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Mom’s Roadtripnother good day. The sun was shining brightly. Not a cloud in the sky, and very warm. So why was I so unhappy? A few reasons, actually. One being quite obvious. My husband of twenty-four years ran off with another woman. That didn’t help. I’m suffering from empty nest syndrome as well. No, not both my c***dren have left. My oldest is in-between his sophomore and Junior year at college. But this summer he took an internship in Denver. That left me and my other c***d Carla here all alone in our split-level ranch in suburban St Louis. At forty-six, I’ve matured somewhat in looks, nothing out of the ordinary there. My five-seven frame now carries about an extra thirty pounds or so in my butt, thighs and tummy. And my once firm C-cup breasts are hanging a bit low. I smiled though, as I looked at my fifteen year-old daughter. So young, full of life, drop dead gorgeous with curly long blond hair just like I.Today she was at her friends house, where she was to stay as I drove out to Denver for a long weekend. It had been a month since I saw Jacob, and I was looking forward to it. Of course, I wasn’t going alone. Two of Jacob’s long time friends were driving me out and back. I’ve known both boys since Jacob was in grade school, so I had no problem riding out to Denver alone with them. Both Aaron and Matt are good boys. Same age as my Jacob, at twenty-one. Aaron stands a few inches taller than my son at six-four, and he’s built well and black. Matt is white, and just as built, although he’s under six-foot tall by an inch or two. I’ve always enjoyed watching the boys in athletics during their school years, admiring their bodies as they slowly matured.I smiled when I saw them pull up in Matt’s beat up Buick. No, we weren’t riding in that. We had my trusty mini-van to take. I greeted them in the garage, as they brought their bags and put them in the back of the van. And soon we were on the road for Denver, which is well over eight-hundred miles away. It was a pleasant ride, actually. The boys kept up the conversation nicely on a variety of subjects. And they even kept it clean. I was happy at that, as I’ve overheard their conversations in the past from time to time with my son. Being boys, they can get quite crude. I also knew both boys enjoyed female companionship as does my son. Thankfully, they never went there either. Many hours later, we arrived at Jacob’s apartment, with me pretty much worn out. Jacob gave me his bed, which I protested over, and he and the two boys slept in the living room. I crashed, sleeping like a baby that Friday night, not waking until I smelled the morning coffee.After getting up and around, the day was spent with my son driving us around and showing us the sights. We had a nice lunch and dinner, before returning to his apartment at about eight in the evening. As we entered I took a seat on the couch, and Is aw the boys fidgeting. I smiled, and asked “Okay, what is it Jacob?”He asked, “You mind if we go out? Aaron, Matt and I?”I smirked, saying with sarcasm, “Sure, just leave your poor mother alone then.”He laughed, as he knew I was tired, as he came over and kissed my cheek and said they would be careful. They left, and I read. At first, I didn’t find much. A couple of Sports Illustrated and some outdoor magazines. I smiled when I went into his bedroom and found the porn in the top drawer of his dresser. Yes, momma was snooping. But momma has a right too. Besides, this older woman still has a sex drive, one that my ex seemed incapable of, or wanting to, to take care of the six or seven years before he ran off with that divorced lady in his office. No, I’m not bitter. Much. I ended up in the bathroom diddling myself for an hour, getting myself off to a few good enjoyable orgasms. I then put his skin rags away and went to bed and fell asleep right away, with a contented smile on my face.Waking in the morning, I looked at his clock, and sat up quickly when I saw the time. It was almost eleven in the morning. I quickly pulled on my jeans and my shirt and went out into the living room, finding it empty. Of course, being a mother, I was extremely worried, wondering where my son was. I didn’t have to wait long, as the door opened just seconds later, and in staggered my boy and his two friends. All three look like they had a very rough night, as my son gave me a big smile, and exclaimed loudly “Don’t pay the ransom ma, we escaped.”I was pissed. They were laughing. Well, they weren’t about to tell me about what happened last night, and nor was I to ask. I was pretty damn sure that I didn’t want to