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More dirty adventures with SusieThis story is a sequel to my story “A story-tribute to Susie,” where I write about how I really, really want to fuck XHamster user soeager2.While being in Boise for two weeks on company business, I tried to make time as often as I could to get together for some hot times. Susie had some limited availability and we could only spend the most of two Friday afternoons together. She also came by the office all dressed up so we could sneak off to a nearby hotel for a lunch-time fling at a nearby hotel a couple times during my business trip.Like all good things, it had to come to an end and I had to eventually go home. I got the new Boise office up and running and everyone was pleased with how quickly it adapted to the company’s way of things. My boss said he wanted me to go back and check on things every six months for the next year or two to make sure things are running smoothly. I was pleased that he was so thrilled with my job performance (especially considering how distracted I was by someone else during that entire time) but didn’t want to wait another six months before being able to experience Susie’s smooth and slutty body.When I got home, though, I made sure Susie and I stayed in contact. She’d send me photos of her dressed up in slutty dresses and lingerie that I would send her, and I’d occasionally surprise her with a dick pic or two. Mostly, I’d take a picture of me masturbating to her photos. I also liked to send her sex toys, or porn or anything I thought that might get her off. It also gave me a bit of a thrill thinking of the poor FedEx guy who doesn’t know he’s delivering a box of vibrators or butt plugs, knowing what kind of fun he’s making possible.After some careful planning, I was able to convince Susie to go on a webcam and Skype with me so I could see her modeling her sexiest ensemble yet, and then we’d have some cybersex and we’d both masturbate. I was able to get Susie to block out three hours for us, on a day that she would be available for the whole day.I had another surprise for her.While that day was coming up, but not as fast as I would like, I put my second part of the plan into action. I had set about finding a call girl to enter into our plan. After looking at the ads in alt-weekly newspapers and online, I had a few calls that didn’t work out or didn’t believe what I was setting up. Then I found Veronica. She’s a brunette, sort of thick and curvy. In the photos she had online, she clearly bodrum escort had a body built for sex.I left her a voicemail to the number in her ad and she called me back right away. I told her all about Susie and the details of our arrangement and what I wanted her to do. She said it would be no problem and told me that my idea actually turned her on, too, and that she’s excited for our plan to play out. She quoted me a price and I told her I’d pay her ¾ of it right away and then the rest after completion. She agreed and before we got off the phone, I transferred a not-unsubstantial amount of money to her.This was still two-weeks out and my mind could barely concentrate on anything else. I would send Susie text messages about how horny she was making me and I would occasionally have to lock myself in the restroom to masturbate at work.When the day finally arrived, I could hardly believe it was finally here. I sent Veronica some texts and we confirmed everything was ready. She would wait near Susie’s home in a car and I would give her the greenlight for when it was time. Then late in the morning, Susie and I logged on and I could see how Susie really dolled herself up for our encounter, even though it was “only” online. She told me it made her crazy-horny, too, thinking about how we’d get to masturbate for each other over Skype. When I saw Susie on the webcam, I could feel my pants getting even tighter. She looked so fuckable in a tight, red dress, white thigh-high stockings, and black, fuck-me heels. She also had some sexy lingerie underneath. She promised me I’d see it soon enough.Once Susie was starting to model her outfit, I sent Veronica a text tell her it’s time. She was at the door in about two minutes, interrupting Susie sashaying across her bedroom for me. Susie was surprised and embarrassed that someone would be knocking at her door in the middle our alone time. I convinced her that she should answer the door all dressed up as Susie and not try to change out of her attire and that I would be waiting for her and that it was okay. She said that it was probably a solicitor and that she’d try to get them away ASAP.But when she got to the door, she saw a young babe (late twenties), dressed in a black bodysuit with a leather skirt. She had knee-high stockings and heels. Veronica, like Susie, was dressed to fuck. Susie was confused why this woman was there and after a second of taking in the sight of this stranger at her front bodrum escort bayan door, she asks what she can help her with. Veronica asks, “Are you