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Mrs. Smith {Part VII}Mackenzie:Damn that k** and his eternal hard on. He would probably wear me out. I then realized that I was getting carried away with his infatuation with me. I let being flattered get the best of me. What was I thinking teasing him like this? I had to end all this fooling around.The next morning I got dressed for work. As I put the coffee on and the phone rang. It was my on again / off again boyfriend letting me know he was in town for one night and wanted to see me. Though it made me feel cheap to be at his beck and call, I accepted, thinking my getting laid would make it easier for me to keep Ponte out of my mind.Ponte came down so I told him we had to talk.?”What we’ve been doing has to end. Its just not right. From now on I plan to always be fully dressed in front of you and you are to stay out of my room. You need to find a girl friend and get over your obsession with me.””The other thing, I have a friend coming over tonight and he might spend the night. It would be weird if you were around, so do you think you’ll be all right spending the night at your house tonight?”Ponte:I did not know how to take what she just said. She wanted to fuck another guy. Should I use the video that I had shot to make sure that this did not happen? No, that would not be the best use of it. She would want me to delete it and I wanted/needed it to jerk off. I could not just let her get that much out of me.“Fine” I said in a huff. I knew that she would have to go to work today and that would give me a chance to move the camera from her bathroom to her bedroom. Thankfully I got one that would work in almost pitch black so if she was prudish and fucked with the lights off I would still get the action.She looked pleased with herself as she got up and left for work. I got into the attic and moved the camera over her bed. I made sure to sweep up the dust from the hole I drilled and laid down and started recording making sure I could get the whole thing on camera.Mackenzie:Ponte was already gone when I got home from work. I knew he was a bit pissed that I wanted him out of the house tonight. I thought he would be pleased to be treated like a grown up, allowed to stay in his own house for one night. Hell, maybe he’ll invite some girl over and get laid, so he could get over his obsession with me. After all I’ve taught him, some teenage girl would be lucky to be with him.I went up and showered and then got into a tight little dress that I knew I was probably too old for but I didn’t care. I hoped ben would be taking me to that fancy french restaurant we both liked.When he rang the bell and I answered, I was quite disappointed when I saw him in jeans and a tee shirt. He immediately took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. I allowed him until I felt his hand slipping under the hem of my dress, as if he expected me to let him fuck me right in the hallway.”Slow down” I said, stepping away. “What’s with the jeans? I was hoping you were taking me somewhere nice to eat””Oh, I didn’t know” he said, reaching for me again. “If your hungry we can have a pizza delivered afterwards””So what you’re saying is you just came over to get laid?””I would think that’s what you want too. Its been a while for both of us”I was pissed but it had been a while so I figured the hell with it. But I promised canlı bahis myself this would be the last time I ever saw him.”Fine, you want to get laid? Let’s go to the bedroom and get it done””Not so fast. Let’s role play””Role play? I’m not in the mood””You used to always like it””Not tonight. Now are you going to fuck me or not””Come on, I’ve got a good one. I’m a k** and you’re teaching me about sex”His suggestion shocked me and I immediately thought of Ponte.”I’m not roleplaying, especially not that one””Come on, it will be fun. I’ll start. Gee ma’am, I never even saw a naked woman before. Can I see your breasts?””I said I’m not playing, dammit.”He got mad and stepped closer. I tried to back away but the wall was in my way.”You bitch. I’ll have you know I turned down a date tonight with a young girl just to be with you.””I’m sure””I did” he said, reaching out and grabbing my breast and squeezing it. “and her tits aren’t flabby like yours.””Fuck you” I said struggling as his hand left my breast and slipped under my dress. Although I tried to keep my legs tight together he still was able to push my panties aside and force a finger inside me.”And her cunt is nice and tight, not like your wide hole.”I knew I had to do something before I was ****d right there in the hallway. I stopped fighting him and opened my legs in surrender and then reached down and unzipped his pants. I took his erection in my hand and began stroking it. I let his pants slip down to his ankles and then pushed him as hard as I could. His feet got tangled up in his pants and he fell back. I grabbed the bat I always kept by the door and lifted it over my head.”Now get the fuck out” I yelledHe could see I meant business so he said okay and began pulling his pants up. I stepped aside as he opened the door but then he said, “You should know, I let all my buddies watch our skype the other night while you masturbated for me. They thought it was a riot but wanted to know why I was wasting my time with some middle-aged cunt”He closed the door behind him and I quickly locked it. I sat on my couch and sobbed for the longest time and then sat there even longer, wondering why I always seemed to pick men who used me. It was late by the time I got off the couch and headed up to my room. But then I stopped and realized I didn’t want to be alone tonight. I took the spare key to Pontes house and let myself in. The house was dark but I saw the light on in pontes room.I opened the door, startling him in bed.”Do you mind if I share your bed tonight? I asked.Ponte“Um, sure, um…” I stammered and slammed the lid down on my laptop and put it away. What the fuck was she doing here? She was supposed to be fucking her boyfriend so I could get some jerk material. I scooted back in the bed pulling some of the covers up over my erection.“What happened to your date?” I was able to say cooly this time composed after my brain got out of ‘don’t get fucking caught’ mode.“He’s a dick” she said as she came closer to the bed. I could see on her face that her make up was streaked she must have cried a little and her dress looked frumpy. She just crawled in the bed on top of the covers and put her head down on the pillow next to me.“It seems like once I get rid of one asshole in my life another one pops up.”