know. And smelling his face, I had my guess. I don’t care what his face smelled like, I was pretty damn sure they didn’t go to a fish fry. Well, the three of them showered, and away we went, taking in more sights. Youth is grand. None showed any fatigue during the day, save for that glassy eyed smiles they all had. Although they didn’t last long that evening, and both Matt and Aaron smirked when my son got a phone call from some young lady at about seven. We were to leave very early the next morning, as both boys had to work on Tuesday. So I set the alarm for four, and after going out for breakfast with Jacob, we were on the road by six for the long journey home. It turned out to be longer as planned.We were about sixty miles west of Kansas City, when the engine started to make a racket. Matt was driving, and as I sat nervously in the back seat, we limped off the interstate and into the town of Lawrence. We found the Dodge dealership after asking for directions, and as we got there, there was smoke billowing out of the engine compartment. I sighed when the mechanic looked at it, and shook his head. The van was only a year old, so the warranty was good. But since canlı bahis it was already early afternoon, and I now needed a new water pump, we weren’t going anywhere. The boys understood, as they used their cell phones to call their employers, telling them that we couldn’t even get out of here much before noon tomorrow. And I called my daughters friends house, telling them the same.Then, we discovered there was some big thing going on in town, and we only found one motel room, with just a king-size bed. Great, it went from bad to worse. Actually, I wasn’t worried about my modesty, I was more worried about the two boys being embarrassed by seeing me. And to top it off, as we checked in at just past five, I suddenly realized that we had left our suitcases in the van, which was inside the garage, which closed at five. Well, it was an interesting evening. I sat around the room with a blanket wrapped around my bra and panty clad body once we all took turns showering. The boys were discreet, behaving nicely as they put their jeans back on after their turn. For the night, the two boys slept in the bed, while I slept on the couch. They weren’t too sure about this, eyeing each other rather suspiciously as I laughed at their antics.The next morning, we woke up, and as I dressed in the bathroom, they did the same in the bedroom. We went to the dealership, and waited. And waited. Noon came by and went, and I was frowning. The service rep came out, he was wearing a bigger frown. As it turns out, not only did I lose a water pump, but this in turned caused some engine damage. I was assured that we would be ready to go by tomorrow at noon. So we made the same phone calls as the day before and the boys and I, this time carrying our luggage, took a cab to the same motel. I thought for sure we could get separate rooms. No way. As a matter off act, our room with a king-size bed was history. We got a room with just a queen, but also a couch that folds out, and a roll-away was available.Well, we went to our room and settled in. I do think the boys were happy as this night they didn’t have to sleep with each other. We had time to kill before dinner, so since there was a small shopping mall with a Dollar General store in it, I went there as the boys stayed in the room to watch television. I didn’t find much, however I did pick up a deck of cards thinking that if we get
too bored, we could play, as they and my boys used to play cards for hours back in the old days. When I got back to the motel room at about four, I found the guys had gone across the street and bought a six pack. They looked up at me, and saw my frown, and Matt asked “What? You don’t mind us having a beer, do you Mrs. Driggs?”I sighed, “You could have gotten enough for me too, you know.” I pointed at the small case, asking “Only a six-pack?”Aaron and Matt laughed, and Aaron said “Okay,” as he sat up and pulled on his shoes, “I’ll run over and get some more beer.”I giggled, “Great, and I’ll order pizza.” I remembered what I had bought, and I said “Oh, and I got some playing cards as well.”Matt said “Great, we can beat you in a game of poker.”I laughed, playfully swatting his feet as I walked by the end of the bed, on my way to the toilet. An hour later, and we had eaten our pizza, and I was on my second beer. I was a bit surprised that Aaron returned with a twelve-pack, with me asking him sarcastically “You sure you’ve enough there, Aaron?”He just laughed, as did Matt, as he said it was cheap and he can take the rest home with him