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My Name was AndyMy name was Andynow it’s Amy. This is my story.When I was twelve, I became fascinated by women and their clothes. Istill don’t know what caused my fascination. I do know that myinterest increased with each passing day. Maybe it was puberty, or animbalance of hormones or as I’ve recently come to believe, I was aperson born genetically different. All I’m really sure of is … I’mglad it happened.The initial stages of my quest for feminine knowledge took the form ofcomparing women when they weren’t conscious of my appraisal. Iscrutinized the manner in which women dressed, how they walked, howthey talked, how they motioned and how they carried themselves. Ispent every possible moment of my free-time secretly scanningdepartment store catalogs and my Aunt Karen’s women’s magazines, payingparticular attention to the clothing, the shoes and the lingerie. Icommitted to memory all the various types and styles of feminineapparel. I studied any advertisement describing the benefits of thematerials from which women’s garments were manufactured. In an effortto fully understand how these fabrics “moved” when worn, I studiedwomen and young girls. Naturally I took great pleasure in sneakingpeeks up a woman’s dress when an unguarded moment offered itself.Initially I peeked up their skirts in order to see their hose andlingerie, since I was then too young to be influenced by sexualcuriosity. Most of the time, the woman never even noticed, but when awoman did catch me in the act, she usually dismissed it as the normalactions of a rude but curious young boy, or possibly she may haveconsidered my interest a compliment.Let me tell the reader about myself. I am an only c***d, living withmy divorced Aunt. My parents had been killed in a automobile crashwhen I was very young. We lived in the secluded countryside justoutside Columbus, Ohio. having no nearby neighbors my own age, Ienjoyed an abundance of leisure time to amuse myself. I wasn’t good atsports and didn’t have a muscular physic. In fact, I was thinner thanthe other boys my age. I enjoyed reading, music and play acting. MyAunt encouraged me in my pursuits and even joined me in many of them.Aunt Karen was a sexy young woman, had a great figure and liked to wearstylish clothes. Her hair was jet black and fell to her shoulders incascades of soft curls. Her facial features had the classic proud lookof a “Maureen O’Hara”. Her breasts were large, firm, round and drewthe attention of both men and women. She was tall, with long sexylegs, narrow ankles and shapely calfs. While her real age wasmid-thirties, she easily passed for a lot less. She was constantlybeing asked for dates, but refused all requests. Auntie had been badlyhurt by her ex-husband’s infidelity, the embarrassment. the pain ofthe divorce and currently wanted nothing to do with any man. This isnot to say she “liked” women, she just didn’t want to be hurt again!You might think this male hating attitude would’ve affected ourrelationship. It didn’t! She looked upon me as her own c***d, not asanother male who could hurt her someday. As I grew up, we developed aclose and special feeling for each other. I loved her and she lovedme.Aunt Karen spent her time doing all the wonderful things, around thehouse and garden, that a young woman of means was able, (the finalsettlement had been very favorable). Aunt Karen encouraged me toparticipate alongside her in many of her endeavors … and I did.Since there was but the two of us, I helped with many of the householdchores that would normally have been considered “woman’s work”. Ihelped her with the shopping, the cleaning, the washing, the cookingand I also learned how to iron. One of the chores that I later came toenjoy was washing clothes. It gave me the opportunity to examine myAunt’s clothing. At first, none of her most delicate lingerie showedup in the laundry. When I questioned her as to their whereabouts, sheexplained.”Oh! I felt you might be a little embarrassed handling my moredelicate lingerie. Most young boys are confused and embarrassed by thedifferences between men’s and women’s clothes and the materials ofwhich they’re made. In addition, some of my “things” are so daintythey must be hand washed in the bathroom sink, laid out on a towel acertain way to dry and folded differently then my other clothes. I’drather do them myself than cause you to become embarrassed. After Iassured her I wouldn’t be embarrassed, she taught me how to care forher finer lingerie. She even turned it into a teasing game between us.Now I had the opportunity to compare the knowledge I had garnered fromthe catalogs against some of the actual items. I learned how brascould be adjusted and how they clipped in back. I learned how to wrapa garter-belt around my waist, clip it in front, and then “spin” itaround till it faced front. I learned how decidedly different thetextures of women’s clothes were from my own clothes. I learned whygirdles where made from different materials, combined together in orderto stretch at certain points and to hold firmly at others. I alsolearned how the different types of bras performed their functions inshaping, lifting and molding a woman’s breasts to inhance herappearance. Whenever Aunt Karen went clothes shopping, I made sure Iwas invited to go along with her. I acted boyishly embarrassed in thedress and lingerie departments, but in reality, I loved being wheremost “men had never gone before”. It gave me the opportunity to see,up close, all the “special” sexy clothes my Aunt and other women wore.Aunt Karen would notice my “false” embarrassment and tease me byholding some sexy lingerie against herself and ask.”How do you think it would look on me?”I would sheepishly smile, head bowed, and offer my opinion. Often, myAunt would have me hold a dress up against myself for her to supposedlyview the length even though we both knew I wasn’t as tall as she. Itwas just a game we played. Both of us knew she was just teasing andboth of us enjoyed the game. Afterwards, she would treat me to asundae or shake at the local “Dime Store” or soda fountain. This washer way of making up to me for the teasing. My assisting her whenevershe shopped, helped to further develop the close relationship in whichthe two of us enjoyed being with each other more than being with anyoneelse. Because of this, she treated me differently than the way mostyoung boys get treated by their female relatives. She still viewed meas a c***d, but offered me many opportunities to partake of adultexperiences.Whenever we watched TV, I would lie on the floor, near her chair, butat an angle, so I could secretly stare up her casually displaced skirt.Each time my ears heard the soft whisper of nylon against nylon, myeyes would strain to see up between her momentarily opened thighs,hoping to catch a flash of pink, or white, or another equally excitingshade of colored panties. I loved the sensuous sound her nylons madeas she crossed or uncrossed her knees. My Aunt was never reallycareless in her posture, but I was able, on a few occasions, to see upher displaced skirt to that dark zone of mysterious womanhood whichpeaked my youthful desires. I attempted all the conventionalstrategies to discover my Aunt naked or semi-dressed as most young boysbefore me have done, to their female family members, Often, I peekedthrough keyholes. Sometimes, I knelt outside her bedroom window,hidden by the bushes, straining to see through the narrow gap betweenthe shade and the window frame. Once, I crawled between our closets,they were offset and connected. There, hidden under the d**** of oneof her gowns, I quietly sat, inhaling the sweet scents that emanatedfrom the materials, gently caressing the skirt portion against myhairless cheeks. I remained there, my eyes “glued” to the tiny “crack”between the doors for over two hours, but all Auntie did was straightenher dresser drawers and brush her hair, much to my disappointment.Though none of these furtive attempts really succeeded, I did enjoy thetrill of the venture and would spend hours fantasizin
g over what littleI was able to glimpse. Once or twice, I noticed a small smile sneakacross her lips when an attempt failed. I wasn’t sure if my Auntrealized what was going on, but prayed she wouldn’t figure it out. Icontinued my secret voyeurism and over time was somewhat rewarded formy efforts. Every now and then, Aunt Karen would be less vigilant,thereby allowing me to see down the vee of her blouse or robe as shebent to kiss me goodnight. On other occasions, I would see up herskirt, just past the welts of her hose, as I helped her out of our car.Sometimes she encountered a difficulty in getting dressed and would askfor my assistance with a stuck zipper or snap or button. These specialmoments, infrequent and fleeting, became the highlights of mydaydreams. I combined these small incidents into full-fledgedfantasies and sometimes they even appeared in my dreams.As I grew older, these fantasies became more complex. Initially, Itried to pictured myself as “Karen”. I attempted to insert my mindinto her body, “feeling” how she dressed, walked and moved. I wouldenvision her dress d****d over my imagined breasts, drawn tightlyacross my firm derriere, as the hem swirled around my nylon encasedknees when I walked across a room in my 3″ heels. I even imagined Icould “sense” as my breasts “jiggled” with each step. I pictured mysmooth shaven legs encased in her sheer nylons and my arched feet inher high heels. I could visualize my maleness surrounded by her sheerpanties. My recently developed sensitive balls “floating” within thedelightfully cool and silky material. I did enjoy my illusions, butwas always left wanting. Therefore I was compelled to create newmental images.In these fantasies I became my Aunt’s daughter instead of her nephew.It was much easier to create new adventures while still staying withinmy own body versus taking over my Aunt’s. This was much moresatisfying! Oh, how pleasant it would be to share “our” being female.We would spend our days and nights pursuing all the wonderfuladventures my new identity now allowed. I would don the prettydresses, skirts, blouses and sensuous lingerie that I yearned for, butup till now had had no opportunity to wear. Now we would share eachothers clothing. Now we would spend hours at the beauty shop together,having our nails manicured and our hair styled while we sat andeavesdropped on the other women’s “mysterious” conversations. When wewent shopping I could actually try on the dresses instead of merelyhaving them held up against me. I envisioned us “girl talking” overlunch, while being flirted with by the waiters and the male customers.If I was her daughter, she would no longer be concerned with being asmodest in my presence … afterall, we would both be females. Wewould walk around the house in the briefest of clothes and even naked,if that’s how we felt. We would hug and cuddle each other whenever oneof us felt “low”, or just because we “needed” a hug. We would spendhours, in the evenings, dressed in our finest peignoirs, our legstucked up under the flowing d**** of our gowns, discussing anything andeverything of interest to two females. My Aunt would tell me storiesof her girlhood, her fist date, her first kiss, and how “it” had feltthe first time. I would now be privy to all her feminine secretes thatas a male I could never know. I can’t explain in words how strong thecraving to become my Aunt’s daughter became in my daily life. I wokeup each morning with that thought and went to sleep with it still on mymind. Naturally, this constant desire led me to my first adolescentattempt at crossdressing. I wanted to “see” what I looked like dressedas a girl and how feminine clothing would actually feel against myskin.When Aunt Karen was out, I would go up to our attic, where I haddiscovered my Grandmother’s old steamer trunk and play dress up. Theclothes, in the large trunk, were mostly old style dresses and gown’s,some costume jewelry and a few hats with veils. The dress hemsunfortunately fell well past my knees(having been the style at thetime), but the hats were wonderful. They disguised my short haircutand the old style veils lent a sense of mystery to the face hiddenbehind them. These old clothes allowed me to enter another world …the world of my fantasies. Also packed away, in a large cardboard boxsitting next to Grandma’s trunk, was a white crinoline half-slip. Itdidn’t fit under any of the dresses, so when I wore it, I didn’t botherwith a dress. The real treasure was buried under the slip … a threequarter length, black, body girdle (unfortunately without garters). Ifit into it quite easily (the knowledge garnered from studyingcatalogs). I loved how it shaped, proportioned and constricted mytorso, aiding the feminine illusion I was creating.This furtive cross dressing went on for almost five years. During thattime, I would sneak up to the attic every chance I was alone in thehouse. At times I was able to “steal” a pair of panties, a bra and/ornylons (Aunt Karen never wore