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My CockPriestMy friend and I spent my baptism night together, where he told me what my first encounter with the congregation was going to be like. He was my sponsor and would be by my side as our priest introduced me to the congregation. The ritual that followed obligated me to surrendering myself completely to their every desire and I would have to commune on their sacred Nectar….taking all off their holy Cum inside my entire body! When I realized that I would have to take Cock in my ass, I was seriously nervous, to say the least. My friend said all members had to go through the same ritual… did he. He said it was not bad and this was the only time I would be obligated to do that, and while we were taking turns loving on each other’s Cocks, he started fingering my ass. He wanted to ease my apprehension and loosen me up. It started with one finger and by the time we communed on each other’s hot Cum, he had three fingers in my ass and I had three in his! We both exploded deep inside each other’s mouths and the heat from our love was overwhelming!The next day or so I was in a daze…my head in the clouds. Nervous, excited, hot, eager, scared….every emotion running through me. Meh friend was out of town and I was alone, lost in my thoughts of Priapus and the events of the past month. I was smoking the herb my buddy left for me, along with shaving smooth what little hair I had on my balls. I was also using a special oil that he gave me to rub on my balls and shaft. It was hot and tingly and my Cock was always semi erect..not sure if it was because of the oil or my lust…..or both! Alone in my though, stoned and perpetually horny, I slipped on my shorts, t shirt and flip flops and went for a walk to try to calm myself. I don’t know how long I was walking, or where I was going. By Cock was loose in my shorts and rubbing my thigh….I Love that feeling… I wandered through the late evening streets. I thought of myself as a Cockpire, a vampire that feeds on Cock, a worshipper of the night! Deep bodrum escort in my thoughts, I found myself in front of a familiar house, a place I was just at a couple of nights earlier. Before I knew what I was doing, I was knocking on the door, and almost immediately my priest answered. He did not look surprised and hurried me inside. I to,d him I was sorry and that I didn’t know what I was doing. He said he expected me, and that sidnt even surprise me. It was like I was being called there!He led me to the same room we met in earlier and I just started blurting out questions. He laughed and said he would answer anything I wanted but first I should take off my clothes and pay my respects to him. I im ediately complied, stripping and dropping to my knees to take his already hard Cock in my mouth. His manhood was exhilarating and tasted fantastic. His sweet musky smell overpowering! He accepted my greeting and told me to follow him. We went downstairs into the basement of his place and through a door into a dark room. I couldn’t see anything, but he knew exactly where he was. In the dark, he told me that this was his church….the house of Priapus…..and that this is where all my questions would be answered. He lit several candles around the room and in the low light I could tell we were in a large room with all different types of furniture s**ttered around, pillows, cushions, a futon and a large throne at the far end. The walls were covered in black curtains and there were pictures of beautiful Cocks hanging around the room, statues of Cock, a statue of Priapus with an offering dish in front of it, and candles everywhere.As I stood in awe of this fantastic place, hwalked up behind me, pressing his hard erect Cock against my back….his balls resting on my ass….and he reached around my waist and hugeged me. Rubbing my stomach, chest, thighs and Cock, he whispered in my ear how much I reminded him of himself. He told me I was handsome and had a beautiful Cock! Rubbing me, grinds his wonderful bodrum escort bayan meat against my back, I was mesmerized as his hot breath ooozed his lust in my ear, soaking my brain with with visions of Cock, Cum and worship!I told him I was afraid of the mandatory anal sex as part of my acceptance to the congregation. He held me tighter and asked if I thought he would do anything to hurt me. I answered no, of course. He told me that as a true worshipper, I would naturally accept the gift of Cock however it was made! As he rocked against me, his full hard Cock pressed against me, his hand wrapped around and squeezing my throbbing shaft, he started licking and kissing my neck, then going down until he was kissing my ass cheeks. He turned me around and started loving on my throbbing heat….wet with pre. He moaned in approval as he licked my shaft and balls, then took my Cock in his mouth. Like my friend and I did, he started fingering my ass as he made love to me. I was lost in my heat as I to,d him my Cock prayers, praising Cock and Priapus and telling him I was a devoted Worshipper! He led m over to the futon, the low light was reflecting off our naked bodies covered in sweat. As I laid against the cushions, he turned me over and continued to finger my ass…now we were both praising Cock and the God of Cock…..and I felt the head of his beautiful Cock probe my ass! I stopped breathing, and he commanded me to pray. As I prayed to Priapus, he slowly entered me. First his thick full helmet head was inside me….then slowly his shaft slipped in. He was so hard and his Cock was like a rock! Deep inside me, he began to truely fuck my ass. I felt every vein of his shaft, the rim of his Cock hood, his balls as they slapped against me…..but I was not in pain. I heard a voice praising his Cock, when I realized it was me and I was telling him how much I loved Cock and worshipped Cock and wanted to feed on His seed!! He was breathing hard and holding me tight as he fucked my tight ass, escort bodrum both of us moaning and sputtering our prayers to each other and God! His shaft was inside me, deep inside, when I felt his whole body go tight and his Cock stopped fucking. The pulses that ran through his shaft were met with my ass muscles squeezing back against him. His power surged inside me!! I could feel the heat of Gods Nectar flow inside me…His seed energizing my Love of Cock to a level I never knew existed!! I didn’t even realize that I was suspended on my priests Cock….he had picked my whole body off the futon when he first surged in me! I grabbed my Cock in my hands because I felt my explosion coming. I didn’t want to Cum right then because I knew I would spill most of my seed, which is a sin to waste Gods juices! So I cupped my Cock head with my hand as I pumped my hot Cum into my fist…..praising Priapus……all while he was pumping hot Cum throughout my body!With my fist full of my seed, he laid me back down gently, and removed his beautiful spent Cock from inside me. I took my Cum filled hands away from my Cock and started to feed on my Nectar. When he saw my hot juices in my hand and over my stomach and chest, he immediately started licking my Cum from my body, while I licked it from my hands! With his seed inside me and my seed in our mouths, we layed next to each other and kissed, exchanging my spilled seed! He told me my devotion to Cock was truely pure,that I was a true devotee to Priapus and that I would one day be a priest too!I was daylight when we left the sanctuary of the church. I couldn’t be seen leaving his place, so I stayed the day with him. We Worshipped each other’s Cocks all day….taking naps every once in a while. He taught me all about the special oils, lotions, cocktails (CockTails), smoke mixes (pot and other herbs) that he uses in the worship of Cock. My friend had already given me one of the oils, but now I was exposed to many others!That night, after a full day worshipping with my mentor….my. priest,….my CockLover……I went back to my place and fell into a deep sleep. My dreams were full of nothing but Cock…..Cum……and how I idolized it all!!I was no longer nervous meeting the congregation. The date
and time was fixed……

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