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My Mother’s Second Job Chapter 2My erotic dream was actually a nightmare. My mother was under me as I pounded her pussy with my hard cock. Mother was telling me to cum in her pussy and the more I tried, the harder it was to cum. On the bed next to us was my grandmother. As my cock slid in and out of my mother’s pussy I looked at my grandmother. She was asking me if I wanted to suck on her large, erect nipples while she fingered her wet pussy.The ringing of the telephone brought me out of the dream. Lying on my back I reached over and picked up the telephone. As I brought the phone to my ear I was keenly aware of my raging hard on and the pain I was feeling. I had lost count of how many times I had jacked off during the night and fell asleep sometime after three in the morning. My balls were as dry as a water hole in the Sahara desert. There was no more cum and the pain in them reminded me of that.”Good morning mother.” I said into the phone. “Yes, your computer is ready. When? No I won’t be here. I’ll leave it for you over at Mrs. Anderson’s place.””What have you got to do on a Saturday?” My mother asked me.”I’m going out for the day with some of the guys from work.” I replied.”You should go out with one of them girls there.” My mother shot back quickly.”Bye mother.” I answered with a sigh and turned off the phone.I swung my arm and in placing the telephone on my nightstand I knocked over the bottle of Crisco oil. I jumped out of bed and quickly picked it up before the entire bottle emptied onto the carpet. Sometime during my night of watching the homemade videos of my mother and grandmother for their porn site I had run out of jack off lube and resorted to good ole Crisco. I jumped into the shower, knowing if I didn’t hurry my mother would be knocking on my door.I had the water as hot as my body could stand. The hot shower helped to deflate my hard cock. Relieved and now awake, I quickly dressed and grabbed my mother’s computer. Mrs. Anderson’s apartment was three down from mine and as I walked toward it I began to recall the three videos I watched the night before with her in them.Mrs. Anderson was in her mid to late sixties. She stood about 5 foot or a couple of inches taller. Her hair was a salt and pepper color with the white hair quickly taking over. I would guess she weighed somewhere near 150lbs. Her breasts appeared to be somewhat to small for her body. Her ass was well proportioned and I recalled she had nice legs for such an old lady. Mrs. Anderson had four traits I discovered in watching her performance.The first was she was able to devour large cocks with her mouth and she loved the taste of cum. Mrs. Anderson was a natural at deep throating. The next was she talked like a sailor while her ass or pussy was getting pounded. The third was she loved taking large cocks up her ass. In one video I had watched a young man slide his entire 12″ cock in and out of her ass. The last thing I’d learned was she was very talented at multi-tasking. I’m still not sure how she was able to suck a cock while getting fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time. The look on her face I had observed told me she truly enjoyed it. I knocked on the door of Mrs. Anderson’s apartment and heard a shill voice tell my “just a minute.”The door opened and I stood there staring at Mrs. Anderson. She was wearing a modest pants suit which I recognized from one of her fuck videos. If it had not been for the pain still in my balls I’m sure my cock would have popped out of my jeans.”Oh Tim! Come in. What can I do for you?” She asked as I entered her apartment.I smiled and stepped into the middle of her living room. As I stood there I looked down the hall. All the apartments were basically the same. What caught my attention was the large painting over the bed in the master bedroom. It was the same painting I had seen in one or two of her videos. My mind was still in shock and it took several seconds for me to realize Mrs. kaş escort Anderson was speaking to me.”I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you.” I said as I turned and faced her.”I was asking you what you needed.” She replied.”Oh, I’m going out with some of my friends and my mother asked me to leave her computer with you.” I said with a shaky voice.”Great! Your mother and I have some business to do here and she’ll need it.” She said with a giggle.My brain kicked into gear. I had a good guess on what the business was and handed the computer to her.”Tell mom I’ll try and stop bye sometime this weekend.” I said and turned to leave.One of the things I’d learned from being around Mrs. Anderson was she always patted and squeezed my ass whenever she got the chance. Up to now I had never paid attention to her actions.”Someday the two of us need to sit and have a nice chat.” She replied as she patted and slid her hand over my ass.I jumped out the door and quickly entered my apartment. From what Mrs. Anderson had said and what I had seen on my mother’s website, I had a good idea on what the business was. I locked my door and hoped my mother would not use the spare key I’d given her to check my apartment. I made sure the shades were drawn tight and sat in the chair, looking out into the parking lot.Thirty minutes later I watched my mother’s BMW pull into a