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My introduction to being a 3rd – pleasuring 2 hardTalking about something vs actually doing it = two very different experiences. Occasionally, because he knows it drives me crazy, B will talk dirty to me when we have our ‘are you in town’ get togethers. It never failed – as soon as he would talk about having a friend join us, let’s just say any inhibitions I had were instantly gone. After experiencing what I have with B, I often fantasized what it would be like to be in a 3-way with him and another guy. It happened this past weekend.It wasn’t a surprise – B told me he and Mike (M) would be in town for three days and hinted around that my fantasy might just come true if I was up to it. When I asked what he meant by ‘up to it’, B just said – you’ll see if things play out that way. Needless to say, I was intrigued, excited and although not a sure thing, anticipating an excellent visit with the two of them.I met the two of them out for dinner/drinks. B looked as handsome as always and M was equally as handsome but in a more rough and burly way. M stood about 6’4, maybe 240, muscular but not a gyn-rat. Both much larger than myself. Great dinner, great drinks, and a bomb question from B: “So, now you’ve met M and he’s dying to know – you interested in him joining us and giving that ass up to both of us?”. Stomach fell to the floor, my cock felt like it was made of concrete, and the only thing I could say was, ‘yes’.Fast-forward to their hotel room about 2 hours later. The three of us are naked. B is in front of me, running his hands up and down my body. M is behind me, cupping my ass, kissing/biting the back of my neck, and pressing his 3rd arm against my lower back. Both of my hands are on B’d chest, teasing his nipples; my mouth on his neck moving down to replace my fingers. As I start to lick his nipples, I start to massage his balls and stroke his beautiful cock. . .already thinking ahead to when I take him in my mouth and gag when he starts shove that thick monster to the back of my throat. B pulls me with him as he sits in a chair adjacent to the bed, M’s hands on my hips pushing me in the same direction.B sits, legs spread, cock leaking precum, and I get on my knees to service his beautiful cock. M is behind me, spreading my legs, and just as I take B’s cock in my mouth, I feel M’s mouth on my ass. I can’t describe the shock that went through my body but suffice it to say, I had yet to experience anything like it. I massaged B’s balls with one hand, stroked his cock with the other, and wrapped my lips tight around his cock. M fucked my ass with his tongue and massaged my balls/stroked my cock at the same time. I came, hard, way to early.B stood up, I’m still on my knees in front of both of them now. I reached up and cupped M’s balls – they were hot, huge, and heavy. I wrapped my fingers around his scary-large sock and guided him to my lips. B’s cock is large, M’s cock is scary large – maybe 2″ longer, and inch thicker, and equally hard like granite. I’m not going to lie – his cock was delicious as it slid in and out of my mouth. His precum tasted different – more starchy, more copious. M moaned as I serviced his cock, guiding me with his hands, and saying, “Fuck, that feels so fucking good. Pull off and suck my balls a bit”. As I pulled off his cock and started licking his balls, B shoved his cock in my face. The visual and tactile experience of servicing these two men was putting me into overlaid. casino siteleri I alternated between the two, eventually leaving my mouth wide open while they took turns fucking my mouth. Spit was running down my chest, onto the floor, and both of them were moaning, telling me how they were going to tear my ass up tonight.M moved to the bed and I climbed between his legs, wasting no time in getting his monster cock back in my mouth. Understand, it was hard to wrap my lips around him, impossible to take his length – neither of which deterred me in attempting both for as long as he could last. I looked up at him while I sucked and licked his heavy balls – he was rubbing his nipples, thrusting his hips and telling me, “put my cock back in that fucking mouth of yours. Work that cum out of my cock like I know you want it”. I repositioned myself and went to work – spitting on his cock, letting it run from my lips down to his cock, and stroking him while my lips went up and down his massive took. B was behind me, licking my ass, massaging my balls but when I repositioned myself, I heard a familiar sound. He poured Astroglide on my ass, stroked his cock until it was slick, and said, “You ready for this fucking cock to fuck you?”