“What do you mean?” I bahis siteleri asked quizzically. She really did seem to have her heart set on meeting this guy and now she is in my bed. Not that I’m complaining. She rattled the whole thing off to me. How all he wanted to do was fuck her. Not romance her, not take her out to eat, but just use her like a fuck toy. Men like that made me sick, did he not understand that she was a lovely woman worthy of love and respect.“Wait here” I said crawling out the bed and running downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses. I came back up to my room and she was still just laying in the bed. I could tell that she was mentally exhausted from her ordeal.“This might help” I said pouring her a glass and handing it to her.“Don’t think…”“I’m trying to be nice, christ” I cut her off.“Sorry” she replied.I poured myself a glass of wine and got back in the bed with her. She had scooted up and was sitting now sipping on the wine.“You know, you always say that I should be with someone my age, but it sounds like you should be with someone my age.”“Don’t start this shit again.”“No, hear me out. You said that all the men you have been with are just trying to fuck you. I, I, I, I’m not going to lie and say that I would not mind having sex with you.”“Of course not, you’re a virgin.”“Will you just hear me out.”“Sorry”“I respect you, and in d
oing so I would be respectful of you as a person. I just want to make you happy.”She looked me dead in the face, took a sip of wine, and said “get off it”.I just looked at her I did not know how to respond to her. “Who would want these saggy tits?” she asked pointing at one with a half empty wine glass. I took that as an invitation and reached out to grab it.She slapped my hand away. “I said get off it. I just want to sleep, Ponte”.I knew that there was nothing that I could say to her to make her change her mind. If I pushed any further I would be just like the assholes that she had been dealing with.“Ok, I get the hint” I said taking her now empty wine glass. “You can’t sleep in your dress” I said and went to my dresser and got some boxers and an old t-shirt and put them on the bed. She looked up at me with what was relief in her eyes.“Some privacy please?” she asked, and I stepped out the door closing it behind me.Mackenzie:When he left I quickly undressed. His bed was so small I knew there was no way we could both share it without being pressed against each other. I considered leaving my bra on but the straps were already digging into me and I needed a good nights sleep so I took it off and pulled the tee shirt on. It was a bit small and barely covered my panties so I swapped them for his boxers.Getting under the covers I told him he could come back in. the first thing I noticed when he walked in was his erection, pushing against his own boxers, threatening to pop out of the fly. He got in bed and I turned my back to him . He got in facing me and immediately the too small bed made his erection poke against me.”Turn the other way” I said.He tried, almost falling out of bed, before settling for just lying on his back. I knew the only way we would fit semi comfortably was to turn around and lay with my head on his shoulder. The tent his erection made under the sheet was almost comical.”You bahis şirketleri going to be able to sleep with that at attention?”He turned red and tried to arrange the covers to hide it.”Actually I usually jerk off before bed” he admitted”Nothing to be ashamed of. I quite often do the same. Go ahead so we can both get some sleep””Really?””Really””Okay” he said, starting to get out of bed. “I have to get some tissues”I pulled him back down and grabbed my panties from the floor and said, ” you can use these. I have to wash them anyway”He was shocked by my offer but put up no argument, taking them before slipping his hand under the sheet. He began stroking himself. I could tell he was still embarrassed doing it which would probably result in delaying his release. To show him that I was perfectly comfortable with it, I pulled the sheet off him,.He had my panties wrapped around his hard on as he stroked himself with them. I didn’t tell him that even I sometimes used my silkiest panties to massage my clit to get myself off.Watching him was getting me hot but there was no way I was going to get myself off in front of him, even under the sheets. I didn’t want him knowing he was arousing me.He started groaning and he quickly arranged the panties to catch his cum and within a minute he was covering them with his sticky release.”Good” I said snuggling against him, “now maybe both of us can get some sleep”Ponte:I had resigned myself to not being in the same bed with the woman of my dreams just a few hours before and now here she was in my bed with her head against me snuggling into me for what appeared to be some form of safety and was dozing off to sleep.Knowing that she watched me jerk off and actually consented this time to me using her panties to cum in made my orgasm that much more intense. It drained be both literally and figuratively. Her panties were covered in my cum and I doubt that I had any left inside of me even if she wanted to fuck right after that I doubt I would have anything to give her. She was right, now maybe we both could get some sleep.I closed my eyes and let the sleep take over me drifting off into post orgasm bliss and dream land. I was having amazing dreams of what it would be like to be with Mackenzie the first time specifically. Her guiding my cock into wet pussy. Telling me how good of I job I’m doing fucking her. How my cock filled her up perfectly. Begging me to pick up steam and fuck her like she deserves to be fucked. Wrapping her legs around me as I push deeper into her, with her screaming my name with each stroke deeper into her.Right as I was about to cum in my dream I woke up because of some fidgeting movement next to me. With as small as my bed is I knew that it was Ms. Smith moving. She was not this restless the previous time we slept. I could feel her hand moving between her legs and a faint moan/whisper from her mouth. She was clearly masturbating, but I could not catch what she was saying.She began to pick up the pace, but her words were still just inaudible, a whisper her a noise under her breath. I tried to look at her face to see if she was awake or if this was just some kind of thing she did normally in her sleep. All that I do know is I wanted to replace her hand with my hand and help. Yet, if she was asleep and this woke her up I would not know what she would do to me. I decided to pretend to still be asleep as she kept pleasing herself. Although that would be hard to do with my already had cock from the dream and it getting harder with her fingering herself next to me.

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