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My Friends mom…I think that my friends mom is seducing me…Can’t say that it bothers me 🙂 She was kinds turning me on from time we were in school. Always awesome hair, nice outfits…gentle hands…Anyway…I usually come to my friend for a beer or coffee…and she always comes, elazığ escort especially if my friend has to jump to his shop in neighboorhood and leaves me alone…she would came and usually in skirt, sit infront of me..crossed legs, uncrosing-crossing…playing with her hair…or escort elazığ she eats a cookie and then crumbles fall in her clevage, and then she touches her boobs, trying to get crumbles out…damn…or she asks me to fix something on her mobile phone, and then I “accidentally” elazığ escort bayan run into her pic of her sexy perfect legs in stockings…and she said “oops, this shouldnt be here”…giggles…her boobs were bouncing on my shoulder because she was standing behind me…Keeps calling me to coffee even if her son is not at home….whenever I run into her somewhere like in town, or some store, she always tells me to come for a coffee…or compliments my jeans… :)maybe she’s just nice, and i’m imagning this..

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