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My First Candy CaneCollege life was pretty crazy. Between classes, basketball (I was on a basketball scholarship) and chicks I was swamped. The hardest part was balancing the three. Because I an academically strong, I took a heavy class load (I was not on the road to the NBA…I was just using basketball to get my education for free), I was starting on the basketball team as a freshman (a rarity) and I had a few co-ed’s who were usually more than eager to suck or fuck me.I am not being arrogant, but I am decent looking, a good guy, funny, easy going and decently equipped.I had never considered having sex with a guy, even after years of hanging with naked guys in the shower, until one fateful weekend during first term finals. The week was intense with finals and practice and it had been almost two weeks since either Matt, my roommate, or I had got our canes polished.It was Friday night, the day after the last first term finals when everything changed.My roommate Matt and I decided to celebrate the end of mid-terms with a night at the pub for food, beer, and chicks, the night before we were both heading home for the holidays. By the end of the night, we had agreed that two out of three wasn’t bad. Neither of us had been able to score with the ladies so we called it a night and returned to our dorm room drunk and horny.Matt complained, “Shit, I can’t believe I struck out with that redhead, I was so sure I was going to get in her pants.””Well, you had a pretty creative pick-up line,” I quipped, laughing.”I know,” Matt shrugged, “Hey baby, do you want a piece of my candy cane, was pretty witty I thought.””And festive,” I added.”Exactly,” Matt complained, grabbing a beer from the fridge. “How could I possible strike out with a line that good?””That’s nothing,” I sighed, “Cara with a C, as she stressed three times during our painful conversation about her family, squeezed my cock teasingly before telling me her boyfriend just walked in.””Ok, Ok your luck was worse than mine you win,” Matt laughed, as he pulled out his rather impressive collection of porn.The munchies kicking in, I realized after looking into our empty fridge that all we had to eat was candy canes, I chuckled at the irony after the failed candy cane pick up line. I grabbed one and put the long end in my mouth as I walked back to the living room where a fake big breasted, fake blonde bounced on a big cock on the TV screen. Her just as fake moans echoed in surround sound as Matt already had his cock out.We often stroked to porn when we both struck out with the ladies, not in a gay way, but rather just a simple confidence in our sexuality kind of way. We both had similar six inch cocks and neither of us was shy or ashamed to masturbate, as long as porn was playing. It was weird the first time I walked in after a date and saw Matt stroking his cock to porn, but as time progressed, we started watching porn together after strike out days and eventually I got comfortable enough to yank it myself with him in the room. We never touched each other, always sitting at opposite end s of the couch, but we would both shoot our loads to poorly directed porn with little or no real story line.I laughed, sucking on my candy cane, “Usually, you watch a scene or two before pulling your dick out.”Matt looked at me and shrugged, “It has been a while.”I continued sucking the candy cane and Matt stared at me. “What?” I asked.”Nothing,” he said, his face going red as he returned to watching porn. The big breasted slut was really screaming her fake orgasm so over the top it was ludicrous.I joked, “Shit, I wish I could get a chick to scream like that.””Make a porn movie and you can,” Matt retorted, really beating his meat now.”If I drop out of school that may be a viable alternative,” I joked, the candy cane in my mouth, as I sat down on the other end of the couch opposite Matt chair.”Shit dude, I must be drunker than I thought,” Matt said, shaking his head.”How so?” I asked.”I can’t seem to shoot my wad,” he answered, quitting the self-abuse.”You need a good blow job,” I suggested.”Isn’t that the truth,” Matt sighed, looking at me in a way that was unusual for him.”What?” I asked, the candy came in my mouth, not yet realizing the obvious accidental implication.”Nothing,” he repeated again.”Seriously, only chicks say nothing is wrong,” I countered.”Fine, watching you suck that candy cane got me thinking weird shit,” my straight roommate admitted.”Fuck off,” I