Merhaba erotik sex hikayeleri okuyucuları,derlediğimiz en büyük hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz.Neredeyse tüm google da bulabileceğiniz tüm hikayeleri bir arada..

My new CD bitch..This is the fantasy exploration of an on-line “friend” here at xHamster. She is a very hot Cross-Dressing boy, her fascination with the feminine part of her is new… it was for a time my pleasure exploring with her this new “side” of her… the story is on going – with three chapters written so far… I will post more… and if she decides to continue this explorations, there may be more stories…~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-My new CD bitch.CH 1I decided to fly to St Louis, I had some business to do there – it could be handled over the phone, but it has been a while since I was there last. And… the opportunity to see if the sissy I had been communicating with over Hamster was for real, or just karaman escort another fake-tease bitch.I booked at the same hotel on the river I had before… the view was great last time.I told him I was coming to town, and ordered a bunch of clothes that I thought would accentuate his “assets” best.I tend to like my bitches – behind closed doors to dress really slutty.I told him to meet me at the hotel bar in the lobby.he was five minutes late – I fucking hate when people are late.I told him so, and then told him I would punish him for this.he mumbled his apologies, and I told him to shut the fuck up.he was to speak only when I gave him permission. he nodded.I finished my beer and escort karaman did not offer him anything.I told him to follow me.I went to the elevator. he followed.On the way up to the room, I told him to give me his phone.I turned it off – I did not want any interruptions, and bitches his age are too fucking distracted…We entered my suite. I turned to him and spoke slowly and clearly. I explained that I would be making him do things he had never done before. I would push his boundaries, and expose him to things he had only dreamed of before now. I told him that if he accepted, there would be no turning back.I asked him if he was ready for what I had.He said he was.I lead him karaman escort bayan to the window, the d****s were open to the night sky. The view is nice from this height.I tell him to remove his clothes where he stood.I settled in to the chair a few feet away.He slowly removed all his clothes.He has a terrific body, that I will enjoy abusing.I tell him so. I tell him in soft muted voice what he is to expect, how he is to be expected to act, and how he will do as I command, without question.I tell him to go into the bathroom, there are instructions and an outfit I want him to wear – he has 45 minutes to get cleaned up, cleaned out, and ready.He is aroused. And I am aroused.She returns to the room.She is absolutely breathtaking, but, I will not tell her this. I tell her to go to the window, and pose.We spend some time posing her and taking photographs, and then, I tell her, that it is time for her to pay for her lateness…~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

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