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My memoriesAfter several vacations in Florida with my family, we decided that we would enjoy buying a home and there year round..My task was simple. I was to drive to Florida by myself, and dedicate three solid weeks in the scouting of employment, rental property investment, and a home in a exceptionally rated school district. On my scheduled day to begin my trip, I found it difficult to leave my home. I had become very accustomed to almost daily, day long, alcohol fueled sexual relations with my wife.. We had finally truly connected. We spent our time together experimenting with sexy clothing, sex toys, bondage, submission, dominance, voyerism, exhibitionism, orgasm control, female ejaculation, multiple orgasms, and indulging in pornography together as a couple. Our time spent together was as emotionally charged as physical. We truly connected on both planes. We both had discover pleasures that were previously unknown to either of us..I finally began my trip several days late. I spent those prior days tying to pack my wife’s sex along with my clothing and trip supplies but to no avail, I began my trip aroused from my woes goodby kiss. My plan was to split the drive into two days, staying at an hotel that first night..I would drive for an hour or so before entering the interstate, and decided to stop at a pharmacy to pick up last minute items such as emergency medical supplies, should I get into an accident on the way..I spotted a pharmacy just before entering the interstate, parked, and entered the store, following the isle signs. I found and the basics and gathered gauze, peroxide, and medical tape.I carried the items, making my way to the front of the store where the registers were located, and came across an area displaying personal massagers and lubricants. The products captured my attention, an I stopped to look at them..As I stood in the isle my thoughts drifted off to my recent experiences with my wife.. I wondered which lubricants she might like, she preferred the type that were known as arousal type which were designed to enhance the sensitivity of ones private parts..thoughts of her swollen and wet pussy flooded my minds eye..Next bahis siteleri canlı were the personal massagers which she adored, but already owned similar variations of. I thought us using them, both enjoying watching porn together, and especially while used the massagers on herself. My cock grew to life, creating a noticeable bulge in my jeans. My thoughts were soon consumed by the memories of how mind-blowingly erotic it was to touch myself to her, while she shamelessly brought herself to multiple orgasms while watching me..I found myself standing in the isle, staring off into space, listening to her heavy breath, her moans, her squeals of absolute delight…I wanted to pleasure myself to my memories of her..but couldn’t..My mind raced as to when and where I might satisfy myself, and soon recalled that I would be stating at a hotel that night. Alone. I so much wanted her to be with me..nonetheless, it was a rare opportunity to give myself the relief and pleasure I desired cock twitched in anticipation..I quickly grabbed two additional items, new razor blades and a bottle of baby oil..Walking to the register, my bulge was noticeable, but my memories of her prevailed.. I was so turned on I didn’t care who saw..The middle aged female register attendant coyly looked me up and down as I approached. I acted as if I didn’t notice, paid for my items and returned to my truck to continue my road trip..My mind wouldn’t give my cock a break..I drove a few hours, with my balls tingling, cock enjoying the pressure created by my tight jeans..I casually rubbed my self through my clothing while I drove. Erotic images taunted me..Not having her with me, I tuned on my smartphone and keyed up some porn..I couldn’t watch, but I could browse, select, and then listen to the characters guttural sounds as they fucked each other…I e-mailed my wife any movie that reminded me of us, or what I wanted to do with her, hoping that she would pleasure herself while watching my selections.. I knew she wouldn’t, but still the thought of me sending her stuff for her to get herself off maintained a sliver of an erotic connection to my mind, canlı bahis if she watched and played like me, we were doing it together, and I was not alone..I spent the balance of that days driving, listening and teasing through my clothing, imagining her doing the same thing.Hornier than ever, Starving, Mentally and physically exhausted, I reached the town that I would break for the night.First priority was to rent a room with 2 beds. One for my long awaited antics to mess up without concern, the other to actually sleep. I found a hotel, registered, and took my belongings to my room. The room was clean, sheets crisp, and pillows fluffy. Wi fi was available for my notebook computer..Perfect. My hunger winning over my arousal, I hurriedly went out to buy a few bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, coffee, and returned to my hotel room.As soon as the door closed behind me I dropped my bags of food on the bed. I immediately got my razor and new blades, striped all my clothes, and took a well needed shower. I carefully shaved my privates as best as I could reach, saving my pleasure until after I ate..I exited the bathroom half dry..not wet per say, but damp..The room was warm, so I decided that I would watch a little tv and eat in the nude on the bed..small droplets of water tauntingly ran down my body..I half laid down, and tried to relax while I ate.. My pulse quickened as I couldn’t deney the pleasure that awaited…my cock was so swollen that it almost pulsed with my heartbeat..the moisture between my legs felt cooling..I quickly finished eating, got up, and propped I all but one pillow in the room at the head of the bed to cradle my upper body..and placed the last pillow where I expected my ass to be. This would ensure I was as comfortable as possible, and give my hands the most reach to myself..Setting my notebook up along my side, I selected a compilation of several hundred women, each a minute or so, which exhibited only their moments of their masturbatory orgasms…I began …one after another..listening to their quickening breath, their wetness…their cum cries..watching their toes curl, bodies tense, legs widen, pussies swell bahis siteleri and contract, squirting and creaming themselves with only their personal expertise could provide…Bringing the oil to the bed, I slowly but generously poured it upon my body, enjoying the scent and how it mixed with the moisture remaining from the shower. I use the razor again, making sure my entire crotch and ass is completely hairless and smooth…just like I do to my wife..Opening my legs, I caressed the inner portions as I played with my nipples.. I tried to touch my body as I touched my wife’s. I avoided touching my sex as I knew I would orgasm quickly.. I wanted to enjoy for a while first..I wished I had stollen a pair of my wife’s worn panties before I left home. I longed to smell and taste her.. I wanted to rub her panties all over my body. I wanted to hold them to my face so that her pussy was the only thing I could smell.All I want is for her to sit on my chest facing my face, rubbing her self of on my lips and tong..her pushing her pussy hole onto my tong..allowing me to lick her cream out, stroking the inner walls of her with my tong..I imagined a portion of the sheets to be her panties. I held them to my face, imagining her,…I watched as long as I could, teasing my precum from my body, enjoying to every end, the scent and lubrication of only my own body could provide…imagining it was my wife’s cream and squirt lubricating me..Several times I had to look away and pull my hands from myself, squeezing my legs together for a moment to regain my composure…My cock pulsating, my nuts aching as if were clamped, my own breath and sounds mixing with the ladies…Slowing my strokes, so slow that I’m barely moving..using all my strength to not cum…My begging cock dripping in pre-cum, swollen larger than ever, to a stiffness
that is solid like…My hips begin to rise up, in a desperate attempt to fuck my hand..humping like a dog in heat…I could not hold on any longer…shooting my cum further away than I could recall in my last few years.. I came explosively, and all over myself and the bed…I continued to rub until I was deflated, enjoying g every last orgasmic pulse…massaging my own cum into my skin…Totally relaxed, I dragged myself to the other bed, and quickly fell asleep for the night. The next morning when I woke, I did the exact same thing again..Thank you for the memories my love

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