pantyhose) from the laundry hamper. Ilearned to push my balls aside, fold back my dick, squeeze my thighstogether and slither the delicate material up my legs and around mybuns. This gave me the “look” of the feminine vee where my legs joinedmy abdomen. I would gently tease and squeeze my smooth, panty coveredbuns as I “dreamed” of girlhood. Later, I would slip on Grand- ma’sdress, using my balled up socks, to give the illusion of femininebreasts. This was a poor substitute for real tits, but was the best Icould manage. When I tried putting on the hose, they always fell downto my ankles (I had no garters). Disappointed, I would slip my handsinside them and gently rub them across my face, neck and legs. Later,I would lift the hem of my dress, move my panties aside, and stroke mypenis, all the while fantasizing about my Aunt and my being female.Sometimes, I would “prance” from one end of the attic to the other,reveling in the feel of the clothes and the fantasy of not only being agirl, but Karen’s daughter. I would sit on a chair, cross my thighs ina most proper manner and view myself in an old, dusty mirror I hadproperly positioned for just that purpose. I would slowly raise thehem above my knees and part my slender thighs so I could see the smallband of colored nylon covering my “pussy”. Once, I even borrowed myAunt’s Polaroid camera and took photos of my feminized reflection.Acting the parts of both characters, I created conversations betweenmyself and Aunt Karen. This helped me develop a distinctly femininevoice pitched slightly higher, yet softer than my own. These gloriousmoments, lost in my transgendered fantasy world, made my desire tocrossdress stronger with each passing day. Later, I would return theborrowed “pretties” to the hamper and assume my Aunt never noticed thefew times I left a stain. Many a night, alone in my bedroom, I usedthe pictures to relive the experiences, masturbating myself to sleep.I was discovered one Saturday morning, just after my eighteenthbirthday, when I thought Karen (by this age I called her by name), wasout grocery shopping. I hurried to her hamper, picked out a pair ofpowder blue, nylon panties and rushed up the attic stairs. Movingquickly to Grandma’s trunk, I opened it and selected my favoriteeveninggown. Stripping off my hated male clothing, I smoothly steppedinto the diaphanous panties until they slipped tightly around my tushas my penis strained against the delicate, smooth nylon. I choose thatmoment to look into the old mirror and seemed to see Aunt Karen’ssensuous body reflected back at me. The image had round, femininehips, long tapered legs, a flat stomach and was crowned by her largefirm breasts. This was the most powerful vision my overactiveimagination had ever produced. I slowly ran my fingertips up, down andacross my ribcage finally stopping when they reached my now poutingnipples. I teased and twisted each nipple, flicking the aroused fleshuntil they ached with desire. My mind raced, “If my small nipplescould feel this wonderful, how much more sensuous would
they be if theywere for real.” Lost to all caution, by the fire burning inside myloins, I grabbed Grandma’s gown and slid it over my feverishly arousedbody. Grasping a pair of my Aunt’s old flats that I had previously”stolen” from a bag of clothes to be discarded, I “pranced” and”swished” across the uneven attic floor, swinging my legs out and up asif dancing like Ginger Rogers. Lost in my fantasy world, I closed myeyes and brought back the image in the mirror. Spinning slowly to theimagined music, I “dreamed” how gracefully I danced with my hemfloating away from my silken legs for all to see. I was beautiful andsensuous and graceful and … female! I had just “swished” to the farend of the attic, when I heard a noise. I turned and there she stood.It took me but a moment to realize that this wasn’t my imaginationplaying tricks on me … she was really there. My greatest fear wasrealized! My Aunt had discovered me! My face fell, my lips quiveringas I tried to offer an explanation as to why I was standing theredressed in feminine attire. After a moment, I realized I couldn’tthink of a single excuse that would explain the situation and gave up,hanging my head in shame. As I stated earlier, Aunt Karen and I wereclose. To my absolute surprise, she didn’t scream, nor order me out ofthe house, nor threaten to call the police. She walked over to me,raised my chin and said.”My, don’t you look lovely and sweet, and such a graceful dancer! Ayoung girl as lovely and sweet as you shouldn’t hide her charms in adusty attic where no one can see you. Why don’t you come downstairswith me. We can sit in the kitchen, two females sharing a cup of teaand I can find out all about you. If your going to be a regular memberof this family I need to know thing’s about you so I can to make yourstay with me as pleasant as possible. Would the pretty girl like tojoin me in some pleasant “girl-talk?”Oh, what a wonderful Aunt I had! She didn’t have a problem with mywearing women’s clothing. On the contrary, she thought it was “cute”.She loved me so much she was willing to accept my dressing in feminineattire! When Aunt Karen inquired how long I had been “dressing up”,she was quite surprised by my response. Then, with a twinkle in hereye, she asked me to again “parade” the length of the attic. After Idid as directed Auntie told me again, how “sweet” I looked. Placingher arm around my shoulders, she stated.”It’s alright Andy, I understand. You’re only a young boy and mostyoung boys have been known to do very strange things to overcome thesexual urges that come with adolescence. Your growing up, have thesedesires, are extremely curious about women and the differences betweenthe genders. I’m sure you’ve fantasized how women’s clothes feel andfit against their bodies. This probably led to your wearing mymother’s old dresses. Don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret and if attimes you feel the need to wear Grandma’s dresses, you go right aheadand wear them. Instead of dressing up in this dirty attic, why don’tyou use your bedroom. That way you can use the entire house to “play”in my mother’s clothes and I can see how “cute” you look! If you needsome help, or advice, come and ask me. I’ll be happy to help in anyway I can.”Since I now had my Aunt’s tacit approval to crossdress, I took a boldstep and asked if she would give me some of her old clothes so I couldlook more modern. I also asked if she would give me some of herlingerie and maybe even a pair of high heels, because women’s clothesdidn’t look right over boys underwear and shoes. She paused for but amoment, then agreed to my request, but only if I didn’t tell anyone andif I would show her how I looked in them. I immediately agreed to herconditions. Since I no longer needed my grandmother’s dress, AuntKaren had me take it off, which left me standing in her powder bluepanties. A winsome smile crossed her lips as she said.”It looks like you’ve already borrowed some of my undies! Turn aroundslowly so I can see how they look on you.”Since I had been scared out of my hard on, the panties showed just aslight bulge where she expected to see one. I slowly turned, posingfor her inspection and received two loving pats and a firm squeeze onmy derriere. Then she grasped my hand and led me downstairs to herbedroom instead of the kitchen. On the way, she commented on hownicely my buns looked and moved within her panties. This brought asmile and a giggle from both our lips. When I entered herultra-feminine bedroom, I became excited by the sweet perfume of herroom and the idea of wearing her clothes, with her approval. It wasjust too much for me to contain.”Just stand next to the bed while I look through my drawers and seewhat I have that you may keep. I’m sure I can find some ‘nice things’that aren’t too good for playing dress up.”My Aunt still thought I wanted her clothes just for play acting!Rather than upset her and lose her approval, I went along with herfalse impression. There would be time, after I determined howpositively she would accept my crossdressing, to tell her what I trulywanted … to be her daughter, not her nephew. Karen began by pullingout some bras and panties from one of her dresser drawers. Sheselected a white bra and a pair of yellow panties with the word Tuesdaywritten on them. Next, she picked a black, lacy bra and panty set.Some nylons and a black, frayed garterbelt were selected from anotherdrawer. These were added to the pile that was forming on her bed. Iwas getting more turned on and it was starting to show. She was sointerested in what she was doing that she still hadn’t noticed mygrowing erection. From another drawer she unfolded a white, full slipwith pretty lace at the hem and bodice. Then she went to the closetand came back with two dresses. One was a powder blue shirtwaist thatbuttoned up the front with a turned up Mandarin style collar and theother, a black, ultra sheer, backless chiffon gown, which I had seenher wear out to dinner many times. Karen asked?”Andy, do you know how to put all this on or would you like some help?”I decided that even though I knew how to get dressed in her clothes itmight be better to go forward slowly until I was sure of heracceptance. I also felt her help would speed up her acceptance, so Iasked if she would advise me. As I stripped her undies off, I caughther look of surprise as my semi-erect penis jumped out of their nylonrestrainer. When I slipped the black Bikini panties on, they felt socool and smooth against my skin it caused my dick to grow larger, thetip now protruding above the elastic waistband. This my Aunt couldn’thelp but noticed and a look of worry crossed her brow.”I’m not sure this is a good idea.” she thoughtfully commented.Before she could say anything else, I pleaded.”But you promised to help me! Besides, who wouldn’t be excited,standing in front of their pretty Aunt, wearing her sexy underwear.Who will ever know but you and I, so who can it harm.”She paused, considered my argument and then agreed to continue.Next came the bra. I tried to clip it myself, but acted as if I neededher help, which she gave. She stuffed some old nylons in the cups andadjusted the straps for a better fit. Then the slip, which againneeded my Aunt’s help to adjust the straps. I pretended to be all”fingers”. Then the blue dress and there I stood dressed in Karen’sclothes. I joyously twirled around, my skirt floating away from myknees and ran to the hall mirror, stopped and stared at the reflectedimage. I guess I had expected to look like a young Karen and since Ididn’t, my whole world fell apart. A large frown appeared on my faceas I stared at the frumpy image reflected back at me. I slowly walkedback into her room with a dejected look on my face. Aunt Karenimmediately wanted to know what was wrong.I told her that while I liked her clothes and appreciated her help, Ididn’t feel like a girl and definitely wasn’t at all excited like I hadbeen in Grandma’s clothes. I explained that when I dressed inGrandma’s clothes, I
fantasized I was Karen … my gorgeous Aunt. Ilooked as beautiful as she did, with her sexy body, pretty hair,makeup, jewelry, nylons and high heels. Now that I was actuallywearing her clothes, I naturally had expected to really look like her.As I didn’t, reality was a crushing disappointment. Motioning me overto the bed she sat down next to me. Before she could console me, awave of despair struck and I began to cry. Aunt Karen put her armaround my shoulders and with her other hand lifted my chin, softlykissed my cheek and asked.”Andy, what is it that you really want from me? You can’t just want toplay dress up in feminine clothing. If that’s all you wanted, itwouldn’t disturb you this much. You want something more … what isit? Tell me, I promise I’ll help, if I can.”I stopped my crying, wiped my eyes, looked into her’s and said.”What I really want is to be like you! I want to dress up like you,not only when I’m acting, but all the time! I know I can’t be you, soI want to be your daughter … not your nephew! Aunt Karen, I don’tlike being a boy. I actually hate being a boy! I don’t want to growup to be a man, I want to be a woman! Nothing about being male appealsto me. I don’t like male clothes or the way they feel. I don’t likedoing the things boys are supposed to do. What I do like is the waygirls’ clothes look and feel. They’re so sexy and pretty and thematerials are so wonderful that I get dizzy just wearing them. I lovethe way I feel when I’m dressed as a girl. It makes me feel reallyspecial and really pretty … and I want to feel that way all thetime! But it’s not just the clothes! It’s about being a female. Agirl’s life is definitely more interesting and more exciting. Thereare times, when I think of what I’m missing out on by not being a girl,I get so depressed, I lie in bed and cry myself to sleep. I don’t wantto miss out on any more of the wonderful joys that young girls get toexperience. