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Mom Saga (Weekend Alone Part 1)Friday 2/28 10amMom was supposed to be at the gloryhole tomorrow night. I was very excited and was planning another secret incognito trip there. This time, I bought a “blue pill” to make sure I lasted a little longer.Mom sent me a text and said that she was on her way to Pittsburgh to see my Aunt who had the flu. It felt like a punch in the gut to me and I was extremely disappointed. My entire weekend was planned around dumping a load in her mouth without her knowing it was me.I decided to go to the cabin in West Virginia by myself and drink myself silly.I sent Mom a text “Have fun in PB. I think I am going to the cabin this weekend if that’s ok”.Mom replied “Sure Honey, go ahead. Have fun”!Friday 2/28 4pmI packed some stuff and headed to the cabin. Before getting there, I stopped and got a bottle of whiskey.I got there on 7pm or so. The first thing I did was pour some whiskey. I cranked some tunes on my phone and jumped in the hot tub naked.SaturdayI woke up, made breakfast and poured a whiskey.About 10am, I was there all alone so I figured I would make the best of it. I turned on my laptop, connected my portable hard drive and started watching my parents porn. There was still so very much that I haven’t seen because it spans over 37 years. I had a busy week at work so I didn’t have the chance to masturbate and start a collection of semen for Mom’s yogurt this upcoming week. I knew that the first load out of my balls was going to be very thick and alot of it! At the last minute, I decided that I was going to try “edging”. I had never done this before so I was curious. I sat at the kitchen table in nothing but a bathrobe and exposed my cock for my own jerking pleasure.I stumbled across a good movie of Mom and it actually took place here at the cabin. From the date on the movie, it was from 13 years ago when she was 50 years old. (Mom was still questionably fertile at the time)In the family room, there is a couch and two chairs. They are overstuffed brown leather and very comfortable to sit on. I briefly reminisced tokat escort about all the fun times the family would have here and how we would all watch movies together in this room while throwing popcorn at each other. The movie started with Dad filming Mom walking out of the bedroom. She was wearing a white, knee length,wedding dress and white high heels. Her make up was fully done and she had a white flower in her hair. My mother had never looked so breathtaking and beautiful.“Wow”, I said to myself.Dad handed her a blindfold which she put on.Dad then walked mom from the bedroom into the living room. Standing in the living room were two men. Both black and both naked. They were slowly stroking their cocks. One of the two men was average in all aspects and thin. Nothing really stood out about him other than he had alot of tattoo’s. He was a lighter skin black man and had an average size cock. The second guy was very dark black and he was short but big. He had a large fat belly but looked solid, almost like he could bench press a car. He was so heavy that when he walked, he almost waddled. His cock was average in length but had the widest girth I have ever seen. Dad left Mom standing in the middle of the men one stood in front of her and one in back. Dad said, “Honey, I have two friends here. They have both done work for us and you have seen them both before. Now you get to guess who they are. Have fun sweetie”.The fat guy, not much taller than Mom, approached her and roughly grabbed the back of her head, pulling her face to his. He started tongue kissing her. He then started licking her mouth and part of her face under the blindfold. This messed up her red glossy lipstick.Simultaneously, the thin guy, who was behind Mom, lifted her white dress and exposed her ass which was barely covered by white laced g-string panties. He started feeling up her ass.The fat guy, clearly the more dominant of the two, took Mom and bent her over the large arm rest of one of the overstuffed chairs. He lifted up her white dress and grabbed her panties at the escort tokat hips. He pulled down her panties over her high heels and flung her underwear across the room.Thin guy positioned himself at Mom’s head and forced his hard cock into her mouth. She wasn’t expecting it, but took it in.Fat guy spread Mom’s ass cheeks and was checking her out thoroughly as if he was buying a horse. He got his real close to her ass as he probed both her asshole and vagina with his fingers. He then had his four fingers in her twat and hand-fucking her pretty rough. He stopped and pushed his face in between her raised ass cheeks. I don’t know what he was licking, but Mom started moaning.Fat guy stood up quickly and placed his fat cock head against Moms pussy. Without any lube or easing it in slowly, he violently shoved his wide cock into her which caused her to pull her mouth off of thin guys cock and scream!The thin guy yelled at the fat guy “Yo fucker…this fucking ho’ almost bit my dick.”. He then slapped my Mom hard along the side of her head which caused to to cry. He then used his right hand and put his thumb in her mouth with his fingers resting under her chin. He raised her blindfolded face up. “Be careful you fucking cunt”!, he yelled.“I’m sorry”, my Mom sobbed.Where was my fucking Dad?????Fat guy started slapping the upper part of Mom’s thighs as he would, with extreme v******e, SLAM his cock into her tiny body. With every thrust, Mom would scream. Thin guy grabbed Mom by the throat and started spitting on her face and blindfold. He must have spit on her a dozen times or so, while calling her a “Nigger Whore” and “Dirty Cunt”.This must have been a “turn on” for the fat slob already in my Mom. He started yelling “Oh yeah…Oh yeah, you gonna get blasted bitch…You gonna get blasted”!On an inward thrust the fat guy held his position and grunted loudly.Fat guy got off of my Mom and stood up. Mom laid motionless across the arm of the chair, sobbing. Her wedding dress was still over her hips.Fat guy reached down and spread her cheeks again. He started tokat escort bayan digging around at her leaking pussy and got semen all over his hand. He then rubbed his slime on her already tear stained, lipstick smeared face.Thin guy didn’t miss a beat. He grabbed Mom by the throat again with both hands and pulled her off the chair, throwing her on to the couch.I was furious at this point. I will find these two fuckers and make them pay!Thin guy spread Moms legs open with force and sneaks his dick inside her. She didn’t make a sound which must have pissed him off.While trusting his penis inside my mother, he kept spitting on her face. He then used his one hand and held her mouth open. He started spitting INSIDE her mouth!!!!“Tell me how much you love nigger cock”, the thin guy demanded.Barely able to hear it, Mom muttered “No, I don’t like that word”.“You fucking whore”! he yelled…..”SAY IT”! he screamed. He then slapped her face twice very hard.Whimpering, my mother cried out “I love nigger cock” and she started crying heavily.The thin guy kept pumping in between her spread legs.“I’m gonna cum in your married white pussy”, the thin guy said.“OH YES”, Mom yelled. “Give me your baby”.The thin guy grunted twice and stopped pumping. He pulled his body from hers.Dad moved in for a close up of my mothers pussy. Semen was flowing out of her and smeared all over the outside of her swollen pussy lips.Dad then said “here”.The camera moved and focused on Dad who was standing beside the couch naked. One of the black guys was filming now.Dad was masturbating very close to Mom’s already messy face. He used his left hand and removed her mask. She looked in horror past him (at the black guys) and then looked at Dad. Glob after glob of jizz flew out of Dad’s cock and on to Mom’s face. Dad then took the video camera back.“Are you surprised Honey”?, Dad asked.With tears in her eyes still and make-up smeared, Mom smiled real big and said “Hi guys”!The black men both went over and help
ed her off of the couch. She hugged them both and started causal conversation after Dad reminded her that they are the guys that did the electrical work for them last year.The video ended.What the fuck did I just watch ??????????I was close to coming and decided to stop. I didn’t want to ruin my “edging” project.

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