parking stall. The driver side door opened and I watched my mother get out. Her hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing a white sun dress. As the morning sun hit her it caused the dress to become almost transparent. My cock stirred but still was not able to fully respond. Mother was totally nude under the dress. As she opened the back door of her car I saw the passenger door open. My jaw hit the floor as I watched Bill get out and close the door. He walked around and relieved my mother of a large nylon bag and I watched my mother grab his crotch and squeeze.Bill was a year or two younger than me. I knew him fairly well from the church group my mother had insisted I joined several years ago. What truly shocked me was that Bill was the son of the church pastor! I watched at my mother wrapped her arm around his and walk toward the building. I sat, waiting for a few minutes and walked into my computer room.I sat down and went onto the internet, the night before I had bought a membership to my mother’s porn site. I opened the site, signed on and read the page.”Live Sex Show! From 11am to 1pm. Watch The Grannies Suck and Fuck! Only $9.95. Members Pay Only $5.95!”I hit the “Watch Now” button and hit agree when it told me it would be charged to the credit card number I had use to join. Within seconds I was observing Mrs. Anderson’s bedroom. I recognized the painting and the bright pink floral bedspread I had seen minutes earlier.Mrs. Anderson stepped into view of the camera leading Bill by the hand. I got out of my chair and quickly ran to my bedroom and returned with my good ole bottle of Crisco. Sitting back in my chair I turned up the volume to watch and listen.”I hear you have a big cock!” Mrs. Anderson said with a giggle as she ran her hands over Bill’s body.”What do you want to do first? Fuck my mouth? Fuck my pussy or fuck my ass? She said as she pulled his tee shirt over his head, revealing his hairless, bulging chest.Bill reached out and quickly removed Mrs. Anderson’s jacket and began working on the buttons of her blouse. With the last button done, he removed it and unhooked her bra and freed her small breasts. My eyes were glued to the screen. Mrs. Anderson’s breasts were small, but her nipples had to be at least an inch long. They looked to be as hard as a Popsicle and probably just as tasty!I watched as Bill reached out and pinched and pulled on the nipples, causing Mrs. Anderson to moan loudly.”That makes my pussy so wet.” She moaned.”Let’s start with you sucking my cock!” Bill replied in a deep voice.With that said Bill placed a hand on her head and pushed escort kaş her to her knees. I watched as she undid his pants and pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles. With his cock now free I watched Mrs. Anderson kiss the lar
ge head while she cupped his hairless balls in both hands. I watched in awe as Bill’s cock grew to at least 10″ in a matter of seconds. As she took the head of his large cock into her mouth, his moan said it all. Out of view of the camera I heard my mother’s voice. “I can see you’re going to need help with that monster.” My mother said as she walked into view of the camera.Mother had removed her sun dress and her breasts hung low. Her nipples were also erect as she pinched them. She walked up to Bill and kissed him. As their tongues battled Bill slid a hand down and began fingering my mother’s pussy. All three were now moaning. My mother broke the kiss and placed her hands on Bill’s shoulders, forcing him to sit on the edge of the bed. Mrs. Anderson’s mouth never left his cock and she was now slowly working to take it deep into her throat.Bill lay back on the bed and I watched as my mother climbed onto the bed and then straddled his head. From the angle of the camera I could not see what Bill was doing. But from my mother’s movement and moans I had a good idea. That’s when it happened.The camera moved to show Bill’s tongue working on my mother’s slit and clit. Every few seconds my mother would rise up and I watched as her juices dripped into his mouth.Who had moved the camera? Was it my grandmother? I didn’t see her arrive. Was someone else in Mrs. Anderson’s apartment while I had been there?My mother was now talking loudly as she looked into the camera to inform everyone watching and her fuck buddies that she was going to cum. The camera quickly moved again to show Mrs. Anderson playing with Bill’s balls while she sucked His entire cock into her mouth. The camera didn’t stay there long. My mother was now saying “Yes, Yes! Suck my clit!”Mother was fucking Bill’s face and I thought if he was not careful, he could get a bloody nose. The camera came back to show Bill’s lips locked on my mother’s clit. Mother moaned loudly she was cumming and the camera zoomed in on Bill’s face as mother began squirting pussy juice into his mouth and all over his face.I watched as my mother climbed off Bill’s face and she looked into the camera.”Would you like a taste?” She said while gazing into the camera.Then I heard a third female voice!”I can’t believe how much you squirt when you cum.” the familiar voice answered back.”I’d love a taste.” As the voice was now place with a face and walked into view of the camera.I was in shock again! The naked lady was about 55 years old. 5’10”, 145lbs with long jet black hair. Bright red