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life unhappy. If youdon’t help me become your daughter, I don’t know what I’ll do!”Seeing kaş escort the stunned look on my Aunt’s face, I paused a moment to catchmy breath and then I continued.”Oh! Aunt Karen, I so badly want to be a girl! Their bodies are sosmooth and soft and every curve on a girl is sexy. They get to wearjewelry, shave the ugly hair from their legs and wear nail polish tomake their hands and feet pretty. I can’t help feeling I’m in thewrong body. I want to do all the things I see girls doing with theirmothers and their girlfriends. I want to do those things too! I wantto go shopping with you in women’s stores and actually try on and buythe pretty clothes I see in the windows. I want to smell good, besexy, have long pretty hair, wear lipstick and makeup, be hugged everyday and do all kinds of things with you … but as your daughter. Idon’t want to hide my desires from the world for the rest of my life,instead I want to spend my life as a woman. I want to be a part ofother women’s conversations, I hate when they stop their discussionsbecause I draw near. I want you and I to be mother and daughter, soyou can tell me about yourself. I want to know more about you thanjust the superficial things everybody knows. I love you and want to belike you. All my needs can only be satisfied when I fantasize I’m afemale, but fantasies and day-dreams aren’t enough!””Andy, I love you too! I do understand how you feel. It is wonderfulto be female and I do believe how badly you want to become one of us,but I don’t know how you could become my daughter. You’re a boy and ina few more years ,,, a man! I have to admit that there were times Iwished you were my daughter instead of my nephew, but that was justselfishness on my part. I would also enjoy our sharing the kind ofrelationship you talked about a minute ago. It would be delightful ifyou were a girl, but I don’t see how that’s possible.”Pausing a moment, as if to get her thoughts straight, Aunt Karencontinued.”Andy, I not sure how to say this, but under the circumstances, I’mjust going to say it. There have also been times that I ‘felt’ youshould have been born female! That maybe you were born in the wronggender. You’re much more like a girl in your mind set, temperament,emotions and attitude. You also have the soft ‘pretty’ features of afemale. Your hands and fingers are long and dainty, as are your feet.If it wasn’t for your penis you probably would make a better girl thana boy.”I interrupted. “Aunt Karen, we could easily hide my penis and later onI could get “the” operation! Please help me to become your daughter!There must be a way, I don’t want to be this unhappy the rest of mylife!”Aunt Karen spoke. “I’ll need some time to think about it. Why don’tyou go to your room and let me study the situation. If you like, youmay take the clothes with you and I’ll call you back when I’ve decidedwhat we can do … if anything.”Aunt Karen thought long and hard. She didn’t call me back for over anhour. When I heard her call, I rushed to her room, forgetting that Istill wore her panties and bra. When she saw me, she smiled.”Andy, I’ve reached a decision and based upon the way your stilldressed I guess I’ve come to the right one. I believe your sincere inyour need to become a woman. It probably would have been better if youhad been born that way, but maybe that can be rectified. Growing up asmy niece would have allowed us to be even closer. I’ve always wanted adaughter with whom I could share the marvelous feelings of being awoman. A daughter, who could do all the things you said you wanted toshare with me … and more. Thank god, it’s not too late, orimpossible. Therefore, since it’s what we both want, we’ll give it atry. It isn’t going to be easy, but if we both work at it and youlearn how to ‘pass’, our lives will be fuller and we’ll both behappier. If it doesn’t, we can always go back to the way we were.”I promised I would be the best “daughter” in the whole world andthanked her for understanding my needs. We both started crying …tears of joy. Aunt Karen opened her arms and I ran to her. Then wehugged, kissed and cried till we both ran out of tears.In a choked voice, she said. “I can teach you to be female, but itwill take a lot of time and work and wouldn’t be easy. Dressing like awoman is relatively simple, knowing how to act like one, moredifficult!”I asked when we could start.Laughingly, my Aunt said. “Right away”.Aunt Karen decided the first thing to do, was to talk. So I threw on arobe as we moved to the den and got comfortable. We talked abouteverything. We even talked right through the light lunch I prepared.We talked about the functional differences between boys and girls,about the problems we might incur gender switching, about the differentways girls sit, walk, talk and motion. We talked about hair, makeup,clothes, body shaving, even nudity around the house. We talked aboutsex, school and other things I’ve since forgotten. When we finished,we both realized how much fun we were having and how much closer wefelt. We did a lot of holding hands and hugging while we talked.We decided that in order for this gender switching to have theslightest chance of success I couldn’t become her daughter, but I couldbecome a fictitious niece visiting for the summer, while Andy, hernephew, was sent someplace like Oregon in exchange. Later, as needed,we would come up with reasons for the exchange to become permanent.Therefore I required a new name. After some debate, we agreed upon thename, Amy.Now began the transformation. We shaved my armpits and the fuzz on mylegs. Boy, that felt strange but nice and made my skin feel reallysmooth. We didn’t have to worry about my beard or chesthair since Ididn’t have any. Then she pierced my ears, inserted studs and taughtme how to take care of them to prevent infection.”Now, we have to do something about those eyebrows, the fuzzy look isout!”When she finished plucking my eyebrows, she washed my hair and put itup in rollers.”Now let’s get you
under the hair dryer.”Auntie settled me at the end of the dressing table under what lookedlike one of those dryer hoods from a beauty shop. Once she had itblowing, she sat down across from me and placed my hands on the towelshe d****d across her lap. Without another word she began to work onmy nails. When the extensions were finished she began to paint them abright red. She told me to sit quietly till the polish dried and thenshe removed the hood from my head.”Time to get you dressed, but first we have to do something about yourfigure. As of today your on a diet and will lose ten pounds. Soonyou’ll have a nice girlish figure, but since we can’t wait that long,we’ll have to use this.”She grabbed a shiny, black satin, waist-cincher and placed it around mywaist. I gasped as she began to close the hooks in back. My reactionwas there was no possible way I could fit into the available spaceafter it was properly snapped shut.”Andy, I mean Amy, you’re going to have to suck it in a little, by theend of summer you won’t need this. Then you’ll have a twenty-four inchwaist like mine. For today we’ll take it easy and just pull it in halfway to twenty six inches.”I sucked everything in as much as I could while she pulled, tugged andgroaned. After she hooked the last eyelet, she leaned back and sighedher satisfaction. When I released my stomach muscles, the corset heldthem in check. It made my breathing more shallow and my voice becamehigher pitched. We were both amazed how much my new voice sounded morelike a young girl’s. A smaller, but exciting, benefit of the corsetwas it pushed my chest higher and made it more “full”. This fullnesswould fit into a bra like the small budding breasts of a teen age girl.The bra was black and made of lace and Lycra. Karen filled the balanceof the cups with a pair of breast forms that had belonged to Grandmaafter her operation. Now I learned how to clip the bra in front andslide it around.Then she taught me how to roll some black, sheer nylons up my newlyshaven legs and attach them to the garters hanging from thewaist-cincher. All the previous times I had crossdressed, the onesensation I desired the most, was to wear sheer nylons. I was notdisappointed, they felt wonderful! I ran my hands up and down my sleeklegs enjoying their silky smoothness. I squeezed my thighs togetherand relished the vibrations transmitted to my dick and balls. Thesensuous sounds the nylons made were equally exciting. Karen had tocaution me against constantly pulling the hose tighter up my legs. Sheexplained that the garters would do the job with the correct tensionand if I wasn’t careful, I would cause a run. Next came a pair ofblack, nylon panties with frilly lace at the waist and leg holes. (Amycouldn’t believe how sexy and hot she felt where the tight pantiescaressed her body and the garters pulled her hose taut.) When I askedmy Aunt why panties went over the garter belt straps, she laughed.”If you put your panties on first, how do you take them down to go tothe bathroom? They would get caught by the garter clips and wouldn’tclear the seat. Remember, a woman sits when she relieves herself.You’ll give yourself away if you stand and pee in a women’s restroomfacing the toilet the “wrong” way. This is just one of the many genderdifferences you’ll have to change in your mind set”.Karen turned to the closet and picked out a black knit dress. As sheheld it up I remember thinking it was the sexiest thing I had everseen. She slipped it over my head and I could feel my dick, inside mypanties, trying to get even harder. The dress simply slid over my newbody, filling the indentations and curves produced by the waist-cincherand the bra. It felt wonderful! She turned me around to get at thezipper as she patted the dress smooth against my newfound femininefigure. The neckline was V shaped, cut low and showed a bit of thelace trim on my slip. The top of the dress fit my body like a secondskin. If she hadn’t hooked the corset as tightly as she did, I couldnever have gotten into it. The skirt flowed smoothly against my thighsand derriere accenting their natural roundness. The hem came to themid calf, with a slit up the front, all the way to my mid thigh. AuntKaren reached up under my skirt and slightly adjusted my slip so thatthe two slits lined up perfectly. When I walked, they opened andshowed generous amounts of my nyloned leg. I caught a partial look inthe dresser mirror and was pleased that no unsightly bulge wasapparent. Aunt Karen handed me a pair of black, patent leather,backless heels with a thin strap around the ankle and four inch spikes(they were the only pair I could squeeze into). She explained.”If you can learn to walk in these you’ll have no problem with anyheels!”She called these her “Fuck Me” shoes. After I saw what they did for myankles and legs, I realized they were aptly named. She showed me howto stand, walk and sway. My first steps caused her to break out ingales of laughter. After she showed me how to “point my foot” and takesmaller steps, I did better. Learning the proper amount of sway in mywalk also was a problem, I tended to over swing my hips. Aunt Karenexplained that women walked with their hips, men walked with theirshoulders. We continued to work on walking until she was satisfied Ilooked natural. After I had satisfied her that I could walk in heels,Aunt Karen said it was time to take a break and let me becomeaccustomed to the way the lingerie felt and how my dress moved as mybody assumed different positions. She cautioned me about standing withmy legs spread apart the way men do. Even though my feet hurt, I1When Karen returned, she had me practice sitting and bending, alwaysremembering to keep my knees together. I discovered how a womancrosses her legs and how she tucks them under her skirt while relaxingon a couch. I had a lot of trouble with the skirt because of the slitup the front. It kept wanting to fall to either side … exposing mypanties. Crossing my legs or sitting at an angle with my anklestogether was an absolute necessity. Auntie admitted, that sometimeswomen would use how they sat to tease a man … if he interested them.She asked how I had liked looking up her skirt when I watched TV. Thiswas the first time I realized she had known all about my voyeurism. Iasked.”Why did you let me see up your skirts?””All males, no matter their age, want to see up a woman’s skirt. Inyour case, I was flattered by your attentions and thought it was justyoung, innocent curiosity. Over time, you’ll learn that no matter howcareful a woman is about the way she sits she’ll still expose herself.It’s the problem of wearing a skirt. They tend to rise up, especiallythe tight ones! We women have become accustomed to accidental exposureand since there isn’t much we can do about it … we use it to enticemen. It was ‘cute’ to see you squirm. Many times I would ask you togo get me something to drink, just to cause you embarrassment. Youalso tried to ‘catch’ me undressing or stepping out of the shower. Andhow about the times you hid outside my bedroom window or the time youspied on me from inside my closet! You made so much noise I had a hardtime not laughing. I’m sorry I did that to you back then, but at thetime, I enjoyed knowing how much my legs aroused you and since you keptcoming back for more … it couldn’t have been too bad! There weretimes I felt guilty about teasing you and to make it up to you Iflashed my panties. I’m sure that excited you! All in all, I’d saywe’re about even.There sure was a lot about Aunt Karen and being a woman, I didn’t know!I had never realized how sexual she was, nor that women “used” the waythey sat to entice or repel the opposite sex.Then Auntie Karen taught me how a woman rises and how she folds herhands in front of her knees … if she doesn’t want to tease. Shealso taught me how a women “slips” into her heels vs. the way a manputs on his shoes. My Aunt lovingly corrected me every time I made amistake. Eventually, with practice, I got it right.After our break, she started with the hair and mak
