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Mom Gets In Trouble Part – 2As the summer weeks passed, their inevitable separation weighed on mother and son. She wanted to hold him longer, kiss him more. He wanted to have her more than ever. Ten days before his departure Janice said, “We didn’t do the mountain this year, how about today?” Every year, at least once, they climbed to the top of what they jokingly called, ‘Little Everest.’ It was small, but the highest point in the area. It was a thirty minute walk up to the view, and solitude. Very few people went up there since the restaurant failed. Even the ranger tower was abandoned. When they got to the top they sat close to each other on the grass, and after a deep breath Janice said, I wish we could stay in this moment forever. He leaned over and kissed her sending the butterflies once again to flutter in the places she had been trying not to think about.She thought she should stop him before trouble began, but she lost the will. She let him kiss her. She let him touch her. His hand was over her panties, on the juice soaked nylon, and if he was going to fuck her now she didn’t know if she could stop him. He kissed the wet, and pressed his lips on her pussy, he kissed all over her pussy, firing her nerve endings whenever he chanced on her clit. He firmly pulled her panties down, and since her skirt was hiked, her pussy was exposed.Her mind went wild with thoughts like, ‘He’s going to take me,’ and, ‘Oh God he’s going to come inside me,’ and, ‘Oh God he’s going to get me in trouble again.’ With her eyes closed she expected the feel of his cock on her opening, forcing himself in. Instead, came the feathery feel of his lips on her folds, and then his tongue, exploring, and teasing, and tasting. Her surprise was compounded by fragments of old ideas telling her that men don’t like to do that, and maybe she shouldn’t let him, but that feeling, oh God that feeling when he sucked on that spot. ‘What is it,’ she thought, ‘that’s going right through me and sending a tremble across my skin?’ He licked at her as she squirmed and moaned, and he opened her legs. Again she thought he would take her, that he could take her, that she was powerless to stop him. And he continued to tease the swollen clit that his tongue had exposed from its hooded home, until Janice began thinking that he should take her, because the ache to have his thick cock inside her was too much to bear. And as she was about to cry to him to enter her, she began to come. Janice’s eyes opened in surprise as her back arched and she stifled most of the scream that the tripping of her orgasm triggered. “JASON OHHHhhh…” was almost unintelligible because it came from so deep in her throat. It was with a whimpering cry that she said, “OH…OH…OH…OHHHHhhhh…” until the spasms subsided and the trembling stopped. Not bodrum escort her infrequent masturbation, and certainly not her one incident of intercourse had produced anything like the stirring wave that shuddered through her body.Jason kept his mouth on her until she finished and was totally calmed. Then he lifted her skirt higher to kiss her belly. “Oh God Jason…it felt so good…was it bad for you baby?”He said, “What do you mean mom?”She said, “Well I thought that men don’t…like that.”He laughed, “Maybe foolish guys. Mom I loved doing that, you taste great. I would love to do that to you every day…””Oh Jason,” she said, “I think we should go home before I say something that really gets me in trouble.” Janice usually slept late, so after dinner she asked him to wake her in the morning because they were going into Hudson to shop for his travel needs. In the middle of the night he thought of going to her room. His mind tripped off. He imagined everything. In the morning they began discussing details of his going, when he saw her eyes filling. She stopped and said, “I’m going to lose you aren’t I?”He said without conviction, “No mom.”She said, “Yes, you’re going to go away, and be away, and find a new life, and love someone else. You’re not going to love me anymore, even the way you said you did, all because I wouldn’t do what you wanted me to.”He said, “Mom what I wanted you to do for me then, is something I now know is what we both need, each other. I still want you mom, that’s not going to change. But you’ve been telling me that you want me too. Am I imagining it all mom, or is it true? Did you want me to make love to you? You even said it once, was it real, or were you just saying it?””Yes, I wanted to, I want to, Jason I want to…the first time you kissed me for real I knew I wanted you, but I was afraid we were doing something wrong, that it could only cause trouble, that I did something bad to you.” Her tears fell gently as she spoke.He said, “Mom, was it bad that you loved me, that I loved you, that we loved each other? When I made love to you yesterday, was that a bad thing? You did something that showed me how much you can give, and you were brave, you weren’t afraid. You took me in your mouth because you love me, was that something we should punish ourselves for? Was it so wrong for you to love me that way? You were just loving me, weren’t you mom?””Yes darling, of course I was loving you. But it’s different if you’re inside me…it’s not the same. It’s…different. What kind of mother would I be?””Yes it’s different mom, because it’s as close as you can get to someone. It says, ‘I am yours and you are mine.’ It say’s, ‘I don’t hold anything back from this person…’ It say’s ‘I’m not afraid to love this person, no matter what anyone else might bodrum escort bayan think or say.’ It says all those things even if it’s a mother and her son, even if it’s you and me mom. And I’ll tell you what kind of mother you’d be. You’d be a mother who loves her son so much, she’ll do things that that others might think is wrong, but she doesn’t. That’s the kind of mother I want; a mother like you, a mother I’m always going to love, in all the ways she’ll let me. And if you think it’s wrong, then don’t let me touch you like this.” He put his hand on her breast and fondled it as she closed her eyes. “And don’t let me touch you like this,” he said as he put his other hand between her legs. “And don’t open your body and heart to me.”She said, “Oh Jason…” and she gave him the kiss they had both been waiting for, the kiss of a mother who was about to love her son completely. He took off her clothes and she went to her bed anxiously waiting for him to disrobe. She reached her arms to him as she opened her legs, exposing the place in which she wanted him to be.Jason came to her and brought his cock to his mother’s opening. He hesitated for just an instant in awesome recognition that it was his mother’s pussy that he was about to penetrate. The head pushed past the soft folds and split the almost virginal flower. He pushed into the moist passage and inserted himself in the place a mother usually keeps from her son no matter how much he wants or loves her.Jason had always been more excited by the many i****t stories he’d read than by the limited sexual experiences he’d had, but there was nothing to compare to actually feeling his manhood encircled by the walls of his mother’s vagina while feeling the sensations of moving in her grasping passage. And as he pushed deeper into his mother’s womb he said, “Oh mom, this is where I want to be, inside you, inside you.”Janice could feel that her son was talking about more than the wonderful physical place he was filling and she said, “Ohhh…yes baby, inside me, inside your mommy,” as her son stretched and engorged the place that had been wanting for so long. He pushed into her belly until they both felt completed. Neither said anything as their joining transcended words. And as Jason gave his mother the full length of his cock in long even strokes, he knew what was true, that she was giving him the ultimate expression of love from a mother to her son. And although
he always knew how much he had wanted to fuck his mother, he now fully realized how much he’d wanted to love her.They moved as if they been lovers for years, fitted in their carnal embrace. He held her and kissed her and she moaned with the new sensations of being penetrated to the core. There was no memory of the fleeting minutes of her youthful indiscretion, escort bodrum only the newness of love from her son’s long, deep stroking into the center of her being. She was now the person she wanted to be in her fantasies, a woman loved by a man, a wife loved by her husband, and most of all, a mother loved by her son.Jason knew from the first penetration that where he was, was where he wanted to be. There was no letdown in having his mother, no easy acceptance because his desire was fulfilled. He was joyful to be inside her because he felt her inside him. His mother was under him with her legs open, taking the full length of his cock inside her, touching him and telling him how good it all is. He could feel the intensity of the emotions they shared because they were mother and son. And as Janice took the deep penetrations of her son inside her, she knew that he was more than fucking her. He was giving her a kind of love she could only get from someone she had loved so hard, for so long, the love of a son for his mother, strengthened by their desire for each other.The fire burned and flashed throughout their first sexual union and the mother felt herself approaching orgasm as the lengthy insertions of her son penetrated her pussy. They both raced to the edge and all that was left to know was which catalyst would throw them over. It was Janice telling her son, “OH…OHH…I’m coming Jason, come inside me…OHHHhhh…” Almost instantly Jason said, “Yes mom, yes…OH, MOM, MOM…” as he rocketed a cord of sperm into his mother’s writhing pussy. Gratifying warmth washed over the mother as he came inside her. He called, “Janice, Janice…” and she felt as much his wife as his mother while he poured his milky semen into her womb.”Yes baby, yes,” his mother’s words smiled as she felt her son giving her the juices she had once tasted and now accepted into her body with love. As her thoughts swirled to the fantastical, she wanted him to never stop coming inside her, showing his love for her. Pleasure covered her, knowing that her son wanted her, that he was hard for her, inside her; that he had poured the gift of his love into her womb as a husband would for his wife. She had a son who loved her.They rested entwined, and after he caught his breath, Jason said, “Mom you made me feel so good, it was unbelievable…I never knew how much I loved you until I was inside you. I love you mom.”Janice became teary and said, “Jason, oh honey…” Jason said, “Did you feel anything like I felt mom?”She said, “Oh yes baby, and more. I felt as if I’d never loved or been loved before.” Jason placed his hand on his mother’s belly and said, “Mom, maybe one day I’ll get you in trouble again.” Despite her surprise, his mother smiled and kissed him deeply. It wasn’t long before Jason was once more inside Janice; mother and son, locked in the embrace that most would find incomprehensible. But at that moment, both felt the unity that we all seek, two people, now one.Janice moved with Jason to his college town. They’re doing well at loving ever after.

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