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My First Story, Go Easy On Me!:) (Lynn’s KnicIt was a typical monday afternoon, boring with a side of shit weather,so I decided to go to my friends house,when I got there he wasn’t in,so his mom,Lynn,who is such a hottie for a secretary,she was wearing a pink shirt,a skirt, tights and some very arousing leather boots, just invites me in to wait for him, so I did.Lynn was a curvy woman with dark blonde straight long hair, she had quite the tits on her, 36DD! Lynn was a MILF for sure.”So how was work?” I asked Lynn,”don’t even get me started hun, if I see anymore paperwork today I’ll scream” she replied,”that bad was it?” I added, not to her liking, she seemed pretty edgy today, best keep quiet I thought. After a few minutes I decided I needed the bathroom,just to escape the awkward silence in the living room,truth be told I was going for a wank over Lynn,I was so turned on by the way she looked,, I went into the on suite which bayraklı escort was in my friends parents room, as their was problems with their main bathroom, and to my surprise, a pair of Lynn’s knickers lay atop of their washing hamper, I’d hit the jackpot.I took them, they were black satin frilly knickers, the inside was stained with her pussy juice, I supsect she had been playing with herself at work, I pressed my nose against them to discover her scent, it was intoxicating and gave me the hardest boner of my life, I started licking the patch whilst releasing my solid cock from my jeans, I began stroking my cock whilst sniffing and licking Lynn’s knickers.Whoosh, the door swings open, “what are you doing you perv!”, it was Lynn, she entered, closing and locking the door behind her.I was in a pretty sticky situation….I was stood, cock in one hand and her knickers in the other, how could I get out of this.”You’re escort bayraklı a horny little fucker aren’t you, get on your knees boy.” She said, I complied as I was more turned on at the fact she seen my cock, she walked over to me, removed her skirt and pressed my nose and mouth on the crotch of her tights,”how do you like the fresh scent?, lick my pussy you perv” she shouted, my tongue started going crazy on her tight clad clit, after a few minutes she ripped a hole so that I could get a clear view, but she lay me down and sat on my face, “my arsehole is hungry too, tongue me now” I began licking her tight asshole, getting her pussy moist at the same time, she dropped the whole dominant act as she was enjoying herself thank god, then she pulled me up “let’s fuck”.She bent over the sink, and spread her cheeks, “I want your hard cock in my arse now!” I started easing into her arse, slowly, thrusting faster and bayraklı escort bayan faster as her ass gaped more and more, I start fucking her hard now, making her scream with pleasure.I started to tense up, about to cum, when she pushes me off, and we’re both standing, “I want you to spunk all over my knickers”, I was more than happy to, so she starts pull my cock, teasing me, awaiting my load, I can feel my body start to tense up, she let go and told me to do my thing, at this point she was sitting on the loo rubbing her clit while I’m wanking over her knickers.And then, I unloaded all over Lynn’s black satins, there was so much cum I even got some on Lynn on purpose, she wasn’t angry when I did though, she swiped it and licked it off, she started cleaning the remaining cum off my cock with her tongue, licking every last drop.After that she stood up, removed her boots and tights, and slipped into the cum covered panties, telling me she wants to mix my cream with hers, I would never of known she was this filthy,”we should do this again sometime” and then……”Mam, I’m home!”…phew.P.s-this is my first story, please go easy on me, if its crap I’ll get rid of it.:)

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