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Mom is an ExhibitionerSummer 2017, My Platoon deployed to border region between Brazil and Columbia. Our mission were to map outi*****l d**g trafficking. Our camp is about 5 kilometer from a near town; If you can call it a town. Total population is 85 residents; Where as motel, restaurant, Bar and post office all in one wooden building; The owner is also the town Major.Our Commander; a southern Gent . A very fair man to his men, and somewhat of a gambler. He has troopers play drawing straws for Holiday and weekend; Where as the poor soul with longest straw guard the base. Three days before New Year Eve; we had a drawing straws, and I was the unlucky soul.On New Year Eve, they all went party in town; I locked up our K-9 early; Uncorked whiskey bottlethat I bought few days back. Fire up laptop and login to my favor adult chat room. I planned to getdrunk and jack off with chat babes there.As I was watching this chick playing with her saggy tits. A popped up messenger text informed my motherlogon. I kinda surprised to see her online on New Year Eve; Normally Her and Dad would be out party somewhere. I sent her a chat request.” Hi Mom, Happy New Year. Why are you at home ?”.” Hi Honey, There is an emergency downtown; Your dad returned to work “.My Dad is a Firefighter most of his life; so this is not a big surprised to us. There were time wedelayed or canceled our vacation because of work Emergency. Mother never complained about it; Theway She see it that someone life time saving is more important than Our little good time.” howcome you are online ?”. She asked” Well I am the base doorkeeper tonight, They all went party in town “.” Oh sorry to hear that son. I would offer you a glass of Champagne if you are here “. ” Oh hehe, I have whiskey; no worry mom “.” Are you watching online movies ?”.” Sorta, I am in an adult chat room “.” Adult Chat room ? You means porn site ?”.” No, Not a porn site. Its a 18+ Chat room “.” What is the website ?”.” I sent you an invitation tag; click on it; pick a nickname then look for D Juggs room “.” D juggs Room ?”.” Hehe Yea, and You should fit right in “.Now my mom a blessed woman. She has firm round rear end and DD juggs of 5’4 height; Those huge juggs like two giant water melons when I was in my teen.” Wow This guy invited me to view his cam, and he naked! “.” Oh I forgot to tell you don’t click on Invitation unless you know the person , Sorry “.” Another guy invite me to a private chat; what is that ?”.” Well People private cam chat because its very noisy here in Lobby , to many text and voice “.” He sound like a real nice person; What do they do in private cam chat ?”.” You know just have conversation but on video because your cam has to turn on to enter “.” Well maybe he has no idea that I am an old woman “.” No, not really. There are plenty mature on here . Click on this 9to5’s cam and request cam view “.” why ?”.” Check it out; She is way older than you “.” Oh my, She is showing boobs “.” Yes, Some do tease on here; for fun :)”.” So this guy wanted to private chat to see my boobs ?”.” No, not at all. Most women on here Just chat “.” But if you decided to Juggs Flashing then Invite me in, Hehe “.” Oh My god, What are They taught you in the army; I am a married woman, and your mom young man “.” Well Hehe, I am curious too lol 🙂 “.” Oh gezzz, Dad would smack you in the head if he hear you talk this way. Let’s change the subject ok “.” Hehe k**ding mom’ So you want to check out it; You can lower the cam to be anonymous ? “.” Sure but NO flashing; Just chat. How do I invite you to the room ?”.” You right click on my nickname Commando2016 then select invite to room “.” Ok hold on “.When She invited me to the room; There were three guys in there, and I knew these guys. Theyare players; I saw them in action manytime. They can sweet talk a nun to drop panties; So MyMother might gets pimp out flash boobs tonight, Hehe. On Cam, There was a Champagne bottle on her desktop, and She already looked a little tipsy. Her under size shirt hugged tight on her curvy and huge juggs. The guys were like hungry sharks smelling fresh blood in water. They were drooling at her juggs, and so was I.They started out casual fun conversation to relaxed her, and to gain her trust. Mother was on the landof clueless; She drank, laughed, and talked as if she was in a real life party. The conversation slowlyshifted to more mature subject. As the boys were making fun of each other on how small blessed the otherguy born with. Mother laugh until she cried; while she down the champagne like water.They finally moved in for kill as they shifted the conversation toward her. They gave her complimenton how young and attractive she is, and girls in their 20ish are no match to her. She was on cloud nine from all that compliment from younger guys. I stepped away from my cam view so she won’t be remindingof my present in the room. That worked out great because she seems completely forgot about me.One guy got real bold; He asked if she had boobs job because he never see an even pair of boobs like that before. She