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My Bestfriend
So here I am….my bestfriend Justin’s cock lying on my bottom lip. His hand slowly stroking it as I await for his sperm. His moans fill the room and turn me on even more. My mouth opens as a bead starts to form on his slit on his head of his 7 inch cock. It’s creamy white in color. I could hardly wait for Justin to cum in my mouth…I watched a lot of gay porn and saw videos of guys cumming in other guys mouths and it was hot! I came a lot just watching them and now I was about to get a hot thick creamy load of man cum myself.
Now my bestfriend Justin came out as gay a year ago….me I was bi but wanted the gay side mostly. Justin told me about his gay first time at the all boys college he is going too and that story turned me on so much. Your roommate you hardly know ends up seducing you into a love affair that’s hot….sleeping at night you wake up to feel something between your legs and you see your male roommate going down on your cock. His eyes close as his lips slide up and down your cock slowly….your mind wonders should you stop him but then he begins to tongue your head feverishly and the sensations from it tell your mind to fuck off. What a hot gay fantasy….lucky Justin!
My first time was with a stranger sort of….he was a party goer at the college I go to. My dorm room friends through a minor party one night and he was the DD for every one. He was a part from a frat house that we affiliate sometimes canlı bahis with. A cute blonde…5 ft 7 give or take. Anyway I wasn’t much in a party mood myself and I had to work the next day so I stayed in my room while they all got hammered. So hours later I thought everyone either left or was passed out so I begun to watch porn on my lab top….yes gay porn Justin turned me on to it as we messaged each other back and forth. I was still in the beginning stage of my gay exploration…of course Justin already was coming out so. To continue on….there I was watching gay porn and stroking myself having a hot time when suddenly the blonde stranger saw me, the gay porn and my cock having a good time. He stood there watching me for at least three minutes or so until his now pronounced hard on peered through his jeans and he slowly walked in to my room. I was immediately startled when I saw him. I was about to say something when he put his finger to his lips….he went and closed my room door and he slowly moved to my bed. My mind was wondering what the heck was going on until his bulge told his story. All of a sudden my mind went crazy…my first gay encounter thoughts plastered it. His eyes and his bulge was doing me in. He came and sat down next to me…he asked if I was having fun there and I hesitantly and softly said yes. He then said he liked gay porn too and asked if he could see what scene I was watching so again perabet giriş I hesitantly did. The blonde DD said that he had cummed to this scene many times. I asked him if he was gay and he looked into my eyes and said yes. So after a lot of questions of curiosity by me and him finding out about it he leaned to me and kissed me. My god he was a good kisser! I was taken by it immediately…my eyes opened as his lips parted slowly from mine. He asked me how was it and I said with a yum in my voice it was great! He then asked me if I wanted another kiss and I shook my head greedily…he leaned in again and our lips touched again. Fuck I said in my mind as my heart started racing and his hand found mine. Minutes later the blonde DD had his hand on the back of my head, our kisses were now deep lip locks and his tongue and mine were about to make love. My gay thoughts was about to be answered well the first ones. So as our lips and tongues slowly separated he unbuttoned his jeans and revealed his manhood to me…7 inch long and swollen hard ready for action. He knew I was unexperienced so he said that we could just masterbate with one another for right now…I agreed and in moments he was lying naked beside me stroking his cock as I was doing to mine watching gay porn. Minutes later and after many kisses to one another he asked if he could frot me and I told him what was that? He said to me that he would show perabet güvenilir mi me…moments later his cock and mine was in his hands which began sliding up and down both cocks. Oh fuck I said in my head…the feeling of his hard cock touching mine was so hot! I came two minutes in…so I watched the blonde DD start to go off and watched his cock drop his hot, thick, white sperm onto my head of my cock. God it was amazing watching and feeling that happen. So he lowered onto me as our cocks rubbed together in our sperm we passionately kissed…we started to grind against one another slowly. The blonde DD looked deeply into my eyes and said looks like were gonna be great friends! I kissed him and said or lovers to him. He smiled and we kissed so deeply that we got lost. Anyway two weeks later the blonde DD fucked me in his bed…his cock fucked my ass to which was my first time and filled it with his cum.
So here we are now…waiting for the hottest moment that two men can do together. As time slowly went by my bestfriend Justin’s bead of sperm started to grow and started to slide down his head of his penis. My tongue and mouth waited hungerly for it to drop on it…to which it finally did it and it brought friends. Justin’s moans turned into oh yeses as his cock slowly dropped thick ropes of hot, white sperm into my mouth and coated my tongue. I held on as long as I could until I swallowed it all. I opened my mouth immediately after I took Justin inside me….he squeezed every drop of sperm out of his cock and lay it into my mouth. I licked his cock clean and as my bestfriend Justin held my head he pushed his cock into my mouth and my mouth sucked him hard…the end

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