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My First BBCThere was this younger black guy that came I where I worked and bought supplies for his company. He always would duck in my office, sit down and talk, while the counter guy’s got his stuff ready I always loved it. I got laid off as they closed the store I was working at due to being slow (oilfield). After that hubby and me would see him occasionally at the gas station in a neighboring town, he would always make it a point to come over and talk (especially when hubby went in to pay). It had been several months since I was laid off and I was at the gas station filling up and he was there too (hubby was not)!!! Sure enough he came over and stuck his head in my window and talked. I talked to him and he asked me where hubby was, I said he was illegal bahis siteleri at home working in the pasture. Joseph the asked if I wanted to meet him down the road! My gosh what do I do? I wanted to meet so I followed him to an oilfield location, once there he jumped in my truck. It was cold outside so we left the truck running. We started talking about work friends and the next thing I knew he had his black hands up my shirt taking my bra off. Damn I was on fire, I kinda helped him get it off. He pushed my shirt up and forcefully helped his self and took it off too, then started licking and sucking my tits!!!!!I was loving it and then he grabbed my hand and again forcefully put it on his crotch, I started to rub it and felt youwin güvenilir mi his Big Black dick getting hard, it was big too. I wanted to see it so bad! After a minute of this he undid his pants and quickly grabbed my ponytail and then pushed my head down to his dick, it was so hard and big and black, I started to lick it immediately. My gosh what am I doing??????? Sucking a young, big, hard bbc mmmmmmmmm. (He is only28 I am 46)I licked it for a while and then Joseph reached into my sweatpants and started rubbing my pussy now sopping wet pussy (I hate panties and did not have any on). I quickly moved to where he could have better access to my wet gash. Still licking and sucking his big black cock, Joseph pushed me perabet over a little and inserted a black finger into my pussy!!!!!!, OH MY Gosh!!!!!!!!! He fingered me with the one and then stuck another one in it. That made me suck his dick harder as he grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down on the whole length of his long shaft and then he groaned and shot cum all down my throat, I tried to swallow all of it but couldn’t it spilled all over my tits, seat and shirt. We talked for a minute about meeting again then we said we both needed to go, and would see each other again. He leaned over and gave me a big deep kiss and ran his tongue what seemed like halfway down my throat. He got out and got in his truck and left. I sat there for a minute just trying to figure out what just happened. On the way home I was wondering what I was going to say to hubby. I hoped he would not be at the house to see cum all over me, he wasn’t I ran in and showered to hide the evidence. WOW my first BBC should I tell hubby? Not sure help me!

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