swore that all of her is natural; no silicon. They asked if she feel brave enough for them to take a quick peak at it. ” Sure, just a quick peek ok; I never done this before Hehe “.As she unbutton island blouse, then released her white bra and exposed her D juggs on desktop cam.Dudes were all cheers,and telling her how sexy beautiful she is. Over time, Their cams moved to chestline. When she tucked away her boobs; They redirect the conversation back to her her physique. Thing wenton nearly twenty minutes of tucked and released boobs that She decided to leave boobs out in open; While theircams dropped lower and lower to crotch and started Rubb then stroke on their cocks. I quietly lower my cam, and got in to the action without tripped off her.The chat room now turned in to a sex scenes; Everyone persued their own ecstacy. She enjoyed watchingUs stoke on our young cocks at her body while She pulled on nipples and squeezed D-juggs together likesomeone tits fucking her; As if She found her crack cocaine by expose her private parts in public. Mymother is an Exhibitioner ?; She might be my mother but My cock didn’t care. One guy asked her if her lips able to touch nipples; and she gave us a show. I never thought my mother has it in her in million years. It mind blowing watched my mother licking tipobet giriş and sucking on her big tits. Another dude asked her if she heard of upskirt ?. She giggled and replied that she is not as prude as she look.But Cam built in with desktop screen thus It’s impossible to do upskirt. She then asked how about on allfour ?. One dude said He bet that her favor position ?. She replied that doggie position really messed up her everytime; her mind totally lost when, Husband took her from behind.We all excited; show it, show it…show it!. She stepped out the chair for a minute, then She turned desktopto bed. She signaled us to get ready; She started out with sexy panties flash, but then Oh My Fucking god!.I almost flipped over my chair; My mother bended over bed while she pulled panties half way down things exposed her round firm ass, and Her fucking beautiful sexy mature cunt!. she either very drunk or didn’t care of stranger She just met hour ago to see her cunt.That was the less straw for me; Myself and another guy burst out loud “Oh fuck yea”. I cum so hard that my stomach muscles contracted hard that also pulled my body forward as I emptied balls shag.My loud cum voice brought my mother back to reality since she realized at that point one of two cocks washer son. She just cunt flashed her own son; She pulled up pant fast and slid toward computer on knees to turnedoff desk light. I saw awkward and embarrassed on her face before she disappeared in to the dark.” I am so sorry, I am to drunk “. She messenger me before logoff.” Mom, wait wait mom; I love it You are so beautiful. I am glad we did this together, I feel so close to you now “.
” Where did she goes ?” dude asked” Hehe Maybe her old man just got home “.” Oh man, I almost cum . Shit you guys see that slutt huge tits and tiny pussy ? “.” Don’t forget her tight asshole. I would fuck her then turn her over and fuck her ass too , Hehe “.” You think she will come back ? “.” well don’t know of she will be back here but She will do that again for sure “.” How do you know ?”. I asked.” Dude, That slut is an exhibitioner; She loves to shown her cunt and tits to guys; fucking teaser “.” She left so fast that I didn’t have a chance to ask her out for Coffee , Hehe “.” Yea man, She should has coffee with us, lol “.” She is married; You think She would ?”. I asked” Haha dude, If nobody knows about; she certainly will takes Us all on. That woman is cinch to fucks “.They were talking about gangbang my mom like its a sure thing; But I have no reason to doubt them. If players here got my mom licked nipples and flashed cunt in an hour then gangbang her is not a farfetchat all. What would the Old man thinks If she gangbanged by Us ?, and Would she allow me to take a dip too ?. Everything went down so fast that my head spinning; I pinched myself to be sure that not a wet dreams. I left the chat room that night with a big smile; That got to be the best New Year Eve Ever.I messenger text her for three days but no reply. She clearly embarrassed of what happened that night.As for me, I am totally cool with it; what a sexy mom I got. Images of her big ole boobs and swollen clits gave me the hard on everytime. Our commander informed Us in the morning that We will be go on Recon at 1300Hr for about two weeks in forest. Since We will be off the grid for sometime ; I informed her that I will be on a fishing trip; Code words for her and I for recon.” Hey Mom, I will be on Fishing trip with friends for two weeks ok, Love you “.” Hi Honey, please be very careful, and bring warm clothes. Text me right away when you are back “. Shefinally breaks silence; Mama bear protection instinct.” I will mom, bye “.We were dead tired after two weeks of endless marching in forest, and On top of that the commander scheduled me to be on guard duty at midnight. Thus I had 5 hours to catch some Zzz. But My raginghormones