eup. She sat me downwith a towel around my neck and began to work on my face. I sat andenjoyed being taken care of as my Aunt made me up. As she applied themakeup, she showed me how it was done. She admitted that makeup wouldprobably be the hardest thing I would have to learn. I would getbetter with practice, she promised. When my makeup was finished, webegan removing the curlers. She brushed my hair into a soft wave, witha flip at the ends and put a touch of spray over it. Thesepreparations took a long time. While doing the makeup she stated thatthis wasn’t the normal way I would dress, but for our first time shewanted it special. Then Karen showed me all the places a girl puts atouch of perfume, applied some and now we were done!As I said, all these preparations had taken a lot of time, it wasalmost 7:00 PM (we had snacked with our cokes). I was dying to seewhat I looked like. From the pleased expression on her face, I thoughtI would look good, but I wasn’t really sure … and I was a littlescared. All this time I hadn’t been allowed to see myself in a fulllength mirror. Karen warned me not to expect miracles, we would getbetter as we learned what worked for me. I was led, with my eyesclosed, to the mirror in the hall.This was the moment I had prayed for, the moment I wanted with all myheart. I prepared myself for the worst, then opened my eyes. Beforeme was a stranger! She was almost as pretty as Aunt Karen. A youngwoman of nineteen. The perfect age in my fantasy. A young girl whowas definitely her relative. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Amy wasstunning. She was beautiful! No one would ever question if Amy was agirl. The dress was perfect. It fit my new feminine figure like itwas made for me. The plunging neckline exposed just the right amountof cleavage. Enough to cause interest, but not enough to look cheap ordraw too much attention. The slit up the dress opened to show my legsat their best. Wow, did Amy have great legs! When I looked at myfeatures my opinion improved, they was perfect. I was perfect! I wastruly a woman!We spent at least the next two hours “girl talking”. As we spoke, Icontinued to move around the house. I bravely attempted an excursiondownstairs, which to my surprise went fairly well. I kept returning tothe mirror at every opportunity. We did a lot of hugging, kissing andgiggling. When Karen said it was time to get ready for bed, I startedto object, but how could I say no to my wonderful Aunt. When she saw Iwasn’t going to complain, she said.”I think I’m going to enjoy having a niece who doesn’t argue like mynephew. You still have to learn how to get ready for bed. For girlsits more difficult.”We went into her bathroom and she began showing me how to take off mymakeup and prepare for bed. Aunt Karen realized I was becoming lessexcited as each piece of feminine clothing was removed and offered me asurprise. Auntie went to the closet and returned with a beautiful,white on white, Grecian cut nighty and slipped it over my head. It wasmade of silk, left one shoulder bare, as it d****d across my breasts,gathered at my waist, fell just over my pantied ass and felt … oh,so good! I got excited all over again.When she came back into the room she had changed into a pink, sheergown that hugged and accented her breasts. She told me to lie down onher bed. Then she turned out the overhead light, leaving only thesmall vanity table lamp on. It cast a soft light over her bed, justenough to see. I felt her crawl in beside me. Turning sideways, shelowered the bodice of her gown to her waist exposing both her breaststo my surprised view. Supporting herself on one elbow, Aunt Karenstared deeply into my eyes and in a whisper asked if I really wanted tobe a girl in every way? When I nodded my head, “Yes”, she explainedhow two women make love to each other. Taking my trembling hand shebrought it to her warm breast! Coaching me, Auntie taught me how to”cup” and tease each mound of firm flesh. How to tease and “flick” thenubbins of aroused tissue she called her “nips”. With each succeedingmovement, her excitement grew. When she couldn’t “take” anymoreteasing, she pushed my hands away, pulled up her nighty, spread herthighs and introduced me to her “pussy”. Warning me to be very gentle,she parted her labia, pointed out her budding clit and instructed me inthe ways to further arouse a woman. I followed her direction, slowly”playing” over, under and around the moist center of her womanhood.Using the middle finger of my hand, I gently eased it into the warm,wet cavern of her cunni. I couldn’t believe how smooth and soft thewalls of my Aunt’s pussy felt to the touch and how the inner musclesseemed to grasp at my finger each time I pulled it back. Slowly, Iincreased the speed of my strokes. This caused Auntie to gently easemy head between her splayed thighs. She taught me how to “eat” awoman. How to lick her pussy lips, but especially her clit. Auntie’smounting passion finally manifest itself by her grasping my ears andpulling my face hard up against the lips of her womanhood. I realizedher need was now too demanding to curtail. Before I could “help” her,she began twisting my head, back and forth against her clitoris as shebucked her pelvis up and down. This caused enough pressure to set heroff … and she doused my face with her juices of lust. Her strongorgasm excited me and I dove forward, causing a second series ofsensual shockwaves to course through Aunt Karen’s throbbing organ. AsKaren’s orgasm slowed, I continued to lick and suck the sweet nectarrunning from her cunni, as moans of sexual satisfaction slipped frombetween her lips. Exhausted, Aunt Karen lay back basking in the warmafterglow of her two orgasms. I knew that she had come and suspectedthe second orgasm had been a multiple climax. Realizing her need torest, I slid up next to her on the bed. Ever so gently, I ran myfingertips up and over every sensuous curve of her delightfullyluscious body, being extra careful not to arouse my Aunt’s passions anyfurther. Ever since this first experience of “eating pussy” it’s beenmy favorite way of showing a woman how much I’m enjoying her body.I’ve since discovered I also derive sensual excitement from the power Ihave over their emotions as they lose control due to my “flicking theirBic”. As I rested my head in the hollow of her shoulder, I heard herask?”Would you like me to “eat your pussy”?Reaching between Amy’s legs, Karen gently massaged his cock and balls,still encased in their nylon pouch. Within seconds he was ready.Slipping the panties over his hard on, Karen stretched the elasticbehind and under her nephew’s ball sack. This caused his organ tostand straight out from his sparsely haired pubic bone. Cupping thesack, she teased the sensitive area behind it with her nails. Lickingher lips, Karen lowered them to the purple tip of Amy’s throbbingpenis. Parting her moist lips she engulfed his entire crown. With aslow, twisting motion and a swirling tongue, she sucked her way back tothe tip.Tim couldn’t believe the sensations Karen’s mouth was causing. He hadnever gotten this excited from mere masturbation. He knew he couldn’ttake much more of her licking and sucking. When he felt his balls”tighten up” and the jism begin to rise he tried to pull away, afraidhe would upset Karen by shooting off in her mouth. Karen’s lipshowever wouldn’t let go. Her jaws muscles held him tightly as shepulled the cheeks of his ass forward with her hands. As she increasedher strokes, she felt his organ momentarily swell and then spasm in hermouth. Using her cheek muscles to suck out every drop, she swallowedevery last spurt. Using her tongue, she then licked the excess thathad run down his shaft, hoarding it in her mouth she “French-kissed”him. Amy tasted his own warm fluids and was shocked to find out heenjoyed the experience.Afterwards, all we could do was grin at each other as we fell asleep ineach other’s arms.* * * *The next morning, as I awoke, I heard Aunt Karen speaking on thetelephone downstairs. I reached between my legs and caressed my s
oftdick and balls through my warm, silky panties. I reminisced over whathad transpired the day before, basking in the knowledge that my new andwonderful life was just beginning. After a while, I arose and walkedto the bathroom. On the way I looked in the mirror and was againsurprised at how much Karen had accomplished. I couldn’t spend a lotof time admiring my reflection as I had to pee. Just walking to thetoilet in my sexy nighty, bra and silky panties felt so good, itcreated another hard on. As I lifted my nighty and lowered my pantiesit became apparent that my dick wouldn’t clear the toilet seat. I wasforced to wait till it softened. I thought about going standing up,but decided I wasn’t going to pee like a boy ever again … I was awoman! Finally it went soft and I sat down and relieved myself. Karenmust of heard me flush, because she called out.”Amy, come downstairs before you get dressed.”When I entered the kitchen, she greeted me with a warm and loving hugand asked how I had slept. I stated it was the best night I had everhad. She smiled knowingly.After breakfast, dry toast and juice, my Aunt took me upstairs andwatched me dress in the clothes she selected. This time no corset orfancy lingerie. Two pairs of white nylon panties and a white cottonbra. The second pair of panties did just what she said they would …hold my dick back tightly and thereby avoid an unsightly bulge. Shehanded me a simple tan colored straight skirt, with an elasticwaistband, a white half-slip, a pink blouse, pink anklets trimmed inwhite lace and my own unisex penny loafers. She brushed my hair backinto a short pony tail and tied it off with a matching pink ribbon.After she applied some pink lipstick and redid my nails in pink, shesaid.”Amy, you won’t fool anyone up close, but from a distance … you’llpass. Since I’ve taken care that you won’t be seen up close, except bysomeone who needs to know, you’ll be fine … trust me!”As we were walking out the door to the car, Karen handed me a smallpurse with a shoulder strap and showed me how a girl would carry it.As I stepped outside, a cool breeze blew up under my skirt. This was anew and strange feeling. I thought I was naked! My panties, which hadgrown warm from my body heat, were all of a sudden, deliciously coolagain. Since I wore a straight skirt it didn’t lift, but my reactionhad been one of fear. When I tried to get into the car I almost fellon my face. I hadn’t realized how the skirt would restrict my abilityto move about. Auntie laughed, then showed me how a girl in a tightskirt sat down and then slid onto the seat. She also showed me how tofix my skirt by raising up and sliding my hands between the seat and mybody thereby eliminating folds in the material. She cautioned me thatif I didn’t learn to fix it often, I would draw attention to myselfsince every woman had learned at an early age that the material wouldwrinkle and also would “rise”. I was beginning to grasp just how muchI had to learn. We headed towards the “city”.”Why are we going to Columbus?” I asked.Aunt Karen told me she had a very close girlfriend, named Joyce, fromher college years, who owned a beauty shop and boutique. The woman wasgay and therefore had a more liberal attitude towards most things.Auntie had called her this morning, explained the situation and Joycehad agreed to help with hair and beauty tips. She warned me not tomention what we had done the night before … she wasn’t sure Joycewas that open minded.We arrived at the shop, we parked in back, knocked on the rear door,which was opened almost immediately. Aunt Karen introduced Amy, herniece, to Joyce, the owner. Joyce instantly became my friend bysaying.”What a lovely niece you have, she looks so much like you.”Joyce was a tall woman, with short blond hair, an interesting face,pretty blue eyes and a strange smile of dominance. Karen and Joycehugged and kissed each other and then Joyce hugged and kissed me. Ihad not expected her greeting me so warmly and I’m afraid I returnedher gesture quite awkwardly. Giggling, the two women, explained thiswas kaş escort bayan the standard way women, who knew each other, “shook hands”. Asecond