lipstick covered the full lips. Her breasts were the size of cantaloupes and her nipples were hard. As she faced the camera my gaze went to the large bush she was sporting between her legs. The dark bush was a sharp contrast to her milky white skin and the size of her bush reminded me of the old afros. But what really made me catch my breath was when I looked at her face!”Holy Shit!” I said out loud. “Is everyone fucking their mothers except me?”Looking into the camera as she walked over to the bed was Mrs. Jones, Bill’s mother, the pastor’s wife!Bill’s mother leaned over the bed and began to lick my mother’s juices off his face. As their lips met she moaned. I watched Bill’s hand move and disappear into his mother’s large, black bush. Bill’s mother broke the kiss and she moved to allow her breasts to hang near his mouth.”Suck on mommy’s hard nipples while you finger my pussy” She moaned.Bill began to alternate sucking her nipples as he continued to finger fuck his mother.Whatever Mrs. Anderson was doing, she was doing it right. Bill moaned he was getting close to cumming and the camera again moved to show her fucking his huge cock with her mouth. She let Bill’s kaş escort bayan cock fall from her mouth.”I can’t wait to taste your cum, but we should let your first load shoot into her mother’s pussy.” Mrs. Anderson said as she stood up.”Fuck him!” I heard my mother’s voice say from behind the camera.”I’ve wanted to do this for a long time!” Bill’s mother said as she swung around and straddled his lower body.Bill’s mother took one hand and grabbed his cock. She quickly impaled herself with it and moaned out.”Oh God! It feels so huge!” she said as Mrs. Anderson leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into her own mouth.The way Bill’s mother moved, I thought she was riding one of those mechanical bulls. The look on Bill’s face told everyone watching he was enjoying the ride also.Mrs. Anderson let go of the nipple she’d been sucking and she moved to an open spot on the bed. Lying on her back she brought her knees up and opened her legs. Using both hands she reached down and opened her pussy for the whole world to see.”Put that camera down honey and eat this old lady’s pussy.” She said as two fingers slid into her very wet pussy.The camera panned out to show the entire bed. I watched, as other’s I’m sure were doing, Bill fuck his mother. My own mother walked to the bed with her back to the camera.”Your pussy looks yummy.” My mother said as she climbed onto the bed and between Mrs. Anderson’s legs.The show was now in full swing. I continued to watch the show, but had now leaned back in my chair and applied a large amount of oil to my own cock. I ignored the pain. I was dead set on shooting a load to the show I was watching.”God, that looks like fun. I need to try that” Bill’s mothers said as she fucked her son and watched my mother eat pussy.”I’m close to cumming! Suck my clit!” Mrs. Anderson moaned while trying to hump my mother’s face.”I’m going to cum too!” Mrs. Jones cried out, as she began to move even faster up and down her son’s large cock.”Oh God! Suck the cum from my pussy!” Mrs. Anderson said and threw her ass up off the bed and pulled my mother’s head hard toward her pussy.”Oh shit! Bill called out.”I’m cumming!” He said as he grabbed his mother’s waist and began to violently pull his mother down onto his cock.”Oh my God! It feels like a water hose in my pussy! It just keeps squirting” Mrs. Jones cried out.”I’m cumming!” She added in almost an a****l growl.Watching and listening had sent me over the edge also. Although my balls tried to resist I managed to release enough cum to make a mess on my belly.I continued to watch the show until it ended at 1pm. I watched Mrs. Anderson take Bill’s cock in her ass. It took a few minutes for him to get it all in, but with the help of his mother sucking Mrs. Anderson’s nipples and my mother finger fucking her he did it.Bill got to watch his mother eat Mrs. Anderson’s and my mother’s pussy. As I watched I thought of all the videos I’d seen. The thought or realization hit me while Bill was ass fucking his own mother.All the women I’d seen in the videos were from my mother’s church and bridge groups. As the screen on my computer went black I made up my mind I was not going to be a virgin much longer. I had acquired a new purpose in my life. I was going to fuck every one of those women, including my own mother and grandmother.I leaned back in my chair and stretched my arms. The lack of sleep hit me hard and I got up out of the chair. Wearily I stumbled to my bed and feel unto my back. In minutes I was in a deep, sound sleep.The lack of sleep caused me to not hear the opening of my front door, nor the calling out from my mother’s voice. I didn’t hear the two women giggling about what a great fuck Bill was. I didn’t hear them enter my computer room to find a bottle of Crisco oil on the desk, with a cum stained towel on the arm of the chair. They both assumed I was gone, so when they found my computer still on the website I didn’t hear my mother say I was at least not gay and with that both women laughed loudly. I did not hear both women gasp as they entered my bedroom to find me naked, with a cock hard as Blued steel.I did not feel the hand lightly grab my cock

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