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Morning wake upIt’s Sunday morning. I woke up early, and I am now rubbing my dick.Next to me, Angela is still sleeping, on her side. I look at her nice, white ass, that is tilted towards me. I can see her pussy and ass hairs, between her thighs and ass cheeks. I can smell her scent, an amazing mixture of her erotic sweat and the smell of her pussy, full of my semen… I have fed her well , all night long …I put my finger in my mouth, to make it wet, and I put it on her asshole. I press it softly and very gently… to get my finger inside her asshole… I put some more saliva and I manage to glide my finger inside a little bit.I am working her asshole very slowly and carefully, to not wake her up.Now my finger is half its length inside her anus. I move it gently, with circular movements for a while , and then I’m taking it out, to put it in my mouth… The taste of her ass is really amazing… My dick hardens aydın escort even more… I wet again my finger with my saliva and I glide it again in her shithole. This time my finger reaches to the end. It’s now fully inside !I’m moving it, in and out, and I feel the slippery fluids of her ass tunnel,moistening and warming my naughty finger…At that moment , she suddenly wakes up … saying “Iiiiiiii, I have to goooooo … “.She hurries up and runs up to the toilet. Her tits are dancing up and down, as she runs.I’m looking at her ass cheeks, which she hold tight, to avoid releasing her pee on the floor… I hear her sitting at the toilet, while at the same time, I enjoy licking cleanmy finger, that was previously inside her ass …mmmmm..!…. Such a wonderful taste…I could hear the sound of her piss, furiously hitting the water inside the toilet, and a drop of my pre-cum comes out of my aydın escort bayan urethra… The sound of her pissing stopped… but I am not hearing the sound of flushing water… Instead, I see her coming to bed, having her right hand under her pussy… With one quick move, she rides on me… and she sits, totally naked as she is, on my face…!…”Suck and drink , you horny fucker… , enjoy everything you find down there…!…” she tells me, while she wipes her moist, dirty hand on my belly.The smell of her filthy ass and her full pussy fills my nostrils…I open my mouth and I pull out my tongue… I am doing what I am told to…I am sucking and drinking her liquids…I lick her still warm piss drops, which she did not wipe off,… I lick her white cunt cream, mixed up with my own semen, coming from deep inside her vagina,… I lick her strongsmelling feminine, salty sweat , from between her escort aydın cunt lips and her ass cheeks… All of them together, in one mind blowing cocktail… mmmmmm… I’d like to stay there forever, under her bottom, sucking her bodily fluids endlessly…!She bends and takes my hard dick in her mouth… she licks it and sucks, turning her tongue around the base of my dickhead, and playing with my bloated prick, using her lips and teeth…I am moaning, with the indescribable pleasure I am feeling…”I will not last much more, babe… I will cum…”, I say, with my mouth full of her pussy lips… “Cum baby,… don’t worry… I will drink everything …” she tells me…I could not stand anymore… I did it… I ejaculated my sperm in several powerful bursts,directly in her open and waiting mouth …I cummed so hard, that I must have got everything around, messed up… I lift my head to take a look of the mess , but I see nothing…!… No trace of sperm… I see Angela licking her lips and her fingers with her tongue, making “mmmmmmm…..”She sees me, looking at her and wondering.She smiles at me, and asks me “…you lost something …?! …”

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