attempt by Joyce to greet me was more successful. I certainlyenjoyed the female way much more than the male. As we parted, Joycenoticed that my skirt began to “tent” (even though I wore two sets ofpanties). She pointed at my skirt and said.”So he wants to be a girl, but he get turned on by kissing a woman …your not gay.””No”, I hurriedly assured Joyce, “I only get excited by pretty women.”This brought a smile to both their faces.As it was Sunday, the shop was closed and the curtains drawn. We hadthe entire place to ourselves. It was a typical beauty shop, but italso offered other services such as makeup assistance, tanning andelectrolysis. Later I found there was a connecting door to theboutique, which was also closed. Joyce, her arm around my waist, ledme to a chair and had me sit. I slipped onto the seat, fixed my skirtand crossed my legs. This brought a smile of approval from my Aunt.Joyce took off my scarf and studied my face and hair. After a coupleof minutes, Joyce called Aunt Karen aside and they talked. When theyreturned, Aunt Karen informed me that electrolysis was needed to form amore feminine hairline, arched eyebrows and to remove a few facialhairs. Joyce promised that when finished, my face would pass evenwithout makeup. Since that was my ultimate goal, I agreed. Theprocess took almost two hours to complete. I won’t weary the readerwith the how to’s, just let it be said … it hurt. When Joyce wasfinished … the results were astounding. Everything Joyce hadpromised came true. Now I could pass all the time.They decided that little could be done with my hair until it grew out.The one thing we did do was run an auburn rinse through it. Joyce saidthis would help obscure my identity from those who knew me. We haddiscussed a wig, but felt that it would look false and might bringabout questions since girls my age seldom wore wigs. Now Joyce, withKaren’s help, spent two hours teaching me how to apply makeup. Whilesome things where difficult to get right, all in all, I did quite well.Later, my Aunt went out and came back with three chef salads fromWendy’s. When I saw what I was allowed to eat, I said.”This eating as a girl isn’t going to be easy”.This brought peels of laughter from the women. After we ate, Joyce ledus through the connecting door.It was a transvestite’s dream of heaven. There was every kind oflingerie imaginable and many items I couldn’t even name. There were,bras, panties, nighties, garter belts, peignoirs, teddies, nylons,slips, girdles, corsets, waist cinchers and lots more. On one wallwere blouses, skirts, tops and other outer wear. What amazed me werethe variety of materials and colors. Auntie noticed the look on myface (I had a grin from ear to ear) and commented.”I think Amy’s starting to realize how much fun we girls have withclothes.”Joyce looked at Karen and asked.”Should we get started?”Up until this moment I hadn’t realized what this was going to mean,then it came to me in a flash. I had to strip nude in front of Joyce!By the look on my Aunt’s face, she had just come to realized it also.A quick look of concern flashed across her features, followed by asmile as she turned to me and asked.”It’s your decision, women aren’t bashful with each other. Nudityamong most women is a common occurrence. We try on clothes in front ofeach other. We help each other get dressed and we think nothing ofaccidentally touching another woman’s body while we’re helping. Areyou one of us?”I looked at my Aunt then at Joyce and started to strip. Pausing amoment as I was lowering my slip, I was hit by a mischievous thought.Being braver than I had a right to be, I offered.”Don’t you girls think I would learn quicker how feminine lingerie andapparel should fit if I could see you model some of it? Afterall, youtell me women aren’t bashful in front of each other, and aren’t we allgirls here.”Understanding my meaning inst
antly, both women reacted differently.Aunt Karen’s look of uncertainty was quickly overcome by Joyce’s smileof bemusement. Joyce was the first to accede to my request, followedhesitantly by my Aunt. I noticed that as they began removing theirouter clothing they both watched each other. Aunt Karen’s featurescouldn’t disguise the look of misgiving, while Joyce’s look wasdefinitely lecherous. I had forgotten that Joyce was gay and that shetherefore enjoyed looking at semi-naked women as much as I. I couldtell my Aunt was embarressed and assumed I would hear about this later.While I felt sorry to have been the cause of my Aunt’s discomfort, itwas exhilarating watching two women moving about in their panties andbras. As I became accustomed to their semi-nakedness, if I didn’tabout them sexually, we all realized that I could control my emotions.My erections were fewer and were mostly caused by the lingerie insteadof the women. Somewhere during the afternoon my Aunt forgave me andeven agreed that my earlier suggestion had proven to be a good one.Now my fun started! Joyce and Karen went from aisle to aisle pickingout all kinds of bras, panties, slips, etc. I spent my time, movingabout the shop, inspecting all the sexy lingerie, fantasizing how itwould feel and look on my body. In the past, whenever I had goneshopping with my Aunt, I had to disguise my interest whenever shebought lingerie. Now I was able to openly display my interest andappreciate the textures and colors. As Amy, I could touch anything Ichose. Feeling good about my new-found freedoms, I selected a numberof nightgowns, walked to the full length mirror and held them upagainst my naked frame. My Aunt Karen noticed, caught Joyce’sattention and they both gave a “wolf whistle”. A perfectly wonderfulred blush rose to my cheeks … followed by laughter from the girls.The items they selected, I modeled. I experimented with assorted typesof bra forms including those with “falsies” already in the cups. Somebras were designed to shape, raise and separate a woman’s breasts soher figure looked fuller. Each time I modeled a pair of panties thewomen helped me adjust the fit. Some of the panties had forms built into give the appearance of wider hips and fuller buns. I tried bras,girdles, waist cinchers, garter belts, corsets and variouscombinations. We picked out all shades and types of nylons. I triedbabydolls with matching panties. My favorite items were the slips,full and half, in all the different colors and with lots of lace.Joyce and Karen were having as much fun as I. All of a sudden Joycecame up with an idea.”Look, we’re not near to being finished with picking clothes for Amyand there won’t be enough time left to get to the mall before itcloses! Besides, I’d like to go with you. Tomorrow is Monday and myshops are closed. Why don’t we finish up here, drive to my house andhave dinner. After dinner, Amy can try on some of my clothes. I havefive closets full of skirts, blouses, dresses, tops, etc. We can spendthe evening together and you can sleep at my place. I have plenty ofroom. The next morning, the three of us can go shopping for anythingAmy still needs. Also, there are things we haven’t talked about,including hormone pills and obtaining her some proof of identity.Besides, two adult females, working together, will insure we don’tforget anything Amy needs to be taught.”That last statement convinced my Aunt that Joyce had a good idea.We spent the next two hours collecting all the lingerie items I neededto start my feminine wardrobe. I now owned a complete selection ofbras, panties, tights, nylons, slips, nightgowns, bras and camisoles.I also had panty girdles, a waste cincher with a built in bra,garterbelts and various shaped breast forms. In addition, I hadshorts, designer jeans, blouses, tank tops, a few casual skirts and awhite pleated skirt that stopped at my knee. Joyce went into thebeauty shop and returned with all kinds of makeup and hair careproducts. When it came to paying, Joyce generously refused to acceptAunt Karen’s credit card.We loaded the cars and drove to Joyce’s house. On the way, Auntie andI stopped at a d**g store and bought various things we would need sincewe were sleeping over. As a test, I went in with her and easily passedwith both male and female clerks and customers. One of the young maleshoppers, brushed his hand against my ass and “copped a feel”, justlike I use to do as Andy. I was ecstatic. I had completely fooledhim. I did remember to look disgusted by his actions. His oldersister, standing nearby, saw him do it. Grabbing him by the arm andwhipping him around, she proceeded to give him a verbal tongue lashing,then demanded he apologize to me. When she was satisfied by hisapology, she turned to me, shrugged, as if to explain, “What can weexpect, he’s a male” and walked away. When Auntie and I got back inthe car we were both giggling and laughing over the situation. When westopped giggling, we drove to Joyce’s house.When we got there, she was waiting at the door. Joyce admitted shethought we either got lost, or had changed our minds about stayingover. We hugged and kissed her as we entered and assured her we werelooking forward to spending the evening with her. This brought a smileto Joyce’s face and another series of hugs between us.We moved to the living room. Aunt Karen and Joyce sat on the couch andI sat across from them. At first, we made small talk, then the issueof my identity switch was discussed. Joyce said she had a former loverwho was now the state Director of Records. She was sure she could gether lover to establish the necessary documents so I could legallybecome Amy. Aunt Karen thought it was a great idea! I would have anew birth certificate, a Social Security card and later, and soon adrivers license. This was all I would need to begin my life over againas Amy. With these issues semi-resolved, Joyce asked about hormones.I had no idea as to what she was referring. Auntie knew, but I awarethat certain hormones could physically change a person’s looks andvoice. After the women explained, we decided to look into that idea,but didn’t know where to begin. Joyce said her gynecologist, a woman,had been trying to “get into her pants”, for more than just an annualexamination. Up until now, Joyce hadn’t allowed the woman’s advances,but she would, if the doctor would agreed to help us. Joyce called thedoctor’s phone service and left a message.While the discussion continued, I took full advantage of the seatingarrangement to steal looks up the skirts of both women. Joyce caughtme staring up her skirt, smiled and opened her thighs a bit wider.Then she lowered her eyes to my knees and winked. I uncrossed my legsand “teased” Joyce by inching up my skirt and letting my thighs gentlyfall open. I now grasped the pleasure and power my Aunt had enjoyedwhen she “teased” me. Joyce and I continued to alternately tease eachother by crossing our legs.Just then, the phone rang. It was the doctor returning Joyce’s call.Joyce talked to her, explained the situation, offering the doctor a”date” … if she would help us obtain the correct dosage of femalehormones. From the gist of their conversation, the doctor agreed, butonly after we agreed to a complete physical. The exam was scheduledfor Monday before the patients arrived. Joyce promised the Dr.’scooperation would be rewarded and hung up. The women could tell I wasexcited by the idea of my own set of breasts. They warned me not toexpect miracles, or women would not be having breast implant surgery.The doctor had informed Joyce that the d**gs would also help proportionmy figure, widen my hips, make my skin softer and smoother, eliminatefacial and body hair and raise my voice. All this sounded great! Ilooked forward to meeting “my gynecologist”.With this out of the way, dinner was suggested. Needless to say, I wasstarving. We prepared a meal of grilled chicken breasts, bakedpotatoes and a salad. They let me eat almost my normal amount.After dinner we went to Joyce’s bedroom where I was told to strip, puton a garter belt, nylons,