. I mumbled ‘yes’ while M’s cock was stuffed to the back of my throat and B started working his thick cock inside of my always tight ass. I pushed against him, egged him to fuck me deep, and when he slammed against me, I took M’s cock out of my mouth and told B, “Fuck my ass as hard and deep as you want”.B wasn’t playing around as he started slamming his cock in and our of my ass – every few strokes, pulling out, rubbing the head of his cock against my asshole, and then slowly sliding that thick cock all the way in and fucking me hard, deep and fast for a few strokes. M was verbally abusing me – “You fucking slut. . .this is what you wanted, right? B told me you wanted two cocks at the same time and now you got your wish mother fucker. . .that’s it, fuck his ass hard, B. . .and don’t stop sucking my cock, just like that. . .suck it, force that cock down your throat. . .yeah, you nasty fucker, like that. . .fuck, you can suck cock like a pro”. B was egging me on also – “that’s it, just like that, push that ass against me, fuck me back, work that ass boy, fuck yeah. . .yeah, I’m going to fill that hole of yours with so much cum. . .you ready. . .you ready for me to cum in that ass?”. I pulled off of M’s cock just long enough to say, “Fuck yeah, fuck me and put that fucking cum of yours inside of my ass. . .it’s all yours, fuck me. . .come on, B, fuck me”. B moaned loudly, I felt his cock swell inside of me and he pushed so hard, so deep I winced in pain as he started pumping his load in my tight ass. I could feel it – his hot cum squirting inside of my ass, the ‘slick’ feeling that happens when he continues to fuck me after he cums. M was still fucking my face as B pulled out and walked to the bathroom. . .mumbling something about, ‘your turn, M’. M pulled me off of his cock and told me to get on top of him. I didn’t hesitate. As I climbed on top of him, B came back out of the bathroom – his cock still semi-hard, cock ring in place and turned his laptop on. As gay porn started playing on the screen, M told me, “You ready to have that ass stretched?”. He pulled me down to him, started licking my nippled and pushing his hips up so that his cock was against my asshole. One canlı casino hand on the headboard, the other wrapped around his massive cock, I was nervous because of his size. Even the head of his cock was fucking huge and seeing that he didn’t cum in my mouth, I wondered how long it would take him to cum fucking me. . .and if I’d be able to handle him. B’s cum was all the lubricant we needed – I pushed my ass against his cock and winced as it eased inside of me. Fuck. . .I was shaking as I felt him stretch my ass wide. His cock grew thicker, harder as he started to gain depth in my ass – both hands on my hips, trying to force me down faster than I was willing to go. Half way and I thought ‘no way is he going to fit’. I worked my ass up and down his cock, not able to get more than half of him in because it burt. . .literally hurt. But, that wasn’t what he had in mind. . .M flipped us over, my head at the very edge of the side of the bed. Still inside of me, he spread my legs with his weight, leaned down and kissed me hard, almost with violent urgency, and started working his cock deeper inside of my now throbbing ass. My eyes were shut, hands on his shoulders trying to push him off a bit, attempting to tell him to s
low down. That’s when I felt B’s cock against my lips. B was watching M fuck me, watching me struggle against his weight, struggle tying to adjust to M’s huge cock. B’s cock was rock fucking hard again as he pumped in and out of my mouth, telling me, “Open those fucking legs. . .open, wider, lift that ass up and take that cock, take that fucking cock all the way, slut”. Hearing B say that sent me over the edge and I came again, coating my stomach and causing my ass to grip M’s cock even harder. M wiped my cum off of my stomach and put it on my asshole and on his cock – and while B continued to fuck my mouth from above, M pushed his massive cock back inside of my now gaping asshole. I don’t remember my cock even going soft b/c by the time he was pushing that massive thing back inside of me, I was rock hard again. B pulled his cock out of my mouth and lowered his balls to my lips. I grabbed his muscular things and teased his nuts and ass with my tongue while M continued to work his cock all the way inside of me. Then, without warning, he pushed against my resistant ass and as I moaned in both pleasure and pain, B shoved his cock to the back of my throat saying, “Fuck yeah, that’s what I wanted to see. . .take that cock, just like