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My first trip over a woman’s knee for the sliWhen I was growing up in Cheshire corporal punishment was a regular occurrence. I got it once as a junior, but never at secondary school which as quite extraordinary given all of my mates did. I did get extremely close to it once, being reported to a master who always slippered, and never gave detentions. I remember waiting for the master to return to the library, where his office was situated, and getting a sympathetic look from the female librarian who clearly knew what was to come. What happened? Well he gave me a detention, and my mates couldn’t believe it! I spent the rest of the term worried sick as detentions were listed on your report, while slipperings weren’t. A hard six of the best while painful, was better than the consequences of a bad report. When I did get my report I sneaked a look and what a relief the box for detentions was no longer there. I wonder whether the master had done this to cause me the maximum discomfort? Scroll forward 25 years and I was into spanking chat rooms and had met güvenilir bahis şirketleri Jenny (see Public Caning in London). We met perhaps a dozen times and acted our various sexy role plays all with a corporal punishment theme. One particular weekend Jenny arranged to come over to stay, she had gone to visit an office not too far from where I live, and came straight from there. When she arrived Jenny was in her pinstripe business suit, with tight skirt. We kissed and I ran my hands down over her bottom and legs, I immediately felt her suspender belt. Jenny laughed saying she thought she would give me a treat. I told Jenny that she reminded me of a particularly strict teacher I had known who was famous for slippering the girls. Jenny knew I had a hankering after trying out being disciplined, and asked if I wanted to give it a try.We moved a chair into the centre of the living room, got a slipper, and Jenny got into role. I left the room composed myself and knocked on the door. In a stern voice Jenny called me in, and gave me a good tipobet güvenilir mi telling off. Sitting down she informed me that she was going to give me a very red bottom. She beckoned me over and undid my trousers pulling them down. I lay over her knee feeling the fabric of her skirt under me. Lecture over Jenny gave me a hard spanking over my underpants. It hurt, but the scenario did turn me on. Satisfied that my bottom was well warmed up, Jenny ordered me up and pulled my pants down. She gave my cock a quick wank, then pulled her skirt up to reveal black stockings, suspenders, black satin knickers and plump creamy thighs. Over I went again, this time with my hard cock trapped between her legs. Jenny tapped my hard bare bottom with the gym slipper, and then wallop! I gasped with surprise and pain. This continued with Jenny whacking my bottom while clamping my cock between her thighs. By about by 12 I’d had enough, though my cock had certainly enjoyed himself. I stood up and Jenny wanked my cock some more, before heading tipobet giriş over to the settee.Jenny lifted her skirt, sat down and spread her legs. She ordered me to lick her cunt out, which I did after pulling her satin panties to one side. I had shaved Jenny some weeks previously, and she had kept her pussy nice and smooth since. I ran my tongue between her big lips, and licked her clit. Jenny undid her blouse and got her large tits out, playing with her nipples. Jenny was very wet and I was enjoying the heady taste of her juice. It didn’t take a lot of licking before Jenny was crying with pleasure. She now ordered me to fuck her. With her knickers still to one side I slid my cock in between her engorged gaping pussy lips. Jenny was tight, but it was easy to push home into her sopping wet cunt, I lifted her legs up and fucked her deep and hard. I felt myself coming and pulled out spurting my cum over her black panties.We spent the rest of the weekend with Jenny being on the receiving end. My first and last experience of the slipper gives me pleasant thoughts to this day. If I was to be on the receiving end again I think I would want to be bending over with a girl, both being caned or slippered by a strict mistress, preferably one who was also happy bend over for her turn being caned. Who knows maybe one day this will happen.

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