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My first bi experienceThis all happened when I was 20, I was single and always on the lookout for girls. I was a very highly sexed person (I still am) who would masterbate at least 3 to 4 times a day! I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. I had been on a date with a girl who worked in the same building as me, her name was Katie, she was 19, beautiful long blonde hair and a stunning figure. Her tits were big an pert, unbelievable!! I had been told she was in to me so I asked her out one Saturday night, we had went for drinks and I could tell she was horny as she was constantly rubbing up against me and her hand was always rubbing the inside of my leg. The subject of sex obviously came up an she was telling me how she lies in bed touching herself thinking about me fucking her! We start making out an kissing madly in the bar, by this time my cock is brick hard an she is rubbing it through my jeans! I slide my hand between her legs, an feel her pussy through her panties. We were really drunk by now an things were going well when we bumped into a few of our workmates, this slowed the mood right down an we got drinking with them. All night Katie would be flashing me her pussy an grabbing my cock, whispering in my ear that she was going to suck me dry an swallow my thick load! While I would be telling her I was going to lick her pussy an suck on her clit till she came all over my face then slide my cock deep inside of her slowly till she is begging for more than fuck her hard until I cum deep inside her.This went on most of the night with more an more drinks. We left the bar at around 2am unfortunately the drinks had probably been flowing to much as the fresh air hit Katie and she was being sick and straight elazığ escort away I knew there was no action tonight. Me and a few friends looked after her an a couple of girls took her up the road. It was now about 3am an all the clubs have emptied, I’m standing at a busy street in Glasgow having a cigarette eyeing up all the girls hoping to maybe pull an still get some action as I was still really horny from all the stuff earlier in the night. Tonight wasn’t my lucky night or so I thought, a guy maybe thirty yrs old came over an asked for a light for his cigarette, I happily obliged an he gave it back to me an asked how my night had been? I replied saying it was good and was on a date with a girl and things were hotting up, she was all over me an we were definitely going to be fucking tonight but she drunk to much an started being unwell. Now I’m all horny an heading up the road on my own. I’m gutted, even a blowjob would do!In his reply he said “I’ll give you one”I said “what?” He said “a blowjob, I’ll suck your cock if you want?”Now I had never thought of doing anything like this, yes I liked big dicks in porn, but that’s cos they were being sucked or fucked by women. My heart started racing as I said “yeah sure” Now I am a very high sexed guy an I was thinking it’s only a blowjob as long as know one knows it will be fine. We walked away from the crowds, he asked me if I’ve ever been with a guy before? I said “no, an was nervous” he said “don’t worry you’ll enjoy it, and so will I” We got to a doorway of a shop on a very quiet street, there was no kissing as I wasn’t into that. He unbuttoned my jeans pulled them down slightly and rubbed my cock for a. It through my pants. He then escort elazığ tugged on the front of my pants to release my semi hard cock, it was looking impressive, 5.5 inches when not even hard!!My heart was racing as the first touch from his hand wrapped around my cock! He said” mmmmhh you have a nice big cock” as he started slowly stroking it back an forth before licking my full length. I was rock hard now! All of my thick 7.5 inches were getting stroked by a guy! I looked down an he opened his mouth an stuck the head of my cock in his mouth, I could feel his tongue lapping against my bellend as he took it deeper and deeper! I was loving it! One of the best blowjobs I had had, he cupped my balls as he sucked up and down, massaging my balls softly as he made a few slurping noises as he tried to take my whole cock in his mouth! He done well taking 6″ of my thick cock. He released my cock from his mouth and asked “if it was ok for him to pull his cock out and stroke it as he sucks me off” I said “yes” as I would have agreed to anything as I was in heaven! He got his cock out. It was slimmer than mine an maybe just a bit smaller, he was already hard!! He grabbed his cock with his left hand an started stroking his foreskin back in forth all the way over his head an back again! This was majorly turning me on, with his right hand he slid it between my legs and grabbed my ass, this mmeant he could force my hips back and forward an fuck his mouth!!I was loving this, he was occasionally releasing his hand from his own cock and stroking my cock nice an slow, pulling my foreskin all the way back so he could really get his tongue in around my bell end, By now my cock was releasing pre cum an he would elazığ escort bayan use his tongue to collect it as it would go all stringy as h moved his tongue away. He said he “loved the taste of my cock” I replied saying “it does taste good”as I used a finger to rub my cock head an gather some precum on it then slid it in my mouth!! I often swallow my own load or use my cum as lube for the next wank I have. I do love cum! This seemed to turn the guy in more as he smiled an then took me deep in his mouth! His pace was a lot faster as he was face fucking me while stroking his cock hard and fast! I grabbed his head as I felt my balls starting to stir. He was really sucking like a mad man now! Slurping back and forth! I felt myself about to cum, I asked him “where do you want me to cum?”He replied out of breath “in my mouth” I let go of his head as he now used one hand massaging my balls and another stroking my cock up an down, his lips still wrapped around my cock. I look down as I was about to blow, I let out a grunt as I unloaded a big thick load straight in his mouth. He kept on sucking slowly making sure he got every last drop. It was amazing, I noticed he was stroking his cock again as he kept on licking an sucking my cock until he knew he had gotten every last drop of my cum. He tucked my cock back in my pants, an then stood up an said, “that was lovely, I hope you enjoyed it?”I said “yeah it was really good” as he slipped his cock back in his trousers, then he said “I’ve gotta go, my friends will be wondering where I am. See you” and he was gone!My only regret was I wished I had stroked his cock as that really turned me on seeing him stroke his cock!!I went home that night an had at least 4-5 wanks thinking of that night, I still jerk off thinking to it to this day!If you like this true story I have many other bi experiences I can share with you all. Feel free to comment and like as it will get me off knowing you enjoyed it!

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