joked, karşıyaka escort taking the candy cane and imitated giving it a slow blow job. I swirled my tongue around the top of the cane like I was teasing a cock head.”Shit dude, you look like a natural cocksucker,” my drunk friend assessed, laughing.drunk myself, I tried to be absurd as I sucked the thin but long candy cane like it was a cock.Matt watched me bob back and forth on the cane and slowly his laughter stopped and he stared at me intently.I still had not even remotely considered sucking his cock at that moment, but was just having a bit of stupid fun at his expense. A minute later, I stood up and walked over to him and said trying to sound flirty and sexy like a chick, “Am I turning you on big boy.”Matt grabbed his cock and began fist pumping again. I don’t know what suddenly came over me at that exact moment, but I suddenly wanted to help him, to taste his candy cane. I had seen him stroke his cock many times, seem him shoot his goo up in the air many times and even saw him get blow jobs from a couple chicks, but I had never once thought of him sexually. I had never even once considered sucking a cock. Yet, suddenly my mouth watered with a hunger that was undeniable and unexplainable.Silently, I fell to my knees in front of him and his eyes went wide with surprise. Neither of us said a word. Our eyes met and a silent agreement was made: I was going to suck his cock and he was going to be ok with it.I felt my hand replace his and I took my candy cane out of my mouth and placed it on a nearby table.I would like to say there was some hesitation or that Matt somehow forced me to do what I was about to do, but that would be a lie. I would also like to say that it was because I was so hammered, but that wasn’t true either, I wasn’t sober, but I wasn’t plastered either.I opened my mouth, leaned forward and took his stiff six inches in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how natural his cock felt in my mouth. It wasn’t grouse, it felt natural, and I didn’t feel that I was secretly gay.Replicating what I liked when I had my cock sucked; I started by swirling my tongue around my friend’s mushroom top, wanting him to enjoy this as much as I was.”Oh shit,” he moaned, which somehow helped give me a new confidence that I was indeed pleasing him.A minute of concentrated teasing of his cock head and I began to slowly moving up and down his stiff rod, as I got used to having his cock in my mouth. The task was strange and yet at the same time enthralling.Again he grunted, “Aaaah, Jon, your mouth feels so good on my cock.”The words would have seemed absurd fifteen minutes ago, yet know the compliment made me even more eager to give him a first class blow job.I continued bobbing up and down until all six inches of his cock filled my mouth. The more of his cock that I took in my mouth the more excited I got myself, my own candy cane ready for action. Like everything else I did, I wanted to be good at it, to succeed at my goal. My goal now was to deep throat my roommates cock until he came.His moans of pleasure intensified my eagerness to get my roommate off, sucking his cock becoming as natural as beating myself off to porn. In the background, the guy grunted “I’m coming, slut,” and seconds later Matt warned, “I’m going to come soon, baby.”The word ‘baby’ seemed so out of place between two guys yet so right considering I had a mouthful of cock. I decided then I was going to swallow Matt’s cum. I hated when chicks wouldn’t swallow and decided even though I didn’t want to taste his cum, that s
eemed making me more gay than sucking a cock, I kept sucking, wanting to get him off and yet curious to taste his cum.”Shit, you are going to swallow my cum?” Matt grunted grunted. Seconds later I felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat. I gagged slightly, surprised at the volume of cum filling my mouth. I continued milking his cock, albeit slower, wanting to please him, to be a good cocksucker. The taste was surprisingly tasty after getting past the odd texture.Finally, Matt pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked down at me. My own cock was begging to be paid attention to, but my thoughts were ‘oh shit, now what?’Matt grinned, “Apparently my pick up line didn’t fail after all.”I laughed, “I guess not.””I can’t believe how good a blow job you gave me.”I shrugged, standing up, “I guess it helps that I have the same equipment.”He laughed back looking at the obvious escort karşıyaka tent in my pants. “I see you are hard too.”I