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Mutual masterbationI started a new job 6 months ago and it meant I needed to travel quite often, luckily me and Chloe have friends near the place I travel to so they offered for me to stay over to save the journeys coming home.The couple were friends of ours that we met on holiday 5 years ago and we’ve been best of friends ever since. Jamie and daisy were so similar to me and Chloe, daisy and Chloe were practically the same looking girls. Both blonde, petite, little waists but curvy butts, the difference was Chloe’s a 30D and Daisy’s a 34B so she’s got quite small boobs.When I stayed over i always woke up home alone and as I had a few hours before having to go to work I would always masterbate. Once I’d figured the house out and their working pattern I decided to explore their drawers and see what naughtiness was around. I’d done this ever since I’d remembered, I’ve always been in and out of people’s underwear drawers and still do it, it’s the buzz of getting caught I think.On my search I came across a couple of sex toys, a tiny vibrator that had no batteries and a cock ring which also had no life to it. I was so disappointed, I always assumed long term couples introduce sex toys but either their sex life was amazing and they didn’t need it or they just were bothered.I went back to bed and put my headphones in and started searching for some porn, I started to masterbate, stroking my floppy cock until it was rock hard and my veins were pumped with blood. I was early into my wank and I heard a noise, I turned to my right and there was daisy bending over grabbing some clothes out of the wardrobe. I lay there, the covers were completely bahis siteleri canlı off me and my cock was fully on show. She turned round with a few clothes and looked at me, her face dropped. She’d walked in so casually she hadn’t even noticed me, but now she’s looking straight at me. We both reacted, I covered my 8 inch cock as best I could with my hands and daisy dropped her clothes, froze and then said ‘omg I’m sorry, I thought you were at work’I felt like it was a question, she was still standing there, the natural thing was for her to run out and close the door and then for me to get clothed and apologise, I’d been caught in positions like this before and acted nervously but I was comfortable at this moment.‘Yeah I don’t start until lunch time, hence why I’m lying here with my cock out’‘Oh sorry, I’m really sorry, I’ll leave you to it’She walked out the door and as she closed the door I could see her staring at my cock‘Daisy’ I called Nothing happened, I knew she was behind the door, there was no noise but I could feel her presence. I stood up, my cock was still rock hard, the moment was turning me on. I walked towards the door quietly in an attempt to catch her off guard, I opened the door, there she was, just standing there with the clothes in hand.‘Daisy, are you ok?’She didn’t say anything, I was a bit worried now, silence is never an exciting prospect. I went back to the bed, I left the door open and place a headphone in one ear, looked at daisy and said ‘Just watch, no harm in watching’Something about the situation told me that she was horny, but she wouldn’t cheat, she wasn’t that kind of a girl, she kaçak casino needed something more innocent.I pressed play and watched the porn, I placed my hand around my shaft and got myself hard again. After a few moments I looked over at daisy, her back was against the door frame she was wearing a black pencil skirt and a white blouse, she had undone her blouse buttons and was playing with her nipples, she had one hand down her skirt with the zip undone to allow movement. She was masterbating to me masterbating, I thought there and then I was going to erupt.‘Daisy, come and watch this with me’She cautiously walked over to the bed and laid next to me, she unbuttoned her blouse and revealed her breasts to me. They were small but her nipples were beautiful, they were so small and stiff, I wanted to suck on them but I refrained, she slipped her pencil dress off, pulled her tights down and moved her panties to one side so that she could play with her self easier.‘Ready’We watch this porn scene, it was a sister and brother sex scene, it had come on randomly but the taboo of it was hot.Daisy started to moan and breath heavily, I kept up with her pace of masterbating, she was flicking her clit, moving her fingers around in a big circle hard and fast. Cum was dripping out of the tip of my cock, i thought I was going to cum so I slowed down my movement, daisy looked at me as I slowed down and grabbed my hand and moved it back up to speed. She placed her face against my face, her lips touched my cheek, she was breathing heavily on me. She licked my face and squeeze my lips with her hand, her legs came over my body. I could feel casino oyna her wet pussy rubbing against me, her body was moving hard and fast.She breathed more and more heavily, her body and hands were moving faster and faster. She then froze, a small twitch happened, her whole body twitched again then she resumed her hard and fast movement and let out a huge scream.‘I’m cumming, I’m going to cum’Sure enough she did and seconds later my cock started to erupt, I felt my shaft fill with cum.‘I’m cumming too’Daisy laid her head down on my stomach facing towards my cock, I wank hard until I was about to explode, I grabbed the tip of my penis and pinched it and held all my cum there. I then let go and shot a huge thick load, I felt a little bit hit me, then two more squirts of cum came out, again I felt a little bit of it on me.Daisy stood up and looked at me, she was covered, her face had cum on her right cheek, dripping out of her mouth and in her right eye.She walked out and I heard her get in the shower, I just laid there calmly with a bit of cum on me.Daisy finished her shower and walked back in and threw a towel over me.‘So every Monday you hang on and have a wank?’‘Mostly, I always wank in the mornings, it’s healthy’‘I’m starting to agree, I don’t think it’s cheating if we’re not touching each other or kissing is it’‘It definitely is but it’s a rare form of cheating and I’ve never shot such a big load before’‘You’re telling me, I’ve never taken such a load before, well kenny, maybe we’ll do this again next week or sometime’Jamie and daisy married a few months after this but still to this day me and daisy mutually masterbate, less regularly but once or twice a month is enough for me. I’ve never played with her pussy or tits and she’s never touched my cock and she hasn’t taken my load ever since that day. The moments are hot and even hotter because of the temptation to touch

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