bra and matching panties. I selected a darkblue garter belt, taupe nylons, blue panties and matching underwirehalf bra. The women watched as I got dressed, offering suggestions andgiggling openly when a problem developed with bending my penis backinside my panties. I was still having trouble with my nails. When Iput the bra on, it pushed my chest up and in. This formed small butreal tits and a small “v” of cleavage. Karen adjusted the straps so mynipples showed just over the top.Joyce gave me a pair of three inch black leather pumps and showed metwo different ways how to put them on while standing up. Joyce’s shoeswere a full size larger than my Aunt’s and fit much better. The girlsleft me standing there and went to a walk in closet. Joyce handedKaren one outfit after another, till her arms were overwhelmed. Whenthey came back, the fun began. I spent at least two hours gettingdressed and undressed in Joyce’s clothes. She had wonderfullyattractive outfits, somewhat more youthful than Auntie’s. It was funwearing another woman’s clothing. The “girls” would comment on eachoutfit, while “helping” me with the zippers, buttons and/or ties. Ilearned more, in those two hours, about women’s clothes than all mystudying had taught me.After I had tried on all the outfits and they had decided which workedfor me, Joyce gave them to me as a gift. What could I do but accept.I kissed and thanked her for her generosity and asked if she wouldbecome my “Aunt Joyce”. This brought prompt tears to her eyes. Shehugged me and said.”I would love to be your Aunt.”I could tell Aunt Karen was also pleased with the way I handled thesituation.I now had about a dozen outfits to take home. I couldn’t believe howmy life had changed in the last two days. How lucky could a girl get?Not only did I have feminine clothes to wear, but I could wear them allthe time … because I was now a woman! What was even better washaving the loving assistance of both my Aunts to help me grow into therole. I had dreamt of this for almost five years and now it washappening. The women decided we had had enough and showed me where tohang my new clothes. They said to join them in the living room when Iwas finished.As I entered the living room I discovered where my Aunt had learned howtwo women made love to each other. Joyce and Karen were on the couch,wrapped in each other’s arms … ardently kissing. As I quietly movedcloser, Aunt Joyce moved her hand inside Aunt Karen’s blouse and insideher bra, cupping her breast. Karen’s hand fell to Joyce’s splayedthighs and gently stroked the firm naked flesh her fingers found there.At that moment Joyce discovered my presence. Winking at me, sheproceeded to remove her lover’s blouse and bra at the same timespreading her legs further apart in order to give me a better view.Aunt Karen, still unaware of my presence, “took” her partner’s movementas a sign of encouragement and slid her teasing fingers up to the thinnylon strip of material covering Joyce’s pussy. Twisting a fingerunder the cloth, she pushed it aside and with gentle caresses, workedher fingers around until she found her lover’s opening.Pausing a moment, she raised her head from the hollow of Joyce’s neckand stated.”We’ll have to be quick, we don’t want to be caught by Amy!”This was too much for Joyce. Breaking apart in a fit of uncontrolledlaughter, she giggled.”It’s too late for that, she’s already seen your hand inside my hotpussy!”Whipping around, tearing her hand from between Joyce’s crotch, shereached for her blouse to cover her nudity. Just as she touched thecloth to her breasts, a look of uncertainty replaced the shock ofdiscovery upon her features and just as quickly was itself replaced bya look of sheepish amusement. Joyce, meanwhile, was still caught inthe throes of uncontrolled laughter, her spread thighs swinging openand shut like the lens on a camera. My Aunt Karen stared at her lover,then said.”You knew he, I mean she, was there all the time and didn’t tell me.I’ll fix your ass for that!”Joyce, upon hearing Karen’s threat became even more agitated, no longereven trying to control her laughter nor her movements. Impishly, shereached out and tweaked Karen’s exposed nipple and fumbling over thewords exclaimed.”You should have seen the look on your face when you realized you’dbeen caught with your finger up my ‘sweet geraldine’ just like you useto when we were in college! Too bad I told you she was there, if I hadwaited, Amy would have seen how great you eat pussy.””OH! Your a bitch!” exclaimed my Aunt. “I’ll get you for that!”Grabbing the arms of her “girlfriend” and pulling sharply, she easilymaneuvered Joyce across her knees, raised her lover’s skirt to herwaist, lowered her panties and began spanking the upraised mounds offirm flesh presented before her. Joyce, in her weakened condition,helplessly fought back, kicking her legs, but to no avail. By thethird slap she was no longer laughing, but instead, was pleading forforgiveness and begging Karen to stop. Karen refused. A bright pinkcolor rose to the surface of Joyce’s cheeks and became deeper with eachslap of my Aunt’s hand. I had obviously never seen a women beingspanked before and was at first concerned, then realized I was becomingexcited. Moving around to see better, I was torn between watchingKaren’s naked breasts bouncing up and down with each stroke and theenticing rear view of Joyce’s ass and pussy as she kicked her legs. AsI continued watching, the scene began to change. Joyce had stopped herpleadings and had replaced them with moans and sighs of pleasure.Karen, noticing the change in Joyce removed the hand she had used tohold her friend’s ass over her knees and used it instead to caress thepink cheeks of Joyce’s ass between the spanks. The spanks also sloweddown, at which point Karen slid her finger down the crevice between herpartner’s cheeks, pausing a moment to tease the opening of Joyce’stush. This brought louder groans of pleasure from Joyce’s lips.Auntie then moved up into the warm, wet opening of Joyce’s “sweetgeraldine”. Joyce screamed out in abject pleasure as she felt thefingers searching for her now blood engorged clit. When Karen finallyinserted three fingers inside her lover’s cunni, Joyce screamed.Aaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeee! Yes! Yes! Please fuck me with your fingers.Fuck me now!”In and out pistoned my Aunt’s cupped fingers. With each stroke Joyce’svoice rose. With each stroke the sounds became more demanding. Witheach stroke the words became more unintelligible. Then in a crescendoof mixed words and sounds … she came. Trashing her legs and diggingher nails into the couch, she “bucked” her clit against the heel of herlover’s hand as the juices of her womanhood oozed out of her “sweetgeraldine”. To this day, I believe this is the single most excitingexample of a woman lost to the pleasures of lust that I have everwitnessed. Joyce’s orgasm lasted and lasted. She milked every lastounce of pleasure from Karen’s thrusting fingers and then when thepleasure was being replaced by that sweet sense of “pain” caused bysensitivity to the touch, she collapse off Karen’s knees and layspread-eagled upon the floor, at her lover’s feet, oblivious to hersurroundings, “mewing” and moaning before our startled senses. NeitherI, nor Aunt Karen moved. We sat there, lost in wonderment over ourfriends condition. Later, after Joyce had somewhat regained thestrength to move, we three sat on the couch, with me in the middle,hugging and kissing as we discussed what had just occurred. Neither ofthe women held back their feelings for we no longer felt anyembarrassment between us. We three had been privy to a special momentin a women’s life and could never be the same again. We had crossedinto the realm of true “sisterhood”, a place no one could ever intrudeupon, nor could understand.After some iced tea, we slowly returned to the topic of my needs. Wedecided that we would go to the doctor as planned, then get somebreakfast and head for the mall. I still needed a varie
ty of shoes andif we thought of anything else, the mall should suffice. We decided todress up, this would cover all the bases, as far as where we could golater.With all decided and it getting late, we moved to the bedroom toprepare for bed. It sure was more fun being a girl than a boy! Wehelped prepare each other for bed. The three of us in Joyce’soversized bathtub was a sight. Bubbles and spilled water everywhere.I was reticent to touch Aunt Joyce, but when she reached between mylegs and cupped my balls, I understood I had been accepted. We playedand teased with each other until the hot water ran out. Rising fromit’s warmth, we took turns patting each other dry. Then I was taughthow to apply moisturizing cream. We left the bath and selectednighties to wear. I picked a white satin sheath, with spaghettistraps. The gown had a slit up the side, with bone colored lace acrossthe bodice, hem and up the slit. When Joyce pulled back the covers itbecame obvious she liked to feel sensuous … the sheets were made ofblack satin. That night I not only practiced my art of lesbianlove-play, but learned new methods to excite a women. Joyce surprisedboth Karen and I when she took my “dickie”, as she called it, into hermouth. I in turn surprised her when I orgasm, splashing the roof ofher mouth with my seed. She later admitted that it was the first timeshe had “eaten” a “dickie”, but enjoyed it. Aunt Karen suggested shetry my “dickie” somewhere else, but Joyce, after a moments hesitation,rejected that idea, with a nervous giggle. So instead, she watched asKaren taught me the nuances of male to female love. Lowering herselfupon my erection, she guided it between the warn, wet lips of her”geraldine”. The sensations of being engulfed by her love-tunnel areindescribable. Slowly she rocked back and forth. Even though I hadjust come in Joyce’s mouth, I was too excited to last long. When itbecame obvious I was ready my Aunt fucked me with abandon. As Itrashed the bed with my kicking heels … I came. As I lay there,basking in the afterglow of love we discussed how we each felt. Joycespoke about giving her fist “blow-job”, my Aunt Karen about fucking hernew “niece” and I about experiencing my first woman. It had been avery long day and we were totally exhausted, so we had no troublefalling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms like three spoons in adrawer.* * * *Monday morning came too early! Joyce and Karen got washed and dressedfirst so they could help me. I watched as they choose their clothes,dressed, put on their makeup and brushed their hair. Karen borrowed ablack full slip from my new clothes and a black and white above theknee length dress from Joyce. The dress was a good fit, just a littleHi.A curios boy compared the diferent styles of male and femaleundies. Well, he got caught by his aunt and …As ever I DIDN’T write this story and haven’t any claim on it. Ifyou have some usefull hints or some good coments, your mail is thenwelcome. Flames, you know, they will be piped to /dev/null.If you are an author and wish to remain anonymouns or just try toavoid the replies to your work. I offer you the chance of posting yourstories and collecting the response for you. This offer only stands forstory postings and for nothing else._3snug on top. Joyce opened a drawer, picked out a sheer, black Lycrabra with a small flower pattern running through it. Opening anotherdrawer she selected matching panties and a black garter belt with redvelvet ribbons.I commented that owning a lingerie boutique had it’s advantages as faras fancy undies. She said that a lot of the lingerie she used forherself were samples given to her by the saleswomen who called on theshop. From a third drawer, she chose smoky gray nylons. Her dress wasa charcoal gray brushed wool summer knit, with a scoop collar and a hemthat stopped above the knee. It hugged her frame like a second skinand she looked outstanding. When I commented on how nice she looked,she said.”I’ve got to look special for my new beau!”The women decided on an ivory colored two piece outfit for me. Underthe matador style jacket, I wore a rust colored satin blouse thataccented my hair. The skirt was a wrap across type with three largebuttons on my left hip. These buttons secured the skirt panels from mywaist to mid-thigh. When I walked the lower portion of the skirtflared open and showed quite a bit of leg. The tightly drawn materialof the skirt helped highlight the roundness of my buns. My hose wassandal colored and I borrowed a pair of brown alligator shoes withthree inch heels from Aunt Joyce. Under my outfit, I wore rust satinpanties that featured a tummy constraining control panel with built inhip and derriere enhancement. The control panel forced my cock downbetween my legs and was strong enough to keep it there. Over thepanties, I wore a white nylon half slip. My bra was white Lycra withsoft gel filled breast forms. When I walked, my high heels caused my”tits” to jiggle and the satin blouse moved with them. I paraded infront of the girls, pouted at their wolf whistles (as a girl should)and smiled at their compliments.We arrived at the medical building, took the elevator to the fifthfloor and entered the reception area. I was introduced to DR. MaryBeals, my gynecologist. She was about forty, slightly overweight,short, with a motherly look about her. For the first time, I realizedhow much Joyce was doing for me.We were shown into an examination room where I was asked to remove allmy outer clothes. The doctor took my height, weight, age, bloodpressure, pulse and listened to my heartbeat. Then she asked me tolower my panties and examined my genitals. Dr. Beals completed theexam and told me I could get dressed.As I dressed, Dr. Beals asked me a series of personal questions, whichI answered. I must have convinced her of my sincerity, since Dr.Beals wrote a six month prescription for hormone pills (Estrogen andProgesterone). In addition, I was given a starter shot. The doctorexplained that I would begin to notice changes within a few hours andto expect some minor escort kaş side affects. I would temporarily becomeirritable but that would last only a couple of days. The biggestchange would be a noticeable loss of stamina and an eventual lesseningof muscle bulk. The booster shot would take affect almost immediately,causing a pitch change and a minor sore throat. It would take about amonth before my system adjusted and overcame the supply of malehormones my body produced. Later, we would then decide futuretreatment options based upon my desired goals; a sex change, acontinued low dosage of pills, or somewhere in between. Aunt Karenpaid the doctor and we waited in the reception room, while Joyceremained with Mary. As we left the examination room we heard Mary tellJoyce to remove her clothes and get up on the table with her feet inthe stirrups for her examination.During our wait, the door opened and a most attractive woman, dressedas a nurse, walked in, sat down at the receptionist’s desk, opened anappointment book and asked if we needed help. We informed her we hadalready seen the doctor and were waiting for our friend. As the nursesmiled her understanding, the phone rang. She answered it. Whateverthe topic was, it caused her to slide her deskchair to a bank of filingdrawers. She continued speaking while searching for some files. Indoing so, she parted her legs, offering me the opportunity to see upher skirt. I had been reading a magazine and used it as cover to seeup all the way to the thin strip of nylon barely covering “everythingshe owned”. I realized the nurse wouldn’t have exposed herself socasually if she had known there was a male in the office. I continuedto stare and even adjusted my position lower in order to see better.The nurse had great legs! The kind that “went all the way up”.Unexpectedly, she looked up and caught me staring at her crotch. Herinstinctive reaction was to swiftly close her open legs, grab thefiles, slide the chair back to her desk and finish the call. Beforeshe could say anything about my being rude, the intercom beeped, sheanswered it and t