kept me up no matter how tired I was. I went on the web looking porn video to jack off; but mother cyber show is what really wanted. I messengertext her that I am back from fishing trip, and It didn’t take long this time for her reply back.” Hi honey, when did you get back ? “.” Hi Mom “.I remember chat dudes said Mom is an exhibitioner; She loves to express herself thru body language. So if I play my card right; She might give me a show to jack on. I sent her video chat request; It took fewminutes but she finally decided to face the music cuz she can’t avoid me forever.” Few hours but I have guard scheduled at mid-night “. We on video chat now” are you tired ? “.” Yea I am so tired but I Can’t sleep “.” Drink a beer or take a sleeping pill ? “.” We can’t drink and pill before guard duty Hehe “.” You plan to surf the web until work ?. “” Well I hope not, Hehe. If I can released myself soon then I can catch some sleep “.” Released yourself ? Oh You Means ?”.” Yes, My raging hormones went up the roof Hehe “.” Oh I see, Ok well then go ahead, Talk to you later “.” well I can’t; This is Gov’s computer, they blocked out porn access “. I lied” Oh “.” Hehe, where is dad ?”.” Dad is out bowling with buddies “.” Great!; Hehe You drained me real good in Chat room; I went for week without masturbation “.” Honey, I am flattered that you find I am attractive but this is not right. I am your mom ?”.” Hehe, if we don’t tell nobody then It never happen. Remember Chat room fun ? hehe “.” I can’t do that with you honey, that is not right “.” Hehe, guess I won’t get any sleep then; Cruel world! 🙁 “.” Ok I tell you what; I am going to put lotion on my body, and I forgot to turn off cam; you best take care of your business before I am done ? “. ” Great! you are the best mom “.” Ok be right back “She returned few minutes later, She dimmed light on desktop and lower the cam to upper body; I dropped my short and lubs hands with vaseline. There were no word exchange between Us; As shereached down from t shirt top an pulled out big ole juggs . I noticed from chat room that more commendshe got, more she show. ” So beautiful and sexy; I never see a juggs this hot before on the net “. She then picked up lotion on floor, dropped a good portion of lotion on top of her tits, and startedrubbing lotion on juggs while watched me stroking on my meat. When lotion dried up; I got bold.” beautiful; Can you spit on it and squeeze on your tits ?”.My compliment to her tipobet güvenilir mi worked out very well; She did all request in silence. I stroked, pulled and bendedmy hard cock in all direction.” Mouth watering juggs “.” You are a boobs man are you ? “.” Yes but round firm ass drive me wild too, Hehe. But Boobs bounc[/image]e up and down get my juice flowing “She giggled then started bouncing up and down fast as if a young stud with high octance cock poundingup hard on her mature cunt. ” Oh fuck yea Oh fuck yea; Unbelievable… so sexy “.” Hehe sex goddes…..beautiful beautiful “.” I am going to cum soon ; you feel sexy and bold enough to show your round sexy ass , Hehe ? “.Sure enough; She stood up and posted her rear end to screen; I almost flipped over my recline chair; No panties.As she moved that round meaty ass from side to side while stared back from her side right at my hard cock. She then back that ass further to screen; As if she was riding on my cock. I stroked my hard cock so fast that it looked blurred on screen.” Oh fuck yea; move that ass…..Ride it; oh fuck oh fuck ” I said it out loud as I emptied my balls sack.I saw a satisfaction in her eyes as she drained my balls; She then quickly killed the cam, and disappeared on messengerin silence. I laid back in storage room few more minutes to catch my breathe, and recollected what just happened. Theimages of her mature experienced eyes staring at my young cock while bouncing her ass up and down in a real naughty matter blew my mind; She is one hell of a teaser.After that night; We had video conference every saturday night before my shift. Each time thing got more easy; She normallytyped a quick sentence to make proper responses like ” You really should get a girl friend, This is not healthy to do with your mom. ” or ” This is the last time ok ” before she accepted cams connection. The fact is; She no longer able to control her needs to show it.Six weeks later; I went storage room before my scheduled shift. She wasn’t online, and after I sent her few textmessenger without reply. I decided text her phone.” Hi Mom, I have guard scheduled soon, you have time for video chat , Hehe ? “.” Hi honey, in a little while, I have friends over for cheese and wine “.She sent video chat invitation for sometime when I was in shower, and when our cams made connection. She half nakedon floor without bra while she pulled panties with one hand and massaged her clits with other hand; Maybe She and friends were watching porn at cheese party cuz Her cunt swollen big even at distance away. In her own world, as if I wasn’t even there.She pulled off panties and with her back on floor She fingers fucked her cunt with one hand while massaged her clits with other hand. In silence, I quickly dropped wet towel, massaged my balls; pulled and stretched my cock to full erection.As thing heat up; She lifted ass off the floor. Her two strong thighs shaked and jerked as She fast fingers fucked her cunt.while her mouth was sucking on index and middle fingers; As if she was in a rough ganbang, and they were fucking her withoutmercy. It was mind blowing that my mother allow me to watch her acts out fantasies while let me get my rock off at the sametime. She then did something that catch me complete off guard; She stared ri