shrugged and joked quoting his line, “Hey baby, do you want a piece of my candy cane?”Suddenly the laughter stopped. Matt hesitated briefly before dropping to his knees. He fished my cock out of my pants, his hands trembling slightly, as he said, “I can’t believe I am doing this.””Me either,” I moaned as his hand wrapped around my desperate cock.Then his lips were around my cock head. Like me, he focused on my swollen mushroom top first as I again moaned, “Oh shit Matt.”My own horniness already revved up from my first time sucking cock I knew I wouldn’t last long. Replicating what I did to him, he began slowly bobbing back and forth.”That feels so good, Matt,” I groaned.He moaned on my cock as he continued to slowly take more and more of my cock in his mouth.I closed my eyes and just allowed Matt’s mouth to bring me to euphoria. Although he had never sucked cock before, it was easily the best blow job I had ever had. Maybe it was the taboo gay act that enhanced the pleasure or maybe it was just that being a guy Matt knew what made a blow job great. Soon Matt had taken all my cock in his mouth and once he was comfortable with a mouthful of cock, he began to bob back and forth hungrily.The sudden shift of pace had my balls boiling and I gave him a courtesy warning like he did me, “I’m close, Matt.”Like me, thankfully, he didn’t slow down and instead moved his hand behind me and surprised me by slipping a finger in my ass. I gasped out of shock as a pleasure unlike anything I had ever felt before, an intensity that brought chills throughout my body, exploded through me as I came in his mouth instantly. He continued bobbing, impressively swallowing all my cum without really slowing down, his finger wiggling in my ass.I couldn’t believe how good the double stimulation could felt, but I suddenly couldn’t believe the thought that popped into my head. ‘What would a cock feel like in my ass?’Spent, Matt slipped his finger from my ass and allowed my still hard cock out of his mouth and he fell back on the couch. “Holy shit,” he said, his eyes showing he couldn’t believe what he had just done.”Holy shit indeed,” I replied, complimenting him, “Shit Matt, that was the best blow job I have ever had.””But I am not gay,” he said, defending his manhood, as if I had questioned it.”Neither am I,” I said, although I noticed his cock still stiff and begging attention. “But that was too good to not do again.”He laughed, “Well, it was a different way to solve the munchies.””And the finger in the ass, well that was a surprise,” I said.”Crystal did that to me a few weeks ago and it was the best feeling ever,” Matt explained.”Well, it was a surprisingly good pleasure,” I said.”You liked that did you,” Matt smiled.”It was amazing,” I admitted.”You want my cock in your ass, don’t you?” Matt smugly smiled.I didn’t reply. On the one hand, my ass felt empty since his finger left it and my curiosity of what a cock would feel like in me was suddenly very intriguing. On the other hand, this took things to a whole new level and enhanced the concept of being gay.Matt stood up and said, “Kneel on the couch, Jon.””I don’t know,” I hesitated.”I do, Jon. It is obvious you want my cock in your ass. Now get on all fours on the couch,” Matt ordered, a sudden shift in tone.It was as if he was reading my mind. I did want it, I suddenly craved it, but I didn’t want to make it look obvious. I slowly moved to the couch and got in position.Matt grabbed the lube he had nearby for jerking off and generously coated his cock. He asked, “Do you want my candy cane, baby.”Again the term ‘baby’ made the gay act more intimate. I replied, as I felt his hands on my hips and his cock touching my ass, “Yes, but please go slow.””Sure thing,” he smiled, rubbing his cock up and down between my ass cheeks.I don’t know if he was teasing me or preparing me, but I moaned all the same with anticipation.”Ohhh,” he purred, “Does my baby want to get ass-fucked?””Yes, Matt, fuck me,” I begged, the need to feel his cock in me taking over.Slowly, I felt his cock enter me. The pain at first was dull, but not the intensity I anticipated.Matt grunted, “Fuck, Jon, your ass is so fucking tight.”I quipped, “Well it is my first candy cane.”Matt laughed back as he slowly pushed deeper in me. I gripped the couch as the pain increased slightly; karşıyaka escort bayan all the while, the pleasure of being filled counteracted the pain. My cock was a stiff missile wishing it had someplace to go into.”Fuuuck, Matt, your cock is tearing me