urning to Aunt Karen, announced.”The doctor wishes to see you again.”As the door closed behind Aunt Karen, the nurse asked if I liked what Isaw. I assumed she was gay and was another “friend” of the Doctors.Embarrassed, I apologized for being so rude, but complimented her onher gorgeous legs. She stood up, moved to the front corner of the deskand leaned against it facing me. This brought her uniform coveredcrotch to the level of my eyes. Grasping the hem, she teasingly raisedher skirt to her waist, offering me a delicious view of her thighs andpanty clad pussy. The crease of her opening and the matted curls ofher mound plainly evident through the sheer material. Just then weheard the sounds of my Aunts coming back into the room. The nursequickly dropped her skirt, but remained leaning against the desk.Joyce knew the nurse and introduced Karen and I to Roberta. Weexchanged in the usual female chit chat, said our good byes and left.As we departed, I turned back to the nurse, silently mouthed a thankyou and licked my upper lip. Roberta “flounced” her skirt and threw mea silent kiss.In the car, we discussed the exam and I thanked Joyce once again forher sacrifice.”Amy, don’t worry about it … I enjoyed it! If I’d know how goodMary could ‘eat’ me, I would have given myself much sooner.” She said.When I mentioned that Roberta had caught me staring up her uniform andthat I thought she was gay, Joyce explained.”Roberta used to be a Robert. Mary performed a gender change upon himthree years ago. Now she works there and is also Mary’s lover. Iwondered if you two were fooled. Amy, she may have recognized you andmade the presumption you were there to consider a sex change.”Aunt Karen and I were amazed! We had been completely fooled.* * * *We drove to Sammy’s Pancake House for breakfast. When I told thewaitress I wanted an order of flapjacks, Aunt Karen suggested that Itry the low-cal breakfast fruit plate instead. So that’s what Igrudgingly ordered. Eating was the only part of being a girl I didn’tlike. We spent an hour chatting over our coffee. Upon leaving, I didnoticed two businessmen eyeing us as we passed by their booth. Theirroving eyes moved from Aunt Karen’s breasts, to Joyce’s ass, thenacross my bouncing breasts and down to my legs. I thoroughly enjoyedthe attention! It felt good to not only fool them, but to know theyfound me attractive.We arrived at the mall as the stores were opening. Since it was Mondaymorning, very few shoppers were present and those few were mostly youngwomen with pre school c***dren. Our first stop was the Bass shoestore. A pretty young girl measured my foot (Size 9), went to thestockroom and returned shortly with six pairs to try on. This was nodifferent than buying shoes when I was a boy. The shoes fit, I likedthree of the styles, so we bought them. This pleased the salesgirl somuch she offered me her card and said.”If you need anything in the future, please ask for me, I’ll be happyto assist you in any way I can.”I assured her I would remember her the next time I needed shoes. Wepaid the bill and asked her to hold the shoes for us until we finishedshopping, which she readily agreed to do.Now that we had the correct shoe size, we headed to Lazarus. Adepartment store at the far end of the mall. Joyce had suggested wewalk the mall, end to end, window shopping as we went and make ourpurchases on the way back. That way we wouldn’t have to carry so much.As we walked, I made mental note of a few stores I wanted to look intoupon our return. In the past, I would have accepted “any” chance toown a dress, now I could be selective.We reached the end of the mall and entered the Lazarus store. When weapproached the escalator, the “girls” warned me about the treads andthe problem of heel spikes catching in the slots. I would have neverthought of that by myself … I obviously still had a lot to learnabout being a woman! We three girls shopped the entire store. Ilooked through the lingerie department, but what Joyce had given me wasmuch prettier. We moved to the better dresses, where we all founddresses we liked.I was having a ball, being in public and clothes shopping with them,not just “going along” with them. It was so much more fun discussingthe clothes with each other. This time when my Aunt held a dress upagainst my frame, there was no teasing. When we went to the dressingarea an immaculately coiffured and dressed woman of about twenty-eightoffered to assist me. I looked to my Aunts for help, but they justsmiled. The woman escorted me to a private room (4’x 6′), hung mydress selections on the hook and said if I needed any help with thebuttons, to call out.I undressed, picked the dress I liked least and put it on. From theother side of the dressing-room door, a voice asked how I was doing andif I liked the dress. I answered.”I don’t care for it, it doesn’t hang right.”In a sincere voice, the woman (I didn’t remember her name) said.”Oh, that’s too bad, I’m sure the next will be better.”As I took off the dress and reached for the hanger, the door openedslightly and a hand appeared. The voice said.”Don’t bother with that, I’ll take care of rehanging it.”I handed her the dress and the hanger … and the door closed.The second dress fit much better and I liked the way it looked on me.Wanting my Aunts’ opinions, I opened the door, stepped out and was metby compliments from the saleswoman. Aunt Karen walked over from hersaleslady, commented on how perfectly wonderful the dress fit and urgedme to buy it.”I probably will.” I answered.She asked my opinion of her selection and I told her it was anexcellent choice which flattered her figure. As I turned to look forJoyce, Martha (I read the name on her I.D.) exclaimed.”Oh No! There’s a flaw in the material.”She reached down, lifted my dress (I had removed my slip because thedress was much shorter) and examined the skirt. Using her nail, shescratched at something and it flaked off. She pulled the material upand around so I could look at it.There I stood, before a stranger, with the back of the dress above mywaist … my pantied ass for the world to see. My Aunt started togiggle, whereupon the saleswoman, Martha, realizing what she had done,quickly dropped the material and repeatedly apologized for her mistake.She petitioned me to excuse her ineptness, explaining she had only beentrying to show me that there was no flaw. I assured Martha, that Itook no offense, realized it had been just an accident and evenremarked I appreciated a determined saleswoman who tried as hard as shedid. I informed her it would remain our secret, winked and hugged hercheek to cheek (I was getting this “woman to woman” friendship thingdown pat). She thanked me and tried to apologize once more.I said, “Martha, we’re all girls here, what have I got that you don’tand since when can’t one women help another get dressed.”I thought Aunt Karen was going to choke she was laughing so hard. Iturned to go try on the last dress and heard Martha whisper softly veryclose to my ear.”Your so very very sweet, I’d really be happy to help you get in andout of the next dress … if you want Me or my help!”There was no way I could mistake her meaning, especially the “want Me!”comment. She purposely emphasized the pronoun “Me”.I entered the dressing room and closed the door behind myself. Quicklyremoving the dress, I swung the door open wide enough for Martha to seeme in just my bra, panties, garter belt, nylons and heels. Theexpression on her face, as her eyes devoured my body, was one of sexualdesire. Handing her the dress, I turned away, bent over, allowing herto get a “good” look at my panty covered cheeks and picked up thehanger. The “hungry” look on Martha’s face confirmed my suspicion …Martha was turned on to me! I handed her the hanger and using my otherhand, I ran one finger slowly over her pursed lips. A low moancaressed my fingertip. As Martha moved to step forward into thedressing room with me, I grabbed her by the shoulders, half-turned herand ushered her out. After a minute, I ca
lled out through the closeddoor.”Martha, could you help me with the buttons?”Martha slid into the dressing-room, saw immediately that I was stillundressed, locked the door and came to my open arms. Some very hotkissing took place. I lifted her skirt along with her slip, slid myhand inside her pantyhose and used a finger to part the already moistfolds of her labia. I must have brushed the tender bulb of her clit,as a shudder coursed through her.I told her, “You’ve seen me, now I want to see you.”I pulled her clothes above her waist, had her sit down on thebench-seat, slipped her hose down to her ankles, raised her slenderlegs over her head and moved my lips to her hot juicy cunt. She spreadher thighs in expectation.Martha whispered “I’m hot already, it won’t take me long to come, thenif you like, I’ll have time to go down on you!”I lowered my face to her womanhood, inhaling the sweet, musky fragranceof a female in heat. It took all my self control to delay her orgasm.Each time Martha approached orgasm and softly begged to come … Istopped. When she tried to conceal the closeness of her orgasm, Irelented. Two flicks against her clit brought a low moan and she came.She locked her hand over her mouth to mute the screams erupting fromdeep within her soul. Kissing her pussy a last time, I helped her up.After a moment, she opened her eyes, looked in mine and said.”That’s the greatest orgasm I’ve ever experienced, thank you! Now it’smy turn to do you.”Now the question, what would her reaction be when she lowered mypanties and found a penis where she expected to find a pussy. I feltsure that I controlled the situation. Afterall, I was the patron andshe certainly couldn’t tell anyone what had occurred.Martha reached up, grabbed the waistband of my panties, pulled themdown to my ankles and looked up just as my dick sprang from between mythighs. A long moment of utter confusion, replaced by a moment of trueunderstanding and then a smile of anticipation. She opened her mouthand licked the head with her wet tongue.”This is even better than I expected! Will you fuck me?””I would love to fuck that sweet, juicy opening between your legs, butwe can’t! My cum would run out your pussy and down your legs, ruiningyour clothes. Somebody would surely notice and you might lose yourjob! Suck my cock, swallow all my cum and we’ll make otherarrangements afterwards.”Without a word, Martha grabbed my dick, inserted it in her hot mouthand sucked. I stood there amazed as she took more and more down herthroat until she had taken all of it. This woman could suck cock! Asshe pulled back, her lips dragged their way to the tip of my cock witha slow twisting motion. I knew I couldn’t take much of this. I lookedinto her blue eyes and saw the twinkle of amusement which told me sheplanned a prolonged and extended suck. Even though I wanted toexperience what she had planned for me, I cautioned her about the timeand her being so long off the floor. She nodded her understanding,took my entire length down her throat, swallowing the head. She sensedmy need, increased her movements and made me come. I exploded down herwarm throat, then into her mouth as she pulled back. Martha sucked andswallowed