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Muscle Encounters 5- Meeting Rhonda LeeMuscle Encounter 5- Rhonda by the PoolBy lilguy A man pleases a sexy female fitness model by the poolI was a pool boy for Rhoda Lee, Porn Star, body builder all the round hottie.I was 5.8 in my 20’s, black and basically worked for free. I didn’t mindbecause I got to see moment like the one I am about to describe. I stood therein just my swim trunks as I watch her swim. I had to wear my trunks extra bigto hide the constant erections I got aroundShe walked out of the pool body glistening. Her muscles now look like theywere having river go through cavern. Her muscles were thick and strong but herbody slender. She had a flat six pack abs and two big breasts to match. Shehad nothing on that day, her nipples rocked hard from the cold water. Herbreast were perfect, nice and big a hard. Everything about her body was hardas steal, let covered in soft and smooth skin. Her pussy was thick and juicywith her clit hard and sticking out a couple of inches. Her legs could squeezea man half to death. There were nice and muscles like tree trunks. She hadblack hair with blond stripes in and sex lips. Her eyes were deep blue.She took and towel and wiped her self off. Her biceps flexed with just thatmove. She smirked at me.”Take off those trunks” She said”I am naked under here””Yea I know. You don’t think I am going to be the only one naked around herewhile you stare at me. Plus you aint fooling anyone, I know your have woodever time you see me. Do it”I take off my trunks and is now naked. I shake a bit nervously.”Not bad” She saysShe walked over to a bench and showed off her tight ass. She took out sometanning lotion and motions me over. I start to walk over.”On you knees”I crawl over. She had her legs opening showing off a dripping wet pussy.She buca escort turns around and tells me to Lotion her back. I start to rub her back andmuscles.”Your shaking, it like you never seen a naked woman before” She laughs”Not as beautiful as you””Oh what a charmer may get a girl wet saying that”I gulpHer back muscles are glistening”Arms boy”It massages her biceps. She gives me a flexed. Her muscle are hard as rock”You muscle baby””Yea, a lot””Know you do, I seen you watch me work out. This muscle got more strength thenyour whole body. Can rip you half with this little man, bench pressed you ifyou wanted””Really””Does that turn you on, keep massaging. Well does it turn you on?””Well … “”Yea it does. You a muscle freak aren’t you. Do you dream of me beating youup, putting you in the head lock and having my way with you?””Y … yes”She let out a loud sultry laugh”Good, like kinky, little wimpy muscle freaks. Like to see them tremble. Loveseeing the cock pop every time I flex a muscle. Trying pulling my arm down”She saysI tried as hard as I can but can’t seem to pull her arm down.I can’t evenbudge it.”This all part natural and part years of working out my body to perfection”She says”I s..shows miss lee””Flattery will get you everywhere” She saysShe slides my hand down her ass and has me squeeze. Her ass is nice and thickand I feel good in my hands”Come over here” She saysI got around her. The smell of wet pussy feels her nostrils. She gives me alook in the eye as she puts her legs up and tells me to massage them. Itslides my hands down her long sultry legs and feels the muscles. I massage herfeet going close to her pussy and massaging her inner thigh.Her wigglers her perfectly manicures pink toes. She squeezes her legs aroundme.”Can crush you face with these” She escort buca saidShe uses her legs to bring me and inch away from her pussy. I can see adroplet of cum on her clit, dripping down her pussy lips.”You want to taste my clit don’t you pussy boy””Yes””Yes what””Yes Mistress Rhonda” I blurted out”Mmmm feel so wet baby. Nice smell to, thick from working out. Look how big myclit is, bet you could wrapped your lips around it””Let me taste it””Not let” She said pushing me away”Massage my chest, Put the oil out”She put her head back as I touched her abs and rubbed the oils into them. Imove up to her shoulder and then rubbed her breast. They felt perfect. Shesmiled at me and ran her finger through my hair. She pulled my hair up so Ihad to look her in the eyes why doing it. I was nervous. She patted me on thehead gently”Faster. That it mmmm”Her breast now glistens with the oil. She would moaned as I massage hernipples”Eat my clit” She saidShe pushed my head in and started sucking on her clit. I tasted the wetnesssucking up and down as her legs squeezed the life out of me. She slammed myhead down and made it hard to breath. She was face fucking me with her clitthrusting it up. It was lack of air but she would lift my head up every timebefore I pass out. I still licked and suck eating like a man starving. Ihummed a tune to vibrate it. My tongue dug deep twirling around like atornado.”Yes right there. Lick that little bastard” She said “Fuck”I licked as fast and ass hard as I could till my jaw felt sore.”I am cumming”She cums on me and have me taste it”Don’t stop licking, your going to be down there for a while”She sat back and grab and drink from a table next to her. She drank the icecold drink and had me eat her pussy. She had me in a tight scissors hold. Shewould lift buca escort bayan my hair out and give me slaps.”Like that don’t you””Yes””Get back to eating baby (slap)”She took another sip of her drink and guzzled it all the way down”Right there, Suck it … shit shit”She made my lips go around her cunt. Her body shook”Cumming again..yesssssssssssssss”She wasn’t done till she came 3 more times. My face as cover with her Juices.I could taste her on my lips as she had me lick her clean. She turns aroundbent over and started rubbing herself”Lick my ass whole baby” She saidShe spread her cheeks so I got deep in there and gave it a good smell. Mytongue when into her asshole as I started to lick”Just a nasty muscle freak” She saidShe rubbed her self faster”Deeper, that it deep in my ass, don’t even try to breath”She was getting wetter again. She shoved my face deep in her ass.”Ohhh yesss”She came squirting down. She smiled and had my clean her off.She grabbed my by the hair and tossed me on lounge chair. It bent back and shegot on top of me. My cock went into her tight pussy. She rode me up and downmaking me explode instantly.”Not let baby”She begaing massaging my balls and fingering me. To my ammazment I got hard.She was giving me the best fucking of my life as her pussy worked my cocksliding her wet juices down. It started to scream with pleasure but she shoveda finger in my mouth and covered. She held me down squeezing my neck just as Iclimax. She stopped my breathing causing me to have a huge climax”Ohhh MISTRESS RHONDA”She fucked me hard against the chair. I could barely take it. She gave me afew slaps across the face and let out a laugh as she came on my dick.”Like that little man””Yes mame” I saidI laid there after and hour. She got up off me and showed a cream filledpussy.”Clean it out”I suck her clit cleaning out my cum. She smiled mixing it in with her ownjuices as she climax. I laid there pass out as she pushed me off. She laidback and took and poured herself something to drink

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