apart,” I whimpered.”You love it, don’t you Jon,” Matt grunted as I felt his body crash into mine. I had taken all his cock in my ass.”Shit Matt, I can’t believe how good it feels,” I said through clenched teeth as I let the pain simmer.”Tell me baby, tell me how much you love my cock in your ass,” Matt ordered.The pain fading, I admitted the truth, “I love it Matt. My ass was made for your big cock.”We both had crossed over the line of straightness, as Matt began fucking my ass harder, causing a sudden pleasure that I cannot put into words. I whimpered like a school girl, “Oh god Matt, don’t stop Matt, keep fucking me.””Fucking what?” he asked.”My ass Matt, fuck my ass hard,” I begged.My ass soon became accustomed to his size; the pain was now gone and only an increasing pleasure remained. Matt’s body continued to slam into me. “I love your ass, baby,” Matt grunted.”I love your cock in my ass, baby,” I replied, meaning it.For a few more minutes, I am not sure how many, Matt took my anal cherry as he ravished my ass thoroughly and I loved every second of it.Finally Matt grunted, “I’m going to come baby.”Suddenly wanting to taste his cum again, I begged, suddenly craving his cum, “Can I taste you again?””On your knees, cocksucker,” he ordered.The term ‘cocksucker’ surprised me, but I quickly got off the couch and took his cock back in my mouth, ignoring where it just had been. Matt was close to coming , as he grabbed my head and fucked my face recklessly. I could feel and hear his balls hitting my chin, it sounded so nasty and yet so hot. Seconds later, I swallowed his second load of the evening. I again swallowed all of it, although with his hands holding my head I really had no other option.”You are a natural cocksucker, Jon,” Matt said, smiling down at me.Taking his cock out of my mouth I heard myself say, “I will be for you.””That you will be,” Matt said, again collapsing on the couch.Standing up, my ass felt empty now and my cock was ready to explode.Matt asked, “Did you really like getting ass fucked, Jon.”Now facing him and not filled with his cock the question seemed more intimidating than intimate.I looked away and said, “Yes.””Good, because I hope to be able o fuck you whenever I don’t get any from the ladies,” Matt announced, sounding more confident, in charge like he was when he was with a woman. “You would like that wouldn’t you, Jon?”I nodded, embarrassed that my ans
wer was yes.”I am serious, Jon. I plan to shoot a load in your mouth every morning,” he said, slowly building on our changing roommate relationship.My cock flinched at the idea, one that was both exciting and humiliating.”You like the idea,” he assessed, wrapping his hand around my cock.”You will be my live-in cocksucker?” he asked, slowly moving his hand up and down my cock.I nodded.”Say it, Jon,” he ordered, “Tell me you want to be my cocksucker.”My face went red as I realized this drunken spur of the moment event was turning into something long term. Yet, I answered, “I want to be your cocksucker.””And I can fuck your ass whenever I want too?” he added.”Yes,” I whimpered, my balls boiling as he stroked my cock.”Come for me, baby,” he demanded.The intimacy after the name calling was the final push I needed; I wanted to be both his baby and his cocksucker and I groaned, “I’m going to come, baby.””Good boy,” he complimented, pumping my cock vigorously until I started spraying my cum in the air and onto the floor.He kept pumping until I was done coming before saying, “Well, to think it all started with a candy cane.”I laughed, “Shit, I guess that was what started it.””And now you love candy canes,” Matt quipped as he walked to the kitchen.”Well, I am not sure about all candy canes, but I will take your candy cane whenever it is offered.””Shit man,” he said, turning back to me, “I think I may have turned you into a complete queer.”I winced at the word, yet even as he turned back to me and his semi-hard cock was before my eyes I could feel a hunger in my mouth and ass. Instead of denying my craving, I asked, “You think you can get it up one more time, baby?”He chuckled, “Well like a candy cane, I am always hard.””And I will be your perfect Christmas gift,” I countered, “the one that keeps giving and giving.””Actually, I think I will be doing the giving,” he smiled, walking back to me, his cock already rising.I opened my mouth and he slid his candy cane in and began bobbing…for me Christmas was coming early and often.The End

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