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My First Time (quickie)Since I reached puberty I have wanted to see a woman’s pussy. I accidentally saw my mother, Martha, naked yesterday. There was no shower in the master bedroom so mom always used the one in the hall. I entered the unlocked hall bathroom door to take a pee. Mom had just stepped out of the shower. She did not yell at me and just turned her back to me I thought the hair I had seen on her pussy made her look much more beautiful and sexy. I thought she had a beautiful ass.This morning, the short video I was watching ended as I heard mom call, “Lloyd, I need you to bring some towels to the bathroom from the hall closet, please, Lloyd!”I got some towels but I had to hold them to cover the fact that I still had a hard on. I knocked on the door and was told to bring them in. I was flabbergasted to see mom standing at the sink with her back to me. She was again stark naked. She then turned around and I was looking at my mother’s full frontal nudity. She took the towels and told me to strip off the pajama shorts. Mom gazed at my erect cock before I was ordered to get in the shower stall with her. The water was warm as she took the soap and washcloth. She began to wash me. Mom paid special attention to my cock and balls. It caused me to once again get a full erection.“Your cock is as big, internet casino if not a little bigger, than, your father‘s, I love that!”I was then directed to wash her beautiful tits and gorgeous pussy. She held my hand on her pussy, as she moved my fingers back and forth on it. She quickly turned off the water, and we stepped out. Mom then dried me off and I did the same for her.I was led into my parents bedroom and over to the bed. Mom then dropped to her knees and began to give me my first blow job. I had never been in a sexual position with a real girl before. Mom was sucking my cock and it felt wonderful, much better, very much better than when I masturbated. I could tell that I was very close to having an ejaculation.“Mom, I am going to cum!”She nodded and gently caressed my testicle sack as she continued sucking. I could hold it no longer. I looked down as I watched her cheeks. They would puff out as her mouth was filled with my semen. Then her cheeks would hollow as she would swallow, time after time until I had nothing left in my balls.Mom then lay on the bed and spread her legs. I was now looking directly at my first real live pussy. “Lloyd, I need you to kiss my pussy and make me cum!”Even though I had washed her pussy, the act of her sucking my cock has restored her pussy juice moistness. güvenilir casino I put my tongue on her pussy and my nose in her pubic hair. The aroma of a sexually aroused female sex organ was forever imprinted on my brain. I would later find that the aroma and taste of other women would be somewhat the same. Some stronger and some not so. As I grew older, I never ate or fucked a pussy that I did not like or desire.Mom directed me as I tongued her pussy, she was surprised that I knew how to lick her clitoris. I was able to give her several strong orgasms. She asked, “Where did you learn that?”I told her that I had been watching porn on my computer. She then told me that I would have to mount her. Mom needed me to fuck her. She rubbed my cock between her slippery cunt lips to lube my cock with her juices. Then my cock entered a pussy for the first time. It was pure ecstasy as the walls of her vagina were warm, wet and tight. Her pussy enveloped my cock entirely. She put her legs around mine. She controlled my sexual thrust with her hands on my ass cheeks. I was in ecstasy as I fucked my own mother for the first time. We spent several more hours together fucking, my eating her pussy and she sucking cock.Mom finally told me the reason. She had suspected that husband John was having an affair casino firmalari with a much younger female coworker in his office. Mom told me that she knew he had been involved with a number women other times. He was a senior sales manager of a large company. He had left two days ago for three weeks of sales meetings and a convention. Mom checked with the hotel and found that they had checked in as Mr. & Mrs. in a single king size bed room. Mom admitted that she was using me to get back at him, at least in her own mind, but she would never admit to him. He was never to know that she had an i****tuous affair with her own father and now her father’s son. I was surprised at that information. It did not bother me in the least. I had just had the most wonderful first sexual experience that a teenager could ever hope for. Even if it was i****t with my own mother.I asked her what it was like for her to loose her virginity. She then admitted to me, “When I was your age, it was my father, Lloyd who you are named after. He fucked me the first time. It was so wonderful, It hurt a little when his cock ate my cherry. It was in his and mama’s bed while she watched. It was mama that taught me to also love her eating her pussy as she did the same for me. She was able to get a quick divorce settlement. He was fired from his job. Mom got control the house, but he had stripped the bank account and his retirement account. There was nothing left after he had been able to get most of it before the divorce. But alas us two lovers could be together in peace……

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