that. . .that’s fucking so hot. . .his cock, that big fucking cock stretching that little asshole of yours wide fucking open. . .fuck his ass, M, fuck him good and hard. . .make him moan, make him fuck you back, make him work for that cum”. I started lifting my hips and while B fucked my mouth, I was fucking M back stroke for stroke. M’s cock was abusing me, stretching my ass beyond what I thought I could take; he was fucking me in every sense of the word. My ass hurt, it was sore, it burned, but it felt so fucking good to look down and see that massive b**st of a cock sliding in and our of my ass. M pulled out, told me to get on my hands-and-knees and I did without missing a beat. It hurt again as he grabbed my hips and pushed that fucking massive cock inside of me. There was no ‘ getting adjusted to it’ and as B slid his cock back in my mouth, M stated thrusting his cock deep, steady, forceful. They were both talking dirty to me, making me moan, squirm kaçak casino and basically act like I was in fucking heat. M’s cock. . omg, I wanted him to cum but I wanted him to continue to fuck me until I passed out. “Fuck yeah, B said you love sucking his cock. . .he wasn’t k**ding, huh? B, you ready to cum in his mouth? I’m going to fill that little ass up with so much cum. . .you ready cuz I’m about to nut inside of him. . .fuck yeah, push that ass against me. . .work it, tell me to cum inside of you. . . .say it”. I pulled B’s cock out of my mouth long enough to tell him, “Quit talking shit, fuck me and put that fucking hot cum of yours wherever you want”. B was watching M fuck me as he pumped my mouth and played with his own nipples. I felt his cock getting harder in my mouth. . .just as I felt M’s cock stiffen inside of me. B grabbed my head, fucked my mouth like a madman and started shooting stream after stream of cum into my mouth. I was moaning, gagging, pushing my ass against M, withering in ecstasy and felt it. . .M’s cock swell inside of me, still pumping hard and deep, M yelling at the top of his voice, “there it is. . .there, right there. . .yeah, come on you fucking mother fucker, push that fucking fine ass of yours harder. . .ride that cock, right there, you feel it. . .here it is. . .fuck. . .yeah. . .fucking tearing that ass up. . .take that cum. . fuck, fuck. . .”. I could feel it, I could feel his already massive cock swell and shoot stream after stream of sticky cum inside of me. I felt his cock stretch me even wider, felt his cum flood my ass and start oozing out and around his cock. He fell back, resting and still pumping his cock inside of me. My cock was rock hard, again, and as M continued to abuse me with his cock, B started sucking my cock. I reached up and started teasing my own nipples and between M’s cock in my ass and B’s lips around my cock, I blew my 3rd load in a matter of seconds. M stayed hard, even after he came; even after he went to the bathroom and washed, even after he climbed in bed behind me; even after B and I fell asleep. He was hard as he woke me up after sleeping for a few hours, pulled me onto my side, lifted my leg and slid that massive tool of his into my incredible sore ass. B woke up, smiled, kissed me and teased my nipples while M fucked me, again, into submission. He fucked me slower this time, letting me grip his entire length with my ass as he pumped me from behind. I moaned into B’s mouth as he pumped another load into my ass and just as B tweaked my nipple hard, I came for the 4th time, my asshole gripping M’s cock for all it was worth, milking every drop of cum he had. He stayed hard inside of me for a while. . .at least until I fell asleep again. Maybe he stayed hard until we woke up because that’s what I woke up to – me on my stomach, M fucking my now stretched out, cum-filled ass for the 3rd time, and B settling in at the head of the bed and feeding me his cock for breakfast. M gave me a quickie this time and no sooner he rolled off of me, B climbed on top of me, slid his cock into my cum-filled ass and fucked me again – deep, slow, passionate until like M, he put yet another load of his cum inside of me.Yes, I couldn’t walk, sit, drive or even lay perfectly still without my ass hurting, leaking cum or both for the better part of a day. Yes, my ass hurt for a few days after they left town. Yes – fuck yes, it was the single hottest sexual encounter I’ve ever had and one more yes – yes, I masturbate several times a week reliving that encounter and each time I cum, I picture the two of them ravaging my body beyond my wildest fantasies. In fact, I’m going to go j/o now. . .

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