Susie?” Susie is confused and speechless for a moment when Veronica cuts through the tension by saying, “Hi, I’m Veronica. It’s nice to meet you. You’re probably wondering what I’m doing here, but I’m here to fuck your brains out.” Susie and Veronica share a mischievous smile as Veronica reaches into her bag to pull out a rather large, black, strap-on.Susie starts to get turned on and forgets all about me, supposedly waiting by the webcam. Susie invites Veronica in and tells her to wait a second on the couch while she runs up to her computer to tell me that I need to accept her raincheck offer. She’s confused by the whole thing as no one really expects hot, young people to show up on their doorstep offering no-strings-attached sex. There was no time to think about all that, though, as Susie was only concerned with getting back to enjoying all Veronica has to offer.When she gets up to her computer, she sees that I’m gone but I left a message saying I had to go to, but to give my best to Veronica and to take lots of pictures. It is finally starting to make sense and she realizes I set the whole thing up. Susie runs back to the living room and she sees that Veronica is on the couch, with her skirt pulled up, her panties pulled aside, and a finger inside of her cunt. Veronica smiles and said that it was about time she came back and that she thought she was going to have to give herself her first orgasm.Susie rushed to Veronica and they started kissing heavily, while Veronica got to feel Susie’s tits and runs her hand down to Susie’s crotch. Veronica gives a Susie a smile and says, “oooh, I like this.” Veronica has other plans, though, and she pulls down Susie’s sexy panties and puts her tongue inside of Susie’s waiting ass-cunt as Susie bends over across the couch. Susie lets out a gasp of pleasure the moment she feels the tongue-ass-cunt contact. She knows that the strap-on can’t be too far away. Veronica gets Susie’s ass-cunt ready with her tongue but she knows that she’s going to need some more lube, so she rubs some more around Susie’s asshole while rubbing a bunch up and down the fake cock she’s wearing. Veronica is gentle when she enters Susie from behind, but only momentarily. Veronica gives her a few slow strokes before starting to go faster and faster. It’s not three or escort bodrum four strokes in that Susie realizes that’s the biggest cock that’s ever been inside of her and that it’s the most heavenly fuck she’s ever felt.It takes about thirty minutes and somewhere around three or four big climaxes before Susie collapses on the couch. She’s worn out and tired and she says to Veronica, “Thank you; that was probably the best fuck I’ve ever had.” Veronica smiles back and says, “A whore always loves to hear that.” When Susie regains her bearings, she tells Veronica she wants to return the favor and make Veronica cum. Veronica smiles and opens her legs as she slides off the strap-on. Her bald pussy looks almost translucent as Susie can’t help herself. With Veronica sitting on the couch, Susie gets on the floor and craw
ls over to Veronica. She sees Veronica’s open legs and begins to lick away at Veronica’s cunt. “This gurl really knows how to lick pussy,” Veronica thinks to herself and then says out loud a few moments later. Veronica thinks to herself that she’s a whore and before she was a whore, she was a slut, but that is the very best pussy-licking she can remember. While plenty of guys (and a few girls) have licked her well, Susie, with her feminine touch and expert tongue, has taken her to ecstasy in ways she’s never felt before.While Veronica was coming down from her second big climax from Susie’s tongue, Susie reaches for a vibrator to assist her. It’s all a blur what happened after that but Veronica is sure that she lost count after eight big orgasms, and at least half a dozen smaller ones.They collapse in each other’s arms for a bit when they start to come to, Veronica reaches for her phone and calls me, putting it on Facetime. I answer and see these two sexy ladies on Susie’s couch, disheveled and looking like they just had the fucks of their lives. They both say hi to me and thank me for setting up their little sexcapade and that it was a surprise for both at how amazing it was. I was starting to feel a little left out, but more than a little turned on, too. Susie said that while Veronica’s strap-on was big, there was nothing like a real cock, particularly mine. Veronica said that I needed to get my ass to Boise soon, so that we all could have the world’s hottest threesome. I knew it would be at least five months before work would be sending me back there, but I was trying to add up how much remaining vacation time I had left, and when would be the soonest I could use it. Then Veronica interrupted my thoughts by saying out loud, “Hey Susie, I don’t know about you, but I really want to fuck some more.” I heard the first part of Susie saying that she was still horny, too, before they hung up.

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