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My first swinging experience Part 4/4Suddenly Alan said: “Well we all had some fun so far now lets get the girls really satisfied!”, I asked myself what was going to happen now but my pondering was interrupted by Jen which said “Ohh yes I love that I want the spunk of each of you guys in my pussy”, Bee countered that the would love that too. So Jen said to Bee: “Ok, so you can go first, in which order do you want them? I’ll get the guys ready for you.”, Bee replied “I want Alan last the other two can decide in which order they want to spunk my pussy”.As my cock started to go soft and Bill was fully erect as Jen had played with him while we drank, he went first, they wasted no time, Bee simply lay down as before when I was fucking her, Bill inserted his cock and started pumping that pussy. Bee seemed to love that feeling, with fast short but hard strokes her fucked her, she started moaning. Meanwhile Jen got me and Alan hard again simply by wanking us and every now and then blowing each one of us a little, all three of us watched the other two in fascination. We told the two of them to lie on the table so we could see better they moved to the table and Bee knelt on it Bill canlı bahis grabbed her hips and immediately started pumping her pussy again. It did not take long until Bill started moaning and Bee let out a “AHH yes”, after a few more thrusts Bill pulled out, now it was my turn Jen nudged me I got up and somewhat hesitantly aimed my cock at the spunk filled pussy, Bee pushed her ass back and I was in her pussy before I could think about it, I also started pumping her pussy and it felt great there was almost no friction as it was lubed with her juices and Bill’s spunk so I also started pumping her with short hard thrusts as Bill had done feeling the tip of my cock hitting her cervix with every thrust, After a few minutes it was my turn to deposit my spunk in the lovely pussy, which I did after I had a wonderful orgasm, I continued fucking her slowly careful not to let the cum drip out of her a little more when Alan told me that it was his turn, he plunged his cock in the by now sloppy cunt, he grabbed her arms and pulled them back impaling Bee on his cock she begged him to fuck her on her back which he did, with every thrust we heard her squishy pussy also Alan did bets10 not last very long and shortly after bringing Bee to an orgasm he spunked in her overflowing pussy with a yell, when he was done he pulled out of her inserted a finger pulled out some cum and rubbed it on her lips, she smiled licked it off and said “A wonderful cocktail”. After we all got refreshments it was Jens turn.Well Jen said she would get us(the guys) ready, She knelt on the floor and waved us closer, like a porn queen she sucked one after the other while wanking the other two, in no time all three of us where ready. Now it was Alan to fuck her first, she simply pushed her down and got behind her to fuck her doggy, Bill and I went to sit on the couch on either side of Bee which continued what Jen began, blowing and wanking us. Alan rammed Jen hard and fast, she moand and uttered little yells it was only a few minutes until she came with an extremely loud squeal, her whole body shaking, this time Alan did not wait for the orgasm to subside, he simply lay Jen on her back and continued ramming his cock in her battered pussy, shortly afterwards Alan also came with a grunt, he hardly waited bets10 güvenilir mi to squirt the last of his spunk in Jen, before he waved to Bill which was next, Bill almost pushed Alan aside, he was so eager, he dropped his cock in Jens pussy and continued where Alan stopped, Jen was out of breath from the squealing but the pitch, and volume increased as, Bill fucked her, it did not take long until he also came, when he had deposited his full load in her pussy, I moved closer and unlike before I could hardly wait to get my cock in her sperm filled pussy. When Bill moved I carefully inserted my cock as not to waste the manlube in her pussy, I slowly fucked her, with short slow strokes trying to push the cum in her even further I loved the sensation and the idea of fucking this woman, eventually it go a bit much and I increased the speed and length of the thrusts this mus have been what she wanted as in no time she orgasmed again, as loud as before and I could feel every wave on my cock which made me fuck her with all I had and so I came as her orgasm subsided. I squirted all I had as deep as possible in her soaking cunt, when my orgasm subsided I withdrew carefully and inserted first one the two fingers and finger fucked her a little this caused the spunk to trickle out of her I gathered it as good as I could and rubbed it over her body. After this we called it a night, for me a memorable night.

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