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Morning after with Daughter in laws motherDriving down the motorway from the grandson’s party the phone beeped, and a message flashed up on the car info system. It was the hard-faced bitch (daughter in laws mother) wishing me a safe journey and telling me even though her arse hole still felt stretched out from this morning’s workout; she could do another round. It reminded me that morning I woke with the feeling of not being alone in a strange room on a strange bed, with competition for the duvet from a snoring flat chested hard faced bitch, who had joined me for a couple of drinks in my hotel and then taken my cock deep into her cunt. Falling out of the bed, I walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and let go a stream of piss which hit the bowl and water, checking my tackle, squeezing my plums and pulling the foreskin back I could see the residue of the cunt juice around the base of the knob head. The smell was of unmistakable cunt. Showering helped in many ways, I walked out into the bedroom in the hotel robe to find the women stirring on the bed, her legs open, her slit visible and her piss flaps open. Switching on the kettle, I prepared 2 cups of coffee. Sitting next to Janice, I could smell her sex, even over the strong black coffee, her open legs exposing her cunt smell to the room and it filled my nose. I could feel my cock twitch. Sitting up Janice kissed me and drank the hot coffee and then laid back down against my chest, canlı bahis her leg over mine. I realised we hadn’t said 5 words to each other this morning, but without saying another her hand started to undo the tie of the robe and reach in to first find a nipple to tweak and then cup my clean ball sack. Exposed my cock twitched, and Janice ran a bony finger along its length. Looking up, she commented on its size and then pulled back the foreskin and licked the bell end, kissing the knob head and then poking her tongue into the slit. While she worked on my cock, my hand found her arse cheeks which I slapped leaving a red handprint on the skinny cheeks. Moving to kneel and wank my stiffening cock she allowed me to get fingers to her already wet slit, she then moved to sit over my face, the smell of cunt filled my senses, and I licked and sucked at her slit as she started to suck on my knob. Her cunt started to moisten as I poked my tongue into her hole, tasting the bittersweet juice on my mouth I pushed my tongue in further to suck out her cunt juice. The bitch held the base of my cock and tried to swallow its length, I felt the back of her throat against my knob end and her gagging on the hard shaft, I reached around and held the back of her head as I lifted my arse off the bed to pierce her cunt mouth to face fuck her. Her ass and cunt pushed back into my face and made me suck greedily at her wet hole. I lapped at her gash bahis siteleri from the clit to her puckered brown bum hole, we bucked and pushed our genitals into each other faces, her covering my face with her slimy cunt juice and my knob with her split. She broke away first, collapsing after her climax had covered my face in her cunt juice, my knob still held at the base by her. I reached over and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her brown hole into which I poked a finger, OUCH she said as I pushed the finger in, YOU FUCKER she said as she looked back at me, still holding my cock. Holding on to her skinny ass I poked another finger in, moving I pushed her face into the bed and using the 2 fingers in her ass hole to leverage her into the right position, I knelt behind her my long fat cock poking towards her brown hole. YOU CUNT she said, as I moved forward, so my knob met my fingers at the entrance to her ass, removing my fingers let my knob enter her ass hole. You FUCCK be gentle its been a while; I didn’t give a fuck as I held on to her skinny hips and pushed my long thick shaft of cock deep into her shit hole. Pulling back and pushing again my heavy recharged bollocks swung against her cunt. ERRR she said through gritted teeth, YOUR COCK IS 2 BIG, shut the fuck up I said as she clawed at the bed linen trying to move away as I held her skinny hips fast. I started to withdraw, and she breathed deep I pushed my hot knob back bahis şirketleri in, and she growled into the duvet. The tight seal around my knob was like an elastic band around my shaft, holding my knob flesh and making the thin skin between the shaft and the knob head burn as I pushed and withdrew in a slow rhythm. I was sweating the bitches tight hole started to loosen making it easier to speed up the fucking. I felt her hand on my ball sack as she reached back to wank herself, grunting like a pig she cum on her fingers. I saw my pole slide in and out of her ass, as her back covered in sweat, she looked back at me and mouthed “FUCK my ASS BABY MAKE me Cum AGAIN. I slammed my cock as far up her hole as I could she gripped the bed linen and grunted a climax again. My bollocks tighten, and I mixed my spunk with her shit. The bitch could not stop herself from grunting another climax as she felt the hot spunk cover the sides of her shit tube. Pulling out of the ass, her ass ring stayed open and raw, as I sat back on my haunches and pushed her away.FUCk she said, as she looked at my deflating cock, my ass hole might never recover. Give it a day I said, you be calling for another round. You Cunt she said and got off the bed. I need a fag she said, breakfast I said and then showers and party.The hard face bitch held on to me as we walked into the breakfast room, smelling of hastily smoked fags, I could still smell her cunt on my face.I arrived 15 mins later than her at the party, and we said no more than 10 more words. I left, and 30 mins later the phone beeped with the message at the top.Trying not to take my eyes off the road, I texted back, I told you so see you next year!!

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