anyway. So tired of watching television, as there wasn’t even a ballgame on yet, we started playing cards. Rummy at first. The boys wanted to play poker, but I was insistent. Well, another hour, another beer for each, and I had beaten the both of them badly. And they were not being gracious losers either. The whining got to be too much, and I finally said “Okay, let’s play poker then.”After each of us dealt through three rounds, I sighed, announcing “This is pretty boring stuff since we’re not playing for anything.”Matt laughed, “Well, none of us are carrying much money, Mrs. Driggs.”Snickering, Aaron said “We could play for articles of clothing.”I glared at him, saying “Now Aaron, I’m old enough to be your mother. If you two lucked out and won, do you relay want to see a middle-aged woman stark named?”Matt protested “What you mean luck out and win?””And besides,” slurred out a slightly inebriated Aaron, “You’re a hot looking lady.”I looked at him, and stated the obvious, “You’ve had way too much to drink, young man. It’s affecting your eyesight.” And then I turned to Matt, saying “I’d beat you boys badly.”He boastfully replied “We would have you naked in no time. And he’s right, you are hot looking.” He then grinned, “Let me get another round of beer and we can prove it.”Prove what? I hadn’t a clue. All I remember was saying “Go for it, little fella.”He rolled off the bed, went to the in-room fridge and pulled out three beers, handing one each to Aaron and I, as we opened them up. And as I leaned my head back, I was thinking to myself, ‘God, what the hell am I getting myself into?’ I finished swallowing my beer, and said to Matt, “Deal the cards, boy!”He looked up, exclaiming loudly “Boy?!” I smiled, as he dealt out five cards each, saying “Joker’s wild, as well as two’s. Worse hand removes an article of clothing.”I picked up my cards and looked at them. A king of hearts and a two of clubs, and junk. I tossed thee cards down, and said “Give me three.”Aaron said he wanted two, and Matt took three. I looked at my new cards and smiled, as I had received the king of clubs, giving me two kings with the wild card. Matt said “Show ’em.” and I laid my hand down in front of me. Both boys groaned, and I saw that bahis siteleri Matt had three fours, while Aaron had three fives. Matt didn’t say a word as he pulled his socks off, while I just sat there on the bed and snickered.Aaron dealt, and I was in deep shit. No wild card, and no face card either. And I didn’t get anything to even come close to at least have a chance of not being the worse hand. Laying the cards down, I was proven correct, as I frowned and pulled my calf high nylons off. The next two rounds, Aaron was low hand both times, and I watched as he took his shirt off. I noticed myself squirm a bit, taking in the sight of his broad muscled chest, and flat stomach once his shirt was gone. I felt funny. My crotch was giving me a signal that it was liking this. And in my alcohol clouded mind, I was trying to tell myself that we should stop this. Aaron dealt. I tried for a straight, and I lost my blouse. Literally. I slowly unbuttoned my top, and pulled it off my shoulders, tossing it onto the floor.Matt lost the nest two hands, leaving him in just his underwear. I smirked as I took in the sight, his obviously very large cock was hard, straining to get out from it’s cage. And it hit me, he’s aroused. This young man was aroused by my middle-aged body! I loss the next hand, and after pulling my jeans off, I saw the lustful gaze of the two young men. In their minds, I knew they were already having their way with me. And in my mind? I was wanting it. My lacy white bra wasn’t doing a very good job of hiding my very erect nipples. and when I glanced down at my panties, I saw a noticeable wet spot had formed, right at the entrance to my womb. I choked out “Deal, Aaron.”He took the cards and dealt the next round. And he loss. My eyes bugged out when he stood and stepped out of his jeans. His white boxers did nothing to hide that cock of his. I was thoroughly amazed at the sight, as he took a seat back on the bed. He handed me the cards, saying “Your deal, Mrs. Driggs.”I took them, and I dealt them out. I smiled. I had dealt myself three queens. Aaron asked “Two please.””Three for me as well.”I smiled, as I tossed all three queens down, and said “Three for me as well.” Yes, I did it on purpose. I loss the hand, so I could remove my bra. I wanted to see the reaction in their shorts as I removed my bra. With a smile, when they saw I had the worse hand, I started to reach behind me, but I stopped, looked at Matt, and asked “You want the