every last drop of hot juice I had to offer. When shereleased my spent muscle, she smiled, licked her lips, stood up and wekissed. We quickly straightened our dresses. She left the room firstand a short time later I emerged as if nothing unusual had occurred. Itold Martha (for everyone to hear) I would take both dresses. She rangthem up, bagged them and handed me the receipt. Under the sales slipwas her name, address, phone number and a short note. “Thank you, Itruly enjoyed helping you!” As I took the slip from her hand, ourfingers gently touched. With a sensual pouting of lips and a wink, wereturned to reality.Leaving the better dress department, we stopped in the women’s shoedepartment, found nothing we liked and exited to the main mall.Joyce said, “Let’s sit on this bench and have a cigarette.”We sat down, me in the middle (so they could use the ashtrays), whenJoyce asked.”Alright, what happened between you and the salesgirl?”Aunt Karen looked totally confused, she hadn’t notice, but my “eagleeyed” other Aunt sure had.I spent ten minutes explaining what had happened in the dressing roombetween Martha and I. As I finished my story, I stated.”For eighteen years I get no sex, now, dressed as a woman, it findsme!”I could tell Aunt Joyce was a little upset with me and hoped this asidewould placate her. It didn’t work!”Young lady (I knew I was in trouble now), I realize this is all newand exciting to you, but you’ll have to learn a little restraint.Having sex in a public area is dangerous, we all could have beenarrested. We would have been ruined and most probably ended up injail. The only smart thing you did was not fucking the salesgirl.”I’m sorry, I just didn’t think past my desire. I promise it won’thappen again. I want your love and acceptance more than anything else.Please forgive me?”Both women grasped my hands and squeezed.Karen spoke. “Of course we forgive you. We love you and know you loveus, that’s why we’re sure you’ll keep your promise.”I looked to Joyce, she shook her head yes and smiled.We finished our break and headed for 9 West, another shoe store. Wehad seen shoes to match some of my outfits from Joyce. The store wasempty, except for a young clerk reading a magazine. We sat down in anout of the way corner, partially shielded from the rest of the mall, bya rack of “Sale” shoes. He came over, with a truly insincere andleering grin on his face. We turned to each, communicated with oureyes and smiled sweetly when he asked if he could help us. Karenuncrossed her legs, left them slightly parted and asked to see some redleather pumps in a size 7 1/2. Joyce asked for black leather flatsalso in a 7 1/2 (the wrong size). She had to ask at least twice, hisattention was so riveted on Aunt Karen’s legs. Not wishing to be leftout, I handed him three sample shoes, claiming I didn’t know my shoesize. As he slid in front of me, I uncrossed my legs, flashing him abit of inner thigh and lifted my foot to be measured. He grasped myankle in one hand and removed my shoe with the other. As he slid theshoe off my foot, his curled fingers “teased” my lower arch, making myfoot jump, forcing my thighs further apart. It obviously was a wellpracticed habit of his to obtain a better look up a woman’s skirt.After insincerely apologizing, the man measured my foot, stated “9B”and left for the stockroom.While he was gone, we three girls conspired our punishment for his rudeand lecherous attitude. My Aunt’s would tease him, by partiallyexposing their thighs and get him excited. I was to follow their leadand finish embarrassing him with their additional help, if needed. Inthe process I would learn some of their techniques and get to practicemine. Aunt Joyce and I recrossed our legs and modestly fixed ourskirts. Aunt Karen, on the other hand, adjusted her skirt much higherand moved her knees further apart.The salesman returned shortly, saw Karen’s legs versus ours andsquatted in front of her. Before he could reach for her ankle, sheplaced it in his lap, acting as if this was a normal action on herpart. The stunned look of surprise was precious. He almost lost hisbalance. Karen bent and raised her knee so he could put the shoe onher foot, thereby “showing” her panty covered crotch. He fumbled theshoe onto her foot, all the time staring up her raised skirt. AuntKaren held her knee bent swinging her ankle back and forth as ifexamining her foot thereby opening and closing her thighs to his view.His head wavered in rhythm to my Aunt’s movements reminding me of theswaying dance of a cobra. I looked at his crotch, his erection wasobvious, it tented his solid gray slacks. Having previously been inthat position, I knew how badly he wanted to adjust his cock to a morecomfortable position. Auntie said she didn’t care for the style or thefit and lowered her leg, waiting for him to remove the sho
e. Not beingable to stand without revealing that he had a hard on, he stoop walkedto Aunt Joyce. As he squatted before her, he attempted a quickadjustment of his clothing, but from the look on his face, he failedmiserably. Now, Aunt Joyce went to work. Instead of offering herfoot, she took the shoe from his hand, crossed her ankle over her kneeand attempted to force the shoe on her foot. She slid the shoe backand forth, trying to get her foot into the too small shoe. Thissideways movement afforded him an excellent view of his second pantiedpussy. A soft groan, covered by a feigned cough, issued from betweenthe salesman’s lips. Joyce asked what size shoe this was. When heanswered 7 1/2, she said.”Well, obviously, that’s why it doesn’t fit, I specifically told you 81/2.””I’m sorry.” he replied. Taking the shoe from her outstretched hand,all the while holding the shoebox over his crotch, he started to movetowards the stockroom..”I’ll get the right size!” he said as he scooted away.After a couple of minutes, he returned, in somewhat better shape, butstill carrying a shoebox at his crotch.”We don’t have your size in stock, but I have a size 9 if you care totry it.”Joyce shook her head and “demurely” replaced her shoe.Now it was my turn. I wanted to prove I could “tease” as good as myAunts. This time, instead of squatting, he sat on his little stool. Igracefully raised my foot and using a shoe horn, he slid my foot intothe shoe. I used a technique similar to Karen’s. Namely, raising myleg straight out, but only slightly parting my thighs. The shoe fit, Isaid I liked them, then using Joyce’s method (ankle across my opposingknee), I slowly removed the shoe. I continued my game as he fit thesecond style. As before, I offered him an exciting view of my thighs,but no more. I said I would take this pair also. I was determined toexceed both Karen and Joyce. Up until now, I hadn’t allowed him to seeup my skirt to my panty covered crotch. I could tell, that he had lostall self control and would meekly do whatever I wanted, if only he wasallowed to see more. I slid forward in the chair, causing my skirt toexpose my thighs at the welt. Now he was hooked! Placing my foot inhis sweaty palm, I asked him to fit the third style, on both feet.When he did as I asked, I placed my feet on the floor, slightly back ofmy knees. As I looked down, my thighs opened wide. This was his bestview of the day and I was rewarded with a groan. This time he made noeffort to cover the sound with a cough. He was too excited to thinkstraight.Leaving my thighs open, I said. “I’ll take these in addition to theother two pairs.”Then to the women, I stated. “This shopping is exhausting!”I leaned back in the chair and asked if he would assist me, butmaintained my feet back behind my knees and my thighs spread. Hereached down and in so doing placed his face directly between my openknees … less than a foot away from my “womanhood”. From under myskirt came a long groan and then an even longer moan. His hand shot tohis crotch where he attempted to stem the flow of his juices … hehad come in his pants. We “girls” couldn’t stop laughing. We satthere, watching the ever-widening wet spot on his pants grow as helowered his head in embarrassment. As we left, Joyce turned back tohim and spoke the best comment of the day, “Thank you and ‘come’again.”We walked down to Pappagallo Shoes, where I purchased a pair of brownalligator shoes to match the ones I borrowed from Joyce. These were asize 9, fit better so I wore them and had Joyce’s boxed instead. As itwas about 1:00 P.M., we decided to pick up our purchases (we now hadfour dresses and seven pairs of shoes), carry them to the car and drivesomewhere for a light lunch. We stopped in two more dress shops on theway, but found nothing we really liked. By the time we got to our car,I was fatigued. Obviously the doctor’s warning about my stamina wascorrect.* * * *We went to lunch at Friday’s. I was smart enough to order a Cobb Salad(filling and low in calories). We took our time over our meals anddidn’t leave till about 2:30. We then headed back to Joyce’s house.Our mood was definitely reserved. Without a word being said, werealized we were not spending another night with Aunt Joyce. When wegot to her house, we packed up the clothes I had been given andtransferred our purchases from Joyce’s car to ours. Parting was noteasy. Nobody wanted to say good-bye.Aunt Karen finally said, “We need to leave before the traffic gets toobad.”We went inside, hugged and kissed each other till the tears started.The mood swung 180 degrees when Karen asked.”Joyce, why don’t you be our houseguest this weekend?”Joyce readily agreed and the tears changed to squeals of joy. Wekissed and hugged, made our way to the car and drove off. On the wayback, we talked about everything that had occurred. I told Karen howhappy I was with my new life and thanked her again for the opportunity.She said I was welcome and that my gender switch also made her happy.She reminded me, her life had also changed. Now instead of beingsexually frustrated all the time, she was again enjoying the entireaspect of being a woman. When we arrived home, we unloaded, carriedeverything inside and put it away. At the same time we stored all ofmy male clothes in the attic. My drawers now contained all the silky,lacy and pretty girl things I had always dreamed about. I had a drawerfor my panties, bras and garter belts. A second contained my slips andhose. Another drawer held my foundation garments and breast forms. MyAunt suggested that I might want to rearrange the placements after Ibecame more accustomed to getting dressed. My closet was full ofdresses, skirts, blouses and shoes. I also hung my nighties in thecloset, even though Karen stated a drawer would be a better choice.Right now, I enjoyed seeing them hanging there. When we finished, welay back on the bed, exhausted. Looking around, she said.”We need to redecorate your room! The colors OK, but all thefurniture, curtains and bedspread are wrong. Let’s look at thecatalogs for some ideas.”We spent hours deciding, the styles, colors and materials for my newroom. Aunt Karen said we would buy or order everything the next dayand we could set it up when Joyce came. She took as much pleasure inthe decisions as I did. My Aunt really enjoyed having another woman inthe house. My redecorated bedroom would be ultra-feminine, with acanopy bed, lace trimmed curtains and pink pastel lamps. Auntiesuggested we buy a few dolls and some stuffed cuddly a****ls to sit onmy bed and dressers. With this all decided, we went to the kitchen andmade dinner. After dinner, we changed into clothes more suitable tolounge around in. My Aunt came to my room dressed in a pair of whitesatin pajamas and then assisted me in removing the last of my makeup.I selected a pair of green pajamas, also made of satin. Instead of ourusual evening spent watching TV, we talked. This was much moresatisfying. Aunt Karen went into detail about her life as a young girland her marriage. I learned more about her in three hours than I hadin the previous sixteen years. She told me what a poor lover my unclehad been, never bringing any imagination to their love life. She foundout after they split up that he had been with other women almost fromthe start of their marriage. He obviously felt the need to constantlyconquer any woman he could. She cried a little as we talked, while Iheld her and kissed away the tears. She expressed she was glad I wasnothing like him. In an effort to change the mood, I asked a questionwhich brought instant gales of laughter to the two of us.”You mean he didn’t like to wear a dress?”We spent the rest of the evening just enjoying each other’s company,talking about the future, the things I needed to learn and trying tothink of any problems we might encounter. When we decided it was timefor bed, we climbed the stairs, hand in hand and made our way toAuntie’s room. We laid down, side by side, facing each other andsnuggled into each other’s warmth. We talked, we touched and we gen
tlyplayed with each other, not to arouse, but to cherish the excitement ofbeing together. I don’t know when, but we fell asleep cradled in eachother’s arms.

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