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Moonlight DesireAs people mingled at the party he felt her wide eyed stare, fixed on him, from across the room, From the corner of his eye he caught her gaze, fixed on this thighs. She wanted him to know, but only him, as the party continued noisily around them both.Without looking directly at her, he paused for a moment taking a sip from his glass. The golden liquid single malt against his lips, and he immediately imagined her now moistening between her legs, delighting in the thought of how her sweet honey was soaking the lining of her panties as she sat swivelling, restlessly on the stool over by the kitchen, pretending to listen to the surrounding group chatter.It had been building up the whole evening, and now the tension was palpable. They both sensed that it was on. Both were overcome by desire, spellbound as the full moon emerged from behind a patch of cloud, through the window.Suddenly and abruptly she rose from the stool in silence, and made her way to the hallway towards thestairs, making sure that only he saw the sparkle in her eye as she left the room.Quickly, he set his glass down and made konya escort for the hallway. By now the party was in full swing, and if ever there was a moment, it was now.She swiftly tiptoed up the stairs, like a floating ballerina and he followed suit from below, bounding upward, two steps at a time.Flinging open the first door in sight she stepped into a dark room, the moonlight falling upon a pile of coats on top of a bed in front of her. Leaving lights off she stepped forwards against the bed, in a shaft of pale moonlight.Not a second later he entered the room, steeping right up behind her, breathing heavily against her neck, drinking in her smell.The sound of his trouser belt unbuckling made her let out an excited gasp, and with one arm, he forcefully tugged her lace underwear down between her knees.She was so wet by now that a glistening rope of juice swung down from her soaking crotch and caught her inner thigh. The second he caught sight of her honey juice in the moonlight, he became rock hard and took her hip in one hand, guiding his swollen head towards her wet slit.As soon as he could, he escort konya pushed inwards into the warm, wet velvet, and she let out a glorious, prolonged, moaning exhale, communicating her deep pleasure.drunk on desire, the a****l instinct took hold of them, she raised one knee onto the bed, and they both remained standing, the pace of his hips pushing up into her began to increase. She was so wet he could feel her juice soaking him, dripping down his balls and dripping down both of their inner thighs. Holding her hips firmly and squarely, he sensed her pleasure, and listened to the sweet noises, driving his delicious thick shaft into her sweet love. This was lustful, sweet, basic, carnal desire.With her hand on his forearm, they were both in sync, grinding and sliding up into her faster, sensing the deep desire within them both to cum. The heat was radiating from their hot bodies, and at this point, wild horses were not going to tear them. As their speed increased, she began to let out the sweet mumbling indications of the onset of her orgasm, and he had her now. He drove beautifully into her, pushing konya escort bayan her sweetly overflowing over the edge, and the orgasmic contractions of her muscles began to twitch and tighten around him, drawing up the cum from deep in his swollen balls. There was going to be no holding back. She began to shudder and moan, telling him quietly in a stuttering that he was going to make her cum, bucking against his pelvis, and right then his whole body tightened and then he exploded, gushing his warm, continual spurting fountain deep up into her core, his whole shaft contracting strongly inside her delicious sticky heaven.They remained in sweet agony of embrace, until the waves of orgasm began to eventually subside, and they both soaking wet, pulled their clothes back into shape and split off from the room back to the party, separately.Returning with her face glowing downstairs, she danced around the room among the other guests, smiling cheekily at him now, as his warm semen was secretly being massaged between her sweet lips, inside her silky lace underwear.And he looked out of the window back at the glaring moon, realising that the night has only just begun! The moon shone brightly in through the window and his heart was beating strongly. He could have her again tonight, and she playfully stared back, knowing and feeling it too….

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