honors?”He leaned over as I turned around slightly, and he undid the clasp at my back. He then used both hands to grab the shoulder straps and pull my bra of my chest. I heard Aaron saw “Wow!” once my sagging tits fell out of the bra cups.I giggled, saying “Why thank you Aaron.”Matt inhaled, saying “They’re nice.” He reached a hand to them, and I playfully swatted it away, saying “The game isn’t over, boys.” I took a peek at they’re crotches, and the sight gave me a reason to smile. I guess Matt to be carrying a good eight inches, and thick. But Aaron’s. Oh my. It was straining the fabric of his boxers, and he had a hell of a time keeping the large head of his cock from coming out behind the waistband. I sat there, a bit open mouthed, thinking that it must be a good eleven or twelve inches in length.Matt had returned to his seat, and since it was his turn to deal, he dealt out the cards. I wanted the game to end. The card game that is. I discarded my two ace’s and the wild card. Their faces lit up when they saw I had loss the round. And my panties. I smiled at them both, as I stretched my legs out towards Aaron, and leaned back onto my elbows. He was grinning as he crawled to me on the bed. He hooked his thumbs into my aqua colored granny-panties, and I raised my ass so he could slide them off me round bottom. I lowered my butt back down and lifted my knees up high, followed by my feet while he slid the garment up my legs. I was giggling, when he tossed them to the floor, my eyes watching his cock, the head of which was now sticking out of the top pf his underwear. I said “You boys going to let me beat your shorts off, or are you just going to take them off without playing another hand.”Both laughed, as they stood off the bed and removed their underwear. I saw Matt’s. Yes, I was correct. Eight inches of fine white meat. And thick, too. I licked my lips, taking in the sight. And then there was Aaron’s. I was in awe, seeing I underestimated that pussy buster. I felt my cunt get even wetter, seeing the biggest damn cock in my life in the flesh. He smiled and he pushed my knees apart, and leaned his face down to my snatch. I leaned my
head back, moaning when I felt his tongue slide up along the inside of my slit. He pushed a pair of fingers into my tight cunt, and I felt more movement on the bed. A fleshy object was being rubbed against my partially open mouth, and I knew what that was. I opened my eyes, and opened wide, seeing Matt was squatting over my head behind me, his cock dripping pre-cum and ready to be tasted. He lowered his packer into my mouth and I groaned, as the first orgasm hit. A relatively small one, but it felt wonderful. The big one didn’t take long to get here, as I screamed on Matt’s thick shaft, while my whole body felt like it had just imploded.I felt Matt’s cock slide down my throat, and then the feeling of something big entering my hungry cunt. I was thinking that here it goes, my poor pussy getting stretched out of shape, as my vagina walls expanded to take Aaron’s huge black cock. And it happened again. I’ve never had it happen before. Two hard orgasms so damn close together, as my body convulsed with immense pleasure. That’s how we began the night, Aaron pounding my cunt like it had never been pounded, his cocked ramming bahis şirketleri through my cervix and bouncing against the back of my womb. And when he came, his pulsing prick flooded me, the feeling of which pushed me over the edge for the umpteenth time.I was putty after that. I remember the boys turning me around, and I gobbled down Aaron’s dark fuck stick with me on my belly and Matt enjoying the feeling of my cunt enveloping his cock. I was extremely happy that my pussy was still tight, while he took his turn pounding my twat. More orgasms for me, a lot more! don’t know how long he drilled me, until he finally dumped his load in my cunt. And Aaron, still hard from me sucking his tool, was ready to expand my cunt once more. I was a tired old lady begging for them to stop at one in the morning, after each fucked my pussy three times. And it must have been a sight to see, the three of us in one queen size bed, with me sandwiched between them, as we fell asleep.In the morning, I woke hung over and sore. And feelings of guilt. I separated myself from the two and damn near had to crawl to the shower. God it felt good. The shower anyway. My head on the other hand….like I said, guilt was starting to hit me hard. I felt bad for seducing the boys, real bad. And I wondered how they would react once they were awake. I need not have worried. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, and there sat Aaron on one bed, and Matt on the couch. They were looking at me, a bit meekly. I said “You two okay?”Aaron snorted, “Hell yeah, we’re fine. But how are you?”I sighed, and sat on the edge of Aaron’s bed, saying “Well, I feel guilty by making you guys have sex with me.”They looked at each other, and they broke out laughing, and Matt said cheerfully, “Mrs. Driggs, you’re the best lay that we’ve ever had.”My eyes brightened, as I asked “Really?”Both got up and Aaron sat on my left, while Matt on my right, and they both wrapped an arm about my towel clad body, “Yes, really, Mrs. Driggs.” answered Aaron, as he leaned into me and kissed my cheek. I smiled, my hands falling on a lap of each, and I could feel two very hard cocks. I turned my face to him, and our lips met, opened, and our tongues did seem exploring as I felt Matt open up the towel. I moaned as I felt his lips on my right breast, and his hands gently pulled my thighs apart. My mind was telling myself no. My hot pussy on the other hand, it had different ideas.I broke the kiss, saying “No fella’s. I just took a shower.” Aaron pulled me onto my back with him, and Matt moved onto his knees at the edge of the bed, saying “We can take another shower”I gleaned out “Oh god!” as I felt his tongue in my sex, while Aaron and I kissed while his hand played with my breasts, squeezing them gently and pulling on my stiff nipples. Aaron moved his lips to my breasts, and began sucking on my extended nipples and I looked at the clock. I closed my eyes, when the orgasm hit, as I cried out softly. And as I came down from my sexual high, I said “Boys, we, oh god!” Matt just pushed his prick into me, and he grabbed my ankles and held them high in the air as he started pumping me. Aaron was having a hard time keeping his lips o my tits, what with my hips bucking and all, as I said “Boys, we don’t, ugh, have much, ugh…” I screamed out, this orgasm just like the big ones from last night, my whole body shaking. My tight cunt yanked on Matt’s shaft., and I heard him below out a roar, as his tool drained it’s load into me. Shit! Another shower. I giggled, thinking that at least we’re not paying for water.Matt pulled out, saying “Okay Mrs. Driggs, I’ll go take my shower.”I groaned out “Good boy,” while rolling over on top of my other lover. He smiled, grabbing my hips while I rose up and guided his missile home. I soon heard the shower running, and I said “Come on, Aaron, I need you to cum.”He grinned, his hands on my hanging tits, fondling them with all the happiness in the world. “I don’t want to.”I smiled, “We’ve another five hours to home, you two can probably each do me on the floor of the van at least twice each before we get there.”He laughed, and I squealed with delight as he rolled us over, and soon he was driving into me hard and fast, with his arms hooking my legs and driving my knees up to my shoulders. I was moaning, groaning, grunting and enjoying every minute and inch of it, before we came together, his cock cream splattering the walls of my womb once more. Matt came out of the bathroom, and said “Okay guys, all yours.As Aaron and I showered, I sent Matt down to get the van, and right at noon, we were on our way home. I was true to my word, as I enjoyed having a cock inside my cunt the whole way home. The boys switched back and forth, stopping every hour. For the most part, I sat on their laps while wearing a skirt and no panties, and I rode cock all the way back to St Louis.While getting closer to home, and after just getting my cunt creamed by Matt, I announced “Okay guys, I appreciated what all you two did to me, and I’m just letting you both know that if you don’t want to come and pay me a visit, that I’ll understand.” I stretched out on Matt’s lap, feeling his cum drain our from around his shaft, and added “After all, you two have plenty of young pussy to get into once we’re back home.”Aaron looked back at me in the rearview mirror, smiling, as he said “Well Mrs. Briggs, I wouldn’t mind sampling your flesh from time to time.”I snorted, “Like, whenever you can’t find a date?” I saw him cringe, and I said “Actually, that would be perfect. I don’t want to be you boys first choice for a fuck. I’ll gladly play second fiddle. Just give me enough warning so I can get my daughter out of the house.” I paused, and then added “By the way, you boys have any other friends?”They both smiled and chuckled at that, and Matt kissed my neck and fondled my breasts through my blouse. I was a happy little old lady, looking forward to more sex these two, and whatever studs they bring along.

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