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My New Apartment ManagerMy New Apartment Manager(Fantasy Story)It had been several months since I moved away from that small town. It was hard moving to a city with so much population but it was an opportunity to meet and hang out with more people. I had become really good at dressing up and fantasizing about meeting new people, but was becoming more and more restless of not having a regular, daily thing with someone.I began fantasizing about being with my apartment manager. He was always friendly when he came over every Friday to check on routine maintenance. He would always stop at my window since my room faced the street. I had a big window where we would usually have conversations about the music I would be playing. I always noticed the way he looked at me. His sight would always gravitate to my ass. It seemed as if every time he could get a glance of it he would. At least that’s what I would tell myself. I pictured him undressing me and putting his big hands all over by body. My frustration was reaching desperate levels. I was so pent up. I needed his cock inside me. I was craving it like a d**g. I knew I had to get him to make a move, but I knew he wouldn’t try unless I hinted that it was okay.It was Friday. I knew the apartment manager would arrive soon. I needed to make sure he came to the window so I could flirt with him and hopefully it would get him to come inside. I put cotton navy blue shorts on. I rolled them up so my legs would show and they were tight around my ass to display the shape. I put on some thigh high socks, but left them just above my knees. A tight t-shirt and a pair of chuck Taylor’s. I was ready. His truck pulled up in front of the apartment. I opened the window and put the music on. I knew he would stop by and say hello. He always did each time more flirtatious. I heard his door close. I got on my knees and faced away from the window pretending to be looking for something underneath my desk. My ass was in the air, my face on the floor turned to the side. I knew he would like it. “Hey, what’s up?” he asked. I pretended I didn’t hear him just so he could stare at me a little longer. “Psssst! Hey what are you looking for?” I jumped up as if surprised to see him.“Hey! What’s up…I lost a flash drive. It fell behind the desk. I was trying to see if I could reach it.” I tugged on my shirt, and felt nervous. Did he like it? Is he going to say anything about it? My mind was racing with different thoughts. I moved my legs back and forth as we talked. “Fuck! It’s hot today. At least you’re look comfortable in that outfit,” he said. As lame as it was, I felt he acknowledge the way I was dressed. I was jumping for joy inside. His bulge in his pants got bigger. He liked the way I looked. “Yeah, I’m trying to survive this heat trying to wear as little as possible.” canlı bahis “What’s in the flash drive?” he asked. “Just some work reports, I’m so mad it fell back there! I almost had it too!” I got on my knees again this time spreading my legs a bit more. I tried sticking my ass up as high as I could. I try reach for something under the desk. I looked back at him, “its right there!” His eyes said it all. He was enjoying the view. I reached behind my legs and tugged my shorts down. I was trying to guide his eyes. It worked. I got up and stretched. “I give up. I’ll try and get it later. So what’s up with you? How much longer do you have before your day is over?”“I’m actually rushing. Need to get your place done and another after. I have to be done early today. My wife’s friends are coming in from out of town.” “Oh, well at least you’ll be done early to enjoy the rest of the day,” I smiled and tilted my body sideways. “Yeah, I’m not too excited about entertaining my wife’s guests, but it is what it is.”He went inside to do his inspection and left.I was disappointed. I thought for sure he would be inside my room fucking me harder than he ever did his wife. I knew he liked what he saw. I was determined. Sooner or later I would have him.Next Friday came. I knew I had to turn it up a notch so there would be no way he could resist me. I decided to get myself “caught” wearing lingerie by him. I set up a blanket and brought out my camera. I had set up a small photo shoot in the living room.I showered using women’s soap and used scented lotions. I put on the nicest outfit I had. Black stockings with a red bow and a black garter belt smaller bows on the clips, a black thong with a red triangle on the back; a micro tight white skirt; a black bra and a long sleeve shirt. I waited for him to arrive. I sat on my bed next to the window where we always chat from. His truck pulled up. A rush from head to toe like I’ve never felt before hit me. Would this work? Will he get disgusted and call me names? I didn’t care. I wanted him.I sat on the blanket I had set up and began posing with my back towards the kitchen. Picture after picture I took waiting for him. I knew he would come sooner or later. I wanted to be in the sexiest position when he saw me. It had to be perfect. Then, I heard someone calling out for me. ‘Hey Kristen, what are you doing?”Quickly I got off the ground and turned around and there he was. I pretended to panic. “Oh my god!” I’m so sorry, this is so embarrassing!” I grabbed the blanket and covered myself up.“Wait! Where you going so fast. Come here real quick!” I stopped. He looked me up and down. Smiling he said, “You must really like dressing up like a woman? It looks great on you. Don’t be nervous, I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to. Come here though,” bahis siteleri he extended his hand.I dropped the blanket and grabbed is hand. “I’m so embarrassed. I need to change. It totally skipped my mind that you were coming today.” … pulled me closer to him. “I love the way you look. I know you’ve been flirting with me a lot. Last week with those small shorts? Don’t think I did not notice that nice ass of yours.”It worked! I knew it. