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My lingerie fetishNearly 40 years ago I began to get turned on by lingerie especially pantyhose. One night I had slipped my hard dick into the legs of my Mom’s hose she had placed jn the dirty cloths pile. The silky texture got me hard and excited. I had taken my cock out of my jeans and slipped my throbbing dick in to the legs and started to stroke myself. I only was able to stroke myself a half a dozen times when my cock exploded. At first the sensation startled me, later I stroked myself off into one of her bras and I was addicted to the feeling. Within just a few months I had began to cum 3 to 4 times a day. I acquired several porn mags and was on the hunt for women’s lingerie. At my best friends house I stole several bras, several panties and a couple pairs of pantyhose. His older sister went off to college leaving me to obsess over his younger sister. When everyone was upstairs eating dinner I went into her bedroom searching through her drawers. I took a half a dozen panties, several bras, a couple pairs of hose and a really hot bikini. I began to jack off on each item before returning it for a different pair. I got daring and began to jack off in her room on her pillows and on her bikini tops. I had also began to steal lingerie from one of my other friends Mothers. At one friends house I found a stash of toys along with pictures of his Mom using them and having sex with her husband and konya escort other men and women, I took a dozen or so of the pics, I used them for years to excite me as I jacked off. His Mom was not the greatest looker, but, it excited me to see her and think about her as a whore I had seen fuck. I also managed to steal a pair of hose and a pair of crotch-less panties and the bra that had holes for for her nipples to stick through. By the time I was in High School I had stolen a collection of lingerie, panties and hose. I often came 4 times a day, the first two times were the only that were impressive loads of cum. By my Junior year I was really into the whole game. I had only been caught one time in my friends sisters room and one time when my Mom asked me why I was cumming in her hose as she handed me a pair of her hose full of cum telling me how nasty it was to pull up her hose only to spread her sons cum on her legs. She gave me that pair and asked me to only masturbate on things in the dirty cloths hamper. I figured it would not be good to tell her about my collection. By this time I had become sexually active fucking girls a couple times a month. I told them I wanted their panties or bra as a souvenir of having blown my cum in her. Some of my friends had sisters or a hot Mom. I added lingerie to my collection. I usually came in my pantyhose 3 or 4 times a day unless I actually fucked escort konya someone. I had also found out that lots of older women loved to be fucked by a young guy like me. High School was a great time. I had learned how to stimulate myself so I could cum in less than a minute.College was crazy. So many gorgeous girls had me jacking off into my pantyhose continuously. I had to learn how to get off discretely so as not to draw attention to my sexual fetish. I tried to get lingerie from girls I knew, but, It was hard. I continued getting some lingerie from girls I fucked and a few who kept laundry hampers in there bathrooms. Then I remembered several trips I had made to the laundromat where I got several prizes. Though it had been time consuming I figured that I could use the time to study. I would put my cock in a pair of pantyhose so I could cum if I wanted to. I would watch for a hot babe to put a load of delicates I would volunteer to keep an eye on her laundry while I had to be there watching mine. As soon as she was gone I was going through her lingerie taking anything that turned me on. I did this at several on campus laundromats as well as several off campus ones. I had to get a bigger bag. When I graduated I fell in love. We had a great sex life fucking usually twice a day. I continued my collection efforts. I got a bra, panties and some hose from my Sister. I watched my brothers konya escort bayan house while they were on vacation. I found out that my Sister in-law was a damn nympho. She had 4 dildos, lots of lingerie and a dozen pictures of her masturbating or fucking my brother. I took several of the pictures, a teddy, a crotch-less pantie set, several pairs of thong panties and two pairs of pantyhose. I always masturbated with her stuff when I Jacked off looking at her pics. I managed to keep all of this secret and hide from the wife the cum I regularly deposited into a pair of her hose or onto her panties. When sex slowed down I began to jack off using her hose but pulling them off to shoot my load on her. At one point she caught me jacking off to my porn, luckily with her pantyhose and a pair of her panties. I got scared and decided to get rid of all but her stuff. I only lasted a couple of months before I began a new collection. I took pantyhose and lingerie from almost all of our friends and relatives.With the arrival of digital photography and cell phones I began a collection of photos that women did not know I was taking of her. The mainly were up skirt or down blouse at first. Then I got my first spy cam. I got pictures under the table of hot crotches. I worked for awhile at a hotel where I could hide several cameras to capture women naked and hopefully getting fucked. Once I got to record a high school orgy. I used those cams to capture several of our friends fucking. I captured my wife in the shower and changing cloths. All of this was watched with my cock inside a pair of pantyhose being stroked with great pleasure.

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