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Movie Theater
My boyfriend was hard and jacking off while I told him about his friends fucking me while he was at school. I had no idea, but he had fantasies about me fucking other guys. i was spread wide in front of him while I played with myself. Since he was so hot, I told him that I would love to do it again, but this time with strangers. He came on my pussy. I got up and kissed him and told him that I wanted to be his slut to watch.

I got up and put an impossibly short skirt on, so short that it didn’t cover up the tops of my stockings. I skipped the panties then put on a shirt so thin, my nipples could easily be seen and boots that came up above my knee. I had him take me to the movies, but on the other side of town. I had seen a movie where a girl got gang banged in a theater online, and wanted to try it. We bought the tickets and I let him lead me into the theater. He quickly noticed why I hap picked this theater, we were the only white people in the theater. The guys were all checking me out as I led my boyfriend tot he back row. I sat down next to a group of guys that were all looking at me like I was a piece of meat. Of the 20 people in the theater, i was the only woman. Just how I wanted it.

I looked over and saw that my boyfriend was hard as a rock. I shifted in my seat, canlı bahis which made my skirt creep up a bit. just enough to show off my lips and clit. I did notice that the black guys were looking, so i opened parted my legs slightly and then smiled at them. Since the dim lights were still on, i knew they could easily see my bland mound and the top of my lips. They started to talk to me, and I let them know that my boyfriend was bitch as I took my sweater off to show off my hard nipples. While talking to them, i put up the armrest between us and put my hand on ones thigh while talking to his friends down the row. Right as I expected, he put his hand on my thigh. He looked at my boyfriend smile and watch while he moved his hand up my thigh. I looked at him and kissed him on the lips and opened my legs.

His friends were shocked when his hand went between my legs while I started to kiss him, then let his tongue in my mouth. He laughed when he found out his fingers slid in easily with how wet I was. I reached down and pulled my skirt all the way uptown my hips and spread my legs wide for him. Then I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I smiled when I found out that the myth was actually true. I took my first black dick in my mouth and worked on it to get him hard. It bahis siteleri didn’t take long before he was rock hard, and my pussy was ready. I got up and unbuttoned my shirt to let my tits out and sat on his cock. it was tight, but i pushed hard until I felt his entire cock inside of me. I leaned my back into his chest and started to roll my hips. His friends had their cocks out, and then I started to ride his cock. he reached around and grabbed my tits while I fucked him. He pinched my nipples, which made me let out a little cry. The lights went out, and the movie started, but the group of guys in he row in front of us saw a white girl riding black cock, so they came over.

They came over to watch, but after just a minute of me riding a cock, they pulled their cocks out. I got up and bent over the seat in front o me, and took one of their cocks into my mouth while my lover adjusted and started to fuck me while I was bent over. i took the cock out of my mouth and looked at my boyfriend and told him to let the guys know where they could cum. He leet everyone know that they could cum in me. I went back to sucking the cock when my lover blew his load inside of me. I looked at his friends and asked who was next, the next one jumped up and took his place. he was even bigger bahis şirketleri than his friend as he pushed his cock into my cum filled cunt. The guy in my mouth pulled his cock out and sprayed my face with his cum. “Leave it on your face, whore” he told me. His friend put his cock in my mouth and I worked him. A couple more guys had joined. I have 5 guys in front of me and 4 behind me. My boyfriend pulled out his dick and started to jack off.

The guys in front had started jacking off, and another guy had cum in me from behind. The next up slid his cock in me. I would feel the cum running down my legs. I could feel several loads on my face and in my hair. The guy in me came, and the last guy took his spot. he was the biggest of all. I could feel a lot of cum flow out of me while his cock pushed in. I moaned and he went deep. I came so many times that I had lost count, but his dick made me hit one after another after another. He couldn’t hep my tight pussy clamping down on him and he came. The remaining 3 guys in front of me jacked off and came on my face.

I did as I was told, I left the cum on my face and the cum on my stockings, thighs and boots. I left my sweater off and got up, buttoned up my cum covered shirt. My cum soaked tits pushed up against the sheer fabric. I got up and led my boyfriend out after giving the guys my number. Even though he had cum twice watching, he got hard again as people started at me as we walked to the car. I had him lick me from head to toe before letting him fuck me when we got home.

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