of breath as if I was running sprints. My own cum was spread out over my stomach, blending in with my sweat and the salt from the ocean air. I looked at this gorgeous couple that were so generous to offer themselves up for my pleasure. They both smiled at me with satisfaction, knowing they gave me a treat and were happy to oblige. I dropped down to lie flat on my back, spent in more than one way than one. I angled my head over towards them one last time and smiled, mouthing thank you. He gave me a wink back and both got up and walked towards the water. Man oh man. What a summer it’s been. And to think I got to see Jesse later tonight too! ——————-It was a great party. Scott and Tanya had done a great job with the house, decorating it to the hilt with red, white and blue. Their backyard was amazing, with a nice sized swimming pool at the center, a flower garden with pink azaleas, an assortment of multicolored lilies, and domineering sunflowers standing near the center. A little cabana was off to the side and that is where I found myself for much of the time. There were about 30 people there, all drinking and having a good time – a great way to spend a hot and humid holiday. Margaritas were blended, glasses were toasted, and a great spread of food was served. By about 6pm I was more than a little toasty. So full from the food and drink, and so satisfied from the company. I got to know the Samson’s pretty well that day. I chatted with Jesse and Faye, even did some chicken fights in the pool with them. I was able to take in both of their young glorious bods all afternoon. Suffice to say, I was pretty damn satisfied. I learned that Scott was not their real father, although for all intents and purposes he was. Their real dad died when both k**s were very young. Scott came into Tanya’s life about 2 years after and took over the role of husband and father. Jesse and Faye don’t consider him anything but their real dad, as he is all they have known. This explains a lot too, considering how Scott’s more beefy frame, hairy body, and lighter skin doesn’t really match up with the k**s. I learned that both Jesse and Faye are competitive swimmers, which again explains a lot. Tanya competed for the US Olympic team back in the early 90’s, before she had her twins. Four hundred meter individual medley I believe it was. And again, that explains a lot about her as well – seeing her in a swimsuit, even though it was a one-piece, gave me a chub for much of that day. I learned how much Jesse and Faye loved their parents, being model c***dren really. Both were such gracious hosts and helped their parents out whenever it was needed. It’s what really hooked m
e into Jesse: how sexy and confident he was, yet how humble and helping he could be too. Nothing attracted me more in a person than that. And Jesse on that sweltering hot day? Well let’s just say he canlı casino siteleri was the main attraction, not just for me but for most of the people there. He drew looks wherever he went, especially when he walked around in his short bathing suit. Sweat trailed down his body, making his bronze skin look lacquered and refined. His smile was infectious and his laugh resonated throughout the cacophony of chatter. My eyes didn’t stray too far from him that day. And what I especially loved was how much him and his sister got along. They were practically glued to the hip, in synchronous movement that seemed effortless. Like two ends of a rainbow, they complimented each other so well. Like a God and Goddess, they walked among the people with their tantalizing bodies, and pure positive energies. I was struck by how beautiful Faye was and how much pull I’m sure she had over the teenage boys at her school. Thankfully for my earlier encounter at the beach, my cock was not rigid the whole entire time because it easily could have been. It was not until about 9 at night when I headed back over to my house. I graciously thanked both Scott and Tanya, now feeling so very welcome into their lives. I wasn’t able to say goodbye to the k**s, which was probably a good thing else my inebriated state might have made things a bit awkward in the goodbye. Walking back to my house I thought about how much of a great summer it had been so far, and how lucky I was to have such sexy neighbors right next door. My thoughts of Jesse making me smile wide as I stumbled a bit up the steps. If I had not been drinking for most of the day, I might have been alarmed that the door was cracked open. Instead, I thought it curious but proceeded into the house anyway. As I entered I could tell someone was inside. I saw a light upstairs in my room and heard some giggling. “Hey, who’s here?” I yelled. Jesse’s voice immediately followed from above, “Rich, up here!”Another smile came on my face, thinking what a perfect way to the end the great day, with Jesse’s sunned and soiled body in my arms. As I made my way up the stairs, I could tell that Jesse was not alone. Another softer voice could be heard, a bit muffled but distinct from Jesse’s. As I walked into my room, I was immediately grabbed from behind by Jesse. I could feel his tight biceps around my midsection, feel his smooth stomach against my back, and feel his warm breath on my shoulder blades. “Hey now, what’s this eh?” I playfully spouted. “You are being a bad boy, you know.” At this, Jesse released his hands and then brought up a long strip of cloth in front of my face and then over my eyes, tying it behind my head. Oh, I see where’s he’s going with this, I thought. And I was not about to interfere with his grand plan. Once his blindfold was secured, he turned me around and rather firmly led me to the bed and pushed me down. I had not