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him. “Why didn’t you make a move on me then?” I asked while he put his around my waist. He pressed me against him and felt his hands sliding down right to my ass.“Is this better?” He looked right into my eyes and began kissing my neck. We passionately made out. I slid my hand down to his cock. It was hard. I knew he was hung from how the bulge in his pants that got bigger each time I rubbed it. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” I grabbed his hand and guided him there. We reached my bedroom and he closed the door. He grabbed my hips and we began making out once more. With my arms around his neck, all I felt were his lips moving up and down on my neck. His hands working full time on my ass. He spanked me. Lifted my skirt up. “Oh my god! Your ass is amazing.” He sat on the bed and laid me over his lap. He lifted my skirt even further. Spanked me once more. “Do you like that?” “Yes! Oh my god yes!” I replied. He spanked me harder. Slowly he put his fingers in between my ass rubbing my hole with his fingers. He pulled my thong away with his thumb. He sucked on his fingers and went to put them inside me. His fingers were big and thick. I moaned as he pushed his fingers inside and slowly pushed it in and out inside me. He stood me up and said, “Take my cock in your mouth. I want to see what a good cock sucking bitch you are.”I got on my knees and unbuttoned his pants. His wet cock popped from his boxer briefs. Without using my hands I leaned in and licked off all the pre cum from the tip. I slowly put his cock into mouth. My tongue moved around while I sucked on his shaft. He held my head and I heard him moan louder and louder. He stood up taking his cock out of my mouth slapping my face with it. He took his pants off. “Suck it, bitch!” He placed his cock deep inside my mouth and held it there. He pulled it out again. I used my tongue to lick his shaft and moved down to put his balls in my mouth. He shoved his cock back inside my mouth and pulled it out right away. He did this seve
ral times. He was big. I couldn’t swallow his cock all the way down. My gag reflexes were acting up. My face turned red and my eyes got watery. I finally was able to push it all the way down my throat. My nose pushed against his stomach.“Let’s eat that ass out. You want me to eat you out don’t you?” he asked.He picked me up bahis şirketleri and threw me on the bed. He opened my legs and began using his tongue. He toyed with the thong. Moving it side to side kissing my ass cheeks. His tongue slid underneath the fabric it with each kiss he gave me. The wet texture of his tongue all around my ass had me moaning. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I begged.He licked his fingers and began caressing my hole gently. His fingers pushed inside and kept going in and out. “Moan for me,” he said. At this moment he stood up and undressed completely and pulled my hips up and put a pillow underneath my ass. The position gave him a better angle as he took off my thong, leaving my garter belt and stockings in place. His head got in between my legs and I felt his tongue and lips pressing against my hole. My fingers through his hair held his head in place. “You’re fucking sexy! Let me fuck you hard!” He held my legs up while getting on his knees. His cock wet and hard went into my ass. He began pounding me each stroke harder than the next. He held my legs together using one hand to spank me hard. I moaned louder! Every inch of him was going in & out of me. Gently and slowly I squeezed his wrists as his cock destroyed my ass.He took his dick out and came up to put it back in my mouth. “Yeah you little whore. Eat my dick and suck on it hard” He popped it out and shoved it back in my ass. I moaned loudly. We had the apartment to ourselves. “Fuck me baby! Fuck me harder than you do your wife,” I yelled. That seemed to turn him on even more.He flipped my legs to the side and got me on my knees. He pushed down on my back so my ass would pop out higher. He slapped my ass. He fingered me with two fingers this time. “Oh yeah baby! You like my fingers inside you!”He moved his fingers in a circular motion. He spanked me again. He had one hand on each ass cheek and spread them apart. His cock went inside and began to thrust harder and harder. “Fuck yeah baby you can take a dick! I love it!” he said while moaning and spanking me every other second. He pressed himself hard against me. I knew he was cumming and filling me up. His moan was loud. He took his dick out and lay next to me. My legs were shaking. I felt his cum dripping out. “Next time I’m going to fill up your mouth with my cum,” he said. “I’m glad there will be a next time.” I told him while gently resting my head on his chest. “You are a very bad little slut. I won’t say anything if you can keep it a secret. I’ll try and come to fuck you as much as I can, because this was wild,” he said while pushing his finger inside my ass. “How long have you been dressing up like a girl?” he asked.“Not long enough. “ I replied. Kissed him on the cheek and got up. I grabbed his dick and sucked it licking it up and down. “I love this dick.” I told him. “I’ve been trying to seduce you for about two weeks now. I’m glad I finally got you to fuck me.”I knew this would be a regular thing. He got dressed and left. My fantasy became true, I fucked my apartment manager.

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