ght at the cam; grabbed her cunt tight and screamed loud as she cum; As if I was fucking her, and That did me in too.” Oh fuck Oh fuc…I am cumming “.I choked hard on my cock as I emptied my balls; She situp fast and moved face closer to desktop screen; Her curious eyes filled with excitment and satisfaction before she quickly disappeared in the dark. My mom drained my balls in most skillful way. My eyes wide open in disbelieved; my drunk mom gave me an inner view of her fantasy, and sexuality. The chat room dudes were right; She is one horny exhibition mom!.In all, that day marked a shift in Our weekly video chat; Most Inhibition been removed that afternoon; We openly cyber fuck nowwithout pretended or denied about it. She got off by put on this cyber fuck show with me; Dildo herself in to ecstasy while sucked on a Banana or another dildo; and I often commented loudly back to her to move that ass, as If we were doing it in real life.It didn’t take long before my mind wondering how it really feel if I actual penetrate her sweet cunt ?. Would she allows meto fuck her or anal her ?. or she only interested in exhibition ?. I posted this question on an i****t chat room to older womenthere. I got a few advise back that I should privately meet my mom somewhere, and do the exhibition thing live with her. Theybelieved I will be half way there if she actually showed up and If she willing to do live roleplay with me then I will getsome pussy for sure. I had 24Hrs R&R coming up in next week so I got myself an early bus tickets back to Rio, and I got a reservation ona motel in downtown; The motel is about 20 Km from my home. I arrived 2 pm on Saturday; I then sent my mom a text messagesthat I am in town, and I wonder if she would stop by when dad out bowling ?. I didn’t any get reply messages from her, a totalsilence. An hour before Dad took off to bowling, I decided to call her cell but then again no reply. I am totally pumped out atthat point. But I sent her one last text messages to tell her my room number and door is open in case I am in the shower.7:10 PM come and went , still no messages or call. Dad will be home at 7:40 so It was clear she decide not to stop by; As I was about to get out of my bathrobe to change to go down the bar . I heard a light tapped on the door, then door knob turned and opened. My heart skept a beat as my mom face appeare at the door. Her hair and jacket was wet cuz of outside rain.” Mom, you are wet, where were you parking ? there is plenty parking in motel “.” I know honey, I park at theater then walked here. I bring your favor cookies here.”.” Thanks mom, let me get you a towel to dry up “.I was so happy that She showed up, and when she said she parking at theater then walked here that indicated she will stay for a while, and She didn’t want people to see her car at a motel. Look like She changed her mind and decided to stop bylast minute, and I understand why; Its easy when we were behind computer screen but kinda awkward in real live. Our mouths werestill in mom and son level but Our tipobet brief eyes contact were on a man and woman mind set; She saw passion in my eyes , and thatmade her more nervous; Her voice was shaking and so Was I. We did our best to act casual, but We fully aware thing could eruptat any moment.I gave her towel and took the wet jack from her hand; That when I realized she has no bra under that island blouse cuz I saw her erecte nipples poke out from blouse, and when she bent over to dried hair with towel. I got a real nice down blouse with two big pear shape boobs giggles and bounce back and fore. Later I found out that She took bra off at parking lot before walked in here.She knew we don’t have much time left; beside no Mother with a right mind would go see a horny son in a cheap motel without bra or panties under unless She was looking for trouble. Her way of signaled me to take her and don’t wast time on small talk. The way She see it; All the cyber We did; We bound to fuck soon or later so might as well not waste my R&R.I looked at my watch, 7:11PM. We only have about 30 minutes before she head home. There was no time for roleplay or foreplay;Images of Her stabbing red dildo in to her cunt flashing back in my mind. I decided to stop pretending; She wants to fuck that whyShe is here; We don’t need to sugar-coat it because nothing gentle or polite about fucking. It is an act of v******e and rude;where you penetrated another person body and released you body fluid inside her.I dropped my bathrobe on the floor; I stood naked behind her with fully