seen this side of Jesse and my curiosity was very peaked – as was my cock underneath my swim trunks. As I laid on the bed I felt weight on the mattress to my right, Jesse’s hand now taking my arm and putting it up behind me. Another weight at the same time on my left brought me back to my senses and my buzzed stated – remembering that there was more than just Jesse in this room. What the fuck is going on, I thought!? I remember being a bit anxious yet the excitement that was filling my body and rushing blood to my cock certainly trumped that. I found myself laying flat on my back on the bed, a blindfold over my eyes and both of my hands tied together up over my head. I could feel both presences so near me now, Jesse’s light breathing and youthful warmth hovering around my neck and ear to my right, and another lighter energy to my left. Jesse leaned in close, his warm breath giving me goosebumps and a tingle that ran all the way down my spine. “I brought some company over with me tonight Rich,” Jesse whispered. “I thought you should know that whatever is mine, is also hers. We are one, you know.” Chills ran through me and my cock would have popped through the fabric of my trunks if not for Jesse pulling them off of me. I could hear them fly up against the wall. casino şirketleri As he was de-robing me, I felt two legs straddle my waist and felt a breath that was distinct from Jesse’s but similar at the same time begin to caress my face. She smelled of berries and vanilla, sweet and fragrant. Her lips brushed against mine and then traveled over the rest of my mouth and face, around my ears and down my neck. I was in heaven. I felt her body weight move up and I could sense her taking off her top. When she laid back down again I felt cool nipples rest up against my chest. I wanted so desperately to reach out and cup them with my hands, to feel her slender body and smooth skin. Yet I played my subordinate role, enjoying my other senses as she worked her body up against mine, creating friction and heat that seemed to make the sun that day pale in comparison. “It’s so nice to meet you Rich. My brother has been enjoying your company and I have to admit, I’ve been a bit jealous. As Jesse said, what’s his is mine and what’s mine is his.”As she spoke for the first time, she simultaneously reached back and grabbed my swollen cock in her tiny hands, stroking it ever so gently. Her hands were even smoother than Jesse, which I didn’t even think was possible. She worked my cock like a pro, while riding her pelvis against my stomach. I could hear her moan as she thrusted up each time – knowing that my stomach was providing her 18 year-old clit a place of friction that made me want to come so bad. I think it was a good thing that I had been drinking that day because I probably would have easily. I could also hear Jesse now too, a bit further off. I guessed him to be in my desk chair against the wall. His breathing was getting louder, in harmony with the sound of him masturbating his young cock and watching the action. I was beside myself in ecstasy. That’s when Faye sat up slightly, grabbed my cock and guided it into her soft, warm, and tight pussy. It felt so soothing and natural, yet at the same time all of my a****l instincts and desires flared and my thoughts to ravage and embed my seed in her took over. I let her ride my cock up and down, nothing but my sense of touch and sound to create the scene. I heard the flap of her round and supple ass hit down on my thighs each time, my dick entrenched to the hilt inside of her teenage vagina. Her hands worked through my chest hair and pinched my nipples as I heard her moan louder and louder with every mount. I felt her climax as her ass restricted against my thighs and her pussy latched even tighter around my hard cock. She let out a long sigh as she whispered in my ear “That was so hot Daddy. Now it’s your turn”. She began working her vagina again on my encased dick faster and faster. I felt like my dick was on a boat ride of pleasure, now speeding through the teenage waters of her innocence and lust, faster and faster over the waves and swallowed up in the swirls and whorls of it’s ocean depths. I had a thought when this hot encounter started that I might not be able to cum because of the long day I had. Faye put that to rest easily. She worked my cock like no other until I was ready to explode. “Oh my God, I’m going to cum!”. She bounded off of me in an instant and then pulled my blindfold off as well. I looked down at my swollen cock and saw both Faye and Jesse, their beautiful twin faces, locked in on my genitalia. She was stroking the shaft while Jesse had his tongue around my tip. I erupted then and there, with my teenage neighbors dancing naked around my cock, a God and Goddess showing reverence to my unworthy primality. My cum spewed on both of their faces, Faye licking and swallowing up as much as she could and Jesse deferring to his sister, fondling my balls as he watched with a grin. Then they kissed. A kiss so passionate an
d so tender and so lustful that I strained my eyes to make sure I could take in every precious second of that embrace.I was left that night stunned, exhausted, and completely satisfied. A picture was emblazoned into my brain: that of Jesse and Faye, their radiant faces, their full lips, and smooth skin, enmeshed together in an intimate and passionate embrace, with globs of my cum in various places, dripping down. And to think that this summer couldn’t get any better. My God, how lucky can one man be? Stay tuned for Chapter 4. Constructive criticism and feedback is appreciated. Like are too! Thanks!

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