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MY FIRST WEBCAM EXPERIENCEThe first sense was that of total freedom, release of all inhibtions. As soon as the red light on the camera beamed. From now it was for all to show and I was gonna enjoy it. Daisy shuffled up to me as I was lying in the middle of this big soft bed, pillows sprawn all over. I looked at her red satin panties, that promising bulge and I was gonna unwrap very slow. As one should unwrap any precious present.I, 25 then, tall, skinny had met Daisy three weeks ago in a gaybar. I went there not because of the men but it was also a hangout for chicks with 10 inch clits. Up to a few years ago I was straight, but a drunk night with a friend showed me I loved cock too! I dabbled a bit with men but finding them all too boney and hairiy. One night at that gay/lesbo bar I got talking to a girl and instantly I smelled she was not the regular lesbo. I got shaky all over. I had had this thing about transverstites, read about, seen it on porn and here I was. No words were needed when we had one drink more and then hurried outside to a young night and would lead to an early morning. We were all kastamonu escort over each other after three steps. Daisy is skinny and tall tall too, we ‘re the same hight, which makes stand-up sex very comfortable for frotting cocks against a moonlit wall.Good do we love the outdoors!Earlier encounters with both men and women taught me I have and exhibistic streak. Love to watch peaple watching me jerking off. Did it once on stage in a club. I was in heaven and felt like fireworks.This was the centre of Amsterdam , people, tourists mostly, walked by. I didn’t mind and neither did Daisy as we were frotting our cocks in plain sight.She was wearing this mini tartan skirts with white cheap cotton panties and got me hotter than hell to start with and while I got my fingers under the brim her lips went for my earlobe. I’ll never forget.How I got in front of this camera started with a simple question: “Hey Freddie, what about if we got filmed live while we do the things we have done every night for three weeks?I had told her my theater-story , so I thought it was rhetorical.A boy/lady, named Doris, escort kastamonu ran a webcam show in fixed hours. Made quite a bit of money jerking off in front of a audience with certain preferences. But her mother had died and being Irish the funeral would take three days in Dublin so could Daisy take the honours.”And you hate to be alone ‘ey?””I would really miss you…” I stroke her red satin panties, feel that bulge grow, and as much as I , like all the viewers would like to see her gorgeous slim, 9 inch cock emerge, I know this is just a strip-tease. TEASE!. So I bow and kiss the red satin bulge , lick it, while my hand moves upwards to her red satin bra. Next to the camera is a monitor that shows our actions. My hand moving to her bra. Under which lies all her feminity. Ofcourse her face with the dark brown hair to her shoulders, her eyebrows, lips and even shoulders are soft , but her breasts, just over a handfull, with a little sag are what give her the sense of womanhood.I unleash her bra, watch her nipples stiffen as I put my lips on them, not certain which one to choose, feeling kastamonu escort bayan frustrated for not taking them both at the same time.I had gotten up to my knees for that action and next Daisy started kissing me vehemently. Her lips and tongue to my very insides.I had seen some footage of Doris and thought it all to be pretty mechanical. But what we were here and now was showing pure passion as should be between people who really love eachother and who are entirely open to eachother for their neeeds and desires.My atiire had been my boxershorts, but Daisy showed little mercy for them. After teasing me a bit by putting her hands around my already hard cock she rubbed it rudely against the cotton. She knew I loved this. Then she pulled them down and turned me full frontal to the camera. Rubbing her tis egainst my shoulders, licking my earlobes she slowly went down. On the monitor I saw how she stroked back her hair when she slid her mouth around my cock.A led showed up on the camera: over a 10.000 viewers!I would show them something:How to blow a tranny’s cock properly!!!Trannies have a reason why they call their cock a CLIT. So you have to treat it that way. Pussy.. cock ..nipples..scrotum, it;s all human tissue that reacts to human touch and attention and everyone different.Did we cum? Did we surprise eachother? How about viewers reaction?More to come..

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