erected cock. When She removed the towel off head; I reached out her chest from behind and pulled blouse to side; He big firm tits exposed in open. I then slid my two thumps inside her waist band and push her tight yoga pant down to thighs; As I took a step forward while guide her upper body forward too; I apology to her “I am sorry mom but I am so horny “. She wasn’t surprised at my action nor She put up any resistance; Her chopped up breathing from nervous excitement as Her son about to get rebirth.I slide my hard cock on her pussy lips to located entrance; then I shoved my thick cock full force in her; For a moment Mom and I were speechless; The sensation of my cock mushroom held deep inside her wet pussy. We stood there motionless for nearlyten seconds while Her pussy muscle took over massaged my cock; It felt like a small lips sucking on tip of my mushroom inside Her; and Good thing Mom was pretty wet already before she enter the room; seemed like she roleplay already on her way over here or we could be seriously injury if that pussy was dry. I didn’t think about that when I forced my thick cock fast in her.We fucked hard and fast in silence; I cream pie her pussy lips in just three minutes fucking; I then slid my hard cock back inside her cunt for more fucking. Mom left out a pleasant sound of my stamina but She soon got little scared because I was fucking hernone stop even I cum three time in 25 minutes. She stopped me short on the four time since her cunt sores from all that pounding and asked me if I want to fuck her in the mouth?; Words she used very much match Our raw action, Pure a****l . She not only can talk the talk of exhibition but She also can walk the walk of hardcore fucking.I guided her to the chair then proceed tits and mouth fucked her. My four cum shot was the biggest; I dumped so much cum on her face that cum drifted down to her boobs. Mom wiped cum off face and boobs with towel; and complained.” Oh my god that is alot of cum for one guy” . ” damn Your Dad will be home soon; I have to go “. She looked at my watch and panic; and Ran in to restroom.” I have a great time honey; You have a safe trip tomorrow ok “. Then gave me a wet french kiss like a lover; Not a son.” Mom, Nobody would expect a thing if You go visit me at camp; and We can fulfil your MMF fantasy hehe ?”.There was a surprise and litle shock on her face that I wanted to share her with another guy; A gangbang mater fact. Shealmost passed out when I ran the train on her few minutes ago; and don’t think She can handles two horny studs.” No no no; I can barely handled you; I will be death with one more guy; beside I don’t want another soul knows about Us”.” No rough stuff like tonight; It will very gentle; I just tell him We met in City, and you are interested in 3way “.” No no that fantasy will remain fantasy “.” Hehe ok Mon but promise me you will think it over ?”.” Ok I promise but tell me something; You are not a bit jealous seeing your birth place use by another man beside Dad, Hehe? “.” Hehe You alway have way with words Mother “.” I love you without bound Mother but Sex is sex no need to sugar-coat it; You like double dip sandwiches don’t you Mom? Hehe”.” Oh My God Haha You are one dirty guy; Ok I have to get going, Bye “. I collapsed flat on bed after she left; until alarm woke up me at 5AM. As I held cock in hand peeing; I saw few inches nearcock base still coat with Her dried up cunt juice, while the rest of my cock very clean cuz of Her tongue bath last night. My
mushroom cock head felt little raw and red, and I bet Her pussy sores for days too. Images and sounds of my cock and balls slapped hard on her cunt and ass resonace in my head; That was some good pussy I say to myself; and If we had more time Iwould have fuck Her ass too; Nothing more personal than fuck your woman ass, Its an ownership trademark Hehe. Did I say My woman ? I got little scared of the thought; the way She looked at me and kissed me after I fucked her as if I am her main man now. I saw that looked before in a crazy ex girl friend’s eyes few years back; Bitch was so in love with me that she would fucks a football team if I asked her. So what the fuck, My mother is in love with me now cuz I allowed her to express herself in a way that not possible with my Dad ?. or Was it My rough caveman style fucking that gave her mutipleorgasm; first time someone used her like a piece of ass in an unladylike manor?. There was moment that I totally forget who is She; Where My hand held tight on her back hair while drive my cock long and deep in her mouth as if I was fucking herpussy. If that is the case then She will come see me at camp, and She will 3way with Us or 20way for that matter.I decided to test the water; I sent her the picture of my semi sore cock with text on bottom STILL SORES BUT WILL DOUBLE DIP SANDWICHES then head to bus stop; She replied with panties less upskirt picture display her pink cunt and brown asshole with text on bottom THEN FUCK IT!. Its very clear to me at that point Mother is more than willing to be my hoes!.Part 1

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